This is a satire, a parody, not the real thing, for adults only, done in fun.

Seinfeld: Elaine's Boardroom Bang (M+F,inter)
by Dr. Bone

"B.B.D.!" said George.

"Ah yes! B.B.D." said Jerry

"B.B.D.?" asked Elaine.

"Big black dick!" said Kramer. "Uh you can't handle that."

"I just don't do it by choice. No offense George." snickered Elaine.

"It was shrinkage. It was due to the cold."

"Well I'd love to stay and chit chat but I have to go, I have an interview
for Hoffman and Gantz.

Interior of the office of Hoffman and Gantz:

"Miss... They will see you now." said the secretary opening up the huge oak
door to let her in." Elaine was shocked when she saw two black men behind the
huge board table. Gantz answered her puzzled look. "Yes! We are Gantz and
Hoffman and is there a problem with that?"

"Uh no!"

"Now Miss Benes. The only reason we are hiring you is because we have to meet
certain E.E.O.C. requirements. You are Spanish, aren't you.?"

"I can pass that test." dodged Elaine thinking of the boyfriend who thought
she was Spanish as she thought he was black.

"Well, let's looks at your employment record. My goodness!"

"Did you really do that and that and... that?"

"Uh yes but!" said Elaine s the words B.B.D. ran through her mind. She knew
that she should not look but she did and was disappointed. Maybe it was due
to their pleated pants but she could not see anything.

"! Look at this police report. Mrs. Benes what are you starring at?"

"Its nothing, I mean, uh, my friends had a discussion about, uh..."

"B.B.D.?" Gantz said pressing a button that locked the room's door.

"What was that?" she said as the door lock clicked.

"Oh it is jus to give us some privacy as we talk about your job and your
future here and B.B.D." said Mr. Hoffman.

"Now Mrs. Benes we know you need this job. That nobody will hire you. The
entire community is aware of you and you reputation. The Peterman file alone
would get you black listed or pardon the expression "black balled", as for
B.B.D. it is real, large and spectacular." he said coming up from his desk
and pulling out his dark cock.

"I concur." said Mr. Gantz.

Elaine's eyes bugged out as she saw the two large cocks dangle on either side
of her.

"Now this is the oral part of the interview, so don't fail it." Gantz said.

"What? you are kidding me? This is sexual harassment."

"No this is our word vs. the word of a jobless woman who is a clear menace
to society. Keep your glasses on."

Elaine dropped to her knees. She held Mr. Gantz's cock for a moment stroking
it then put it into her mouth as she stroked off Hoffman.

"Now let me tell you how it is going to be. Deeper. Hoffman hold her head."
said Gantz pushing his cock as deep as he could down Elaine's throat as her
head was held tight. "We don't want any of your quirky shit. Fuck up and you
are out of here and we will sue you and you jackass friends. You understand?"
He said taking his cock out and slapping her in the face with it.

She gave head to Hoffman next. "Yeah and we are going to do something about
those small tits of yours too. You want to work reception here there is a
place in Mexico who can do a boob job for you cheap. You hear me. Nod with
my cock in you mouth. That's it."

Both men blew their wads all over her face and glasses.

She was then on the conference table as each man fucked her after laughing at
her request to clean off her face or get out a sponge. Gantz fucked her good
and hard while her head was over the desk sucking of Hoffman's cock.

Then the men sat on the oversized leather couch while she bounced up and down
on each of their cocks.

"Now Elaine are you a team player?" she nodded with his big cock in her

"Good, because here is some of the other members of the team." In came the
janitor, an intern and a guy from the mail room. All of them were black and
all of them used Elaine like she was a blow up doll. And all of them had

Late that evening after hours of fucking and abusing her, they told her to
see the secretary for her tickets to Mexico. "Oh we will have to keep those
as collateral." Gantz said pointing to her panties.

"I have to leave here with no panties?" the men pointed at the door and that
was it, she had to go.

"Elaine I haven't seen you in months how's it...where did you get those boobs

George came in, Elaine my girlfriend just got a job at the same company,
not only that but they gave her a ticket to Mexico for some spa to....what
happened to your..."

"Its part of my new job as a receptionist. I guess your girlfriend and me
can keep BBD out of our vaults. By the way George, it was real, black and
spectacular and had no shrinkage."

The episode ends with George screaming "B.B.D. B.B.D!!" as the credits


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