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Scrubs: Enslaving Elliot Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Elliot had been here before many times over the past year. She had come here to hang with her little group of friends and of course to see JD, who she had been into from the beginning, but only a couple of times she came here specifically looking for Carla.

There had always been a connection between her and JD, Turk was easy to get along with, but Carla was someone it was difficult for Elliot to talk too.

Things had gotten better between them lately, Elliot had even began thinking of Carla as a friend as opposed to a friend of a friend, and then Carla bought Elliot for the night. Elliot now had to do whatever Carla said, be her willing whore for the night, and now all of a sudden their friendship was tossed out the window, not because Elliot was angry at Carla for buying her, but because Elliot realised she wasn't worthy to be the strong, dominant woman's friend. A friendship would imply they were equals when nothing could be further from the truth as Carla was clearly too good to be friends with such a submissive little slut like Elliot.

This fact, along with other thoughts of the sexy Latina, had Elliot practically creaming her panties all day.

By the time she reached the door to JD and Turk's apartment, the place she had been to so many times before, the place Carla practically lived, she knocked on the door, fell to her knees and lowered her head in submission without a moment's hesitation.

A few seconds past, Elliot remaining on her knees like a good little slave, her training preventing her from looking up when the door opened. As it did Elliot's heart skipped a beat as she imagined the humiliation she would feel if JD, Turk or anyone other than Carla opened the door and saw her kneeling there. To Elliot's relief that's not what happened.

"Mmmmm, punctuality, got to love that." Carla said before stepping back and opening the door for the blonde, "Come in."

"Thank you Nurse Espinosa." Elliot said before slowly crawling inside as she had been trained to do.

"Ha, Jordan really does have you well-trained doesn't she?" Carla chuckled at the display of submission as she closed and locked the door behind them.

"Yes Nurse Espinosa, my wonderful Mistress has me well-trained. I'm her good little slave." Elliot said submissively.

Carla smiled. She had been worried Elliot was being forced into being Jordan's slave. It was a valid worry given how prudish and sexually awkward the blonde had seemed before. True she had seemed happier lately than she used to be, and while it was possible Jordan had been forcing her to act that way the more and more Carla got to know the new and improved Elliot Reid the more and more clear it became that the young doctor wasn't being forced into anything. Elliot seemed quite willing to play the part of the eager little sex slave, and while Carla intended to put that theory to the test she doubted Elliot would do anything except happily submit to her every whim.

"Stand up." Carla said, finding it amusing how unsure Elliot looked at the command and how long it took for her to slowly and awkwardly get to her feet, "In the kitchen there is a bottle of wine. Go open it and then get it and a couple of glasses and join me on the couch."

Elliot was a little taken aback by the simplicity of the command. Carla hadn't ordered her to strip before getting her the wine or anything. In fact it hadn't even seemed like an order as the tone of Carla's voice made it sound like she was asking her for a favour, not something she needed to do under the circumstances. Normally her Mistress would order her around, telling her exactly what to do, and sometimes even how to do it, but Carla had not and Elliot wasn't sure how to react to it.

Still, Elliot's confusion did not stop her from doing as she was told, the blonde quickly walking into the kitchen area of the apartment to fetch the wine and glasses. Because the kitchen and the main room were all technically in the same room Elliot was able to glance over and watch as Carla went down to sit on the couch, the blonde going to her when she had retrieved the desired items, but hesitated to sit next to her.

"Sit next to me." Carla said.

The Latina's tone of voice was firmer this time, her words coming across as much more of an order then an a suggestion this time and thus Elliot found it easier to obey.

"Pour us each a glass." Carla said firmly, making it easier again for Elliot to do as she was told, "Ok, now, tell me how you ended up being Jordan's slave. Tell me everything."

Again Elliot was a little taken aback but didn't hesitate to obey, starting from the beginning when she stood up to Jordan and then telling her everything literally up until this moment.

Under Carla's orders Elliot went into graphic detail, telling her owner for the night how good it felt submitting to another woman for the first time, how good it felt to have another woman spank her, how she almost came on the spot the second Jordan slid her fingers inside her and began fucking her with them, how the other woman knew just how to touch her to drive her crazy, how she used that touch to make Elliot kiss her and then fall to her knees to lick her pussy. Elliot spent 5 minutes alone talking about her first lesbian kiss, and then 10 minutes describing the taste of her mistress, how much she loved it, how much she craved it, how she wanted to spend the rest of her life kneeling before dominating women like her mistress and worshipping them with her mouth and tongue.

When she finally stopped talking about her mistress's pussy Elliot told Carla how she stupidly confronted Jordan and how that had led to her mistress dominating and fucking her time and time again, even making her fuck The Janitor just to prove who was in charge. Then Elliot described how her mistress had broken her completely, how she had made her confess her undying devotion to her, even making her kiss her feet after she took her with her strap on, Jordan filling all of Elliot's holes with her cream so the blonde was properly marked as her property.

Finally Elliot told Carla all about her training, how her mistress had delighted in humiliating and degrading her over and over again, Elliot loving every perverted moment of it.

Although they had both opened up to each other in the past Elliot had never opened up as much to anyone before and it felt oddly freeing.

"So, you really think you're not worthy to be called a woman?" Carla asked when Elliot had finished.

"Yes Nurse Espinosa. Women should be like you and my Mistress. Strong, confident, dominating. I'm weak, nervous and submissive. I'm... I'm a disgrace to you and the rest of my gender, and you should punish me for it." Elliot replied, sounding hopeful at the chance of being punished.

Carla raised her eyebrows, took a sip of her wine and reasoned, "Elliot, there's no shame in being submissive. Some people are just born that way. It doesn't make you any less of a woman."

"It... it feels that way to me Nurse Espinosa." Elliot said timidly.

Elliot really should know better than to argue with a superior woman but she couldn't help it.

"Is that how you really feel, or did your bitch of a Mistress train you to feel that way?" Carla asked.

"That's how I really feel Nurse Espinosa..." Elliot replied, before adding in that super hyperactive speed she used when she was nervous after Carla gave her a look, "I mean sure, my Mistress helped, but she didn't teach me anything I didn't already know about myself. Deep down I always knew I was weak and a disgrace to women everywhere. I always knew I wasn't fit to lick the boots of a real woman like you, my Mistress just helped me see myself for the slut I truly am. She did me a huge favour by putting me in my place. Now I get to make up for being such a lousy woman by worshipping real women like my Mistress... and you."

"Mm, well there'll be plenty of time for the worshipping soon enough, but first I have a game for us to play. In fact, we're going to be playing it all night." Carla said as she got up, "Follow me."

As Carla led Elliot to the bedroom the sexy Latina nurse thought about what the blonde doctor had just said, marvelling at just how submissive the other woman was.

Once they reached the bedroom door Carla stopped, turned and looked at Elliot, "I want you to go in there, strip off your clothes, put on the sexy little uniform I got for you, and then I want you to clean this apartment. Oh, and for the rest of the night you are to address me as Ms Espinosa. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa." Elliot replied obediently.

"Good girl." Carla said, stepping aside and allowing Elliot into the bedroom.

Elliot's eyes widened and she blushed furiously as she saw the uniform waiting for her but didn't hesitate to strip off her clothes, put on the uniform, pick up the little feather duster and walk out to where her owner for the night was waiting for her with a huge smile on her face.

"Mmmmmmm, don't you look sexy... my little white maid." Carla said, licking her lips as she looked Elliot up and down.

"Thank you Ms Espinosa." Elliot said timidly.

"Well then, don't just stand there. Start cleaning." Carla said.

"Yes Ms Espinosa. Right away Ms Espinosa." Elliot said, gasping at the little smack on her butt Carla gave her as she started to go about her duties.

Carla would slap Elliot's rear every time she walked past her and leer at her as she did the housecleaning, not that this was a put off for Elliot. Jordan had made her clean her house naked many times and the blonde was well practised in presenting her body in such a way to make sure she was always giving the dominant woman in the room a good view of her while she was performing her duties, gently guiding the duster all around the apartment, hovering the place, etc. To do something so simple and yet subservient had always been a turn on for Elliot. It was one of the many things she seemingly enjoyed too much, but really it wasn't that hard to understand. Elliot had spent so much of her life being pampered, a maid always cleaning up after her and her family's messes, not to mention cooking their meals and doing their laundry... oh how she hoped Ms Espinosa would make her do that.

To do these things naked was one thing, but to be forced to do them in a slutty maid uniform was somehow more perverted.

Her family may have always looked down on their maids, but they never made them were anything like this. The cleavage was so low Elliot's tits were practically popping out and her little skirt was so low it barely covered the tiny thong which was digging into her butt crack. The white stockings, garter belt, high-heeled pumps and weird white tiara seemed to be the cherry on top of this humiliation sundae, and yet Elliot adored it. She loved it when Jordan made her dress like a total slut, it only added to her twisted enjoyment, and this time was no different.

It was impossible however to really enjoy cleaning a toilet, or indeed to make it sexy, partly because it involved disappearing from Carla's sight, but mostly because Elliot couldn't really make scrubbing it sexy. As such it was the last thing she left to do, thinking Carla would stop her before she finished to make her worship her, but she didn't and Elliot was left wishing she did this first so she could then concentrate on going out and dusting in the sexiest way possible.

When she was done with the toilet Elliot was in for a surprise as when she left the bathroom she was greeted by Carla holding out a finger at her.

"What is this?" Carla asked.

Elliot stared at her blankly.

"Did I not tell you to clean this apartment?" Carla questioned.

"Y... yes Ms Espinosa." Elliot answered timidly.

"Then how do you explain this?" Carla asked.

Elliot squinted and saw a speck of dust.

"I'm... I'm sorry Ms Espinosa." Elliot stammered.

"Sorry isn't good enough." Carla snapped, getting into the role of angry employer, "I paid for your services tonight and I expect you to give me the highest quality of service available. If you cannot do that I will ask for a full refund."

"No, please Ms Espinosa, my Mistress will be so upset if you do that." Elliot pleaded.

"Well, perhaps if you do better at the rest of the night's activities I will be lenient, but I will not tolerate this type of sloppy workmanship." Carla said, sitting down and patting her knee, "I know there's only one way you're type learns how to do what it's told, and I'm prepared to do what is necessary. Lay down across my lap."

Trying not to smile Elliot did as she was told.

