Story by Pray4Death (e-mail seems to be disabled)

Bart Simpson woke up one morning, his cock as hard as a rock. He had only been getting these morning erections for a little while now and he was still rather new at masturbating. He really had to pee, so he got up and tip-toed to the toilet, as it was only 5 o’clock and he didn’t want to wake anyone. He left the toilet un-flushed and walked down the hall to his bedroom. His cock was aching for some jerking.

As he crept down the hall he noticed Maggie’s door was open. He had never seen a real naked female before, and even if it was only his baby sister it was worth a peek. He crept to Maggie’s crib. He pulled off her clothes carefully.

‘Damn, a nappy,’ he thought. He sniffed it to make sure it was not dirty, then he took it off. Maggie hadn’t woken up and he now could see her little slit. Bart took his hard cock out. It wasn’t giant, but it was a fair 5 inches long and pretty thick. He stroked up and down, all the time watching Maggie’s tiny little cunt. He got down and peered through the bars in the crib so he could see her tiny asshole. It was so small. He reached out and touched her little slit, all the time still wanking himself. It felt nice and soft, god he loved it. He knew that the baby might wake anytime so he decided to put her clothes back on and leave.

Once out of her room he continued down the hall. He was still hard and his cock was begging for relief. The next door was Lisa’s. He entered cautiously and walked right up to her bed. Lisa was sleeping on her side. Bart was standing next to the bed, his dick in front of her mouth, which would open ever so slightly as she breathed. He pulled his cock out of his pants and started jerking, it felt so hot wanking himself right next to his own sister. He decided to throw all caution to the wind, he positioned his dick so it was just in front of her mouth, as she opened her mouth he shoved his hard cock in her mouth.

Lisa awoke not knowing what was going on, she tried to pull back but it was too late, Bart had a hold of her head and he was pistoning in and out of her little mouth.

It was tight around his pole and it felt really good with her saliva lubricating him, allowing him to go faster and faster.

Lisa tried to scream, but her mouth was full, she tried to push him away but he was relentless. In and out he went until his cock could not take anymore and started to spurt thick white cream down her throat. Lisa gagged and Bart pulled out, shooting his hot cream all over her face. Lisa swallowed his hot juice and then licked it from around her lips.

Bart, meanwhile, was thinking about what he’d done, he forced a blow job from his sister, and if she told Mom and Homer he’d be in big trouble. He was so worried he almost screamed when Lisa took his cock back in her mouth and sucked all his cum off. Bart relaxed a bit and sat down.

Lisa sat next to him, kissed his cheek and said, "Thanks for that, Bart."

Bart left the room and went back to his own. He tried to get back to sleep, but his mind was filled with thoughts of his sister.

‘Damn,’ Bart thought, ‘It was my perfect opportunity to see her in the nude.’

Just as he managed to get back to sleep, his mother knocked on his door.

"Bart, it’s time to get up and get ready for school" she called.

Bart got up, then dressed and went down to breakfast. Homer, his mom, and Lisa were already there. His mom was frantically preparing lunches, while cooking breakfast. Homer was devouring his bacon and eggs. Lisa was just smiling at him, and she continued to all through breakfast.

The kids left for school first, Lisa on the seat directly across from Bart, and eyed him on the way to school. Millhouse was telling Bart about the latest issue of Radioactive man, and although Bart was showing no interest, Millhouse kept on going. Bart suddenly remembered his homework.

‘Shit, Mrs. Crabapple is going to be mad at me.’ Bart had made no effort to do his homework at all, and he knew it was his own fault.

Meanwhile, at home Homer had decided that he needed some loving. Seeing Marge bent over the counter making his third helping of breakfast had him horny as hell. He got up and went behind her. He pulled his cock out, then in one action he lifted Marge’s dress and shoved his cock up her pussy. He immediately regretted his actions, Marge was as dry as a desert. ‘No problems,’ he thought and he pulled out.

