Authors note: This story takes place during the "My Last Day" episode in Season 1.

Keywords: Anal, Ff, language, oral, spank, toys, TV-parody

Scrubs: Enslaving Elliot Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

A few hours after leaving the janitors closet Elliot found herself standing in front of Jordan's apartment door lost in her own thoughts.

It was almost 7 o'clock and Elliot still wasn't sure what she was going to do.

If she knocked on the door Elliot would regret it, but she might regret it even more if she didn't.

She could have just gone home, taken a long bath and tried to forget this day ever happened, but Elliot hadn't been able to stop herself coming almost directly from the hospital to here. It was like her body wouldn't allow her to make any other decision but coming to Jordan's door, but it was unable to fully convince her to knock.

What was behind that door was terrifying but just leaving didn't feel like an option.

Elliot had been thinking about Jordan non-stop since the janitors closet. Everything she had said, everything she had done, it all echoed in Elliot's mind.

Jordan had treated Elliot like dirt but the young blonde had loved every single second of it. She had tried to deny it at first, and then when that didn't worked she had tried to fight it but that had failed too. Elliot couldn't even try to deny or fight it any more, she loved every nasty thing Jordan had made her do and craved more of it. That was why she was here. She wanted more. But could she really go through with it? Could she really allow herself to become another woman's slave?

From what she had experienced today Elliot was pretty sure this was her very last chance to back out.

Elliot knew she wouldn't be able to stop the dominating other woman from enslaving her if she gave her the chance. If she knocked on that door she would become Jordan's slave, Jordan would make sure of that.

Jordan was just so... confident, and commanding. When Jordan ordered her to do something Elliot found herself compelled to obey. Whether that was because of her own submissive nature or Jordan's dominating attitude Elliot didn't know, all she knew was if she knocked on this door and Jordan answered then she would become Jordan's slave because she couldn't say no to the other woman, couldn't stop herself from obeying the brunette's every command.

If she knocked on the door she would become a slave in every sense of the word. She would be giving up her freedom and becoming the property of somebody else. The idea of it should have disgusted her, it should have disgusted anyone, but God help her Elliot craved the way Jordan had made her feel, every fibre of her being aching to be sexually dominated again by the far more confident woman. Elliot would do anything to be dominated by Jordan again.

In the end there was no choice. No matter what small part of Elliot's mind feared becoming another woman's slave her body would let her make no other decision than that of submission.

Jordan's instructions had been echoing in Elliot's mind since she had last seen the dominating other woman so it was no problem for the young doctor to follow them.

After knocking softly on the door Elliot slowly got onto her knees, lowered her head in submission and waited.

Seconds ticked by and Elliot wondered if she should knock again, after all she was so nervous all she had managed was a rather soft knock, but just as she was about to raise her hand the door opened, revealing a pair of legs dressed in the same type of dark pants Jordan had dressed in earlier. Elliot had no reason not to believe she was in the right place, but still she was worried about begging a total stranger to take her as her slave so she tried to look up to confirm who the pair of legs belong too.

"Don't look up unless I tell you too stick." Jordan snapped angrily.

Elliot immediately lowered her head again, silently grateful Jordan had not sent her to the wrong place just to screw with her but worried that she had upset the dominating woman already.

There was silence and Elliot realised Jordan was waiting for her to beg to be enslaved, part of her instructions and the reason she was here.

Part of Elliot's mind screamed at her there was still time, that she could get off her knees and run, but Elliot didn't want to run, she... she wanted to be Jordan's slave.

Truly admitting that to herself for the first time was very freeing for Elliot and after taking a deep breath she said what she came to say.

"Please... Ms Sullivan... Mistress... I... I want to be your slave." Elliot said softly.

"Louder, and don't hesitate." Jordan commanded, "Tell me what you want twinkie."

"I... I want to be your slave." Elliot said louder than before, and then continued to beg, becoming louder with every word as she admitted what she truly wanted, "I want you to enslave me. Please make me yours. Please own me, I want you to own me. I want you to own my body. Make me do whatever you want. I want to be your lesbian slave. Please Mistress, make me your lesbian slave!"

Jordan smiled as the cute little blonde broke before her eyes, admitting what she truly wanted and in doing so taking an important step to becoming her property. Just a few more small steps and Jordan would have herself a brand new little plaything.

"I thought you weren't a lesbian stick?" Jordan mocked cruelly.

"I'll be a lesbian for you Mistress." Elliot said then added in a softer voice, "I'll be anything for you. I'll do anything for you. I just want to make you happy."