"Now, your owner was very clear that I was to at least give you 100 spanks at some point to help keep you in line, so the question is how many more should I give you?" Carla asked rhetorically, pretending to think about it, "I suppose the work you did was mostly adequate but that doesn't mean you should be excused for almost getting the job done. So let's say... 200 spanks in total. Does that sound fair to you slut?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa, but I'm just a lowly whore, so it doesn't really matter what I think. All that matters is what you think." Elliot said.

"Good answer." Carla said, again impressed just how well trained the blonde was before asking, "You're Mistress really does have you well-trained. I wonder... if I said I want you to do something for me while being spanked, could you guess what it was?"

"Count and thank you for the spanks Ms Espinosa?" Elliot guessed.

"Correct, and that's exactly what you're going to do for me, isn't it Elliot?" Carla asked, lifting Elliot's skirt out of the way.

"Yes Ms Espinosa... owww... one, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... two, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... three, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... four, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... five, thank you Ms Espinosa..."

As Carla began to bring her hand down against Elliot's ass cheeks again and again the blonde struggled not to moan in between each strike but it was hard for her.

Elliot had grown to love being spanked. Her training taught her to see it as something shameful, that she had displeased her owner, or in this case her temporary owner, and while she hated to displease those superior to her Elliot craved the wonderful feelings of shame and humiliation she felt every time she was spanked.

She can still remember her first time, forced to lean over and stick her ass out while Jordan spanked it in the middle of a supply closet while she was supposed to be tending to her patients. It was something she never had to endure before thanks to her rich upbringing and it was easily the most humiliating moment of her life up until that point, which was really saying something given her almost daily mistakes. Of course since then her wonderful mistress had redefined her understanding of words like humiliation, shame, and agony.

For example, being bent over another woman's knee like this was even more humiliating than how she was first spanked because not only was she in such a humiliating and submissive position with her most private of parts on display but her womanhood would end up rubbing against the other woman's thigh, meaning whatever perverted stimulation she might get from getting her butt beaten was increased tenfold.

To Elliot's shame she had cum many times just from being spanked by her mistress, and she would cum again if only Carla would spank her just a little harder.

It wasn't Elliot's place to question the decisions made by superior women like Carla, but the blonde wished she had permission to beg for a harder spanking, because if it was just a little harder, and maybe a little longer too, Elliot knows she could cum.

"Owww... ninety eight, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... ninety nine, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and one, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and two, thank you Ms Espinosa..."

The ever increasing moisture on her thigh did not go unnoticed by Carla, the Latina nurse smiling at this development.

This had been another thing Jordan had told her about which Carla wasn't sure whether to believe or not. Sure she had spanked plenty of submissives who got off on being punished, some even to the extreme extent where they could cum, and given Elliot's background of repression it really shouldn't have been surprising, but Carla had pegged Elliot for the type that was so repressed that they would barely enjoy regular sex, let alone the kinky variety.

Ever since the moment she realised Jordan had succeeded in turning Elliot into her slave Carla had wondered if she had been wrong about the blonde and now she was very eager to learn just how wrong she had been.

Elliot's enjoyment of the spanking had been a nice surprise, but as fun as it might have been to make the young doctor cum from it Carla had no intention of letting Elliot get a release so soon. In fact, by keeping the spanking mostly soft and playful Carla was able to punish Elliot far more effectively than if she had beaten her ass with every ounce of her strength.

Towards the end Carla cruelly gave Elliot some false hope by delivering a few hard slaps to her ass, but just as the blonde was crying out excitedly the brunette softened her strikes once more, leaving Elliot to whimper in frustration as the spanking came to an end.

"Owww... one hundred and ninety six, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety seven, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety eight, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety nine, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... two hundred, thank you Ms Espinosa."

Elliot was unable to stop herself from letting out an extra loud whimper of frustration as the way to gentle for her liking spanking came to an end.

Carla grinned widely at this whimper as she gently caressed the now slightly pink flesh of Elliot's rear, grinning again at the moan escaping the blondes mouth and she began to squeeze those firm little ass cheeks, Carla looking forward to enjoying Elliot's tushy even more later before letting go of the doctor's butt.

"Sit on my lap." Carla ordered, smirking as Elliot winced as she sit on her lap after slowly getting herself in position, "Now kiss me."

Elliot was unsure how this fitted into there employer/employee role-playing, nor was she sure that they were in fact still playing, but regardless she did as she was told, leaning down and pressing her lips to the other woman's. Carla kissed her back, softly and gently at first but quickly growing in passion and intensity. It wasn't long before Carla's tongue slid into Elliot's mouth, the blonde eagerly welcoming it with her own as the kiss grew deeper.

Just as the kiss was starting to take Elliot's breath away Carla broke the kiss and smiled up at the submissive doctor, gently stroking her blonde locks affectionately, "You know, your mistress guaranteed my satisfaction, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to displease your mistress by failing to satisfy me, would you slut?"

"No, of course not. I want to please my Mistress and satisfy you Ms Espinosa, more than anything." Elliot panted lustfully.

Carla smiled, "Good, then let's go to the bedroom so you can satisfy properly. Who knows, maybe if you do a good enough job of satisfying me I won't tell your mistress of the lousy job you did cleaning the apartment."

Elliot hoped that would be the case she got off her temporary owner and followed her into the bedroom.

Once inside Carla turned to her, "Take off my clothes."

Jordan had made Elliot strip her many times and the submissive blonde practically danced for joy at the chance to do so for Carla, first slowly pulling her top over her head, then removing her bra before falling to her knees and pulling down her pants, taking off her shoes and then finally her panties.

With the last piece of her clothing removed Carla climbed up onto the bed and beckoned Elliot to, "Come and join me. I want you to worship my body."

Elliot eagerly complied, crawling up the superior woman's body and gently kissing her before sliding her lips down her neck and to her tits.

Remembering her training Elliot slid her tongue over Carla's right nipple before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, repeating the process for the other nipple and then going back and forth between them, Elliot using her hands to massage the soft flesh around Carla's nipples so she could maximise the other woman's pleasure.

The blonde's training told her to continue worshipping whichever area of her owner's body until she was told otherwise so she continued licking and sucking Carla's nipples for a very long time until she felt a little pressure on the back of her head at which point Elliot quickly kissed her way down the superior woman's flat stomach until she was face to face with her friend's womanhood.

Seeing Jordan's pussy up close never failed to make Elliot's mouth water and being up close with Carla's pussy was no different. Well, it was no different in the sense that Elliot's mouth watered, although for the first time since the day she was broken and turned into Jordan's sex slave Elliot found herself wondering if she was going to like what she was about to taste. Cocks had all pretty much tasted the same and Elliot had been told it was the same for pussies, but she still couldn't help being a tiny little bit apprehensive as she leaned forward and stuck out her tongue.

From the first lick it became apparent Elliot had worried over nothing. Carla was delicious. Slightly different to Jordan but just as yummy, Elliot eagerly beginning to lap away at her friend's juicy love hole in no time at all.

As she slid her tongue over Carla's pussy lips Elliot continuously glanced upwards, waiting to see if Carla would tell her what to do next. Sometimes Jordan allowed Elliot to surprise her but mostly she told her what to do and how to do it. Since Elliot loved being told what to do and she was nothing but Jordan's humble servant the blonde doctor of course had no problems obeying Jordan's every little whim, however at the same time Elliot loved the chance to go as slow as she wanted to know the savour the taste of pussy and she was excited that it seemed Carla was giving her the same opportunity.

When she was fairly certain Carla was allowing her to go at her own pace Elliot began sliding her tongue around Carla's pussy lips as well as sliding up and down them as she had been doing before. Quickly after that Elliot began randomly pushing her tongue firmly against Carla's love hole, using it softly, before continuing the routine. After that addition Elliot also started giving a few brief flicks at Carla's clit.

This whole time Carla had been moaning like crazy, but when Elliot slid her tongue over her friend's clit she got the reaction she was really hoping for, that being Carla's fingers curling into her hair and pushing her head downwards into the wet pussy before her.

Elliot smiled at this reaction before she stuck out her tongue and thrust it as deep into Carla's pussy as it would go, the blonde deciding it was probably best to do this before the other woman started complaining.

That sweet tongue had been driving Carla so crazy with lust that she was seconds away from ordering Elliot to slide inside her pussy, but just as she was opening her mouth to do so Elliot's tongue finally entered her meaning instead of uttering anything coherent Carla just let out a long loud moan, the loudest of the night so far.

The next few moans weren't as loud but they were just as joyful, Carla's fingers tightening her grip in Elliot's hair as the blonde began thrusting in and out of the brunette, tongue fucking her so wonderfully as Elliot's mouth closed around Carla's pussy lips, the young doctor adding gentle sucking to the equation.

As Elliot got down to some serious rug munching Carla wondered why she had allowed herself to go for so long without feeling another woman's mouth and tongue worshipping her pussy.

The answer to that simply she had been so busy being with her boyfriend Turk that she hadn't had time to pursue women herself, or even get a moment with Jordan's already enslaved pets. Being with Turk was great and he could always get the job done when it counted but he was a lousy pussy eater. It wasn't his fault, he was a guy and in Carla's experience that meant they just couldn't compete with the soft and knowing mouths and tongues that belong to other women.

With Turk or any other guy Carla practically had to describe a roadmap, but with a nice submissive little cunt lapper like Elliot all Carla needed to do was spread her legs and let the little pussy licker do what it seemed she was born to do.

Carla knew Jordan like to give her slaves instructions regardless but for Carla not having to give instructions were a nice change of pace so she normally didn't. Encouragements were a different story.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it little white maid, lick my pussy. You lick pussy so good, mmmmmmm, oh yes, that's it, right there, ooooooohhhhhhh fuck yes lick me you hot little bitch. Work that fucking tongue." Carla moaned, stroking Elliot's hair affectionately as the other woman continued to do a fantastic job at tonguing her twat, "Ohhhhhhh, and to think I was actually thinking of firing you. Thank God we discovered your real talent before I did anything so rash. Mmmmmmm, yes, oh, you, oh, you might be a second rate house cleaner but, oh, you're a first rate cunt lapper. Oooooohhhhh, mmmmmmm, yes, we found your real talent, and trust me, we're going to put it to good use. From now on your main duty when ever you come here will be to clean out my pussy with your tongue. Mmmmmmmm, you're going to make sure it's nice and clean. And I'm sure there are other... duties we can find for you to suit your, special talents. And if I have to hire a second made to do the rest of the cleaning properly, well, from the way your working that tongue in and out of my pussy it might just be worth it."

Elliot loved the sound of all that. Of course Jordan had made it very clear she was going to be sexually satisfying whoever she had been sold too in any way they wanted, but the idea of Carla paying Jordan money so that Elliot would come back again and again as her white maid and clean out her delicious pussy for her over and over again seemed wonderful.

