Scrubs: Unleash Me (MF,blackmail,nc-cons)
by KenThePenguin ([email protected])

Dr. Elliot Reid stood before Dr. Cox, begging and pleading. She'd accidentally overdosed a very important, very rich patient who also happened to be a board member. Elliot could very easily lose her job. She had just lost her apartment, and had almost nothing. This job was her only hope. Cox, though, could save her life. If he took the fall for her, he wouldn't be fired. Suspended, punished, sure, but he'd have a job.

So Perry watches her fret. She's wearing too much makeup and her hair is in her eyes, but damn is she fine. To think that body was being wasted on J.D. baffled and annoyed him to no end. "Barbie, shuddup.", he barked. Elliot looked hurt, but shut her mouth. "You want your job, you don't want to be a nothing and live on the streets?" he asked. She nodded several times quickly, and opened her mouth to speak, but he preempts her. "Barbie, absolutely no talking. I'm going to give you one chance. Jordan hasn't been putting out lately, and your girlfriend J.D. can't be very satisfying. Shush, now. One chance to do what I say. I'm willing to put my job on the line for you. Take off your shirt."

Elliot was shocked. She couldn't. She'd had a bad feeling rising in her stomach when he was talking, and now she felt dizzy. It'd be cheating, and she wasn't that kind of girl. Still, she couldn't lose this job. Numb, she slowly reached down and pulled her shirt up and off. Perry grinned at the sight. Elliot had a fine, flat, toned stomach, and although it was a normal, not very revealing bra, her breasts were amazing. Perry ran his hands across her stomach, and she shuddered. Elliot closed her eyes and tried to blink the tears away as he groped her tits.

She let out a small cry as he told her to take her pants off. How far was this going to go? With shaky hands, she pulled off the rest of her scrubs. Cox grinned wider, and she noticed a pitch in his pants. Elliot's legs were long and slender, and she finally let the tears fall as he ran his hands up and down them. She didn't even react when he told her to spin around slowly. Her ass was incredible. It was round and full, and curved in the most delicious way. Perry pinched it, and she jumped.

"Lose the bra, Barbie." Elliot couldn't stop crying, and all she could think of was J.D. She was so sorry, so friggin' stupid. She unsnapped her bra, and her wondrous boobs were freed. They were milky and perfect with two round, dime nipples, which Perry preceded to flick and pinch while she sobbed on.

Elliot knew what he was going to say next, but it still hurt her. She wiggled out of her panties, and hung her head. She had a slight, yellow bush, and all in all her twat was very cute. Elliot now stood completely nude in the on call room, and never had she felt so empty. Here she was, nude in front of her boyfriend's idol. Her tears slid off her face and onto her two, lovely tits. She hoped against hope it was over, but knew deep down it was not. Elliot looked up to see Perry's cock looking back.

No wonder he had such an ego. Cox saw her staring at it, and told her it was just under 9 inches. "How does it measure up to your widdle boyfriends?", he asked.

Not thinking, she replied, "I'd say it's 4 and a half inches longer, and twice as thick." She gasped and blushed furiously. Why did she say that? Cox's grin, meanwhile, grew wider than ever. Still chuckling, he told her to suck it.

Without taking her eyes off the monster cock and not really thinking about what he had just said, she fell forward on her knees. Elliot was face face to with it, and gingerly reached up to touch it. It was so thick! Just one of his balls could fit into her entire hand. Elliot made a fist and ran it up and down Cox's cock. She'd never given a blowjob before, obviously, thinking it was disgusting and beneath her. Yet now she had to.

Carefully, she licked the tip. It tasted dirty and sweaty. Elliot looked up at Perry with puppy eyes, but he just grabbed her head and slowly pushed her mouth onto his dick. She only got three inches in when she started coughing violently. Trying again, she got just over half. With her eyes and cheeks bulging, she looked a lot like a squirrel storing nuts. Perry reached further down to her free hand and guided it to his large balls. Taking the hint, she started massaging them. He groaned a bit louder, and when she tried to take the cock out to get more air, he grabbed both sides of her head and thrust her face forward. Elliot nearly vomited, but managed to keep it down. Not caring, Cox didn't slow down. In fact, he sped up. Her hands were flailing and she was gagging terribly, but he never let up. If she'd known any sexual terms, she'd have recognized this as a 'face fuck'. Perry loved the sight below him. His large cock being driven into her mouth, past her teeth, onto her tongue, and down her throat. He'd finally found a way to shut her up. Finally she gave up fighting. She went back to massaging his balls and cleaning his dick. Suddenly, though, he rammed it as far down her throat as possible, and held it there. Kneeling before him with her face all the way onto his groin with pubes in her eyes and nose, she knew what was coming.

Elliot tried to prepare herself, but when he came, it shooting directly down her throat and swishing around in her mouth, she still sputtered like mad. All of a sudden he pushed her backwards. She was about to spit when he placed his foot onto her stomach and ordered her to swallow. As she did, it dawned on her how truly pathetic this scene was. Dr. Elliot Reid, laying naked on her back with cum drying on her lips and in her throat, with her superior standing over her with a foot pressing down on her.

