Seinfeld: Miracle Cream (MMF,M-mast,voy)
by The Jackbo

The buzzer sounded and Jerry walked from the fridge to hit the intercom

"Hello," called out Jerry.

"It's me," came Elaine's voice back through the static filled box.

Jerry pushed the button to let her in then unlocked the door. He shuffled
over to the couch and plunked himself down in front of the baseball game
that was on. A few minutes passed until Elaine came inside and shut the door
behind her. She wandered over to the fridge and found a bottle of water.
Opening the bottle and downing a third of it rapidly she sat down beside
Jerry on the couch.

"So whatcha up to?" Elaine asked in between drinks.

"Not much rea-," Jerry started but stopped suddenly, "-what is that smell?"

"Well pardon me, I didn't know you could go to the gym for two hours and
still smell spring fresh!" Elaine exclaimed.

Jerry finally noticed Elaine still wore her workout spandex with an old
t-shirt thrown on.

"Why didn't you just shower at the gym?" Jerry asked, rising off the couch
to get away from her.

"Because when I was leaving the place suddenly picked up and there was
actually a line to use the showers so I figured I'd just swing by here and
shower," Elaine explained. "Is that all right with you?"

"Sure," Jerry said glancing at his watch, "but I gotta leave in a few minutes
to get to the taping of Letterman. Can you believe it, I finally made it on?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've told me only a couple dozen times," Elaine replied
as she picked up her bag off the floor and headed for the bathroom.

"Just knock on Kramer's door and tell him to lock the door when you're done,
OK?" Jerry called out as he left.

"No problem," Elaine shouted from the bathroom as she shut the door.

Jerry threw on his coat and left the apartment. A few minutes later the door
to Kramer's door opened and George walked out.

"So you're positive this stuff will work?" George asked.

"I guarantee it, my friend Bob Sakamano used it and grew a whole head of
hair," Kramer replied.

George was still a little skeptical of the hair cremes promises but figured
anything was worth a shot. He wandered across the hall and entered Jerry
apartment still reading the instructions on the side. `Causes growth to occur
instantaneously,' it read. George looked around but didn't spot Jerry, then
he heard the water running and guessed he was in the shower.

"Is it OK if I come in?" George called out to the occupant of the bathroom
but received no answer. Elaine was too busy washing her hair and humming to
notice George's call.

George shrugged and entered the bathroom. It was somewhat steamy and he had
to wipe the mirror so he could see himself. He opened the package and took
out the tube of ointment. He applied some to his hand and rubbed it evenly
between them when he suddenly noticed Elaine's naked backside in the mirror.
She hadn't pulled the curtain completely shut and he could make out her
perfectly round ass and even the small mound between her legs.

George was instantly erect and his penis strained against his pants. He
wasn't thinking much, he let his hand unbutton his jeans and then unzip them,
causing them to tumble to the ground. He dropped his boxers after them and
started to stroke his now hard cock. It was only five and a half inches long,
short like him. George simply continued to start at Elaine's beautiful ass
and stroke his penis for what seemed an eternity.

Finally Elaine turned around and noticed George in the bathroom, staring at

"George!" she shouted. "What the hell are you doing?!"

Elaine pulled the curtain around her naked form and couldn't help but let her
eyes wander. Her eyes lit up as she spotted George's erect cock in his hands.
George, noticing her odd look, glanced down at his own swollen member and was
equally shocked. His cock had grown to almost twice the size and easily twice
the width.

`But how?' George thought to himself. He suddenly remembered he hadn't washed
the creme off his hands.

George looked back at Elaine who had let the shower curtain slide away,
revealing her naked form from the front. Her breasts were exquisite,
perfectly round and a nice proportional size. Her pussy was bare save a small
triangle below her navel. Elaine had a primal look in her eyes, both of them
knowing that neither had had a lover in at least three months.

"Finish undressing and join me," Elaine said in a deep and sexy voice.

George wasted little time in tearing off his shirt and stepping out of his
pants and boxers. He climbed into the tub/shower next to Elaine. Elaine took
hold of George's cock and begin to lightly stroke it while George started to
gently massage her breasts. He lifted a nipple to his warm mouth and began
to lightly trace his tongue along its shape.

Elaine emitted a soft moan to indicate she enjoyed George's current actions.
She moved her gentle grip from his shaft onto his balls and began a slow

"Oh god," moaned George, "turn around."

Elaine complied and turned to face the wall. She spread her arms and legs
and braced for what was soon to come. George guided the head of his cock to
Elaine's now moist opening and began his gradual push. Inch by inch slowly
disappeared into Elaine's warm cunt, her moans signaling her enjoyment.
George's pelvis finally reached her soft ass and they both froze a moment,
reveling the feeling.

