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First in a series of non-sequential stories.

Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Guide To Incest Part 1 (mg,mg-mast,inc,oral)
by Sunny D

And now, let the story begin...

Lisa sighed. Her parents didn't go out often as a rule, and it was even less often that they didn't go out as a family. But time changes all, as Lisa well knew. She was 12 now, her brother Bart, now 14, and her little sister Maggie almost 6.

Lisa glanced around the room, and out the window. Yup, she was definitely alone. Maggie was sleeping over at a friend's house, and Bart was at Milhouse's (supposedly). Absent-mindedly, she put a hand on her hip, and a slight nervous twitch passed through her. Her hand slid across the front of her dress to her pubic region, as if testing the waters.

She pushed her door closed, as a precaution, and gently unfastened the catch on her dress. As it fell she felt the cool air of her room greet her. She fell back onto her bed, and relaxed her body. She pulled her left hand up to her chest, allowing her three fingers to drag across her firm stomach. Lisa took her
fingertips and moved them around her breasts, circling her nipples. She reveled in the sensation as they responded in rapt attention.

Lisa sent her other hand to her navel, and gently began to finger it with her pinky momentarily before creeping farther downward. She toyed with the elastic to her white cotton panties, occasionally darting a finger or two beneath the waistband.

Meanwhile, Bart walked up to the house after an afternoon at the arcade.

"Damn Nelson..." he muttered, looking again to the sticky Squishee stain on his shirt and arm. He went inside, and kicked off his shoes at the door. He climbed the stairs, peeling off his shirt and shorts on the way, stopping at the top to slide off his socks. As he passed into the bathroom, he tossed his briefs behind
him to the hallway, then turned, and closed the door.

Bart started the shower, and jumped in. He quickly scrubbed the sticky squishee off of his shoulder before turning off the water. Soap in hand, he slowly and methodically lathered his wet body. Putting down the bar, he began to rub his soapy skin, enjoying his coat of suds. He stroked the insides of his thighs with one hand, and rubbed his buttocks with the other. This gentle action caused
his penis to slowly become aroused, erecting itself with the precision of a master architect.

He lightly teased his loose scrotum as his shaft reached its full length, savoring the sensation that lay somewhere between a tickle and a rub. He pinched at his awake nipples and grabbed at his boyish breasts as he sank to the bottom of the empty wet tub.

He watched the muscles of his yellow penis contract, and thrilled at the dollop of clear precum that oozed from its engorged head. Deciding he could wait no longer, he deftly gripped his shaft and slowly stroked it's 5 inch length. After a few gentle strokes, he felt his muscles begin to tense. He pulled his legs
toward him, and with his fingers traced the boundary of his sac to its base, and beyond until his middle finger found his puckered tan anus.

He circled his boy button, and ran his fingers up and down his crack. Bart was near the brink now, and he began to time the strokes of his boyhood with the touching of his boycunt. He felt it - the tingle of unescapable destiny, but he fought it, attempting to deny it. This pushed his sense of pleasure even
higher until Bart knew he could resist no longer.

Bart pushed the tip of his middle finger into is butt, and he shivered when he felt it penetrate his own sanctity, the walls of his anus tingling with lust as he wiggled the yellow intruder merrily. This pushed Bart over the brink, and on the downstroke his penis erupted, firing a gob of cum onto his chest.

Bart began to convulse, consumed in his self-pleasuring. He stroked his pulsating shaft shakily, and fired another salvo, the fruits of his labor splashing onto his face. Third and fourth rounds coated his tummy as he continued to wiggle the fingertip in his ass, his entire body wracked in pleasure.

Bart relaxed for a few minutes, aftershocks from his thunderous self-inflicted orgasm passing through him intermittently, soaking in the sensation of the large puddles of semen floating on a layer of soapy lather before rising woozily to his feet to turn on the shower again.

* * *

Lisa was beginning to enjoy her self-indulgence. She rubbed her buttocks, hips, and pubic mound through her panties, loving the feel of her sanctum being teased through its cotton prison.

After pleasuring herself for several minutes in this manner, she ran her palm over the bulge in her panties to discover that they were becoming wet. Seizing on the erotic thought of wetting her panties, she teased and rubbed her encased pussy until the white cotton was coated with a thick slick of her juices. At long last, she slid her fingers into the legbands of her drenched underpants,
and slowly shimmied them down her soft legs, pulling her feet toward her to remove her last vestige of modesty, leaving her totally exposed on her bed. She pulled her soaked panties to her face and smelled them, the scent of her own pussy filling her nostrils before she lustily licked at her own panties that she had just wetted.

* * *

Bart dried himself off, and crossed the hall from the bathroom to his bedroom. He opened his dresser, and fished through the contents.