Marge knew what to do. She turned and got down on her knees and sucked his long hard 8 inch cock. Marge was an expert at sucking him off, she knew how to get him rock hard. With her left hand she fingered herself, getting nice and juicy for him. By the time he was ready for another shot at her pussy she was dripping juices on the floor. He turned her around and shoved his rock hard cock in her pussy. He slammed it in and out, and Marge was grunting in time with his cock. He pounded her for a couple of minutes, but he still wasn’t ready to come.

He wanted to fuck her tight little asshole. He had never fucked her there, and was sure she had never been fucked there either, as she would never let him fuck her asshole when he asked. ‘Fuck it.’ he thought, ‘It looks so appealing.’ He pulled out and moved up a little.

Marge thought he was going to cum over her ass, so she stayed there. ‘I have to do it right,’ he thought. He aimed, and then slammed his cock in. It made it ¾ up on the first shot, and Marge screamed, and tried to get away. Fat chance. She was pinned under all his weight. There was no escape. She begged him to take it out and put it back in her pussy, but he just laughed. He inched it in until it was fully inside her. Then, he started thrusting. It felt so good, her tight warm asshole was giving him as much pleasure as the first time he stuck it in her virgin cunt.

Marge was getting use to his cock, and her screams changed from "no’s" to "yes’s." It didn’t take long before he came, and he filled her bowel’s with his love juice. Marge came at the same time, her juices leaked out and splattered on the floor. He left his cock in until it was soft and then he pulled out. His cock was brown from her shit. Marge took his cock in her mouth and licked it clean. She then stood up and they kissed passionately. Homer left for work, Marge was left to clean up the mess.

Bart and Lisa were now in there separate classes. Lisa fantasized about Bart. But Bart was thinking of something else, his homework. If he didn’t get good grades from now on, his parents had threatened to take away his pocket money. He was so worried, in fact, he didn’t notice the rest of the class leave for recess.

Mrs. Crabapple tapped him on the shoulder, shocking him. "So Bart, you’ve decided to spend recess with me? Well, you can help me with something." she said.

She lifted her dress and she was wearing no panties. A strange smell filled the room.

"Come on Bart. It’s been so long since I’ve had any pleasure. Come and suck my cunt. If you do a good job, I might even let you fuck me. How’s that sound?"

Bart was shocked to hear something like this from his teacher, but nonetheless, she was offering him sex, something he’s long wanted to experience. He bent down and licked her cunt. It was already wet and hot. He had never licked a pussy before, so he licked it like he would an ice-cream, long licks along the slit.

Mrs. Crabapple was moaning, she had taken one of her tits out of her shirt and was sucking it.

Bart continued licking. He shoved as much of his tongue as he could up her hot cunt. Mrs. Crabapple came hard, flooding Bart’s face with her cream. He swallowed as much as he could.

"Oh Bart!" she moaned, "That was so good. I needed it. Now you can fuck me. Fuck my juicy pussy, but let me see that cock of yours first."

Bart took out his cock. She licked it, then said "Perfect. I want you to take me on my desk, right where I mark all your work."

She laid down, belly up, and Bart was quick to jump on, his cock went straight in and was fully submerged on the first thrust. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced. It was great! He jammed it in and out as hard as he could.

Mrs. Crabapple was coming over and over again, it had been a long time since she’d had a dick in her cunt.

Lisa, meanwhile, had been looking for Bart, and had walked in to his classroom, only to see him with his cock pumping in and out of Mrs. Crabapple. She was shocked, but decided that she’d join in.

Mrs. Crabapple was surprised when she noticed Lisa, but even more surprised when Lisa lowered her pussy down onto Mrs. Crabapple’s mouth. Mrs. Crabapple licked Lisa’s pussy, finding her clit, and sucking and nibbling it, and then shoving her tongue right in, to find Lisa’s still intact hymen. She went back to her clit, shoving one of her fingers up Lisa’s ass, and using the other to rub her own tits.

