This story is fantasy and shouldn't be taken as the writer's real views.

Simpsons: Bart And Lisa's Incest Sex Part 2 (bg,inc,anal)
by The Wrapper

"Night, night," Lisa lent over to give her Mom, Marge Simpson, a light peck on the cheek and pass her a hot cup of cocoa.

"Night, sweetie," Marge petted her daughter's shoulder and took the cup as she turned to give the ten year old a goodnight kiss, "Say good night to your brother."

"Night Bart," said Lisa dutifully in her syrupy saccharine good girl tone.

Bart just grunted and carried on playing on his games console in front of the TV. Marge put down her book on his knee, "Say good night properly Bart."

"Aawww, Mom, I'm playing Krusty the Clown vs the Alien Monsters, you've made me loose my last life."

"Say good night Bart," said his Mom sternly.

"Good night Lisa," said Bart in a sulky tone. He put the down the controller and waited the game to restart. On the sofa his Mom picked up her book and began to read the trashy romance novel from where she left off. Lisa was half-way up the stairs. She half turned and looked to him. He glanced at his Mom and satisfied that she was already engrossed in her book gave a brief nod to Lisa.

She lifted up her nightdress, she wasn't wearing and panties and Bart could see her small naked buttocks wiggling at him, before she dropped the gown back in place. He gave another quick nod, to show he had picked up the message he nude butt was sending him and she could expect a nocturnal visit later tonight. In the meantime he picked up his controller and began another Krusty the Clown computer game.

* * *

The alarm clock went off under Bart's pillow. He reached under it and switched it off, pulling it out and looking at the luminous dial. It read 1, which shouldn't really have been a surprise since that was the time he'd set it for. He yawned and stretched, getting out of bed and putting on the desk light - it gave enough light for him to stand in front of the mirror and spike his hair up sexily, adding enough gel to keep it firm. It wasn't the only thing firm, he could feel his cock hard beneath his underpants.

Ever since he'd first screwed Lisa a couple of weeks ago the two of them had been insatiable, lusting after each other. The only problem was they lived with their Mom and it was hard to find the privacy to go at it hammer and tongs. Luckily Lisa had an idea, she slipped a couple of sleeping pills into her Moms cocoa and soon after that Marge was yawning and going to bed and once she was in bed she was dead to the world until morning. If she had slipped her Mom some pills Lisa always gave Bart a message, sliding her nightdress up to show she wasn't wearing anything underneath, so far she had given Bart the same message every night.

Bart left his room. His Mom's room was quiet, he always left it until a few hours after she'd gone to bed to make sure she was really asleep. Even so as he passed he paused at her room and gently pushed the ajar door in. His Mom lay asleep, snoring softly. He pulled the door back and carried on down to Lisa's room. There was a light glowing under the door, showing that she too was awake. He knocked softly on the door, "Lisa?"

He heard the patter of her feet on the carpet and he knocked again softly, repeating "Lisa, it's Bart."

"Bart, come in" the door swung open as Lisa opened it. Bart stepped in. She closed it softly behind her. "You came," she said.

"I got your meaning," said Bart and looked at his sister. She looked so sweet in her nightdress with a cartoon cat on the front and with her hair messy. He took a step forward and put his arms round her and brought his mouth down on hers, "I hope this was your meaning."

"Yes, Bart, yes," said Lisa as they began to kiss, their lips pressing together and their tongues pushing against each other. Bart could feel her slender body through the nightwear, her tiny breasts, no more than bumps pushing at the cotton and against him. Bart's hand reached down and under her nightdress. He stroked at her smooth pussy, his finger running over her cunny flaps. Lisa kissed him harder, her tongue going out of control as Bart's middle finger entered her warm slit. He worked his finger in and out of her, preparing her pussy for his dick. It was hard and pressing out of the flap of his boxers. He could feel her small hands wrestling with the underwear, pulling the down so they dropped to his ankle and his free dong sprang up to press at her. Now she was pulling at his T-shirt, pulling it up to his head. They broke from the kissing as she helped him take it off.

"You taste so good," said Bart, as he took his finger out of her hole and licked it

"Oh Bart, oh Bart, you make me feel so good," Lisa moaned, "Let me return the favour."

She got down on her knees and took his meat in her mouth, sucking back vigorously at the hard dick. Bart leant forward, encouraging her to suck more of his dick. She'd only being blowing him for a week or so, but she was already getting the hang of it, slurping his eight inch member hard and making his legs tingle with thrilled, excitement. If he let her the ten year old sex bomb would sit on her knees until he exploded, blowing his cum down her throat. But tonight he wanted to fuck her properly. He pulled back, "I'm ready Lisa, let's screw."

"Oh yes Bart, fuck me like a woman," she said and stood up, licking her lips wantonly as she looked at his naked body and his large, swollen prick coated with her spittle.

She pulled off her nightdress and for a moment Bart looked at her naked body, with her hairless cunt and tiny bud breasts. Then he took her hand and went over to her bed, "You're so beautiful and sexy."

