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Three days, three stories, damn I'm just that good! Well, enough of the
gloating, because before long I'll lose my train of thought. Short trips, as
it would seem? A new Simpson's story. This one is a bit more...hardcore than
some might like. Remember when Lisa got a horse a long while ago? Well, she
used to spend all day with the horse, and then, maybe one rainy day, and the
horse didn't have a companion, it and Lisa, well figure it out dumbass, not
like it's spelt out for ya. Ok, enough of that, the people want to like me,
or hate me, whatever. Just remember to send thanks, greetz, and story ideas
every now and then.

"Atta Girl"

Lisa was so happy to have her horse, she couldn't wait until she got to
the range. Homer was finally able to driver her there, since he had been
working two jobs, one at the Quick-E-Mart and the other at the Nuclear Power
Plant. This left him in a mindless stupor, making him highly compliant but
even more stupid than usual.

"See ya later honey" Homer said as Lisa went out of the car. As she did,
she heard the distant sound of a thunder crack behind her. When she turned
around, she saw a storm on the horizon.

"Noooooooo! Now I'm stuck here all day with nothing to do. I might as well
go see the horse." Lisa said, very pissed of. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, why
was I so stupid not to check the weather channel?"

"Hey, who's there?" A voice came from near the barn.

"I'm Lisa Simpson, who are you?" Suddenly, a girl maybe a year or two
older than Lisa came from inside the barn, wearing a catholic schoolgirl

"My name is Marcy Park" She said, with a slightly southern accent. "I see
I'm not the only one stuck here. I went to the main building, the old hag is
drunker than a fish."

"Damn, sorry, I mean darn." Lisa said in frustration

"It's ok, I'm older than you anyway, and I've heard worse. Come on, let's
get in, we can hang out with the horse and keep dry at least" Marcy said.
Lisa followed her into the barn, where there was an old gas lantern keeping
the room somewhat lit. Lisa noticed that something was different about the
horse, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She ignored it, today was
already bad enough without her making up some ailment for the horse that she

"So Marcy, what do you want to do to kill the time?" Lisa asked

"Let's play truth or dare!" Marcy said.

"He, he, sure, I love it." Lisa said, she had played this once with Jayne
and her brother, and they made him eat bugs.

(Authors note: The next page, give or take, doesn't really involve the
sex/storyline in any major way, it just has the effect of a plot. If you just
want sex, hit page down, save yourself the time. If not, continue, sorry for
the interruption)

"Ok, you first, truth or dare?" Marcy said, as she sat down Indian style.


"Have you ever kissed a boy?" She asked

"Yes. Ok, truth or dare?"


"Let's see, what is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to

"When I had my sixth birthday party, I had a clown over. He was so funny,
I laughed and laughed and laughed. When I had finished, I noticed I had peed
my pants." She said, and the girls broke out in a fit of giggles. When they
were calming down, Lisa looked outside, and to her horror she saw a
torrential downpour.

"It's really getting bad out there."

"Yes, but at least we can hang out here. It's my turn, truth or dare?

"Uhhh truth

"Ok, since you know my worse moment, what was yours?" She asked, leaning
forward. The sound of the rain thudding on the water began to grow.

"Well, once, when I was eight, our dog was humping my leg. He usually does
it, but he actually had an orgasm on me! Right on my church clothes! I was
beyond mortified!" Lisa said, as she noticed Marcy paying more and more
attention, and leaning closer as she talked about the dog humping.

"Ok Marcy, truth or dare?" Lisa said, getting a bit apprehensive of the
closeness of this stranger to her. Not very, but just an inkling of a

"Dare." Marcy said, cool and calm.

"Ok, lets see, I dare you to stand on your head for two whole minutes"
Lisa said. Marcy rolled her eyes at such a childish request, but nonetheless
did it. After the two minutes were up, Marcy's head was beat red, and she was
a bit dizzy, but she got up.

"Lisa, truth or dare?" Marcy said, regaining some of her yellow complexion
in her face.

"Ok, I'll pick dare too." Lisa said with a chuckle at Marcy's attempt to
keep a straight face.

"I dare you to touch the horse's thingie!" Marcy said with a wicked smile

"Ewww, no!" Lisa said, backing up.