It had been so obvious from the very first day they met that Carla was superior to Elliot. Carla was a real woman. She commanded respect and could easily take control of any situation. In comparison Elliot was nothing, a pathetic little submissive slut who should be used by people like Carla for pleasure.

Even though she loved being Jordan's slave Elliot found herself wishing Carla had put her in her place from day one. She wished Carla had refused to put up with the attitude Elliot had tried to use at first to get ahead in Sacred Heart, wished Carla had bitch slapped her, spanked her into submission and forced Elliot down onto her knees to worship her pussy.

The thought of Carla making Elliot her bitch from day one combined with the arousal caused by Carla continuing to tell her what a good little pussy pleaser she was and how much fun they were going to have to make Elliot stop trying to please Carla and start trying to make her cum.

Her training told Elliot she should wait until her mistress tells her that she may have the privilege of making a superior woman cum but Carla was clearly a different type of mistress so hopefully she wouldn't get mad.

Carla's reaction was exactly the opposite. She loved that Elliot started speeding up the thrusts of her tongue so soon and without permission. Most of Jordan's previously broken pets had taken much longer to try this, although in this case and the case of the few that had Carla couldn't help wonder if it was out of bravery or horniness.

Regardless of the reason the increasingly harder tongue fucking was bringing Carla closer and closer to orgasm, nearly every thrust of that soft little tongue making Carla moan until the Latina nurse gave up on encouraging her 'white maid' and just cried out in pleasure.

In an attempt to seem powerful and in control Jordan always tried to keep her cries a pleasure to a minimum. Carla on the other hand didn't believe crying out in pleasure took away from the fact that she was the one in control here and saw her cries of pleasure as equally encouraging to Elliot as her words had been, and if Elliot's reactions were anything to go by Carla was right.

When Carla stopped giving Elliot encouragements altogether the blonde began twirling her tongue around inside the brunette's juice filled fuck hole, her twirling tongue attacking the most sensitive part of Carla's cunt seemingly all at the same time. It got even better as Elliot moved her tongue up, down and side to side as she jack-hammered it in and out of Carla's pussy, still twirling it the whole time so she was stimulating certain spots more than others at any given time but touching them all so quickly that those spots seem to hum with pleasure.

Just when it didn't seem like it could get any better Elliot concentrated her tongue on Carla's sweetest spot inside her fuck passage, her G-spot, Carla nearly cumming the second the attack began.


Carla's words melted into a cry of ecstasy as she came hard all over Elliot's face, most of it ending up in the little cum guzzler's mouth which was still firmly sealed around Carla's cunt but there was so much of it it flooded out of Elliot's mouth and covered her pretty face and even went into her hair. Of course Carla was too busy basking in her orgasm to care while Elliot loved being covered in another woman's cum as she struggled to swallow as much of it as she could.

Jordan usually punished Elliot for wasting a drop of her cum but even after all her training Elliot couldn't always swallow it all and had grown to love the feeling of girl cum on her face almost as much as she loved feeling it slide down her throat and into her stomach, whatever punishment her mistress could dish out worth it for an experience like this.

It was a experience Elliot often found herself craving, and as Carla's climax died down Elliot found herself craving even more. She had removed her tongue from Carla so she could concentrate on swallowing the superior woman's sweet gift to her, but now there was no more gift to swallow Elliot thrust her tongue all the way back inside the brunette, twirling around inside her from the get go in an attempt to make Carla cum as quickly as possible.

Carla really loved the idea of cumming again so soon after such a wonderful orgasm, and her pussy was more than ready for it, but she could easily see herself lying there until Elliot had sucked every drop of cum and energy from her body and she was eager to do something she had secretly wanted to do since she first met Elliot Reid, that being to fuck her brains out.

So Carla tugged firmly on Elliot's hair, the blonde quickly getting the message and crawling up the sexy Latina's body until they were face to face again.

"Mmmmmm, that was fantastic." Carla beamed, kissing Elliot passionately.

"Thank you Ms Espinosa." Is Elliot's muffled reply as she kisses back, parting her lips to accept Carla's tongue inside her mouth where she could massage it with her own.

As the kiss grew deeper Carla brought her hands up to massage Elliot's tits, pulling them out of the maid uniform before cupping the pert round balls of flesh and then tweaking her already rock hard nipples. Elliot moaned at the contact and after a few brief seconds of thinking about it slid her hands upwards to try and do the same to Carla. The blonde had been in this situation before with her mistress, unsure if the other woman wanted her to return the favour or lay back and let her superior have total control. In this case it turned out to be the latter, Carla gently slapping Elliot's hands away before returning to the task of massaging Elliot's breasts, the doctor assuming this meant the nurse wanted total control of the situation.

It was partly about total control but for Carla it was also about concentrating on Elliot's pleasure. Her friend had done such a good job of worshipping her body Carla thought it was only fair that she returned the favour, and not just returning the favour while receiving pleasure herself but making sure the pleasure was all Elliot's. Well, Carla was inevitably going to find pleasure in what she intended to do but Elliot would still definitely get the best of it.

With this in mind Carla slid one of her hands down to between Elliot's legs, happy although not surprised to find that the other woman was dripping wet down there.

"Mmmmmm, you're so wet. What could have gotten you so wet?" Carla teased huskily, as she pushed her soaking panties out of the way and beginning to slide a couple of fingers up and down Elliot's pussy lips, "Was it eating my pussy? Did you get off on eating my pussy like some dirty little dyke? Did you? Are you a horny little queer? A pussy whore? Or was it the spanking that drove you so wild? Did you practically cream yourself from being punished? You like being put over another woman's knee to get your tight little butt spanked? Or are you such a little slut that cleaning my freaking apartment turned you on? Answer me?"

"Yes, oh, yes I'm a dirty little dyke, mmmmmm, I loved eating your pussy because I'm a horny little queer, ooooohhhhhh, a pussy whore. Mmmmmm I loved getting my butt spanked too, and I'm such a little slut that even cleaning your apartment turned me on." Elliot admitted in between moans and groans as Carla played with her pussy.

"That's what I thought." Carla said, pressing a finger against the entrance to Elliot's horny honey hole, "I bet you want me to fuck you now don't you you horny little slut. I bet you want me to slide my fingers deep inside your slutty little fuck hole and use you like the cheap little whore you are!"

"Yes Ms Espinosa, please, ooooohhhhh, please fuck me. Fuck me like the cheap little whore I am. Ohhhhh, you bought me, now please use me. Use your whore. Use your little white whore maid. Aaaahhhhh, please Ms Espinosa, slide your beautiful fingers into your slutty white maid and fuck her like the cheap whore she is."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Carla said, shoving two fingers inside Elliot in one quick motion.

After everything that had happened Elliot's fuck passage was slick with her juices allowing the fingers to slide inside her with ease, the blonde crying out in pleasure as she was swiftly penetrated.

Without a moment's hesitation Carla began sliding her fingers in and out of Elliot's cunt, fucking her friend at a slow but steady pace. This had Elliot moaning loudly, the blonde only pausing as Carla briefly pressed her lips to hers before moving to her neck. The brunette covered the blonde's neck in soft kisses as she continued to softly finger fuck her, every so often doing something to get an extra loud moan from her friend, like nibbling on her neck or curling her fingers inside her.

Carla didn't stay kissing Elliot's neck for that long, spending twice as much time on her friend's breasts which she moved to after her neck, giving them virtually the same treatment only with even more nibbling, the sexy Latina concentrating on the white girl's hard little nipples.

As she licked, sucked and nibbled on Elliot's hard little teats Carla began to pick up the pace of the finger fucking, slamming her digits in and out of the blonde's very welcoming hole, making her pet for the night squirm underneath her.

Like the many other times she had been in this situation before Elliot was grasping frantically to the bed sheets, desperately trying to stay still and take it like a good girl just as she had been trained to do, but like all those other times she was finding it increasingly difficult to convince her body to behave.

Finally Elliot lost the battle, a particularly hard curl of Carla's fingers against her G-spot forcing her hips thrust to upwards into the contact, increasing her pleasure but disobeying her training in the process.

Immediately hating herself for her weakness Elliot hoped that Carla would give her the punishment she deserved, either by stopping the pleasurable finger fucking and spanking her stupid slave ass black and blue or letting her know an even worse punishment was coming there by ensuring Elliot would obsessed over what was going to happen to her for hours and maybe even days or weeks. It's what Jordan would have done if she were here. However Carla was not Jordan and to Elliot's disappointment rather than a punishment or a promise of a future punishment Carla just smiled at her for her disobedience.

The reason Carla just smiled at Elliot was because she found her reaction endearing. There was something very cute and erotic about the way a woman would thrust back at her and Carla was glad that Jordan had been unable to totally train it out of Elliot.

So rather than even consider punishing the blonde Carla set about rewarding her with an even harder finger fucking, slamming her fingers in and out of her friend as hard as she could, curling her fingers against the other girl's G-spot on every thrust and even beginning to brush her thumb over her clit.

As a result of this Elliot was unable to stop herself from thrusting back against Carla's invading fingers, which made Carla grin around the nipple she was currently sucking in her mouth while Elliot whimpered as she felt herself being brought to the edge of orgasm.

For most people being brought to the edge of an orgasm was a good thing but Elliot knew she didn't deserve to cum, which brought her to an odd crossroads. If Carla allowed her to cum Elliot's submissive side would be disappointed because after disobeying her training she should be punished, not rewarded, but in her current state she couldn't pass up an orgasm if it was offered to her. This oddly left Elliot feeling like whatever happened next she would both win and lose. Of course what happened next was not her choice, it was the choice of the superior woman.

There was only one thing Elliot should be doing in this situation, and when the time was right the well-trained slave obediently begged, "Please Ms Espinosa, let me cum. Oh, I, oh, I know I'm a stupid, disobedient whore who doesn't deserve it but please, let me cum. Ooooohhhhh God. Please let your whore cum."

Lifting her head from Elliot's breasts Carla looked down at her friend for a few moments, her face crunched up as if she was thinking about it when in truth the Latina nurse was just letting the blonde doctor squirm on the edge of climax for a few seconds before she inevitably smiled and nodded.

"Yes. You may cum. I give my whore maid permission to cum." Carla said.

