This story is fantasy and shouldn't be taken as the writer's real views.

Simpsons: Bart And Lisa's Incest Sex 3 - Marge Joins In (bg,bF,inc,anal)
by The Wrapper

Over the last few weeks Marge Simpson had started to become suspicious that something was going on after she was asleep. After her cocoa she was feeling a lot more tired than normal and falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow and not waking until morning. That in itself was unusual, she had always been a light sleeper who didn't normally drop off until the early hours, but in addition Lisa had started to launder her own sheets and nightdress, which even though her daughter was a good girl was taking helpfulness to extremes, especially as she didn't put any other clothing in the laundry at the same time. But the final thing that made Marge suspicious was that Bart and Lisa didn't seem to be having their normal sibling fights, instead they seemed to be getting on too well and sometimes Marge even thought she saw them making eyes at each other.

So this time when her cocoa was made for her Marge made an excuse to take it into the kitchen and quickly pour it down the sink, replacing it with some she made herself. The rest of the evening went as normal, Lisa went up to bed and Bart continued to play on his games console until Marge faked a yawn and told him as she was tired it was time for bed. He complained, but a lot less than he used to and switched off the console. They went upstairs and she said night to him as she went into her room. She quickly changed into her nightdress and got into bed. This night was different from the ones before, she didn't fall asleep, and instead she lay there as the time ticked by, starting to think that she was imagining things. She was just starting to drift to sleep when the sound of Bart's bedroom door opening jerked her awake. She quickly looked at the display on her alarm clock - it was 1 - before closing her eyes and pretending to be fast asleep. She was just in time as her bedroom door gently opened and Bart looked inside. She lay still and after a few seconds he gently closed the door and padded towards Lisa's room.

Marge waited for a few minutes and then got quietly out of the bed and followed her son towards Lisa's room. Even before she got there her suspicions about Bart and Lisa were confirmed as she heard her daughter's ecstatic moans "Oh, oh, oh Bart, stick it in me. Stick your big dick in me." Light spilled from underneath the door as Marge crouched down at the doorway and put her eye to the keyhole. Her son and daughter were on the bed, Lisa lying on her side fingering her pussy as behind her Bart pounded into her other hole. "Oh Bart, oh yes, stick it in my tight butthole. Oh yeah, that's so good, I love you Bart."

Marge's eye was glued to the keyhole watching the scene in front of her. She wasn't angry or cross, instead she found it romantic and sweet that Lisa and Bart were so into each other, Lisa's cries of love for her brother confirming that. It was good that her first sexual experiences were in a safe environment with someone she loved rather than behind the lockers with a school quarterback. She also felt jealous, at least Lisa was getting some, Marge wasn't getting any dick at all and even before her divorce from Homer she had been barely satisfied. A regular dildo in her pussy sometimes dampened her craving for cock a little, but didn't ever quench it. Watching Bart pound her daughter's butt made her own pussy tingle. She reached down under her nightdress and into her panties, fondling her cunt flaps and hole as she watched.

"I'm going to cum," gasped Bart and his face turned and twisted as he thrust and stopped. Marge continued looking as Lisa turned round to face him, giving her Mom a good look at her butthole. The pooper was open and red-rimmed, cum leaking from it, the size of the opening showing that Bart was not small. Lisa and Bart kissed and cuddled, their naked bodies latching together, their hands moving over each other nakedness.

"Time for me to clean your dick," said Lisa after a few minutes.

She got off from the bed and onto her knees, giving Marge her first uninterrupted view of her son's dick. The Mom had to stifle her gasp of astonishment as she saw that despite being only 13 he had 8 inches of dick on him, and it was thick as well. She pressed at her pussy harder, her desire for dick so intense she was almost exploding. She only had a few moments to admire his member before was astounded again as Lisa opened her mouth and began to suck the schlong that had just been in her shitter. It was such a turn-on that Marge's finger began to move quicker and quicker into her hole and she had to bite down on her other hand to stop herself squealing orgasmically. Lisa's head moved up and down as she energetically blew her brother, sucking and slurping at his meaty member and leaving it shiny and wet. Until Bart groaned with pleasure and jerked, shooting his spunk down her mouth. Marge watched opened mouth as Lisa gulped the cum down, swallowing her older brother's seed. The 10 year old smiled, "That's clean."

"As ever," agreed Bart. Suddenly he walked towards the door and for a second Marge thought he was going to open it and catch her crouching in her nightdress, eye stuck to the keyhole and hand in her wet panties. But all he did was switch off the light. "Let's get into bed. Have you set the alarm clock?"

"Yes," replied Lisa as Marge heard the sound of the bed covers being pulled back.

