I'm back after a year of doing bad and evil things to Terrorists. Mostly
cloak and a lot of daggers. I even got my own personal spoil of war named
Fara Of the People.

Who ownes She Spies don't know. Me if they ran into me on the street.

She Spies: DD's Doggy Night (F-best, nc-cons)
by She-wolf Of Tel Aviv

The She Spies laid on a sand dune overlooking a West Texas ranch house.
Cassie looked over the the area with a pair of night goggles.

"Owner's away, did you take out the alarms DD?" she asked.

The pageboy haired Blond gave a grin and held up a tube. "All power has been
rerouted and this will keep the dogs off your back." DD told her two parters.

"What is it?"

"Something from the MOSSAD. It'll lead the dogs away but they warned me not
to get any on youself or every dog in the area will home in on you." DD

"Well keep them off our backs for four hours." Cassie ordered. "We'll need
that long to get into the safe."

The trio split up, DD one way and Her two parters the other. DD came to the
high chain length fence and began to climb it till she reached the barbwire
at the top. She carefully worked her way across until she was almost over
then her foot slipped. DD landed on the ground with a painful thump on her
back leaving her shunned and seeing stars.

Slowly DD regained her wits and noticed that she was cold. She looked up and
saw what was left of her black catsuit flying on the barbs. It had caught on
the wire ripping it off her when she fell.

"Oh Great." DD murmered to herself. She was alone hurt and naked in a hostile
area. "What more could go wrong?"

A low growl from behind her was DD's answer. DD slowly turned to see two huge
Irish Wolfhounds standing ten feet away from Her groweling. Fear began to
creep over DD as she wondered where the dog lure was. Then she felt the
wetness on her body and realized that it had broke on her.

"What ever you do don't let any of the lure spash on you," DD remenbered.

She stared to back off as the wolfhounds approunched. Suddenly one of them
rushed foward and lept up, his paws on her shoulders and his fangs level with
her face. She began to fall backwards, but a something propped her up. The
second wolfhound had gotten on his hind two legs behind her and placed his
paws also on her shoulders. The blond Woman was sandwiched between the two
dogs, which was the only thing that kept DD from falling down.

Two low growels filled her ears and she felt something hard prodding her cunt
and another Her asshole. Suddenly DD realized what they were.

"Ohhhhhhh...Goddddd NO NO Noooooooooo," she moaned as she felt the
wolfhounds' cocks begin to enter her.

The two hounds gave the trapped blond a low growl and humped foward. DD tried
to close her legs, but there was no where she could twist. Like heat seeking
missiles locked onto a house fire the wolfhounds' cocks found their way into
DD pussy and ass.

The One facing her rammed fully into her curly blond pussy up to his knot
ripping throught her cheery in one brutal animalist moment. DD's eyes rolled
up into her head, so only the whites were showing and her head flopped back
as if her neck was broken. Her scream died into a mindless gurgle as the
force of the foward hound's cock drove her backward.

Her asshole tried hard to defend itself, but the doggy dick tip forced it's
way into her asshole. Then inch after painful inch slid into her rear tunnel
killing any words that she could form. Both hounds were in DD up to their
knots. Then as if they had been trained for years, they both pulled back then
slammed foward at the same time.

"UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH!" DD grunted with each inpact, helplessly
sandwhiched between her two furry captors.

With each impact a little more of the knots slipped into DD's cunt and ass.
Finally it happened. Both knots disappeared into DD's pussy and asshole

"AAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" DD moaned as now the power of the twin
hounds was the only thing that was keeeping her up.

Indeed DD's feet was totally off the ground as she was held up like a
ragdoll between the two canine fucking machinces. Helpless, mindless and
almost drooling something in her head went snap. No longer was this a
horrible unnatural rape on her virginal body, but an act that she would
crave again and again.

"Ggggggggoooooodddddsssssss Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
aaaaaaaaaaa dddddddddddddoooooooooooooggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ssssssssssllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttt" DD moaned as tears of
joy and pain ran out of her eyes.

Then both dogs gaving howling growls and DD felt her pussy and ass fill with
doggy cum. Then She felt stars erupted all over her body. How long did she
cum she didn't know. Was it a second? A hour? Or a year? It seemed all the
same to her as she passed out from pure joy.

A light nagging voice woke DD up. She could hear Cassie on to radio yelling
for her. Reaching for the radio DD said "Yeah, Cassie, it's me."

"DD, where are you?"

"Uh Err I got caugh on the fence and was KO'ed. My outfit is gone." DD
hastely added.

Relif filled Cassie's voice. "It's OK, DD. We'll pick you up."

"Thanks, Cas." then a thought came to DD so she asked. "Say Cassie do you
think we could get a dog?"


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