"Is that right?" Jordan questioned.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied.

"Look at me stick." Jordan commanded, fighting back the urge to smile as the submissive blonde immediately did as she was told, "In a second I'm going to stand back and hold this door open. If you truly want to be my slave you will crawl into my home on your hands and knees with your head down. If you do that you will be my slave, and everything that will come next will just be a formality, a fun way of making it official. Technically you will already be my slave, but you'll still need to be broken in and I'm looking forward to marking each of your holes as mine. While I'm laying claim to your every hole I can make sure to break whatever willpower is left in you. I can make sure your submission to me is complete and you understand what you are. You will be nothing but a new pet to me, a stupid animal which needs to be housebroken and trained. If you cross this threshold you will be mine. There will be no backing out, no changing your mind, no protesting, no hesitation, no nothing. You will be my slave forever. Mine to do with as I please. Do you understand?"

There was a long pause and then Elliot slowly nodded.

Jordan smiled, stepped back, held the door open and waited for the blonde to crawl into her home.

Elliot stayed rooted to the spot for a few seconds, the longest few seconds off her entire life.

Her mind was a gigantic battlefield of thoughts as she internally argued with herself, the same argument she had been having over, and over, and over again for hours only for her to reach the same conclusion that she had every time before. It was a conclusion which had left her crying in a closet again, but whatever feelings of guilt, shame, etc she might feel it didn't change the conclusion, the conclusion was she wanted to be Jordan's slave. No, she needed to be Jordan's slave. Nothing had ever felt so good, so right, as when Jordan had been dominating her and she needed to feel that way again.

In reality Elliot already was Jordan's slave. Neither one of them was exactly sure when it happened, maybe it even happened in their first encounter, but at some point the dominating brunette had broken what little willpower the submissive little blonde had and enslaved her. Even when Elliot slowly crawled into Jordan's apartment it was just a formality, but that didn't stop Jordan enjoying the sight of the blonde doctor crawling into her home as a sign of her acceptance of her new role as Jordan's slave or stop Elliot questioning her decision with each tiny movement forward.

When she was all the way in Elliot stopped and waited for further instructions, just like an obedient little pet should in Jordan's opinion.

"Keep crawling until you reach the couch stick." Jordan ordered, shutting and locking the door behind her new slave.

Elliot obeyed without a word of protest, inwardly amazed at how much easier it felt crawling to the couch than it had been to crawl into Jordan's home. Obviously they both symbolised two very different things but when she had been crawling into the apartment Elliot had felt like there had been a thousand pound weight on her back and now that weight had been lifted. It wasn't difficult to figure out why. After trying to fight these feelings of lesbian submission for so long it actually felt freeing to give in and willingly give herself to another woman as a slave. It was so weird. Being enslaved made Elliot feel free.

Lost in her own thoughts Elliot barely even noticed Jordan overtaking her and sitting down on the couch long before she reached it, and when she finally did she stopped right in front of Jordan and waited to be told what to do next. She didn't have to wait long.

"Get on your knees with your hands in your lap and your head down stick." Jordan ordered, smiling when Elliot immediately obeyed her, before reaching over for her drink which she took and sipped slowly, waiting a little while before speaking again just so she could watch her little pet squirming in anticipation, "In case you're worried twinkie, I'm not going to ruin your career. I always get a kick out of using and abusing doctors and if you lose your job you lose a lot of you're appeal to me. So days like today will be rare and I will mostly leave you alone at work, but every so often I will have you drop everything, just because I can, and you will never, ever deny me because you are mine now. You are my slave and you will do as you're told. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Elliot said softly.

"Good, and you better remember to always address me as that from now on. At work you will refer to me as Ms Sullivan, but that is to be the only exception. Everywhere else, even in the middle of a crowded street, you will call me Mistress. Understand?" Jordan asked.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot said softly.

"Good girl. Now, after you have been properly broken in there will be additional training in which I will give you a list of rules and instructions you will follow, but there'll be plenty of time for that later and I'm eager to get that soft little mouth of yours back on my pussy. But first I still think a little spanking is in order." Jordan said, her tone becoming even more confident and domineering, "Stand up."

Elliot stood up quickly and waited for her next instruction while Jordan eyed her like a snake would eye a mouse.

"Pull down your pants." Jordan ordered.

Elliot did as she was told and was left to stand there for a few long moments feeling ridiculous, like she had just been pantsed or something.

"Good, now your underwear." Jordan commanded.