Although part of her still believe she didn't deserve such a privilege Elliot allowed herself to go crashing over that edge she had been fighting not to go over, her body shaking and a loud scream erupting from her mouth as her orgasm washed over her. As her eyes rolled in the back of her head her fingers clamped down heavily on Carla's fingers as if she was trying to imprison them inside her, but there is clearly skilled fingers barely even slow down in their mission to keep Elliot on her high for as long as possible. For a moment Elliot thought Carla would bring her to an even more undeserved second orgasm but to both her relief and disappointment when her climax inevitably began dying down the finger thrusts start to slow until they were at a stop at which point Carla pulled them from her and brought them up to her lips.

"Mmmmmmmm." Carla moaned as she she made a show of sucking Elliot's cum and pussy juice from her fingers, "Delicious. Now, to taste you from the source..."

With that Carla leaned forward and kissed down Elliot's flat stomach until she reached the blonde's still soaking centre which seemed to be pulsating in anticipation of Carla's lips and tongue.

Once she reached her destination Carla quickly pulled Elliot's panties completely off of her before bringing her face back in between the blonde's legs at which point she took a few moments to deeply inhale the scent of her friend's juicy love hole.

When Elliot Reid had first arrived at Sacred Heart Carla had imagined doing many things to the blonde. This wasn't one of them.

She had imagined spanking her into submission, using a strap on to fuck her pussy and her no doubt at the time virgin ass so hard the blonde would blush every time their paths crossed, and a whole bunch of other far more painful and far less sexy things, but it wasn't until later as she began to see the softer side of Elliot Reid that Carla wanted to lick her pussy. One minute she had thought Elliot was nothing but a selfish bitch, then she had seen the vulnerable girl underneath the facade and not only had her opinion of her softened but she suddenly felt the urge not just to take this girl and fuck her hard but also to take her gently, which was exactly what Carla now intended to do.

Slowly Carla slid her tongue out and pressed it against the bottom of Elliot's pussy before slowly dragging it upwards in a slow, long licking motion, Carla really savouring the first lick. She caught a lot of juices on that first lick, Carla immediately loving the taste as she knew she would.

Carla might not have spent hours dreaming about licking Elliot's pussy at first, and even when she started to really get to know the other woman there were a lot of other things she had fantasized about doing to her more frequently, but every time she had thought about going down on the blonde she had imagined she would be sweet and she had been right.

Elliot was delicious, far sweeter from the source than she had been on her fingers with the added bonus that now she really got to savour the taste.

Of course there was still a little left over cum from the finger fucking which only made the first few licks better for Carla. The downside was that left over cum was soon all gone, licked up and swallowed by Carla's searching mouth and tongue. The upside was that Carla got even more motivation to give the blonde the best cunt lapping she was capable of giving, although this was more of an upside for Elliot as Carla didn't need much motivating.

Regardless Elliot welcomed the harder and quicker swipes of Carla's tongue, the young doctor letting out long moan after long moan as the nurse slid her tongue up, down and around her pussy lips, occasionally even flicking her clit.

Although no one would have ever guest it Jordan could be a soft, gentle lover if it meant she could torture one of her playthings in the process.

It was by no means a regular occurrence but there had been times where Elliot found herself on her back, normally after a hard butt and/or back whipping, with Jordan between her legs softly licking her out like this for hours. On paper it seemed wonderful, but being brought to the edge of climax like this only to be denied time and time again could be just as punishing as any whip, crop or paddle. Unfortunately Jordan loved it, so much in fact she often denied Elliot climax, albeit normally not for hours, just so she could frustrate her slave and make her whimper. Of course as long as her suffering brought a superior woman like Jordan Sullivan pleasure then Elliot would happily suffer whatever agony was forced upon her.

Just as Elliot was wondering just how long she would be teased like this Carla suddenly shoved her tongue inside her which totally caught her off-guard, which was kind of the point. Well, actually it was more of a bonus.

In truth as much as she was enjoying this little rug munching session Carla was eager to bury a strap on dildo inside Elliot, something she really had fantasized about doing since the day she met the blonde, and if she was going to do that she couldn't really spend hours going down on the other woman. Besides, she was more in the mood to tongue fuck than to lick anyway.

The extra loud cry she got from Elliot only made it better, as did the following cries as Carla began to thrust her tongue in and out of the blonde doctor's twat at a steady pace, quickly speeding up until she was pounding her pussy with her tongue.

As she got down to some serious tongue fucking Carla actually couldn't help feel a bit remorseful about how quickly things had escalated. She hadn't gone down on another woman for quite some time now, over a year in fact. Wow, she hadn't realised it had been that long. She should really be trying to savour this more, but on the other hand she didn't want to suddenly slow down, so she compromised, reaching a certain level of speedy tongue fucking but not doing anything which would give Elliot that one more little push she needed to go over the edge.

Despite being so close to cumming Elliot was more preoccupied in marvelling at just how good a muff diver her friend was.

Up until now Jordan was by far the greatest lover Elliot had ever had, but not even her goddess of a mistress had brought her to the edge of climax so quickly. At least, she didn't think so. Her mistress had fucked her a lot over the past six blissful months, and while there were a few occasions Jordan brought her to orgasm quickly none of them were quite this quick.

Of course quick didn't necessarily mean better, and while the quickness that Carla's skilled tongue was able to bring her to the edge was impressive Elliot couldn't help but miss the slow build up. And the dirty talk. Where was the dirty talk? Jordan would normally make Elliot beg her for a tongue fucking, and considering this was something Elliot didn't even deserve the least Carla should do was verbally humiliate her.

At least Elliot could take comfort in the fact that she would be verbally humiliated before she was given permission to cum. Or at least she hoped she would be.

Just when Elliot was beginning to worry that Carla had forgotten she needed to give her permission to cum the brunette lifted her cunt cream covered face from between the blonde's legs, before she shoved two fingers inside the young doctor just to make sure she didn't come down from her high as they spoke.

"Does my white maid want to cum again?" Carla asked.

"Oh yes, yes please Ms Espinosa. I want to cum. Please let me cum. Please let your white maid cum." Elliot pleaded.

"Then beg me. Beg me for the privilege of cumming." Carla commanded.

"Please Ms Espinosa, please, please, please let me cum. I beg you, let me cum. Let your white maid cum. I need it so bad, please Ms Espinosa, fuck me and make me cum. Fuck my slutty little queer hole. Make me cream in your mouth like the dirty little dyke I am. Please, please I know I don't deserve it, I know I'm just a pathetic little whore, but please, please let me cum. Please give your white maid the privilege of cumming Ms Espinosa, please give your unworthy white maid the privilege of cumming for you." Elliot begged shamelessly.

"Ok, I give you permission. Cum for me my white maid. Cum for me!" Carla ordered, immediately pulling her fingers out of Elliot's pussy and shoving her tongue back inside in the nick of time.

Once Carla had given her permission Elliot practically creamed on the spot, her body shaking and her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she let out a long scream and came in Carla's mouth as it glued itself back onto her womanhood.

Having always loved the taste of cum, especially that of a woman's, Carla eagerly swallowed as much of the escaping juice as possible. There was so much that some inevitably escaped to join the pussy juice drenching Carla's face, but the brunette nurse got the majority of the divine liquid.

As Elliot's orgasm drew to a close Carla considered stopping. After all she had only allowed Elliot to give her one orgasm orally and she didn't want to exhaust the blonde already, not before she got a chance to give her a good hard dildo fucking, but Carla found herself with the sudden urge to outdo Jordan, and in this she knew she could. Jordan didn't like to give her slaves too much head as she saw it as a privilege. Carla adored going down on her lovers, so she decided to do a thorough job at something she loved. Besides, while Elliot needed to do next was lying on her back and count the ceiling tiles as Carla fucked her.

Carla made her decision just as Elliot was on the verge of coming down from her high, the nurse timing it perfectly so that a moment before the doctor finished cumming she thrust her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, twirling it up to attack her G-spot so hard Elliot had no choice but to cum again.

Crashing over the urge a second time Elliot briefly wondered if it was ok to do so. Jordan liked to make Elliot multi climax a lot and had made it crystal clear she didn't want Elliot constantly asking her permission when she was trying to enjoy fucking her through her orgasms. With Jordan once Elliot had permission she could cum as much as she wanted, at least until they changed to some other type of sex act, but that didn't mean she shouldn't have at least tried to ask Carla's permission again. In her defence of the orgasm had been sudden, as were the ones that followed, Elliot quickly giving up on the idea of asking Carla permission again as she didn't think she was capable of saying anything coherent after her third orgasm.

Although she didn't keep count Carla was confident that she squeezed more orgasms out Elliot than that bitch the blonde called a mistress ever had from tongue fucking, Carla swallowing climax after climax until she was sure if she continued Elliot's pussy would be too sore to fuck, at which point she slowly brought the young doctor down from her latest climax before kissing her way slowly up her friend's body until they were face to face at which point she smiled at her softly and then captured her lips with her own for a brief but gentle kiss.

"Did you enjoy that my white maid?" Carla asked once she broke her lips from the blonde's.

"Mmmmmmm, yes Ms Espinosa, very much." Elliot moaned.

"I'm glad." Carla said, briefly kissing Elliot again, "Now, I want you to go over to the bedside drawer over there and bring me what you find inside."

With a brief smile Elliot happily got up, walked over to the bedside drawer, opened it and took out exactly what she had been expecting to find there, the sight of it making her eyes light up.

The strap on dildo was easily just as big as the one her mistress used to pound her pussy and ass nightly, a fact which had a small smile cross the blonde's face before she walked over to where Carla was now standing and fell to her knees before her, holding out the harness for her owner for the night to step into. Wordlessly Carla did so, Elliot pulling it up the nurse's legs and tightening the straps around her waist before taking the shaft in her hand and beginning to stroke it as if it was real.

"May I please suck your cock Ms Espinosa?" Elliot asked, timidly looking up at the dominant woman.

"You may." Carla said with a grin as she stared down at the blonde.

Having got the permission she needed Elliot opened her mouth and took the head of the toy cock inside, closing her lips tightly around it and beginning to suck.

Elliot suckled on the head for a little while, waiting to see if Carla gave her further instructions. As with pussy eating Jordan loved telling Elliot exactly how to suck her cock, but sometimes her mistress just let her go at her own pace. At first she had done this to see how well the training was going, now her mistress mostly did it when she couldn't be bothered to tell her what to do or when she just felt like watching a show. Looking up into Carla's eyes Elliot could only assume Carla wanted her to go at her own pace so she could see how well she had been trained to suck cock, and if that assumption was right Elliot had no problem showing her temporary owner just how good a cock sucker she could be.

