Sealab 2021: Sealab Debbie (MF,inter,cream pie,reluc)
by LilGuy ([email protected])

I was new on the Sealab and scared shitless. I was a young intern here for a
couple of days and all ready the place nearly blown up 40 times.

Worst yet nobody seem to care. It like everyone on this sealab was crazy. I
got a call from one of my bosses. Debbie. She was showing me around and I
been told she was the sluttiest woman in the world from some of the crew. I
thought that couldn't be true. So far she seems like a beautiful woman, nice
and classy. She was blond and one of the scientists.

Debbie called me up and said she needed my help.

I enter the room. The room was dark.

"Debbie?" I said.

I looked around and suddenly candles were lit. A disco ball came from the
ceiling and music started to play. She lay on the bed naked. Her pussy was
soaking wet, leaving wet stains. Her tits looked huge and her nipples were
red and rock hard. Her clit sticking out a bit.

Debbie had 12 dildos in the bed, and they seem broken covered with juice. She
pulled another one out of her ass.

"I need help. All my toys broke and I need the real thing."

"My word Misses... This is highly inappropriate." I say.

She got up and slithered toward me. She had been drinking, but still seemed
sexy in a skanky sort of way. She put her arm around me and grabbed my ass.

"Come on and join the mile below club. I saw you looking at me. I know all
you young black guys love to put your cock in this big fat ass. Come on
baby. I want you to soak my asshole with your hot cum baby. Fill me up..I
NEED it!"

I became rock hard. She fingered her clit and rubbed the juice across my
lips. It tasted sweet.

"I don't know..."

She grabbed me and pushed me on the bed tearing my clothes off.

"COME ON. Lets get it on," Debbie said.

She pouches on me. Her cunt swallowed my cock and then gripped me tightly
like a vice. She rode me up and down sucking my cock with her pussy. The
milking of my cock was amazing. My balls slammed into her ass hard as she
held me down.

"Fuck yes! I love the FEEL of that throbbing cock in my ass, yes! SLAM it on
you your big black cock, bastard!"

She was a pro grinding and twisting. Her body was a machine milking my cock
for all it worth. Her tits bounced in the air. She smothers me as she came.

"Ohhhhhhh God! I'm cumming!"

I came deep into her cunt. Her pussy did something amazing. It squeezed me
in a way that made me rock hard again.

"You're not getting off that easy. This pussy of mind can make any cock hard.
Why do you think the men are so crazy. It's because I fucked them senseless."

My knees went weak. Half a hour later I lost track of how many times I came.
My cum overflowed in her pussy. She pulled out of it and started sucking her
own juice off her my cock. She stuffed her pussy in my face and forcing me
to eat her messy cunt out.

"Yea lick my cunt...right there. Ohhhh yesss!!!" She came on my face rubbing
my cock between her tits.

My cock was wet and slid easily between her tits. She licked the head
stroking and fisted it. Her tongue teased my cockhead tasting the cum. She
made me clean her out diving my tongue tasting her sweet juices.

"Want to shoot. Shoot it in tits!"

I came again, jizz shot everywhere. It was gobs of cum between her cleavages.
She licked it up like a cat gargling my cum. She looked back and gave me a
wicked cum drenched smile.

"Can't take any more!"

She just laughed and deep throats my cock. Her ass was stuffed in my face
forcing me to lick.

3 Hour passed...

I could only mumble as she put my cock in her ass squeezing me tightly.

"Ohhh fuck my SHITHOLE!!!"

3 more hours later...

She was sucking me off, her asshole was soaked. Her pussy was dripping with
cum. She was covered head to toe.

"Hey don't blame me. It's your fault for your cum tasting so good."

4 Hour Later

I was taken away in a stretcher.

Later, after I woke up...

"Rise and've been out for days."

I woke tied to the bed. I couldn't move. She held a strap-on. She had some
reviving machines in her room now.

"Don't worry. We won't have that happen again with these medical machines.
Well, not to much."

The End


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