Again Elliot did as she was told only to be left standing there feeling humiliated.

"Now bend over my knee stick." Jordan ordered, patting her knee.

Happy not to be standing around any more Elliot crawled onto the couch and awkwardly positioned herself over Jordan's knee with a little help from her new mistress.

"Ok, now remember to count each spank and thank your Mistress for each one of them." Jordan commanded as she lazily slid her hand over Elliot's cute little ass before raising her hand.

"Yes Mistress... owww... one, thank you Mistress... owww... two, thank you Mistress... owww... three, thank you Mistress... owww... four, thank you Mistress... owww... five, thank you Mistress..."

As she counted and thanked her new mistress for every blow Elliot couldn't help but compare this spanking to the others she had received.

It wasn't the most physically painful bottom beating she had received today, Jordan's hand didn't dig into her flesh like the crop Jordan had used in Dr Kelso's office and even compared to just the other spankings Jordan was almost being gentle with her. Each strike still hurt but they were incredibly soft compared to the previous beatings and there was a lot of time between each one, time Jordan spent rubbing and squeezing Elliot's butt.

The downside was it may have just been the most mentally painful bottom beating of the day. Elliot was bent over another woman's knee like she was a disobedient child, the position making her feel like it while the way Jordan was playing with her ass was making Elliot feel like a piece of meat. Jordan wasn't just groping her butt, she was examining it, testing the quality of her behind in the same way a butcher would check the quality of a piece of meat, deciding how much it was worth.

It was so humiliating, but God help her Elliot loved it. She loved that she was nothing but a slab of flesh to this dominating woman, a piece of submissive slave meat just waiting to be devoured.

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Mistress... owww... forty nine, thank you Mistress... owww... fifty, thank you Mistress... owww... fifty one, thank you Mistress... owww... fifty two, thank you Mistress..."

Elliot's ass did look almost good enough to eat, and Jordan wasn't against the idea of taking a bite out of it, but the dominating brunette was much more interested in eating Elliot's sweet little pussy again.

Jordan didn't make a habit of going down on her slaves too often but she had discovered earlier that her new little plaything had a tasty little treat between her legs and even though it probably wouldn't be tonight Jordan would definitely taste that pussy again soon.

In the meantime Jordan was having a lot of fun spanking her latest conquest, the little stick's butt turning a nice shade of light pink as she increased her force of her blows slightly as they approached the end.

This spanking was never about punishing Elliot, the weak willed blonde had been a good little bitch and submitted to the stronger willed brunette willingly which gave Jordan no reason to punish her. This spanking was about putting Elliot in her place right from the start, Jordan making sure her new little slave didn't get any ideas and knew her role. It was also about letting Jordan admire the piece of property she was going to lay claim to tonight, taking a lot of time to truly test the roundness and the firmness of Elliot's ass until Jordan was truly happy that she had conquered herself a great new piece of ass.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety seven, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety nine, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred, thank you Mistress."

"Ok, that was fun, but I want to get that soft mouth of yours back worshipping my pussy, and as much as I enjoyed couch sex my bedroom is better equipped for what I have planned tonight, so get off me stick." Jordan ordered.

Elliot awkwardly lifted herself off Jordan's lap and began to stand before Jordan stopped her.

"I didn't say you could stand." Jordan said coldly.

There was a brief pause and then Elliot fell to her knees.

"Good girl, now follow me." Jordan said, getting up and walking to her bedroom with Elliot crawling behind her.

Once they were in her bedroom Jordan turned to her new slave and said, "Kneel with your eyes facing downwards stick."

The dominating older woman smiled as her submissive pet did as she was told, Jordan weighting until she was sure Elliot's eyes were down before slowly removing her clothes, dumping each item in front of Elliot so the blonde knew exactly what she was doing.

"Look up at me stick." Jordan commanded once the last of her clothing was gone.

Doing as she was told Elliot's eyes slowly travelled up Jordan's body and then back down again, the blonde unable to stop her eyes from wandering all over the dominating woman's body.

Elliot had seen Jordan completely naked only once in their series of encounters but the blonde doctor hadn't been able to stop thinking about it since, the sight of the brunette's body haunting her thoughts in ways which made the repressed girl from Connecticut blush.

Seeing Jordan's nude form brought back a rush of thoughts, feelings and memories, all of which sent a thrill through Elliot's body, but there was something else causing that thrill, something that Elliot would have thought was impossible but apparently it wasn't.