Taking the head out of her mouth Elliot slid her tongue up and down the shaft, taking the fake balls into her mouth for a brief sucking before moving back up to the head and taking it to the back of her throat. Elliot repeated this process only this time when she swallowed the head of the cock she relaxed her throat muscles so a few inches slid down her windpipe. She did this again and again, each time taking an extra inch down her gullet until she was deep throating every inch of the dildo.

Once she was deep throating the strap on Elliot began concentrating on bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, switching in between slowly swallowing every inch to quickly bobbing up and down on only a few inches, the whole time allowing her mouth to salivate heavily so the entire cock was covered in a thick coating of her saliva.

Every so often Elliot would look up for some sign she was pleasing her temporary mistress, happily rewarded each time by Carla smiling down at her.

Elliot's cock sucking skills came as no great surprise to Carla. Jordan didn't tolerate a lousy cock sucker in the same way she didn't tolerate a lousy pussy licker.

It was a well known fact even amongst the members of Sacred Heart who had never been permitted to use one of Jordan's sex slaves that Jordan made sure her female sex slaves knew how to please both men and women as its seemingly amused Jordan greatly to turn another woman into her eager whore, happy to fuck whoever she wanted.

Teaching a slave how to eat pussy was obviously easier for Jordan than teaching them how to suck cock but she made do with her toys before forcing her little whores to practice on whichever men crossed their paths, whether that would be mailmen, tramps, or even just passing strangers.

As she watched Elliot suck on her strap on with all the skill and confidence of a professional hooker Carla wondered if Jordan had put Elliot through that yet, and if so how many random cocks had the young blonde sucked.

Jordan had promised Carla she would get to be Elliot's first buyer, but that didn't mean Jordan hadn't forced Elliot to have sex with dozens of men and women already.

Deciding wondering just how many men and women had used Elliot already was a waste of her time Carla pulled herself out of her thoughts and gently tugged on Elliot's hair, encouraging the blonde to stop and look up at her.

"Your Mistress obviously taught you how to be a good cock sucker as well as a pussy eater, but as good as that was I'm eager to fuck you so take that cock out of your mouth, get on the bed and spread your legs for me." Carla instructed.

Quickly Elliot let the strap on fall from her mouth before crawling up onto the bed, getting onto her back and spreading her legs eagerly.

Carla smiled as she got on the bed and crawled up until she was kneeling in between Elliot's spread legs, her strap on dangling inches away from the blonde's wet love hole.

Gripping onto the toy Carla pressed the head of it against Elliot's main entrance and grinned down at her, "Beg for it."

"Please Ms Espinosa, fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock. I need it so bad. Please fuck me Ms Espinosa. Fuck your white employee. My... my parents used to hire lots of Latina maids and they would just die if they saw me now, your little white maid, on my back with my legs spread for you, waiting to be fucked. Please Ms Espinosa, my Latina employer, slide your cock deep into your little white maid and fuck her." Elliot begged before gasping as she was penetrated.

Whether it was because of the saliva coating the cock or the wetness of Elliot's hole or the fact that the blonde's pussy had spent months getting roughly pounded and stretched out at least once a day by a dildo equal to the size and girth of the one currently sliding into her or a combination of all three Elliot wasn't sure but in what felt like no time at all Carla was able to slide all the way inside her.

"How does that feel my little white maid?" Carla asked.

"Wonderful Ms Espinosa. Your cock feels wonderful inside me. Your cock feels wonderful inside your white employee. Please fuck your white employee Ms Espinosa. Show your slutty little white maid what a whore she is." Elliot pleaded.

"Oh don't worry little white maid, you are about to get fucked, but first I want you to wrap your legs around me. I just love feeling a submissive woman's legs wrapped around me as I fuck her." Carla said, smiling as Elliot did as she was told, "Good little maid."

With that Carla slowly pulled out of Elliot's pussy, the blonde groaning softly as inch after inch was removed from her until half of the dildo was out at which point the brunette slowly pushed every inch back inside the other woman and then repeated the process, Carla beginning to fuck Elliot at a steady pace.

Jordan could be mean, cruel and downright vindictive at times but she never, ever fucked Elliot too hard too soon, instead always giving her unworthy slave plenty of time to relax before the rough fucking began. It was one of the few times Jordan showed her softer side, proving she wasn't the 100% bitch that some, including originally Elliot, thought she was.

Elliot was happy Carla was the same way, although to be fair she never expected her to be anything but gentle with her at first.

They might not have always got a long but Elliot had quickly realised how caring Carla truly was, how she would look after the interns, and really everybody else, and make sure they were alright. During her first year at Sacred Heart Carla had been there for Elliot even when they were fighting, and in a bizarre way Carla seemed just as caring and sweet now as she always had been. Although while it was clear Carla was mostly going slow for Elliot's benefit it was also clear that the sexy Latina nurse was enjoying having her way with the rich white doctor, a fact evident from the triumphant look on her face.

There was an extra twinkle in Carla's eyes every time Elliot moaned for her, so much so Elliot considered adding a few more but decided against it. Her mistress had not been pleased when she had discovered Elliot had been trying that sort of thing to make her happy and had punished her severely for it. Elliot had no desire to displease Carla in the same way, and besides, it wasn't like Carla needed much help in making her moan.

Carla, like many others, loved to hear her partner moan for her. It was one of her biggest turn ons, and while Elliot had been making all sorts of very, very sexy noises all night the difference was now she got to see them directly come out of the blonde's mouth, accompanied by adorable little expressions of pleasure on her face.

This was another thing Carla always loved during sex as to see the pleasure she was causing her partner to manifest on their face was both hypnotic and addictive. Carla craved being able to watch something like this during sex as it always felt like something special to her. She got a similar result from riding a man's cock or allowing him to take her, but there was an little bit of extra power Carla felt from being able to slide into another woman and make their faces twist in pleasure as they moaned for her.

It had been far too long since Carla had fucked another woman in this way and she intended to take her time enjoying it.

With this thought in mind even after she was sure Elliot was nice and stretched out Carla continued the slow, gentle fucking, savouring each and every part of it, especially the increasing cries of frustration from the blonde.

For a while Carla tried to get Elliot to beg her for a harder fucking but it didn't surprise her that no matter how long she slowly fucked the blonde for that she continued to stay silent. It was becoming increasingly clear that Jordan had trained Elliot well and Carla had no desire to test the young doctor's limits by continuing to tease her, but before she would give her the harder fucking Elliot was now obviously craving she wanted to hear her beg for it, and if she couldn't make her do it without being asked too then there was only one thing left to do.

"You like that Elliot? You like the way I'm fucking you? You like the way your employer is fucking you?" Carla asked.

"Yes Ms Espinosa, I love it. I love the way that you, my employer, fucks me." Elliot quickly replied.

"Mmmmmm... would you like me to fuck you hard and make you cum?" Carla inquired.

"Oh God yes, I'd love that Ms Espinosa." Elliot said happily.

"Well then you're going to have to do something for me." Carla told her whore for the night.

"Anything. I swear I'll do anything for you Ms Espinosa." Elliot promised.

"Ok then, first, I want you to beg me to fuck you as hard as I can. Beg for me to fuck you like the little whore you are." Carla ordered.

"Oh please Ms Espinosa, fuck me! Fuck me like a little whore! Fuck me like the little whore I am Ms Espinosa! I'm your whore Ms Espinosa, your slutty little white maid whore! Pound my whore pussy with your big beautiful strap on cock! Pound me hard! Pound fuck my pussy as hard as you can. Make me cream on your cock. Please Ms Espinosa, please fuck me hard, fuck me as hard as you can and make me cum!" Elliot begged shamelessly.

"That was wonderful my little white maid." Carla beamed, "Now I just want you to do one more thing for me and then I'll start fucking you hard ok? You see I just love to feel a submissive woman's legs wrapped around me while I fuck her, but when I'm pounding her little pussy I like her legs on my shoulders so I can pound her deep. So why don't you put those pretty little legs of yours on my shoulders so I can pound you nice and deep?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa. Anything you want." Elliot said, obediently lifting her legs up and placing them on Carla's shoulders.

To the blonde's delight after grinning at her obedience Carla leaned down, pushing Elliot's legs back to the point where she was practically bent in half.

Her mistress had done this to her many times and Elliot knew just how deep her owner could get when she pounded her this way.

This time was no exception, Elliot crying out in pure ecstasy as Carla began thrusting harder and faster, her strap on cock diving deeper inside than ever before to the point where it felt like it was knocking at the door to her womb.

Before her enslavement Elliot had been with a few men but not many of them had been very well endowed and as a result the size of the dildos Jordan like to use on her had taken a lot of getting used too. An extra shiver of pleasure ran through Elliot's body as she remembered how she had been stretched out, her eyes closing as she remembers the exquisite pleasure of her mistress pounding her holes until they were lose and slutty.

For the briefest of moments Elliot even imagined it was her mistress who was fucking her now, a thought she immediately felt guilty about considering how good Carla was fucking her.

Elliot worried Carla had somehow read her mind as her eyes were forced open and she cried out at an extra hard thrust, her now opened eyes catching the glare of her owner for the night who did not look pleased.

While Carla was no mind reader she simply preferred that her sexual partners keep their eyes open while in this position, although that was only part of the reason for her hard thrust. The other part was that she didn't like the faraway look in Elliot's eyes as it looked like the blonde was thinking about something else, or possibly someone else, rather than concentrating on the pleasure Carla was giving her. Of course there was no way Carla could be sure of that and she had no intention of punishing Elliot for a crime she didn't know whether or not she committed, she simply made sure she got the blonde's attention and redouble her efforts in fucking her.

Jordan had told Carla in detail how she had stretched Elliot out and while Carla wasn't sure how wise it was to call the uber bitch a liar to her face she did have to wonder how much Jordan had actually stretched Elliot out given how tight the blonde was.

On reflection Carla realised Jordan was probably telling the truth and it was simply a matter that even after months of being Jordan's slave Elliot's pussy was still this tight because of years and years of repression and neglect. Simply put Elliot hadn't been getting much action, not nearly enough considering how fuck-able she was. While it was good Jordan was taking steps to change that Carla was now very, very interested in helping Elliot get more action, and she was now determined to do whatever it took to ensure that.

For now though Carla decided she should focus on making both herself and Elliot cum, or at least she would in just a second.

First, "So, you said your family used to hire a lot of Latina maids?"

"Huh." Elliot grunted, the casual sounding question catching her by surprise, "Y, yes."