"You have to, you picked dare" Marcy said, with a matter-of-factly look on
her face

"Why do you want me to touch his thingie?" Lisa said, puzzled by the

"It's a dare silly, I don't have to answer any questions" Marcy said,
crossing her arms. "Now come on and do it"

"I'm not sure I want to play this game with you anymore Marcy" Lisa said,
truly frightened of whatever this girl was.

"Come on Lisa, it's not gonna bite you or anything." Marcy said, trying to
reassure her.

"I don't care!" Lisa said, as defiant as ever.

"Fine, chicken." Marcy said, and began to do chicken bucaws

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Will you do it?"


"Will you do it?"


"Will you do it?"


"Will you do it?"


"Will you do it?"


"Will you do it?"

"Fine, Yes already!" Lisa said as she got up in anger. She walked over to
the horse's pen. She now noticed what was different with the horse, he was in
heat, and his cock was erect. Lisa had a chance to first observe the size of
it. It was at least a foot and a half long, with a inch and a half minimum
width. It was long and pink, and was slippery with pre cum. Lisa stuck her
tiny little arm, which was smaller than the size of the cock, and gentle gave
the horse a jerk. She was amazed at the horse's reaction, he threw his head
back and snorted.

"Fine, I did it!"

"It's my turn Lisa"

"I don't care! I don't wanna play!

"Come on

"Fine, truth or dare


"I dare you to never have me touch that horse's thingie again.

"Done. Truth or dare?

"I don't care" Lisa said, partially defeated but mostly pissed off

"Come on

"Fucking hell, why are you such a bitch Marcy?" Lisa said, finally over
the top.

"Just come on.

"Fine. Dare" Lisa said, in between her gritted teeth.

"I dare you to come over here and kiss me!" She said as she leaped at
Lisa, planting a bit wet kiss over her mouth. Lisa was overcome with
emotions, but as Marcy forced the kiss on her, she felt her rage dissipate
into passion. Suddenly, she began to kiss back as she was aroused. 'Maybe
this is why I was never any good with bots' Lisa thought, as she continued
kissing. When they both needed to break for air, they slowly broke the grasp
of the kiss, and Lisa said

"Wow, I mean, just, wow." She said

"Yea, it's a rush, ain't it?" Marcy said, with a big grin. Lisa didn't
wait another moment to begin kissing her again. To her surprise, she put her
tongue in Lisa mouth. Lisa was shocked, but also incredibly aroused at the
feeling of the foreign object in her mouth. Their lips intertwined, they lay
down in the hay. As they did, Lisa noticed that Marcy was slowly unzipping
her dress with one hand, and with the other she was moving it slowly up and
down her upper thigh.

Suddenly, Lisa felt her dress drop down, revealing her small breasts and
perk tiny little dime sized nipples. Before Lisa could ask, Marcy got up and
took off her catholic schoolgirl uniform, revealing only a modest pair of

Marcy returned, but this time instead of kissing Lisa she began to play
with Lisa's nipples, much to her surprised. Marcy also began to play with
Lisa's young tender pussy as well. Lisa didn't want to seem rude, so she
began to rub Marcy's pussy through her panties. Lisa noticed that both she
and Marcy were slowly beginning to get moist down there. She was surprised,
but she tried to blame it on the sweat.

Marcy was breathing heavier the more Lisa played with her. Lisa didn't
know much about masturbation or sex, so she didn't know that the feelings she
was having was a build up to an orgasm. Neither did she know that Marcy was
close to one as well. Marcy stopped her attention to Lisa for a second,
bringing her head down to Lisa's pussy.

"You're gonna love this!" She said with a wicked tone, as she began to
massage and lick Lisa's clit. Lisa was going insane with this pleasure, it
was the first she had experienced in her life. Marcy was going a hundred
licks a minute, bringing Lisa closer and closer. Before she knew it, Lisa
came for the first time in her life, having a huge orgasm and leaking her
juices all over the girl's face.

"What, was that?" Lisa said, half in disbelief and half in fatigue.

"It's called an orgasm. Come on, I'll show you how to make me cum!" Marcy
said, an excited voice because of the idea of being Lisa's guide to sex. She
always loved being a sex teacher to new girls.