Stopping the self pity, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and slammed her up onto the wall. Before she could say anything, his fingers were inside her. Desperately, she tried to think of J.D., but he, nor any other of her boyfriends, had found the spot Cox had found. Ashamed, but starting to not care, she started to moan louder and louder. They were stifled by Perry's mouth pressing down on hers. And, god help her, she didn't even hesitate to kiss him back. His fingers were working at a frantic pace, and her eyes rolled back as their tongues danced. All of a sudden everything went white and she was in total bliss as she grabbed the back of his head and came. Perry backed off her, still wearing that cocky grin, and she stumbled forward onto the bed. All thoughts of that Dorian fellow were temporarily thrown out of the window.

After several moments trying to catch her breath, she sat up to see a fully nude Perry and his big Irish dick in all its glory. Without a second thought, she spread her legs. "No, Barbie. On your hands and knees.", Perry said. So she did. This was all so new for her, and she was really starting to enjoy it. Cox started sliding into her, and her deep breathing became gasps which became moans and groans growing in noise. Her cunt was so warm and tight, and as she shuddered her walls closed in on him. He looked down and could have came right there with the image of his cock disappearing into her pussy. This was the largest cock she'd ever had, and he was starting to enter virgin territory. Finally he was all in, and Elliot's juices start to drip down Perry's shaft. He started off slowly, which killed her. She started to thrust back hard, and Perry was having a wonderful time, staring down at her wonderful ass wiggling in his face. Perry slapped it, and this prompted her to speak. "Please, Perry, oh god, faster. More!" she moaned.

"Beg me for it. Tell me you want me to fuck your little cunt, you slut," Perry teased.

She considered for the briefest moment, but his cock was hitting all the right spots. "Fine, fuck...fuck my cunt! Fuck me hard, god damn it! Like a fucking slut!" she cried. She had never said anything even remotely close to that in her life, and it felt so damned great.

Perry obeyed, and the bed started creaking wildly as she thrust backwards to meet his forward thrusts. Perry grabbed her hair into ponytails and started to ride. She shoved her fingers into her twat to help him out. She was moaning his name, and him hers. This plus the sound of their flesh slapping together was enough to drive them both over the edge. They grabbed each others head and their teeth clacked together as they kissed fiercely and their cries of passion echoed into the others mouth as they climaxed for the next several seconds. She fell forward with her face down and her ass up as he finished with several, loud, wet 'plops'.

She'd never felt so fulfilled. Elliot couldn't help the smile on her face. That was unlike anything in her life. She heard a strange, squeaky sound behind, and felt Perry's finger swabbing her pussy. She didn't put two and two together until it was poking at her asshole. His hand clapped over her mouth and he shoved forward. She let a muffled, hoarse scream, and despite the exhaustion bucked like a bronco. She'd never felt such intense pain. Her ass felt ready to explode and her tears came back, falling freely. Perry's free hand started mauling her tits, bruising them with pinches and pulls. He leaned forward and started to whisper filthy words into her ear. Then a strange thing happened. The intense pain...became quite enjoyable. Somehow, she felt even more fulfilled. Elliot's screams became moans, and when he took his hand away, he could hear her chanting his name, along with cries of perversion and begging. He gripped her tit like a clamp and their mouths clashed again, with screams of hot, fiery passion escaping from the sides. She had never, ever felt more complete and happy, no, ecstatic than right now. Elliot's and Perry's fingers met in her cunt and they both knew the other wasn't going to last much longer. Perry pushed her face down onto the mattress and pulled her ass up high as he drove away at it. The sight of her petite, tight little ass taking his cock so easily was making him crazy. He placed both hands on her hips and started to ram it all the way in and out at the fastest rate possible. Elliot had a death grip on the sheets and her jaw felt ready to break from her intense biting of the pillow, which she screamed as loud as her voice would let her into it. Their bodies were completely drenched in sweat and Perry was at a near scream as he dominated her anally. Finally, with one large surge forward and a huge gasp by both of them, they came. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she shook violently all over whilst Perry fell collapsed forward and to the side, narrowly avoiding crushing her.

With as much energy as she could muster, she struggled up and sat upon the floor slowly. She felt the cum drying on her face and felt it running down legs. It was just an amazing feeling. Perry pulled himself up, and wearing the sluttiest grin she'd ever worn in her life, bobbed forward and took his entire semi-erect cock into her mouth. Perry made a weak, raspy sound, and twitched. She kissed along the tip and licked his balls. She could taste their juices, sweat, and her shit. And she bloody loved it. Her large, blue eyes made contact with Perry's, and they never broke contact as she bobbed slowly up and down his cock, occasionally licking the tip or planting kisses. She quickened her pace but still deep-throated his dick all the way. He didn't last long, and told her he was about to cum.

Elliot leaned back, and stuck out her marvelous tits as he sprayed his cum all over them. Her tits were almost covered in it as she lowered her face and let the rest hit there. She rubbed it around her breasts and sucked it off her fingers slowly and deviously. Perry helped her back onto the bed and as she laid back she also put her head to his chest. "So I'll think about helping you, Elliot.", Perry said, breaking the silence. Elliot giggled, and kissed him hard and deep. She let her hand travel south and play with Perry's balls as she thought about round 2, and how big Turk really was.


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