"Mm, and what do you think they would think of you if they could see you now? What would those stuck up parents of yours think if you now if they saw you on your back getting fucked by a Latina woman? What would they think if they knew you were the white maid to a Latina woman, a nurse in the hospital you work in no less, and that not only have you put on a pretty little maid's uniform to clean the house of a Latina woman but will be coming back to do it on a regular basis, along with your other duties? What if they found out you had become a whore? What if they found out you had become a whore who loves being bought by a Latina woman and used as a lesbian plaything? Answer me whore? What would they do?" Carla demanded to know.

"They... they... they, they would just die. They would just die of embarrassment." Elliot whimpered, on the verge of tears, "They're already so disappointed in me for not finding a man yet, but if they knew what I had become... oh..."

"Close your eyes. Close your eyes and imagine your bigot parents watching you getting fucked by me." Carla interrupted, waiting until Elliot had done so to say, "Cum for me. I give you permission... no, I order you to cum for me!"

Carla put a explanation point on her command by powering into Elliot's pussy so hard it didn't really give the young doctor much of a choice but to cum, not that the submissive blonde would have disobeyed such an order even if she could.

Despite the image of her parents looking down at her in shock and horror Elliot had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. In fact the idea of her parents catching her in this position and learning the truth about what she had become actually made the orgasm even more intense for a reason Elliot didn't want to even try and analyse.

Luckily thanks to all the build up the orgasm was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, each climax just as intense as the one before it and each easily as good as any her mistress had given her, Elliot squealing with joy as her pussy was pounded to climax after climax leaving her a quivering mess of pleasure, the orgasms turning her mind to mush until happily she had no idea who she was imagining watching her, and then even more happily those faces disappeared as her whole world was dissolved into nothing but pleasure.

Thanks to the clit stimulator inside the strap on and the sheer pleasure of fucking another woman it wasn't long before Carla came too, her orgasm not as powerful as Elliot's but still almost powerful enough to make her stop fucking the blonde. Almost.

Carla knew Jordan like to fuck her slaves through multiple climaxes and there was no way she was going to let Elliot leave here thinking she was some kind of second rate Jordan. With that in mind Carla fucked the other woman for as long as she could, bringing them both many climaxes until her exhaustion took over, and with one final hard thrust she pulled out completely and fell down on her back next to the young doctor gasping for breath.

As she lay there recovering Carla wished she had been able to use her strap on's squirting device to fill Elliot with her cum but she had promised Jordan she wouldn't. Not marking the other woman's slaves was part of their ongoing agreement, an agreement Carla had no intention of breaking, even for the pleasure of marking Elliot. Of course it would be a hollow act, Elliot already had a owner, a cruel and vindictive owner, an owner the blonde seemed loyal too, at least if their earlier conversation was anything to go by.

"May... may I please have the honour of cleaning your beautiful cock of my nasty slut cum Ms Espinosa?" Elliot asked.

Carla smiled and without bothering to look at the blonde said, "You may."

Obediently Elliot tiredly crawled down to take the head of the dildo into her mouth, taking inch after inch of it down her throat until it was all buried down her gullet at which point she began bobbing her head on it, loudly sucking and slurping up her cum and pussy juices the entire time.

It wasn't long before Carla was lifting her head so she could watch the submissive blonde bob her head on her cock, cleaning it as she had no doubt been train to do.

Once her strength had returned to her Carla reached down and began to stroke Elliot's hair as she continued to suck her strap on, enjoying the show for a little while before telling the blonde, "Elliot, stick your butt in the air and spread your ass cheeks."

Understanding what was expected of her Elliot removed her mouth from the fake dick and presented her ass for the fucking she expected to come next. She suspected right.

After retrieving a bottle of edible anal lubricant from her bedside drawer Carla kneeled behind Elliot and licked her lips.

She had always thought Elliot had a delectable ass, and Carla knew she wasn't alone. In fact her own booty had been getting a few less looks since the blonde arrived, a fact which annoyed Carla a little, but it was hard to stay mad when she got plenty of chances to check out that butt herself, and now she wasn't just going to check it out, she was going to fuck it.

Opening the bottle Carla quickly covered her fingers in lube before spreading the liquid over Elliot's exposed puckered hole before pushing a finger inside it. Carla licked her lips at the exquisite tightness of Elliot's rectum walls clamping down on her finger, that tightness feeling even better as she added a second finger to go along with the first in preparing Elliot's pooper for penetration.

The whole time Carla was fingering Elliot's ass the blonde moaned and groaned in pleasure, encouraging the nurse to take her time in stretching the doctor's back passage out before removing her fingers and pressing the head of her strap on against Elliot's butt hole.

"Do you want to be butt fucked?" Carla asked, "Do you want to be fucked in the butt my little lesbian white maid?"

"Yes, please Ms Espinosa, butt fuck me, butt fuck your little lesbian white maid. Fuck your little lesbian white maid in the butt." Elliot cooed.

Carla briefly considered telling Elliot to beg to be butt fucked, but the blonde doctor had already done so without needing to be asked and Carla wanted to try and get her strap on dick into Elliot's ass before it completely tightened up again after the earlier fingering.

So taking a firm grip of her strap on cock Carla pressed the head of it against the easy bull's-eye presented to her thanks to Elliot's pricking her ass cheeks as wide as possible, that tight little ring of flesh began to stretch open slowly as she put pressure on it until finally the bulbous tip of her dildo slid past the force to expand ring into Elliot's ass.

The blonde let out a really cute gasp as she was anally penetrated, and a couple more cute gasps at random as Carla slowly began filling Elliot's back passage up with fake cock, the nurse always pausing after having a couple of inches and thus giving the young doctor plenty of time to relax and get used to the additional inches. Although this slow pace took several minutes to both the blonde and the brunette but only felt like seconds in between the original anal penetration and the moment Carla's thighs came to rest against Elliot's ass cheeks, the large dildo now completely buried in Elliot's butt.

"You like that? You like having my cock in your butt?" Carla asked in response to Elliot's moans.

"Mmmmm, yes Ms Espinosa, I like having your cock in my butt. It feels so good." Elliot moaned.

"Really..." Carla said, pretending to be surprised before adding, "Do you want me to fuck it?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa, please fuck me, fuck my butt. Fuck me in the butt. Butt fuck me. Pound my butt, use it to your pleasure. Please, I'm begging you, fuck my butt, fuck it hard and deep!" Elliot begged.

Again Elliot was begging without needing to be asked, something which might have displeased other tops, but Carla loved it and without waiting any longer she grabbed a tight hold of Elliot's hips and began slowly pulling out of the blonde's rectum, pulling almost all the way out before slowly sliding all the way back in.

Carla repeated this process again and again, settling into a routine of gently fucking Elliot up the ass with slow but steady thrusts.

After a while Carla began grinding her hips clockwise and anticlockwise, side to side, up and down, sometimes even in random directions and with varying different amounts of strap on cock inside Elliot's ass at any given time. The main reason for this was to stretch Elliot's shit pipe out until it was nice, loose and ready for some hard rectum wrecking thrusts. The other reason was to tease Elliot, stimulate her anal glands until she was desperate for a hard butt fucking.

Jordan had told Carla how much her little pet like getting her ass fucked hard once given the proper motivation and Carla had no problem giving Elliot that motivation. Giving Elliot motivation was fun.

As she continued to slowly give Elliot proper motivation Carla became hypnotised watching her strap on slid in and out, in and out, in and out of Elliot's rectum, loving the sight of that tight ring of pink flesh stretching obscenely around her dildo. It was a beautiful sight, one that showed Elliot's complete submission to her, the uptight blonde submitting her most forbidden hole for Carla's pleasure.

Searching for new ways to use that forbidden hole and get Elliot ready for the brutal butt busting to come Carla suddenly pulled all the way out, the brunette smiling triumphantly as the blonde's ass hole remained open, that gaping crater presented perfectly thanks to Elliot who was still obediently spreading her butt cheeks in submission.

Carla admired her handiwork for a few moments, waiting until Elliot's gaping ass hole finally started closing before pushing the strap on cock back inside the blonde's pooper, the still loosened back passage excepting every inch of that strap on dick far more easily than before but still providing a level of friction which most women enjoyed.

This process was repeated over and over again, Carla gaping Elliot's ass non-stop for a while before beginning to do it at random along with the slow thrusts into Elliot's bowels, the nurse sometimes grinding the dildo around inside the doctor's butt and giving the blonde's poop shoot the occasional hard thrust. Eventually Carla was back to slowly butt fucking Elliot while the grinding, hard thrusting, and the gaping became little things the Latina nurse did for both the blonde doctor's, and her own, pleasure.

While many other subs would have been going crazy under such treatment Elliot savoured every moment of it.

Elliot understood that Carla was slowly stretching out her ass, getting it ready to be fucked hard, and that made her heart flutter. She wouldn't have objected if Carla had decided to butt fuck her raw, no lube, no time to relax, just a violent pooper penetration followed by a savage shitter slamming, but instead Carla graciously opened up her back door for her.

Now Elliot was nice and relaxed, her butt hole ready for the pounding it was moments away from receiving, and yet the seemingly endless slow sodomy was ok, because it was what Carla wanted, what the dominant woman wanted, and that's all that mattered. Elliot was a pathetic little submissive slut. All that truly mattered to her was pleasing dominant women like Carla.

Besides, Elliot loved to be ass fucked like this as what ever was left of her old self reminded her how gross and humiliating this was, to take a cock up her pooper, a strap on cock which was around the waist of another woman, a nurse, another female who at work was technically beneath her but at this moment was showing her who's boss.

The gaping was the grossest and most humiliating thing about this whole process which made Elliot love it all the more.

Her ass was up in the air and she was spreading her cheeks so when Carla pulled that fake dick from out of her back passage Elliot's gaping butt hole was presented to the other woman, this nurse able to see deep into Elliot's bowels.

Soon Elliot was whimpering every time she felt cool air flooding into her backside and caressing the stretched walls of her anal passage as she had once again been left in such a humiliating position, and just when she didn't think it could get any better it did.

"Turn around little white whore, I want you to clean my beautiful cock of your skanky ass juices." Carla ordered.

Elliot quickly did as she was told, turning around and looking up at Carla with a mixture of desire and discussed of what she was being asked to do, before taking the head of the dildo which had just been in the deepest part of her ass into her mouth.

Even after performing this perverted act countless times before for her mistress part of Elliot was still grossed out by it and had to fight with herself for continuing to not only submit to it but love it. She was taking something which had just been up her butt into her mouth. Was there a more disgusting sex act? Part of Elliot didn't want to find out, but the part of her that moaned as she tightened her lips around the cock and began eagerly sucking on it hoped that she would suffer it as soon as possible. After all, there was no level a pathetic whore like herself wouldn't stoop to for the enjoyment of her betters.