Lisa was busily rubbing her own tits. All the time Bart continued pumping in and out, getting outrageously turned on by seeing two girls together. Lisa came for the first time, Mrs. Crabapple was left with cum all over her face, dripping through her hair. Bart was also getting close to cumming. He closed his eyes, and with one last thrust he filled her up with his cum.

They all relaxed a bit. The bell sounded and they quickly put there clothes back on. Mrs. Crabapple was a mess, Bart and Lisa licked her face clean as best they could, but cum was still through her hair. ‘What the hell,’ she thought, and just left it.

Throughout the rest of the day, Bart was given many flashes of the pussy he’d fucked, and he went home hard and horny. Lisa had stayed after school for music practice, and Bart was left with only his mom and Maggie. He sat down to watch Itchy and Scratchy, and his mom yelled out to him to watch Maggie while she goes to the store.

‘Sure,’ he thought, ‘I’ll watch her.’

He had her stripped in no time. He wasn’t sure if he should try to fuck her or just let her suck his cock. He started by lying her on his stomach with her cunt pointing at his face and his cock pointing at her mouth. She grabbed his cock and sucked it like her bottle.

"Aaahhh." Bart moaned, "That’s better."

With that, he stuck his tongue out to her little baby cunt. He pushed his tongue in a little, but it was just too tight. He licked it up and down. It tasted nice. He kissed it and nibbled the skin around the side. Maggie was doing a great job on his cock. She would be a natural cock sucker. Bart was enjoying it immensely. He decided he’d try to shove his dick in her cunt. He removed her and put her on her hands and knees. He opened her legs wide and positioned his cock on her slit. He pushed a little, a tiny bit managed to get in, but she was too tight, he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, enjoying the feeling, so much that he didn’t notice his mother open the front door.

"BART!" she screamed. "What are you doing? You’re trying to fuck Maggie? Your own little sister? If you wanted sex so much, why didn’t you ask me?"

This was one of the many surprises he’d had today. He’d never even thought of his mother in that way. Yet, he was sure she was offering. He knew for sure when she removed her clothes. Being eager for more sex, Bart went straight for her hole.

Marge had other ideas. Since her anal fuck that morning, she had longed for another. She sat Bart down on the couch, and placed her ass over his upright cock. She lowered herself down. His cock, being smaller than Homers, penetrated straight away. Marge bucked up and down, riding his cock, all the time thinking of how perverted she was, having sex with her own son in front of her baby daughter, it made her hotter and wetter. She came hard, breathing heavily and moaning.

Bart was lying back, enjoying not having to work for a change.

Marge needed more, she grabbed one of Bart’s hands and told him to shove it in her cunt. Bart put two fingers in, and rammed hard. Marge came again, spewing cum onto the floor. Something was still missing, she leaned forward and grabbed Maggie, giving her a tit. Maggie sucked, and Marge came again.

Bart was getting close, any second he was going to deposit his hot cream up his mothers ass. Then, in unison Bart and Marge came. Bart spurted his hot cream up her tight ass.

A few seconds later Marge got up, she wanted his cock in her mouth. His cock was brown, like Homer’s was, and Marge licked it clean, and back to life. She continued to suck until he came again. She swallowed all he had, and licked his cock until it was limp.

Bart was tired after all this. He relaxed and watched TV, still in the nude.

Marge, however, still had to prepare dinner.

Homer was still at work, asleep. He had an hour left of work before he could go home and get some food to eat, and maybe a bit more pussy. He was dreaming again of the land of chocolate. He’d had the same dream constantly from the German’s who had owned the plant for a brief time.

But meanwhile, in Mr. Burns office, something else was going on. Waylan Smithers loved Monty Burns, but was never able to get much further than being Mr. Burns personal assistant. He was sick of not being able to show his true feelings, and he knew Monty was weak, so he decided that he would surprise him.