"Damn..." he thought, "Where the hell did all my underwear go?" He looked about, but there was none to be found. He slipped down the stairs to the laundry room, but there was no clothes basket full of underpants there, either. `Maybe Lisa knows where the clean clothes are...' he thought. His heart jumped when a
spontaneous thought occurred to him: `I wonder if she'd let me wear one of hers...' He quickly dismissed it, and adjusting his towel for maximum coverage, ascended the stairs.

Bart approached his sister's room, his bath towel draped around him over his hips, held to him by his right hand. Lisa's door was slightly ajar, and he assumed that she was at work at her desk again. He pushed the door open with his shoulder, taking a step in and saying: "Hey Lis..."

There was Lisa, on her bed, completely naked. Her legs were spread, and he could see her hand on her pussy, her middle finger buried inside. Lisa's glazed eyes focused immediately on Bart, and she yelped in shock. Bart jumped back involuntarily, losing the grip on his towel, which fell to the floor. His penis began to swell in pure reaction to the encounter. For a few seconds, neither could move, eyes fixed on each other.

Lisa jerked her finger from her muff and spread her palm as if to conceal herself as she slammed her legs shut. Bart turned his legs inward and leaned away, assuming a fig-leaf position.

"Sorry!" they both stuttered, embarrassment setting in. The two of them remained still, both looking away from each other. After an awkward moment, Bart's eyes wandered back to his sister as Lisa returned her gaze to her brother. They slowly relaxed their extreme positions, allowing them to better glimpse one another.

"Would... Would you like me... to leave?" Bart stammered.

"No.. Not unless... you want to..." Lisa replied hesitantly, both of them extremely nervous.

"*heh* This is kinda silly, isn't it?" Lisa asked; "I mean, we used to take baths together... *heh*"

"Yeah, I guess it is... *heh* Being naked never bothered us before, did it? *heh*" Bart replied.

"I mean, we're brother and sister, what do we have to hide, right?" Lisa asked.

"Right..." Bart agreed.

By this time, Bart was again standing up straight, hands resting on his hips, and Lisa had parted her legs slightly, letting her hand rest to one side of her crotch.

"Umm, Lisa? Would you mind, if I came in?" Bart finally requested.

"No, that's fine." Lisa replied.

With that, Bart reached down automatically to pick up his dropped towel.

"You don't have to bring the towel, it's not like I haven't seen or touched your pee-pee before..." Lisa reminded him.

Bart approached Lisa's bed, still nervous. Lisa scooted over to the far side of the mattress so that she lay on her side, and her brother sat down half- Indian style next to her.

Lisa's attention was still drawn to her brother's stiff member waggling from his trunk. Bart was employed in much the same fashion, admiring his sister's perky tits and the curve of her crotch. Both had an amount of sandy blond curly pubic hair, although Bart had more than Lisa.

Bart was enthralled by his younger sibling. In his mind, he remembered the few times Lisa had allowed him to come in contact with her pussy. And he longed to touch it again.

Bart reached out, and gently made contact with Lisa's labia. He couldn't believe how smooth it was. She jumped with his touch, but did not protest. Curiously he began to paw it, spurred on by his sister's soft moans, and with each touch, Lisa opened her legs wider.

Lisa recalled their numerous baths together, and the fascination she had as a little girl with the soft floppy pee-pee between her brother's legs. Remembering how much Bart liked it in the past, she reached out, and touched the head of his penis, causing him to gasp. She slowly felt the tender underside as it sprang to life in her hand, extending to its full length. His larger amount of light
pubic hair piqued her curiosity, and she began to run her fingers through it.

She couldn't believe how good Bart's boyish hands were on her body as he explored her, and was intrigued by the texture of her brother's boyhood. He had crawled completely onto the bed now, and was lying next to her, as she explored his scrotum with great interest.

Lisa shuddered when she felt a new sensation on her wet mound. She looked down to see her brother lapping at her lightly haired labia. And she loved it. Bart ran his tongue up and down her outer lips, and Lisa willingly opened her legs until her lips parted for him.

She looked at Bart's wet pinkish-yellow glans, and decided to return the favor. Opening her mouth wide, she overtook it, and closed her mouth around the head with a gentle suck. Bart moaned and immediately bucked, pushing him further into his sister's mouth. Lisa pulled back slightly, finding more interest in using
her tongue to play with his shaft than impaling her head on it.

Lisa felt her brother's tongue dip between her outer lips, sampling her juices. His licks became more urgent, and she willingly spread her legs as wide as she could as Bart began to torture her with alternating licks of intensity and location before adding his hands, stroking her thighs and butt.

Without warning, he slid off the bed, and Lisa's mouth attempted to follow, greedily trying to reach her new toy with her tongue. Then she realized what he was doing. Bart turned his full attention to her, grasping the globes of her buttocks in his hands and pulling her to his eager mouth.

