Scrubs: Unleash Me Part 2 (MF,inter)
by KenThePenguin ([email protected])

A faint buzzing sound. That's all Elliot hears as her boyfriend JD rambles on about his daydream or moral or something. Ever since that....meeting with Dr. Cox, she'd felt a constant horniness, and she'd just been unable to concentrate on anything.

Currently, she's sitting at dinner with JD and Turk and Carla. Elliot had only agreed to this dinner because JD and Carla had to work tomorrow, whilst her and Turk did not. In the morning, after they'd left, she'd planned to get a taste of Turk. So the itch in her loins continues while dinner passes much too slowly, and they all go off to bed. JD made love to her, and when she asked him to put in her ass, he looked at her as if she were a filthy pervert. So she just laid on her back, and his tiny dick thrust into her. She tried to imagine Cox, but to no avail.

Elliot laid in bed, questioning what she was going to do. Carla and Turk were married. She didn't want to destroy that, but what she felt right now overrode that morality. Elliot could almost feel him mounting her.

Eventually, slowly, the morning did come, and JD and Carla left. She was finally alone with Turk. Elliot prepared herself and slipped off her nightie, and crept into Turk's room. Elliot stood with a smile, breasts free and large, ass and cute pussy exposed. Luckily he was sleeping on his back. Elliot crawled in between his legs, and pulled down his boxers, freeing his large, black dick. It wasn't as thick as Perry's, but it was 4 or 5 inches larger. Elliot heart jumped. This was going to be amazing.

She kissed it. He stirred. She kissed it again. He moaned Carla's name. She kissed it once more, but took it all the way in. Turk thrust up and his hands found her head. "Oh, god, I didn't know it was my birthday, Carla." He moaned. She smiled, and bobbed her head up and down. Her hand went to his balls, and she ran her tongue over them, and under his shaft. Elliot looked up to his eyes still closed, biting his lips. Her teeth lightly grazed his cock, and she planted more kisses.

Elliot could tell he was near, due to his tenseness and loud moaning. So she stopped. Turk moaned his wife's name again, and opened his eyes. He looked into Elliot's clear, beautiful blue eyes, saw her round, firm, petite ass in the air, her mouth puckered around his cock. He came.

Both his hands grabbed the back of her head and he nearly screamed as he came, as she sucked it all down and moaned around his dick. Turk's hands fell limp to his side and his head sagged back as he caught his breath.

"Elliot...what the fuck?" He asked. "Turk, I've never been with a black man, and I've heard all the rumors. Give me a ride, brown bear." She said, voice rich with seduction. Turk tried to say something, but her mouth found his. He tried not to kiss her back, but her hand was moving up and down his cock, and her other hand was cradling his balls. His mouth opened up and their tongues met.

Elliot pushed herself up and above his dick. "Ask me for it, Turk. Beg me." Turk closed his eyes, tried to think of his wife, but all he saw was her perfect, white, ass. "Please let me fuck you, Elliot." He said softly. She kissed him again, and sat.

They both gasped as he filled her. Turk's hands ran up her stomach, around her breasts, and finally cupped her gorgeous ass. She lifted up again, and this time Turk thrust up as she came down. Her hands gripped his muscular body harder, and they kissed once more. They did the routine once more, but grew faster. She began to feel the freedom she had felt with Perry.

Turk couldn't believe the site before him. His best friend's girl bouncing up and down on his cock. It was memorizing, her hair in her eyes, her tits flying up, the jizz drying on her lips. It was too much. He began to bounce her at a frantic pace, and she began to cry out his name louder. They met with one final thrust before they came around each other.

Elliot fell forward, head on Turk's shoulders, tits on his chest. His hands continued to grope and feel her ass, while she kissed him heavily. They sat kissing and fondling for several minutes, before Turk felt a second win.

Turk gently pushed her off onto her back, and got on his knees before her. "Fuck me, Turk, come on." Turk grinned, and spread her legs wider than ever. He then pushed them backwards, until she was laying nearly on her neck. Turk stood, still holding her legs, and plunged into her with force.

Elliot desperately held onto the bed sheets as he ravaged her. His thrusts were deep and fast and her moans became screams of passion. "Fuck me like a nigger!" She screamed, unaware she was going to yell it. She also wasn't he aware he was going to slap her. It hurt, but it hurt good. She spit in his face, and he let go of one of her legs and grabbed her face, holding it down. He pulled her forward more, bending her sharply. They were both yelling now, both heavily sweating and fulfilled. Turk practically stood on the bed as he continued to pump in and out of her tight, blonde pussy. The pain Elliot was feeling was orgasmic.

Time flew by. She didn't exactly know where she was, she was just lost in a world of ecstasy. With a loud, booming cry he pulled out and covered her face in cum, her hair gelled down, face unrecognizable, throat and mouth filled with it. With a loud thump he fell backwards, and her legs tumbled down. She was breathing heavily, unable to speak.

Elliot managed to get up off the bed and steady herself. Turk was sprawled on the mattress, eyes closed. She giggled softly, and went to go clean herself off.

The hot water on her flesh was magical after what she'd just done with Turk. Turk or Perry? They'd both been great fucks. Elliot was in the midst of deciding when the bathroom door opened. A large, black frame stood on the other side of the glass. She put her hands on it just as he slid the door open. Before she could cry out in surprise his mouth was on hers, his hands dug into her hair. Before she could grab onto him though, he spun her around.

Elliot knew what was coming and stuck her ass out. Turk let the water do its job as a lubricant before slamming his large cock into her tight white ass. Her eyes rolled far into the back of her head and she muttered a guttural moan. A loud smack echoed and their was a large red handprint on her behind. Turk continued to piston in and out of her large round butt. His hips were almost a blur as he pressed her body tight against the shower wall. He pulled her head back by her hair and their lips met in a fiery kiss.

Turk buried himself deep and came. Elliot's hands were furiously working her pussy, and she came with him. Turk pulled out and immediately exited the shower. Elliot rinsed herself off and exited just as she heard the front door open.

Elliot wrapped a towel around herself and left the bathroom. Turk was laying in bed, seemingly asleep. Elliot walked into the living room, and saw JD go into the bedroom. Carla and her made small talk, and Elliot's eyes wandered down to Carla's ass as she bent over to grab something. Carla turned around and caught her staring. "Take a picture, Elliot." Carla winked, and Elliot felt something tingle in her stomach. With a heavy sigh, she walked into her bedroom.

* * *

Elliot's fingers were far inside her when her doorbell rang. Quickly, she pulled her pants on and turned the channel off of Sex me in the City. Opening the door, Perry and his demonic wife Jordan pushed past her. "Uh, excuse me?" Elliot said, trying to muster courage. Perry looked somewhat excited yet guilty. "Shut the hell up, blondie. Perry here told me how you seduced him. I want my turn."

Elliot was frozen for several moments. Finally, she rolled her eyes, sighed, and shut the door.


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