Monty was hawking out the window. He loved looking at his plant, seeing the look of displeasure on his workers faces. He didn’t notice Smithers behind him. Suddenly, Monty was surprised. His pants and underclothes pulled down, and he could feel something hard pressing at his bum.

"Smithers, NO!" he yelled, but it was too late.

Waylan was already pumping Mr. Burns steadily up the ass. Mr. Burns, to his own surprise, was getting hard. His little cock was probably not as big as Smithers, but it was quite wide. Smithers came. He hadn’t done it for so long he’d exploded. He flooded Monty Burns with loads of cum. Mr. Burns was cumming as well, he spurted all over the window. Smithers pulled out and sucked Monty’s dick, and then Monty returned the favor. They called it a day and went home.

Homer woke suddenly. It was quitting time, so he left. He got home and ate some dinner and sat down to watch TV. Bart had gone to bed from his long day and Marge was tending to Maggie in her room. Lisa was playing her sax, and was giving Homer the shits. He went up to tell her to keep it down, but the music had stopped.

He opened the door to find Lisa sitting on her bad with her sax deep in her cunt. Homer was instantly hard. Lisa watched as her dad took his clothes off and shut the door. He took her sax, placing it on the floor and started sucking on Lisa’s cunt. In no time, she was spewing juices. Homer let Lisa suck his dick for a second, then guided it into her cunt. He slid up ‘till he reached her hymen.

"Oh, Lisa." he said "You left your little cherry for Daddy." And with that, he rammed as hard as he could, breaking her hymen and making her scream.

Bart heard the noise and ran to her room. What a sight. He never did get to fuck Lisa that day, so he jumped on the bed. He shoved his cock down her throat like he’d done that morning, it gagged her and he liked that. Homer pounded into her little cunt, while Bart pumped her mouth.

Homer decided they’d both do her. He laid down first, with Lisa still impaled, giving Bart clean access to her asshole. Bart shoved his eager cock straight in. It was tighter than anything he’d ever experienced. He didn’t move. Homer was pumping enough for the both of them. The movement was giving Bart pleasure. But when Bart did start slamming into her, Lisa was screaming and cumming at the same time.

Marge heard the screams, but was too busy to see what was going on.

Homer and Bart were ruthless. They fucked her for 5 minutes, slamming hard and fast. Bart came first, letting loose with gallons of cum. Homer wanted to cum up his daughters ass as well, so he changed holes and continued, while Bart got his cock sucked. In minutes Homer came too, filling Lisa with more cum. Lisa had got Bart hard again. They changed places and Bart continued the assault on Lisa’s stretched asshole. Homer was getting hard again too, and after Bart came Homer jumped back on and filled her with more cum. They laughed as Lisa went to the toilet, dripping cream all the way down the hall.

Marge was busy downstairs, with Maggie watching. Santa’s Little Helper had decided he wanted a piece of that ass too. Marge was more than happy to oblige, she took her clothes off and the dog mounted her. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. The dog was so fast, her cunt was burning from the stimulation, and she came after a few seconds.

She was, however, unhappy with the dog in her cunt. She knew where she needed it. She pulled the dog out and moved his dick up slightly. It felt so good as he slammed into her ass. But there was a knock at the door.

‘Who could that be?’ she thought.

"Hi dee ho, neighbor!" sounded through the door. It was Ned Flanders.

She called him in, and he was shocked to see her on hands and knees with a dog cock up her ass. He felt himself getting hard. He prayed to God to forgive him, and then he slid under Marge and put his cock in her cunt. The two of them fucked Marge good and proper, leaving their seed in her for her to remember them. Ned, however had to leave. He had to go to confession immediately.

So, Marge was left with Santa’s Little Helper, his knot was inflated, and they were stuck together. 5 minutes passed and she was finally free, thank God, and she went to bed.

Just an average day in the life of the Simpson’s.


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