Bart probed deeper and deeper into his sister's pussy, running his tongue between her delicate furrows. Lisa was sopping wet by this time, and Bart occasionally stopped his delvings into her tender snatch long enough to lap up the stray juices, running his tongue from the bottom of her soft ass to the top of her hooded clit.

This continued until Bart allotted more attention to the upper portions of her vulva, discovering her clitoris. Lisa squeaked as his tongue lapped at the sensitive region. She squirmed and squealed in ecstacy as her brother gleefully tongued her with abandon.

Lisa's breathing became ragged, and she felt the warning signs of a powerful orgasm tingle through her crotch and nipples. She stroked the sides of her hips as she began to buck, her brother's tongue continuing to dart into her honey pot.

"Oh....Oh...OH!" she moaned as she thrashed about on the bed; "There, Bart!" she encouraged. "Yes! There, Bart!" she panted as Bart teased her clit further. "OH, _YES_ BART!" she gasped as with a loud groan she lurched, climax consuming her young frame.

Bart felt the floodgates open before him, and eagerly he drank from his sister's naked fountain. Wave after wave pulsated through her soft pussy as Bart lapped up every drop.

He withdrew his tongue from her muff, and softly licked and kissed her entire mound. He worked his way up from there, covering her stomach and breasts with feathery touched from his lips until he was at her side.

"Ohhh, Lis..." he moaned, as if suddenly in discomfort.

"What's the matter?" Lisa inquired curiously.

"My pee-pee hurts." he informed her.

"Aww, I'm sorry..." Lisa comforted him sympathetically. She looked at his neglected penis, still erect, a large slick of precum running down the length. Gently, she placed the palm of her hand over the head, and gave it a reassuring soft rub.

"Mmmmmm...." Bart responded, a slight smile crossing his face, as if his sister was soothing away the pain.

"Want me to kiss it and make it all better?" Lisa cooed.

"Would you?" pleaded Bart.

"If it will make you feel better..." she replied, climbing off the bed, reappearing at the foot.

Lisa produced her tongue, and took it between her brother's legs, playfully licking at the back of his scrotum. She could see a slick trail of precum again drooling down from the head of his penis, and decided to pursue it to its source. Slowly she teased his puffy sac, jiggling Bart's testicles merrily. At last her tongue met the clear trail, and she lapped at it up the bottom of his shaft until she reached the mouth of the sticky river.

Again Lisa took her brother's penis into her warm mouth. Reflexively, Bart spasmed, and brought his hands down to his younger sister's head, lovingly stroking her blond locks. Lisa used her hands to pet her brother's sculpted scrotum as she began to bob up and down the length of Bart's engorged cock. She knew it wouldn't take long to bring him off, as the movement of his hands at the back of his head became increasingly jerky and spasmodic.

Lisa backed off Bart's shaft until only his swollen glans remained in her hungry mouth, and placed her hands so that they encircled the base of his penis, softly kneading the pliant flesh. She swirled her tongue around his sensitive tip before probing the opening at its head. Then, she teased and tickled the underside of his glans, finding her brother to be particularly susceptible to
stimulation there, as Bart let loose a heavy moan with her activities.

She could feel Bart's body begin to tremble now, and as she began again to suck him in earnest, his hips began to thrust in time to her fellating rhythms. He was whimpering now, absolutely shaking as he bounced his ass on the bed. Lisa felt his hands clamp down on the back of her head, and Bart pulled his sister's
head down until he could feel her nose in his pubic hair.

With one final desperate suck from Lisa, Bart felt his boyhood explode. In his own little sister's mouth. The thought sent an additional shiver down his spine as he convulsed on the bed. Lisa felt a hot gooeyness squirt into her mouth, spraying the back of her throat. She attempted to gulp down as much as she could, tasting spurt after spurt of her brother's semen as it coated the
rear of her mouth.

Bart released his grip on Lisa's head. He could still feel his penis ejaculating into her mouth. Softly he caressed the back of his sister's neck and chin, admiring how his hands could feel her swallowing.

With a groan, he lifted Lisa's head from her task, greeting her with a beaming smile.

"Oh, Lisa, that was soooo good! You're soo good!" Bart praised, and Lisa smiled, too, basking in his kind words. She nuzzled his spent penis against her cheek.

Bart sat up and opened his arms. Lisa climbed into them, and they leaned back onto the bed in a warm embrace. She felt an intense closeness to her brother from the intimacy they had just shared, something which Bart felt as well.

Bart absentmindedly petted Lisa's breasts as they lay together, surrounded by a post-orgasmic glow that defied description.

"You know," Lisa finally said, "Mom and Dad will be home soon."

"You're right!" Bart replied with slight alarm; "We'd better get cleaned up."

Lisa grinned. "How old were we the last time we took a bath together?"



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