Carla was impressed with the enthusiasm that Elliot sucked her fake prick, bobbing her head up and down on it, lower each time until the shaft slid down her throat so that she could take every last inch of it. Once Elliot had it all in her mouth she continued to bob up-and-down on it, sucking and slobbering noisily, giving it the best blow job possible.

The skill of the blow job wasn't what impressed Carla, it was the fact that Elliot was willing to give a blow job as thorough to something which had been so recently inside the blonde's butt. Once again it seemed Jordan had trained the prude out of Elliot or the blonde wasn't nearly as prudish as Carla had originally thought.

Carla expected it was most likely the former, but given just how lovingly Elliot was sucking on the ass flavoured cock Carla did wonder.

Regardless Carla watched in enjoyment as Elliot continued bobbing her head up and down, up and down, up and down on her dick, waiting for the doctor to give it a thorough cleaning before telling her, "Ok bitch, turn around and give me that ass again."

Without hesitation Elliot removed her mouth from the dildo, turned around, and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her still slightly gaping butt hole for her owner for the night.

Grinning at Elliot's submission Carla pressed the head of her strap on against the pretty target which was Elliot's ass hole and pushed inside it with minimal resistance. From there it was not difficult for Carla to get the rest of the dildo inside Elliot's shit pipe or to begin sodomising her again, although the blonde's back passage wasn't so loose that it wasn't pleasurable for the brunette. On the contrary, Elliot's ass hole seemed to have been loosened to the point where it wasn't too tight or too loose, it was just right. The perfect conditions for a hard butt fucking, but Carla wasn't ready to give Elliot a hard butt fucking, at least not right now. First she wanted to tease her a little more.

So Carla teased, fucking Elliot up the ass at a slow but steady pace, at random intervals giving her a hard thrust or two, or moving the dildo around inside the blonde's bowels, or gaping her butt hole, or even feeding her white maid her own back door juices. Carla did these things over, and over, and over again for what felt like hours, curious to see if she could in fact get Elliot to beg for her while the whole time believing she wouldn't. Elliot was too broken to beg without permission, a fact that both disappointed and excited the brunette. It was disappointing to see just how under Jordan's thumb the blonde had become, but at this stage despite herself Carla found Elliot's submission something of a turn on.

Elliot's submissive attitude made it increasingly difficult for Carla to keep up the slow anal fucking, but Carla had more willpower than almost anyone else in Sacred Heart, so much willpower in fact she was able to keep fucking Elliot's ass to not only the point both women were desperate to move on to some hard butt sex but Elliot was almost ready to break and beg for what she felt she now so desperately needed despite her training. Luckily Carla saved her from having to do so.

"Mmmmmm, you like that little whore? You like my cock in your ass?" Carla asked huskily.

"Yes Ms Espinosa, I love your cock in my ass. I love your cock in my whore ass!" Elliot moaned.

"Yeah, I can tell. I can tell how much you love my cock in your ass from the way your moaning like a bitch in heat. Mmmmmm, I bet you'd love me to really start pounding your ass, give you a nice hard butt fucking. I bet you would love that wouldn't you?" Carla questioned.

"YES! Oh yes Ms Espinosa, I would love that. I would love a nice hard butt fucking. I would love for you to pound my ass." Elliot groaned.

"Then beg me. Beg me for the butt pounding your slutty little whore ass so desperately wants!" Carla ordered.

Finally hearing the words she had been waiting for Elliot began shamelessly begging, "Oh please, please Ms Espinosa give my slutty whore ass the butt pounding I so desperately want! Give me the butt pounding I so desperately need! Please Ms Espinosa, pound your whore's ass! I'm nothing but your filthy little whore! You bought and paid for me and now I'll do any nasty little thing you want, including taking it in my slutty little ass, which I love so much! I'm your whore Ms Espinosa, I'm your whore, and I'm your maid! I'm your whore maid! Ohhhhhh, my parents, oh, my parents used to look down on our Latina maids all the time, oh, and now their daughter is a Latina's whore maid. Oh they would die if they saw me in this uniform, getting butt fucked by you, my Latina employer, the strong, dominant woman who paid good money for my whore ass which she's now using for her pleasure. Mmmmmmm, oh, oh, oh, remember, oh, remember when I first got here? I was like my parents. I looked down on you because you were just a nurse. Now look at me, spreading my ass cheeks for you, begging you to fuck my ass hard, begging you to fuck the ass you bought and paid for as hard as you can, dressed in this slutty maid's uniform, your maid, your slutty little whore maid who loves taking it in the ass for you, who wants you to fuck her hard, who needs you to fuck her as hard as you can. Please Ms Espinosa, I know I don't deserve it, but please fuck my whore ass and make me cum. No, wait, pound my ass, pound my ass so hard I beg you for mercy and then don't give it to me. Punish my stupid ass for being such a pig-headed bitch to you when we first met. Please Ms Espinosa, I beg you to punish me by pounding my ass so hard I won't be able to sit down for a week!"

"A tempting offer..." Carla grinned, pretending to think about it for a second before adding, "Too tempting. Let go of your ass cheeks slut, I want to feel those soft little butt cheeks of yours against my thighs while I'm pounding your tight little whore ass!"

Obeying immediately Elliot let go of her ass cheeks and let her arms fall limply by her sides. Part of her wondered if she should lift up her top half so she was on all fours but because she wasn't ordered to do so she remained face down and ass up, meaning her backside was perfectly presented to Carla who didn't waste a second in tightening her grip on Elliot's hips before starting to pick up the pace.

Carla's hips started moving faster and faster until the sound of them smacking off Elliot's ass cheeks seem deafening at which point the strap on was pounding in and out of the blonde's pooper at what seemed like lightning speed. The butt fucking had become almost unbelievably rough and brutal, and Elliot loved every second of it.

After all that relentless teasing Elliot's anal glands seemed as stimulated and as ready for action as they had ever been, and the ruthless rectum wrecking she was now receiving was making those anal glands feel like they were on fire with pleasure. As a result Elliot was almost literally crying in ecstasy as her brutal buggering continued, Elliot so happy, if a little surprised, about just how hard Carla was fucking her in the ass.

Elliot had loved everything Carla had done to her so far, it had been great, really, but... Carla had been a bit too gentle with her. The spanking had stopped just as it was getting good and the humiliation of becoming Carla's made had been wonderful but Elliot couldn't help feel that Carla could have done more. The pussy eating had been fun but Carla should have used Elliot's mouth a lot more for her pleasure, and Elliot didn't deserve for Carla to return the favour like that, not when she had been so disobedient. Really the only time Elliot had felt truly dominated was when Carla had been pounding her pussy with the strap on which was now hammering her ass just as roughly, if not more. It was the roughness Elliot had been missing.

The butt fucking became so hard it actually rivalled the butt fuckings Elliot's mistress gave her on a daily basis, which was really saying something. Jordan fucked Elliot harder than any guy, and just thinking about the way her mistress pounded her caboodle made Elliot quiver with desire. And this, this was quiver worthy.

One thing was sure, Elliot didn't think she'd ever be able to look at Carla without quivering again.

Since her enslavement Elliot had been looking at almost everybody in a new light, seeing superior people everywhere she turned, people who should use her like the submissive slut she was. Carla was one of those people, but until now the only person she actually quivered at the sight of was Jordan, because every time she saw her mistress, or thought about her, or even just heard her name in passing she thought about how hard her mistress fucked her. But from this moment forward any time Elliot saw Carla she knew she would think about how the brunette fucked her, she would think about the hard butt fucking she was currently taking, and she would quiver, because she would know she was in the presence of a dominant woman, a real woman.

Elliot had no idea whether Carla had been telling the truth about her continuing her duties as her maid but Elliot hoped she was. She hoped Jordan would let Carla borrow her and use her in any way she pleased, hoped she would find new and exciting ways to humiliate her as her mistress did, hoped Carla would fuck her like this again, and again, and again. Elliot didn't deserve to be Carla's friend, but she hoped this obviously superior woman would let her be her whore.

Carla was enjoying butt fucking Elliot just as much as Elliot was enjoying being butt fucked by Carla.

Elliot had a tight little booty which Carla always knew would be fun to fuck, but it was the blonde's submissiveness which made this something special.

Over the years Carla had dominated many, many men and women but she had never met anyone as submissive as Elliot seemed to be. The blonde doctor had loved every single little thing Carla had done to her, even such things as spankings and ass fuckings which were things that Carla would have never imagined Elliot would enjoy but she did.

It actually seemed funny now, Carla had been so sure Elliot was straight and not at all into this stuff, so much so not only had she never made a move on her but when she found out the blonde had become Jordan's latest plaything she had done everything she could think of to save her from being Jordan's slave. She had pushed Elliot, tested her, dared her to break in extreme circumstances and even questioned her to her face whether this was what she really wanted, and through it all Elliot had been the perfect little submissive, to the point where now Carla truly believed Elliot wasn't just a willing slave, she was a happy slave. Elliot had found her true place in life, where she belongs, and she was happy.

Elliot was the most submissive person Carla had ever met. The perfect slave.

To good for Jordan.

Jordan Sullivan was a bitch. A cruel, mean hearted bitch who treated her slaves like worthless objects which she got bored of easily and discarded them like broken toys.

Elliot deserved better. She deserved a mistress who would treat her right. And Carla was going to give her one.

In the past Carla had occasionally taken one or two of Jordan's discarded slaves as her own, but she had never wanted any of them like she wanted Elliot, which was why she wasn't going to wait. She would buy Elliot from Jordan so she could have her permanently. Carla didn't have that much money but if necessary she would dip into savings for Elliot because she was now convinced the submissive little thing was worth whatever price tag Jordan put on her.

Soon this beautiful blonde would be hers completely. She would spoil her, get her a little collar, maybe even tattoo her name on her flesh. The words 'Property of Carla Espinosa' would look so good on one of Elliot's ass cheeks. Carla grinned as she imagines herself ordering Elliot to pull down her scrubs just enough so she could show off her tattoo to the rest of the nursing staff, show them how she owned one of the doctors. Plus it would make the view when she fucked her even better.

Of course Carla would still be with Turk, but she would have this pretty little doctor as her little lesbian pet on the side, something she was sure her boyfriend wouldn't mind once she explained to him. Even if he didn't she was sure a threesome or two would quickly change his mind, but for right now Carla wanted to focus on making her soon-to-be slave cum.