Elliot had never been attracted to another woman before today... or at least she didn't think she had been... honestly she couldn't remember... maybe she had always had lesbian desires and just repressed them, and why not, thanks to her upbringing Elliot seemed to have all sorts of weird thoughts, and if she really had repressed lesbian desires then they were probably some of the most normal desires she'd ever repressed.

"Do you like what you see stick?" Jordan asked, snapping Elliot out of her thoughts only for her words to send the blonde doctor right back into the minefield that was her head.

Did Elliot like what she saw? Yes, she liked it very much. Why, she wasn't sure. Maybe she had always been into girls, or maybe she had been straight but Jordan's dominating nature and sexuality had turned her into a lesbian, or more accurately a bisexual given what had happened with the Janitor, or maybe her mother's influence had finally kicked in and she had become a total slut who was turned on by just about anything, but whatever the reason Elliot didn't care. She liked what she saw, that was all that mattered.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied softly.

"Does it make you hot?" Jordan asked.

Jordan didn't really need to ask this question, Elliot's eyes already answered it, but this wasn't about gaining information, it was about making her new little slave admit what her eyes were saying.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot admitted.

"Yes what?" Jordan demanded.

"Yes I... I like what I see Mistress... it makes me hot." Elliot said obediently.

"Good girl." Jordan said with a smirk as she walked over to her bed, laid down on it and addressed the blonde again, "Strip for me slave... and do it slowly."

A sexual thrill ran through Elliot's body as Jordan called her a slave which Elliot knew was wrong but she couldn't help it. She liked being referred to as Jordan's slave, it was what she was now and even though there was a small part of her which was still saying this was wrong a much bigger part of her didn't care.

So like a good little slave Elliot obeyed her mistress, cautiously sitting back on her behind so she could take off her shoes and then push her pants and panties, which were still bunched around her knees, completely off before slowly standing up and pulling off her top. Just as she pulled it up over her head Elliot remembered she was supposed to do this slowly and cringed, already fearing what Jordan would do to her for her disobedience but it was too late now and she wanted to be naked so they could have more kinky lesbian sex, so Elliot finished pulling off her top and then removed her bra, leaving her completely naked and standing there, waiting for further instructions.

Jordan left her standing there for a while, the dominating brunette just looking at her with an expression the blonde couldn't read before finally addressing her again.

"That wasn't very slow twinkie." Jordan pointed out.

"I'm... I'm sorry Mistress." Elliot apologised.

"Mm, no matter, I'll just have to remember to teach you proper stripping techniques as part of your training." Jordan said dismissively before beckoning her slave forward, "Come here stick."

Elliot stepped forward.

"No!" Jordan snapped, "Crawl to me."

In the blink of an eye Elliot was on her knees, crawling quickly towards the woman who had enslaved her.

When she reached the bed Elliot was a little unsure what to do but under Jordan's cold stare she quickly made a guess, awkwardly pulling herself up and onto the bed without ever actually getting on to her feet and then slowly crawling up Jordan's body until they were face to face.

This entire time Jordan just stared at her emotionlessly, terrifying Elliot into thinking she had made a mistake before the dominating older woman smiled wickedly.

"Kiss me stick." Jordan ordered.

Eager to obey this command Elliot lowered her lips down and pressed them to Jordan's, the two women engaging in a surprisingly soft kiss considering the circumstances.

Unsurprisingly the kiss didn't remain soft for long, Jordan entering Elliot's willing mouth with her tongue and shoving it down her throat, the younger woman relaxing onto the body beneath her and melting into it as the older woman's hands slid over her body, Jordan dominating her mouth with her own.

After a few minutes of Elliot moaning into her mouth every time she squeezed her new slave's ass or tweaked her nipples Jordan broke the kiss, placed her hand on top of her pet's head and began pushing it downwards, Elliot meekly allowing herself to be pushed downwards until her mouth was hovering over Jordan's breasts.

"Suck my nipple stick." Jordan commanded as she pressed Elliot's lips to her nipple.

Jordan then smiled wickedly as the submissive doctor obediently took her nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it gently.

While tangling her fingers in Elliot's hair Jordan used her other hand to push her breast into Elliot's mouth, breast feeding the young doctor as if she was an infant in need of sustenance.

Elliot seemed to digress back into that stage of her life as she allowed herself to be guided from one nipple to the other, Jordan making her suck each nipple to full hardness before pushing her head lower.

Once her mouth was hovering over Jordan's pussy Elliot tried to lower her head but Jordan had a firm grip on her hair and she wasn't going anywhere.