"Ok Lisa, just listen to me. Bring your head down to my vagina. When you
get there, there's two important parts, the Labia and the Clitoris"

"Yea, I know them from my books."

"Good, Ok Lisa, what I want you to do is slowly begin to caress my labia.
As you do that, begin to lick, and maybe even nibble on my clit. Yes, that's
good, keep it up. Atta girl!" Marcy said, encouraging the girl to eat out for
the first time.

Lisa did as she was told. She was nervous, but eventually she got in the
hang of things. She began to suck, and slowly nibble on the other girl's
clit, while massing her labia. Marcy was moaning at the feelings and the
wicked thought of this girl being tainted for the first time. Marcy was
moaning louder as Lisa was continually eating her out. Marcy took her small
nipples and began to play with them, gently rubbing and pulling on them. When
Lisa began to insert her fingers into her, she came hard. Lisa was surprised
at all of the juices that came out of her new friend. After a minute, she
finished her orgasm.

"Lisa, I think we left our friend out." Marcy said, as she pointed at the
horse. The horse was getting restless, it's cock swinging to and fro.

"Lisa, just get on your legs and knees." She said. Lisa obeyed, but she
was a bit afraid of the horse. Marcy let it out of its pen, and slowly
brought the stud towards Lisa. "Ok Lis, this might hurt, but don't worry,
I've trained this horse, and I can honestly say he is the best. Just stay
still and he'll do the rest" Marcy said, reassuring Lisa. Nonetheless, Lisa
was still nervous about it.

The horse walked over to Lisa, and got her between his legs. He took his
cock, and Marcy guided it to Lisa's pussy. Lisa moaned at the size of the
cock. The horse began to thrust forward, it's massive slippery cock slowly
making headway into her tight virgin pussy. Lisa moaned in pleasure at the
size of the horses cock. It was wider than her foot, but it continued to
press on, pushing into her and making her pussy stretch to the max. Still,
the horse couldn't finish more than seven inches inside of the little girl.
The girl had the horse cock buried deeply in her pussy. Lisa moaned at the
tight fucking, but she was afraid of what could possibly happen.

Suddenly, Marcy took a hold of Lisa, and held her down. The horse
instinctively pressed down. This motion forced another four inches down the
little girls body. Lisa was trying to maintain her calm under this stress,
but her pussy was forcefully being stretched. As the ten inches of the top of
the horses cock was penetrating her, she was finding herself increasingly
aroused. She liked the pain, but she also liked the idea of fucking her
childhood love. The horse continued to thrust harder and farther, forcing
more of its cock inside of the young girl's body.

Lisa began to buck backwards, trying to force move of the horse cock into
her body as the horse thrust forward. Slowly, inch-by-inch the cock of the
horse pressed further into the young girl. Lisa had literally fifteen inches
of the horsemeat inside of her tight, tight virgin pussy. Lisa was impaled on
the beast, she couldn't get off even if she wanted, which she didn't.

Finally, at fifteen inches, the horse could go no further. The horse began
to thrust in and out of the small girl, thrusting his length in and out at a
rapid speed. This was causing little Lisa to cum almost with every stroke.
Finally, after ten minutes of tight fucking, the horse blew his load. He shot
into Lisa's pussy, but the sheer power of his blast knocked his cock out of
her pussy. Marcy and Lisa began to suck on the cock, covering both of the
little girls with the horse's abundant spunk. After five whole minutes of
churning cum, the horse finally slowed down.

The girls, covered in cum, began to lick the juicy sperm off of each
other's bodies. They made each other cum once again before the two had
finished their cleaning. The girls went outside to let the rain clean them
off, and put their clothes on after drying.


Soon after, Homer sold the horse. Lisa never saw Marcy again, but she
never forgot the time they had together. Marcy and Lisa never met again, but
they both became avid horse lovers. Marcy eventually married a billionaire,
and when he died she was rich. Lisa ended up becoming the first openly gay
female president of the United States, and declared Pal Man of the Cosmos.

Ok, here it is. A new Simpson's fanfic, YAY! Whoo, hope ya liked it. I got an
Ariel coming up next I guess, but I dunno how well I can pull it off. I hope
everyone appreciated this, because it'll be a bit of a while before I get
back to a new Simpson's fanfic.

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