As she began to focus Carla suddenly remembered what Elliot said to her about when they first met. They hadn't got a long at first and Elliot had just confirmed what Carla had long suspected, Elliot used to think she was better than her.

The fact that she had dominated the spoilt white girl so completely was more than enough to prove that statement wrong but all the same Carla used her memory of how Elliot used to be to motivate her now.

In her mind she was doing perhaps what she should have done to Elliot originally, that being putting her in her place. The little bitch had pissed her off at the wrong moment and Carla had punished her for it. She had spanked the bitch, made her apologise before making her kiss her feet, her ass, and then pussy. She had pounded Elliot's pussy and was now pounding her ass hole, the blonde moaning in submission as Carla dominated her.

After working through that little fantasy Carla focused back on the original Elliot Reid, the fresh out of med-school wet behind the ears intern who thought she knew so much more about medicine than Carla did just because she was a doctor while Carla was a nurse.

With that memory in mind Carla began to think about every doctor who ever ignored her opinion, took credit for her work and blamed her for her mistakes.

Carla took all this frustration out on Elliot's ass, her hips moving in a brutal rhythm to fulfil Elliot's earlier request of punishing her for the way she used to treat her. Elliot of course loved all of this rough treatment and cried for more, the two women getting lost in the savage anal sex until Elliot was digging her nails into the bedsheets to stop herself from cumming, a fact that was obvious to Carla who considered torturing Elliot further by denying her orgasm, but was in no mood herself to wait. First though she would make the blonde beg for her one more time.

"You want to cum don't you bitch!" Carla yelled, quickly adding before Elliot had a chance to answer, "I know you do. Well you're going to have to beg for it. Bg my permission little white maid. I want to hear my little white maid beg for me."


"Nice, now I want Dr Elliot Reid to beg nurse Carla Espinosa to make her cum." Carla ordered.


"Good. Now, now I want Elliot Reid to beg Carla Espinosa to let her cum." Carla commanded.


"YOU CAN CUM. CUM FOR ME ELLLIOT!" Carla screamed at the top of her lungs just so she was sure Elliot would be able to hear her.

It was a good thing Carla gave Elliot permission because all that begging had been like throwing gasoline on a forest fire, igniting Elliot to the point where she knew despite all her training she would not be able to stop cumming if she hadn't been given permission that second. As proof of this right after Carla said 'you can cum' Elliot did so and did so hard, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, her toes curling and her body shaking as she let out a deafening scream. By the time Carla followed up with 'cum for me Elliot' the blonde doctor was already in the middle of an intense anal induced orgasm and thanks to Carla continuing to pound her pooper only moments later Elliot experienced another anal induced orgasm, and then another, and then another, and then another.

When she had been first enslaved it really bothered Elliot just how hard she came from being fucked in the butt. She supposed it was down to years of suppressing her true sluttish nature, but still no matter how long she was trained for or how many blissful climaxes she received from this perverted acts part of her still hated herself for actually enjoying getting sodomised so much. Of coarse Elliot was such a perverted little submissive slut that the shame and hatred she felt for herself every time she not only took it up the ass but cumming so far from it made her love it all the more.

The shame and hatred she felt for herself did eventually disappear as Elliot's mind turned to mush under the relentless assault of orgasm after orgasm. The last thing going through her mind as she slipped into a pleasure filled vegetable state was how lucky she was that the first person her mistress pimped her out to was just as skilled when it came to butt fucking a submissive slut like herself as her wonderful mistress, Elliot smiling as she imagined herself falling to her knees the next time she saw Jordan, kissing her feet and thanking her for pimping her out to someone as skilled in domination as Carla Espinosa.

Fucking another woman in the ass always made Carla feel powerful. Fucking a female doctor in the ass made Carla feel even more powerful. Somehow fucking Elliot Reid in the ass made Carla feel more powerful than ever before. Well, maybe powerful wasn't the right word for it, and in her current state the best Carla could define it was simply good which didn't even begin to describe how she was feeling, but it would have to do. She had to devote all her energy, every thought, every action, into fucking Elliot in the ass.

Carla knew when it came to fucking Jordan loved to make her slaves cum for her again and again as it was a symbol of her dominance. That went double for anal sex and now Carla had decided she was going to try and take Elliot from Jordan... no, she would take Elliot from Jordan, she could not afford to give the blonde a second rate ass pounding. She had to make sure Elliot would be happy being her slave, so Carla gave Elliot the hardest butt fucking she had ever given in her life.

The Latina nurse held nothing back, relentlessly pounding into Elliot's back passage like she was literally trying to destroy that little back shoot. The pleasure of the stimulator on her clit and the sheer perverted joy of sodomising a female doctor made Carla cum again and again in climaxes which were almost as powerful as the ones she was giving to her soon to be sex slave, but the sexy Latina refused to break her stride. Elliot was going to cum for her just as much as she did for Jordan. She was going to cum more. She was going to take the hardest butt fucking of her life and spend the rest of the week not being able to sit down without thinking about how she had been dominated by one of the nurses, her new mistress, and Elliot would love it, Carla would make sure of that.

When Carla became determined to do something it normally got done, although in this case she only succeeded in making Elliot cum just as much as she did for Jordan, which was quite impressive considering what a skilled butt fucker Jordan was, but it was just as well Carla didn't know as it would have probably frustrated her. As it was Carla continued slamming Elliot's shit pipe until every ounce of strength had been drained from the nurse who collapsed after one more powerful spontaneous climax for both herself and her friend, her body falling on the blonde's resulting in them both falling onto the bed.

For a while Carla just lay there, panting heavily, both herself and the blonde struggling to regain their energy. Eventually Carla lifted herself up and off of Elliot, the dildo quickly being pulled out of the doctor's pooper so Carla could collapse on her back beside her prize.

After a few more minutes Carla turned her head and ordered, "Elliot, turn so that your back is facing me. I wanna see your butt."

Although she had little energy left Elliot did as she was told, slowly turning onto her side so that Carla could see the gaping crater that had once been her puckered little rosebud.

Carla whistled, "That's one well fucked ass hole."

"You pounded my butt good Ms Espinosa." Elliot agreed, reaching back with one hand to spread a ass cheek before she then bit her lip.

This was a pose Jordan often made Elliot perform after anal sex so she could have the pleasure of admiring the blonde's stretched open butt hole, and from the little smirk that crossed Carla's face it was something her mistress for the night clearly appreciated.

Carla left Elliot in that pose for a while, wanting to watch the blonde doctor's ass hole slowly close after the ruthless assault she had given it but it remained gaping obscenely, a sign that Carla really had given Elliot one first-class bottom pounding.

Knowing it would be a while before her back hole closed properly Elliot gave Carla a chance to enjoy the sight, roughly about the same amount of time she would give Jordan, and then asked, "Ms Espinosa, would you like me to clean your beautiful cock of my disgusting ass juices with my mouth?"

Carla had been lost in staring into the depths of the blonde's bowels and was taken aback by the sound of her voice, reminding her that yes, this was the uptight little prude Elliot Reid who not only had an ass hole that was failing to close after she had so viciously fucked it but that same Elliot Reid was now offering to suck her ass juices from her cock.

"Y, yes. That would be nice." Carla said softly, watching as Elliot slowly turned onto all fours and took the dildo into her mouth, immediately beginning to suck on it noisily.

Sometimes Jordan would make Elliot give her a long, drawn out after sex blow job but normally she was allowed to claim it quickly which was a good thing because Elliot couldn't remember a time that she wasn't exhausted after her mistress fucked her, and she was certainly exhausted now.

She listened out just in case but Carla didn't complain as Elliot quickly bobbed her head up and down on the fake dick, taking every inch of it into her mouth and down her throat so she could suck it clean as fast as possible, whatever that was left of her original self disgusted at her actions while the submissive slut she truly was loved every second of the perverted act.

"Ok, that's enough." Carla said after a while, "Now, un-strap me and put my toy back into it's draw."

Not needing to be told twice Elliot removed the dildo from Carla's waist and returned it to it's home, albeit on shaky legs, Elliot unable to walk right after the fucking she had received.

"Is there, is there somewhere I can sleep or... or do you want me to leave?" Elliot asked, hoping she could just crash with Carla even if she had to sleep on the floor.

"Yes, you can sleep here in the bed with me." Carla said.

"Are... are you sure?" Elliot asked.

Carla frowned, "Elliot, that bitch you call a mistress might delight in discarding her playthings when she's done with them, but I take care of my girls."

"She's, she's not that bad." Elliot said as she cautiously crawled onto the bed, feeling as if she should defend her owner.

Carla looked at her as if she was a small child before gently pulling her into her arms, "You only say that because you don't know any better, but don't worry, you won't have to deal with her much longer."

"W... what do you mean?" Elliot asked.

"I'm going to buy you from her. I tried to do it before because I thought she was using you against your will but she had her claws too deep into you. Now I see that you really are a submissive slut but you need a mistress who will take care of you and not just throw you out when she's had her fun with you." Carla explained, stroking Elliot's hair affectionately, "The fact that she's started to pimp you out shows she's getting bored of you so I think she'll be willing to sell. She'll make me jump through hoops to have you, but it will be worth it. You're the most submissive little thing I've ever met and I can't wait until you're mine."

Smiling Carla gently leant forward and kissed Elliot who's eyes remained wide open as she returned the kiss, her brain struggling to cope with the information she had just been given.

Carla was going to buy her from Jordan. Not just for a night but forever.

Would her mistress sell her? Maybe, and Elliot didn't know what she thought about that. Everything today with Carla had been great but she didn't want to lose the woman she had grown to worship and adore.

But it wasn't her choice to make, ultimately it would be up to Carla and Jordan.

"Is everything ok?" Carla asked, interrupting Elliot from her thoughts.

Elliot blinked, "Y, yes, everything is fine."

Carla smiled, kissed her forehead and then laid back, gently pushing Elliot's head down to her chest, "Good. Sleep now."

With Elliot in her arms Carla found it easier than ever before to go to sleep while despite the odd feeling of comfort she felt Elliot stayed awake for hours, thoughts raging in her head.

In all their time together Jordan had never held Elliot like this, and it was... nice.

Compared to Jordan that is exactly what Carla was, nice, and the more she thought about it the more Elliot could see herself happy being Carla's slave, but she would miss Jordan. Of course if Jordan kept her she might miss Carla.

As all of these thoughts continued to rattled through her head Elliot actually became glad the choice wasn't hers to make.


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