"Did I say you could eat my pussy twinkie?" Jordan questioned.

"No Mistress... I'm sorry Mistress." Elliot apologised.

"I didn't think so." Jordan said, pausing for a little while before then commanding, "Smell my pussy stick."

Elliot did as she was told, taking in a loud breath of Jordan's heavy aroma.

"How does my pussy smell twinkie?" Jordan asked.

"Good." Elliot said, before quickly adding, "It smells good Mistress."

"Do you want to eat it?" Jordan asked.

"Oh yes Mistress, I want to eat your pussy." Elliot replied obediently.

"Beg for it then. Beg for the privilege of eating your Mistress's pussy slave." Jordan commanded.

"Please Mistress... please let me eat your pussy." Elliot began to beg, slowly forcing herself to beg more confidently to show her mistress this was what she really wanted, which it was, "I... I want to eat your pussy. I want to eat your pussy so bad. Your slave wants to eat your pussy so bad. Please Mistress, let your slave eat your pussy."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Jordan said as she pushed Elliot's face into her pussy.

The second her lips were pressed against Jordan's womanhood Elliot stuck out her tongue and slid it over Jordan's pussy lips, squeezing a moan from her mistress, and then another, and another, and another as Elliot repeated the process, lapping at the other woman's cunt with slow, gentle strokes of her tongue.

"That's it, lick my pussy just like that, good girl." Jordan said, stroking and patting Elliot's head like the little pussy licking pet she was turning her into, "Remember to lick around my pussy lips... mmmmm, good girl. Very good girl. That's it, slide your tongue up, down and all around my pussy, good girl, good little cunt lapper."

Elliot paid close attention as Jordan continued to give her instructions, but the blonde also tried to remember what she had done the other two times she had gone down on this dominating woman.

Since she had until today considered herself completely heterosexual it was unsurprising Elliot obsessed over the memories of her first and second tastes of pussy. Any woman in that position would, but Elliot Reid tended to obsess over even very tiny little details in her life and this one in particular had her mind on overdrive.

Even though she had come to the conclusion very quickly that she liked the taste of pussy Elliot had continually obsessed over what that meant for her sexuality all day. First Elliot had worried about being a lesbian and then when Jordan had proved she wasn't by making her have sex with the janitor she worried about being bisexual, and then she worried about becoming another woman's slave and there were about a thousand different thoughts in between, but now all those thoughts were silenced.

As soon as Elliot slid her tongue over the soft lips of Jordan's pussy and the sweet flavour of her mistress's cunt juice hit the blonde's taste buds all the noise inside her head went away and all that mattered was Jordan's tasty pussy.

Remembering everything that had made Jordan moan loudly in the last two previous times she had the privilege of eating this dominating woman out Elliot slid her tongue all over the soft entrance in front of her, paying extra close attention to certain areas, especially the little ball of flesh at the top of Jordan's pussy.

Jordan moaned loudly and dug her fingernails into Elliot's scalp as the blonde's tongue played with her clit, sliding around it and gently flicking it in a way that drove her wild.

The dominating brunette was very impressed with her new little cunt lapper, the blonde doctor giving her the best head she had received so far today even before the blonde got her tongue inside her.

When she had first made Elliot go down on her earlier that day the blonde had been so timid and unsure of herself, her tongue clumsy and awkward as it cautiously slid over and inside her pussy. Now the blonde seemed much more comfortable with eating pussy, perhaps even a little confident as Jordan moaned encouragement.

Jordan didn't like her slaves to be confident, quite the opposite, and she often delighted in beating the confidence out of them but there were exceptions to this rule and one of them was definitely pussy eating. When it came to pussy eating Jordan liked her slaves being very confident in their abilities, that way they normally gave better head, a theory that definitely was being proven true with her new little pet.

The submissive blonde was showing skills that took most of her pussy lickers weeks, even months, to learn, her tongue applying just the right amount of pressure at just the right time at the right place to drive Jordan wild. Elliot even pushed her tongue inside her at the exact time Jordan wanted it and began tongue fucking her at just the right pace, then waiting until just the right time to speed it up just how Jordan liked it.

"Oh yes, that's it, that's exactly it, good little slave." Jordan praised as she pushed Elliot's face even deeper into her pussy, "Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Tongue fuck my pussy you little dyke. Get that little made for pussy licking tongue as deep inside me as you can. That's it, push your tongue in deep, good girl, good little lesbian slave. You want to be my lesbian slave twinkie, then show me what you can do. Show me how much you want it. Show me how much you want to be my slave."