"Oh Bart, you're so handsome," Lisa pulled back the bedclothes and got into the bed. She opened her legs, "Fuck me Bart, please fuck my cunny with your big dong."

Bart got on top of her and pushed his eight incher into her pussy. She was as tight and warm as ever, her pussy crushing his dick and squeezing it as he began to work up and down. She gripped his back and pressed her thighs up to grab his sides as he went up and down. Her body moved with him, rocking in time with his thrusts, her tiny buds erect and bouncing. "Oh yes Bart, oh yes Bart."

"Lisa, you're so tight and wet and sexy. I love fucking you."

"I love you fucking me Bart. You're so big and strong, you're my man."

"You're my woman Lisa," Bart replied and pounded harder, his dick going deep into Lisa's hole.

She gasped as he pleasured her, his dick doing all the things it always did to her. She squealed as she came and squealed again as another orgasm hit her. Bart moved faster and faster, ploughing her hole with his meat. Lisa's body quivered as she came, pressing herself up against him, her tiny titties pushing against his chest, "That's my man. I'm your woman. Fuck me, screw me, take me to heaven."

"I'm cumming," Bart cried.

The feeling of excitement surged through him as his member jerked and twitched spilling its seed into her hole. Shot after shot of cum spurted into her, filling her with its warmth and soaking out over her flaps. He pulled out, more cum trickling out with his softening cock. "Lisa, you were great."

"You as well Bart, you fuck like a stallion," Lisa giggled.

The two siblings lay beside each other, kissing and cuddling under the covers as they recovered. Bart's tongue slid into Lisa's mouth, exploring it as one of his hands stroked at her tiny buds and the other one rolled over her butt. It didn't take long before he was hard again. He pressed his dick against her midriff to confirm to his sister he was erect again. Giggling Lisa pulled her mouth from his, "Are you ready to go again?"

"Gee Lisa, you're insatiable," replied Bart, "I guess I could force myself."

"I want to try something different," she smiled.

"What?" asked Bart.

"I want you to fuck my butthole," said Lisa.

"Isn't that gross?" asked Bart, though his dick was so hard at the thought of it that the muscle was pounding at the skin like it was about to burst like an overcooked sausage.

"I've seen it in some of Dad's old movies I found. The girls looked like they enjoyed it and the men doing it to them seemed to be having fun."

"Are you sure? It'll be sore, my dick is so thick for your tiny butthole."

"I don't mind," said Lisa, "I want it to be you who fucks my poophole first."

Bart grinned, "Okay sis, but don't say I didn't warn you."

He turned her over on her side away from him. He put one hand under her side to stroke at her pussy as he took his dick and guided it into her butthole. Bart had thought that her pussy was tight, but it was nothing compared to her pooper resisting his entry. The thirteen year old strained and heaved, slowly delivering his dick into her passage. It gripped his dick and squeezed it, crushing him like a giant hand. But Lisa was enjoying it, moaning in excitement and giggling as he pushed himself in.

"Oh Bart, bang my butt. Put your dick in my backhole. That's good Bart, take my anal virginity," Lisa cried in pleasure. Her hand joined his in stroking at her pussy, their fingers joining together as they slid over her cummy cunny.

It began to get easier as he pounded. Her ass walls falling back to let him penetrate quicker and faster. He sped up, thrusting against her small body. He drove his member all the way in, his balls bashing at her butt and making a slapping noise. He stroked her pussy harder "Shit Lisa, you're ass feels so good. It's so hot."

"Yes, Bart, good, fuck me harder, fuck your Lisa like a woman. Oh, Bart, oh Bart... oooohhh" she quivered and squeaked, "That feels so good. I can feel you inside me."

Bart went faster, pounding into her like he was possessed. Lisa squeaked and shouted so loud it was lucky they'd given Marge a sleeping pill. Her slim body wiggled as Bart rammed into her, one hand continuing with her pussy, the other playing with her barely visible breasts. She cried out louder, "Oh, oh, oh Bart, you're making me cum."

"Yes, Lisa, you're so hot, your ass is so bangable," Bart called back.

The chute walls were squeezing and gripping at his member, bringing him to climax. He grunted and tensed. Then he came, swamping her bowels with his white gooey semen, the sperm flooding deep into her anus and then dribbling out the hole as he withdrew.

Panting Bart rolled over onto his back, holding out an arm for Lisa to roll into. She did, snuggling into her brother and stroking his chest tenderly as he got his breath back. After a few moments he said, "I love you Lisa."

"I love you too, Bart."

"I wish we could show our love openly," he said.

"One day we'll be grown up and move away, then we can be lovers and no-one would know," Lisa replied.

"Yes, let's dream of that" Bart said and kissed her head gently. He closed his eyes and soon was asleep, Lisa cuddled into him.

It didn't seem long before her alarm was ringing. He opened his eyes and shut it off. "6 again," he grumbled as he pulled back the covers and got out of bed. Soon Marge would be up and so it was time for him to go back to his own room. He slid on his boxers and shirt as Lisa got out of bed and slipped into her nightdress.

He turned and gave her one last kiss, "See you tomorrow evening lover."

She giggled, "I'll be here. I'm your woman."


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