"Good, I'll be back in my own bed by the time Mom gets up and she won't suspect a thing," replied Bart.

Marge stood up, thinking that unknown to Bart she knew everything. She also thought that seeing Bart fuck Lisa had left her so horny she'd have to get her dildo out and masturbate herself to sleep.

* * *

The more Marge thought about seeing Bart and Lisa the hotter she got, walking around the next day almost permanently aroused. No matter how often she secretly went to her room or the bathroom and pleasured herself with toys or fingers or the shower nozzle she couldn't get rid of the ache between her legs. She again pretended to drink the cocoa and again secretly followed Bart to spy on him and his sister. She diddled herself vigorously as she watched Bart pump his cock into his sister, fucking first her cunt and then moving onto her ass. It was so hot to watch that Marge was cumming again and again as Lisa cried out in pleasure. She did the same the next night and the night after that, it becoming her habit to get up in the middle of the night and follow Bart and secretly watch him plough his sister's holes in a variety of positions, but always with stamina and enthusiasm, each night Lisa orgasming multiple times. At first Marge was happy that her daughter was being so sexually fulfilled, but after a few nights as she watched Bart fuck her daughter for the second time in the night she began to feel jealous that Lisa was getting some good screwing and she wasn't. Marge tried to fight down the feeling, but it was difficult to do so when she could see Bart's dick getting hard again after he'd already cum and watched Lisa gobble his spunk stained dick, with her sperm filled ass showing that she had already had her fill. More and more Marge began to fantasise that it wasn't Lisa that Bart was butt-fucking, but his Mom.

* * *

Bart was frustrated, it was the first night he wouldn't be banging Lisa for weeks. His cock was straining at his shorts at the slightest excuse, even a bit of cleavage on a female cartoon character setting him off and without Lisa's sweet taut holes he'd have to get himself off. It couldn't be helped, Lisa had been pestering her Mom for the chance to go on a trip with the Springfield Historical Society to the site of Colonel Custards Last Stand as part of a Krusty Battlefield Tour. It had surprised both Bart and Lisa when their Mom had agreed, finding the money from somewhere to pay for the overnight trip. As it would have been suspicious not to go Lisa had feigned delight, while secretly telling Bart as he pounded her how much she was going to miss banging him (if only for a night) and that if she'd known their Mom was going to agree to the overnighter she'd never have asked.

He buzzed another alien, exploding the green meanie into thousands of pixels and thumbed his controller, sending his spaceship further on. He could hear his Mom entering the room, she had gone for a shower a little while ago and was probably wanting some cocoa - not that he'd make her any, he wasn't a goody two shoes like his lover, Lisa, and as she was away there was no need to dope their Mom.

"Bart," said Marge, calling him.

"What?" said Bart trying to ignore her and concentrate on his game.

"I bought a new nightdress. What do you think?" she asked.

"It's alright," he said without turning round or even really listening.

"You've not looked properly," said his Mom accusingly.

She stepped in front of the television and Bart's prong stabbed so hard at the inside of his shorts he didn't think one jack off would be enough, he'd be tossing himself into the small hours as he recalled the image. Marge was wearing a very short silk nightdress that came down to her belly button, the lace frond brushing against her stomach. It was so small that she was almost busting out the top, her big bosoms almost overflowing from the blue material. Down below she was wearing a pair of shiny silk panties that covered her cunt, but were so transparent that he could see both the neatly groomed tuft of hair above her slit and the cunt itself, the silk cutting into the slit.

"It's very nice," he said.

"You don't think it's too much? I'm not overdressed?" asked Marge. Bart didn't reply, too busy trying to cover the bulge in his shorts with the controller. His Mom didn't seem to mind as she continued, "Perhaps if I lose the panties."

Bart made some sort of choking noise as his Mom's thumbs went under the elastic of her underwear and slid it down over her thighs baring her cunt for him to see. His dick was hard. His Mom smiled and pulled them back up, "What do you think?"

"I think I better go to bed," said a turned on Bart. He quickly stood up, he needed to jerk off.

"It is late," said his Mom and bent down to switch off the TV and games console, her boobs almost popped out of her nightdress.

"Good night," said Bart. He began to turn to go to bed.

His Mom's hand landed on his shoulder and she turned him back round. "Don't I get a good night kiss?" she smiled.

It had been a long time since Bart had given her a night time kiss, he was too old for that and not enough of a Momsy weenie. But this time he couldn't refuse, not least because even though she had asked she hadn't waited for a reply and had kissed him. Not in a Mommy way, but more like and how he and Lisa kissed in the night - mouth open and tongue flowing. Bart couldn't help but respond, opening his own mouth and pushing his tongue at hers. It continued for a long time, their mouths squelching against each other and their tongues flicking round. Marge's hands moved from his shoulder down to his pelvis and she ran her hand over the large bump in his pants. Bart tensed and pushed his tongue further into her mouth for a moment.

