This story is fantasy and shouldn't be taken as the writer's real views.

Simpsons: Bart And Lisa's Incest Sex (mg,inc,cp)
by The Wrapper

Lisa Simpson was sitting on her knees, her hand was down her skirt and under her panties, rubbing at her smooth ten year old pussy. It felt good so she rubbed harder. She looked through the half-open door at the object of her lust, her thirteen year old brother Bart. He was lying on his bed, unaware she was there as his eyes were closed as his hand pumped his cock up and down. Lisa looked at the organ with lust - at eight inches it wasn't as big as some she'd seen in her Mom's Playgirl, but it still looked massive. And it wasn't just long, but thick as well, the teen boy's hand not been able to grasp round it fully. He jerked it harder and Lisa slid her finger over her pussy, which felt warm.

Their Mom was out shopping and Bart was supposed to be baby-sitting her, but as soon as Marge had left the house with her shopping bag Bart had left his sister sitting in front of the TV and gone upstairs. Lisa had given him a few minutes and then followed him - she knew exactly what he was going to do as she often heard him jacking off in his bedroom, making the bed scrape against the wall and creak as he jerked hard at his prick. At first Lisa had thought it disgusting that a man's dick would go into a woman's hole and that Bart would play with himself thinking about it. But recently her attitude was changing and she had found herself sneaking quick looks at her divorced Mom's Playgirl magazines. The men in it were hunky and large endowed, but at the end of the day they were just pictures, almost looking like plastic models as they posed. Whilst it was nice to look at them and rub herself more and more Lisa wanted to look at real cocks. And more and more the cock she wanted to look at was the one she could see bulging in her older brother's shorts. When they were younger they had fought, but now she was ten (almost eleven) she was beginning to see him in a different light, as a cool, sexy, teenager, with smouldering looks and a package down below. She hadn't even not considered following Bart upstairs.

It was even better than she thought. His prick was so big and wide, as he jerked it. She could imagine what it would like in her, much better than her finger, she thought, and her finger felt good. She moved the digit and pushed it into her tight little hole, she'd got rid of the hymen a few days ago with a really vigorous fingering and without it her finger could go deeper and really touch her spots. She felt wetness and warmth in her cunny as she worked her finger in and out.

Suddenly Bart's eyes opened and he was looking at her. "Lisa!" he gasped and his hand fell off his cock. He began to quickly pull up his shorts like he was in a panic as an embarrassed Lisa pulled her finger out of her slit. She jumped up and ran into her bedroom, as her brother's door slammed behind her. She slammed her own door and dropped on her bed, breathing heavily. She was red-faced with embarrassment, but she thought it was worth it to see her brother's huge member in action. He was so big. Her hand went under her skirt again and she began to rub at her wet hole. Her hand jerked away and she jumped to her feet as Bart knocked on the door, "Lisa," he said and walked in.

"Bart," she screwed up her face, "I could have been doing anything!"

Bart grinned and looked with meaning at her fingers, still covered with her juice. "You seemed to being doing something outside my room."

"Oh that," Lisa blushed, "I was just passing and looked in."

"And you liked what you saw," said Bart, still smiling.

Lisa went redder, and as there was no point denying it she gave a very small nod, "It was very big."

Bart took a step forward and his hands reached round and grabbed her butt. Lisa barely had time to gasp before he was kissing her and not the passionless pecks on the cheek that he was forced to give her by his Mom when she gave him his birthday present, but a big, full-on smacker. His lips crushed against hers and his tongue was forcing its way into her mouth, pushing and probing and forcing her own tongue to react. He squeezed her small butt-cheeks, grasping them hard and pushing his fingers at them. Lisa felt his manhood rubbing at her through his shorts, the large member straining at them. It made Lisa feel excited, her ten-year old pussy starting to heat up in her panties. She allowed her older brother to pull her closer, squeezing against him and letting his tongue dominate her mouth.

He brought his mouth away from hers and asked, "You like that?"

"Yes," said Lisa.

"You want me to carry on?"

"Yes," said Lisa again.

Bart's mouth closed down on hers again, his tongue pushing forcefully in. But this time only one hand was on her butt, the other went under her skirt. Lisa almost tried to pull away in shock as her brother's hand began to squeeze at her mound through her panties, but he was keeping her in place and after a few seconds Lisa realised it felt good, even better than when she was touching herself. She didn't resist as his hand moved again, this time under the elastic at the top of her underwear and down to grip her mound between his thumb and fingers. Bart moved his thumb, rubbing her and making Lisa even more excited, his tongue continuing to probe and pound at her mouth. She pressed closer to him and felt his hard dick - it felt so good, she was so hot she could melt.

Bart pulled his mouth away and placed both his hands on the top of her panties, his fingers underneath the elastic he pulled them down to her ankles, "Bart," said Lisa in surprise, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to screw you, sis," he said, "I know its what you want. Now take off your top."

Lisa pulled off her top, exposing her tiny buds, little more than nipples on a small mound, to her brother. He looked at them lustfully, his meat straining at his shorts. Bart was right, Lisa wanted him bad. She could feel her excitement building as he pulled off his own t-shirt, showing his naked torso, next came his socks. He paused his hands on the buttons of his shorts, "Take off your skirt, then."

They pulled them down at the same time, leaving Bart naked, his eight-inch dick sticking out hard and Lisa wearing only her socks, her smooth ten year old pussy wet with anticipation. Bart put his hand between her nipples and pushed her back onto the bed. Lisa fell onto it and then scrambled back so that she was full on it as Bart followed her. She looked at her older brother, "I'm a virgin, please be gentle."

"You'll like it," said Bart. His hand moved between her legs, fondling her parts and pushing his thumb into the hole, making her wetter and more excited. He pushed it a bit deeper and moved it around, exploring her and opening her at the same time. Then he took it out and pushed apart her legs. He stroked his large dick and looked at her, "I'm coming in."

His member pushed into her, spreading her lady parts and making her a woman. It felt good to have him in her, his big prick exciting her bits and making them tingle. Bart moved up and down, pushing himself into her. She looked into his face and smiled up as he concentrated on getting into a flow, up until now she hadn't realised how good looking he was. He was handsome and hot and hung. She wiggled to help him get further in, angling her legs further apart and then reaching up to the back of his neck, her fingers playing there. "Oh Bart, this feels so good. Love me."

Her brother smiled, "If you want, sis."

Bart had been going slow and gentle, now he began to speed up and thrust himself more vigorously into Lisa's pre-teen slit. It felt even better as he hammered down against her woman's spot she only discovered a few day ago. She cried out in pleasure as he hit her bit. Then she gave another shriek as he hit it again and then again. He moved up and down, puffing with exhaustion. Each time he went down he made her dance with joy. Up and down, down and up, his cock entering deep into her tiny hole. Until his face contorted and his eyes closed and his spunk shot into her, filling her with his seeds, "Damn," he said, "Damn."

He fell from her, lying naked on the bed, his cock covered with her juice and his own white goo, slowly softening. Then there was the sound of their Mom coming in, "Kids," she shouted.

Bart sat up, "We're just playing a game in Lisa's room, we'll be down in a few minutes." He got up and turned to Lisa, "Let's keep this secret."

"Will we do it again?" asked Lisa. It had felt so good she wanted to repeat it as much as possible.

"Yes," said Bart as he reached for his shorts.


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