Reaching around, George once again began his assault on Elaine's tits. He
gently kneaded them and squeezed the nipples. Elaine meanwhile let her own
hands start to wander, gliding down her smooth body until they reached her
hard clitoris. Her fingers began to dance around, sending waves of pleasure
with each brush of contact.

George began his decent now as his long cock began to leave Elaine's moist
and inviting pussy. She let out a small whimper at the sudden loss of his
member inside her but knew it would soon return. Not disappointing, George
thrust back into Elaine with more speed than his first penetration. The
result was added pleasure for both and George was even quicker to withdraw
his penis again.

George began to make increasingly faster thrusts and Elaine rubbed her
clitoris even harder. The moans rose in volume as both parties drew closer
to orgasm. The gentle slapping of George's balls swinging back and forth and
Elaine's tits flopping around was lost when either one would scream in a fit
of pleasure.

George could feel his climax drawing closer so he leaned forward and
whispered, "I'm going to cum," into Elaine's ear as he continued to pump his
cock in and out of her warm pussy.

"Don't worry," Elaine barely managed to get out between moans, "I'm on the

The simple thought of releasing his load inside of Elaine only spurred George
on further. He gave it one final thrust, sinking his cock all the way in,
before spewing his built up load of cum. He fired wave after wave into her
warm and inviting cunt while he reached around and took hold once more of
Elaine's firm breasts.

Elaine felt the shuddering of George's penis inside of her as she felt his
milky streams flow into her. She reached her own climax with the added
stimulation on her clitoris and proceeded to experience one of the best
orgasms of her life. Her body shuddered and her knees wobbled, had it not
been for George she might have fallen to the floor.

They both stood panting, still connected with George's cock firmly planted
deep in Elaine's cunt. Usually after sex George went as limp as a wet noodle
but perhaps with the special creme to blame, he was still rock hard. Neither
one heard Kramer enter the apartment until he opened the door of the bathroom
and discovered them naked and embracing.

"I heard screaming," Kramer said, his brain finally clueing in to what was
before him. "What the hell is going on?!"

Elaine still felt horny, months of solitude had left her with a gaping void
she wanted filled. "Sex, Kramer. Simple biological sex, no repercussions, no
talk of it later. A one time deal, you want in?"

No way could Kramer argue with the naked beauty who was soaked in water and
glistening with sweat. He stripped down immediately and showed what he
brought to the party. His cock was about seven inches long and fairly slim,
much like his general appearance.

George pulled his cock out of Elaine and stepped aside to let Kramer in.
Kramer took up a position behind Elaine and let his head gently enter her
cunt. He sunk in easier as George's cock had stretched Elaine's pussy wider
than Kramer's penis. Pausing a moment, Kramer felt Elaine's pussy start to
shrink down to his size.

George got in front of Elaine and held his cock level at the same height
as her face. Elaine took the head in first and started to work her tongue
around. George's eyes rolled up in his head and he was lost in the pleasure.
Elaine let her hand go back to her clitoris, but Kramer moved her hand aside
and proceeded to use his own hand instead.

"Allow me," Kramer spoke softly.

His touch showed of his experience, it was even better than her own thought
Elaine. She let his masterful fingers do their job so she could focus on what
lay before her, George's enormous cock. Elaine was doubtful she could swallow
it all. After playing her tongue around his head for a few more minutes she
started to sink down his shaft.

Elaine got about seven inches in before she couldn't take any more. She tried
to go a bit farther but found herself about to gag if she pushed. So instead
Elaine merely let her mouth work on the part she could reach. She could taste
George's salty cum and her own female juices (she had occasionally sampled
her fingers after masturbating to orgasm) on the shaft of his penis as it
moved in and out of her mouth slowly.

Kramer's smooth thrusting had gradually gotten faster and now he was pumping
his cock into her with great speed. His fingers picked up the pace as well
which got a series of moans from Elaine. George also began to scream his
added pleasure as Elaine's cries had vibrated her mouth around his cock.
George let his hands sink into Elaine's wet, black hair for something to hold
onto rather than control her movements, she seemed to know what she was doing
in his opinion.

Finally Elaine came under Kramer's skillful touch, her orgasm causing her to
cry out loudly. She shuddered and her pussy tried to lock around Kramer's
cock still pumping into her. Kramer orgasmed as well and grabbed hold of
Elaine's bouncing hips as he unloaded his cum into her. George was on the
verge of climax when Elaine started screaming, the vibrations sent him over
the edge and he fired his load into Elaine's warm mouth.

Normally Elaine didn't like to swallow cum but she was in such pleasure at
the moment she didn't really care. Gulping down George's load she released
his cock from her mouth and slowly pulled herself off Kramer's softening
penis. All three bathed and got dressed, not speaking to one another. It
was to remain a moment of passion and nothing more.

All George could think about was what this miracle cream could do for him.



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