Marge's head came back and she looked down at her son, her eyes gazing at his package. She smiled sexily, "As Lisa's away do you want to sleep with me?"

"In your bed?" Bart was still surprised.

"Yes," answered his Mom, "I know you've been banging Lisa and whilst she's gone I want you to fuck me like a woman and ram your big large member into my holes"

Bart didn't want to cheat on Lisa, but he didn't want to pass up the chance to fuck his Mom either. His mind was made up as Marge reached down for her panties again and slid them down her thighs. He smiled and nodded, "Yes." He watched as his Mom continued to slide down her panties and dropped them to the floor. "Let's screw."

They went upstairs to her room and Bart got undressed as Marge pulled back the covers and got into the bed. She turned onto her back and started to rub her gash, making it wet and ready for her son's meat. Bart was soon naked and joining her. Marge took hold off his thick member and rubbed it, feeling its girth and length. It would satisfy her, she felt. "Oh Bart, stick your dick in me."

Bart entered her, pushing his cock into her hole. She was wet and lubricated and despite the size he could thrust in balls deep. He planted his hands either side of her and began to pump up and down. At first he went slow, his dick exploring her hole, then when she gave a moan of pleasure he knew he had found the right angle and he began to hammer away, thrusting his big dick at her G-spot. Marge gasped in ecstasy as he came in. Her pussy boiled with pleasure, seeping cum as he pounded. Her back bent and her boobs pushed so hard at the nightdress they exploded over the top and began to bounce free. Bart sped up and moved faster, grinning happily as her large mammaries boinged at his face. His cock shot down her hole, his balls pounding at her flesh, trying to follow the dick in.

"Fuck me Bart," Marge screamed in ecstasy, "Fuck me with your huge dick. That's so good!"

Bart went faster, his small body ramming into hers, making her titties wobble and jump and her legs shake and wiggle. He was going faster and harder, satisfying her so completely. She screamed and squealed as she orgasmed and her hands clasped at his back, scratching and gripping him.

"I'm cumming," gasped Bart. He levered himself up and stayed in position as his dick pumped its seed into her. It warmed her pussy, soaking down the chute and mixing with her own cum. He gave a groan as he flopped off her. He moaned "That was great."

"Let me get you hard again and you can stick it in my butt," said Marge.

She moved her head down to his resting dick and began to lick, stirring the eight-inch member back into action. Bart ground his teeth in excited anticipation as Marge's tongue went round his prong, licking at the salty cum that was still dripping from it. Soon it was clean and shiny, the bulbous head glowing as her tongue polished it smooth. Marge gave it one extra, long and slow, lick before lifting her head and looking at Bart, "That seems ready now."

"It is," agreed Bart, "You still want me to fuck your butt?"

"Absolutely yes," giggled Marge. She rolled onto her front and got on her hands and knees, before wiggling her round buttocks at her 13 year old son, "Stuff my pooper with your big cock."

She wasn't as tight as Lisa, but Marge was still plenty tight. Bart really had to work it, putting his whole weight on his forward thrust and then pulling back, slowly easing the dick into her as her anal tunnel was stretched. Marge was more experienced than Lisa though, and she worked with him, wiggling her ass and shifting herself to help accommodate his huge prong. As it went deeper Bart was able to thrust faster and more vigorously, soon working himself into a fast and hard rhythm, beating his body against her butt and thrusting his cock all the way down her asshole. Marge moaned and cried in pleasure and began to finger her cunt, pushing her finger up the hole and rubbing at her G-spot.

"Oh Bart, fuck my ass. That feels so hot. You're so big"

"You're so hot and tight, you're butt is so fun to bang," Bart replied.

He rammed deeper, giving his Mom his all, pushing his 8 inches down into her tight butt hole and making her scream. The silk nightdress rode up her back and her large titties bounced free, dangling over the bed. He grabbed down and squeezed them, not breaking his beat. Marge squealed louder as she came. "Bart, fuck me, oh Bart you're so good, you're making me cum."

She was so tight she was squeezing at his dick, her butt jerking at his skin and making it stimulate his gland. He closed his eyes and was swept away in the pleasurable build-up, the thrill rising up his legs. He grunted, "I'm cumming," just as he exploded his goo into her butt, filling her with his seed.

He pulled out of her ass and dropped on the bed. "That was fun," he said, "I enjoyed it."

"Me too," said his Mom.


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