Shortly after these words were uttered Elliot devoted herself completely to Jordan's pleasure, the submissive blonde doing everything she could think of to show the dominating brunette how much she wanted to be her slave.

With her tongue as deep into Jordan as it would go Elliot twirled her tongue around inside the other woman's pussy, desperately trying to remember where all the spots were which made Jordan moaned the loudest last time and attacking those spots with her twirling tongue. More often than not Elliot was right on the money, a fresh batch of moans from Jordan letting the usually timid doctor know she was on the right track to proving how much she wanted to be enslaved, each one of those moans feeling her with previously unknown levels of confidence.

Elliot had never felt this focused in her entire life. For once she was totally in the moment, her mind not a minefield of thoughts as she tried to decide what to do next but an organised collection of thoughts telling her how to eat pussy.

Later the fact that eating pussy was the one thing she could ever truly focus on would scare her into probably several little freak outs, as would the fact that she had never felt so at piece than when she was in between this woman's legs, but none of that mattered now. All that mattered was proving to Jordan she wanted to be her slave.

Normally what girls like Elliot wanted mattered very little to Jordan but here she found great amusement in it.

Only a few hours ago this uppity little intern had the audacity to stand up to her, twice, and now look at the little bitch, submissively eating her pussy to prove how much she wanted to be her slave.

Jordan just loved bringing other women and men to their knees and turning them into her little playthings, and from the way her new pussy eating pet was moving her tongue around inside her Jordan knew she was going to have a lot of fun playing with her new toy.

The submissive little plaything had already improved her pussy eating skills so much in such a short time it was clear that Elliot might just become one of the best little rug munchers she'd ever had. If Jordan hadn't already had so much fun fucking the blonde and spanking her butt she might have just considered turning this natural born cunt lapper into her own personal pussy eater and just use her mouth and tongue whenever she wanted. As much fun as having a slave exclusively for the use of eating her pussy Elliot was too cute not to fuck. Besides, the blonde looked like she could do with a good fucking, which Jordan was more than happy to give her as soon as her new pet made her cum.

Jordan didn't have to wait too long, Elliot's tongue doing such a great job of fucking her pussy that it brought Jordan to the edge faster than she could ever remember by a new slave, the eager little cunt licker seeming to worship her pussy with every fibre of her being.

With her nails digging deeply into Elliot's skull Jordan cried out and humped her slave's face, drenching it in her juices as the submissive pussy eating blonde brought her to a nice series of orgasms which made her body go numb and her eyes roll back in her head.

Right from the start Elliot's mouth had created a tight seal around Jordan's pussy lips so she could swallow all the other woman's delicious juices. When Jordan came those juices became even more delicious, the more dominating woman's cum flowing into her submissive mouth and down her submissive throat, Elliot working as hard as she could to swallow as much of the heavenly cream as she could. With her still very limited experience in pussy eating some of the juices escaped onto her face but what had to be the majority of it eventually ended up in her stomach and for that Elliot felt a twisted sense of pride.

Elliot remained in between Jordan's legs licking and sucking her pussy clean until the hand on her head pulled her upwards, the submissive doctor meekly allowing herself to be pulled up into a hungry kiss from her new mistress who seem to devour her with her lips.

Jordan smiled into the kiss as she felt her new toy melt into her arms, the little slave's body feeling so good pressed against her own in all the right places as Jordan continued to enjoy tasting herself on the young doctor's lips. Jordan liked tasting herself on someone else's lips, it was a nice reminder she had just manipulated someone into licking her pussy. That went double when it was another woman she had manipulated into licking her pussy. Still, Jordan wasn't in the mood for a long kiss so she soon pulled away and addressed her plaything.

"Still want to be my slave twinkie?" Jordan asked with a grin.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied softly.

"Good girl, that's what I thought." Jordan said, lazily stroking Elliot's hair for a few moments before firmly adding, "Get down on your knees on the floor."

Moving quickly Elliot got off the bed and moved to get onto her knees. She hesitated for a moment as she wondered where she should kneel but when she caught a glimpse of Jordan staring a hole through her Elliot simply fell to her knees on the spot.

Jordan smiled as she got off the bed and examined Elliot's position, her new slave on her knees with her hands in her lap and her head down, just as Jordan wanted her.

The more time Jordan spent with Elliot the more it became clear the girl was a natural submissive. Most people had both a dominant and a submissive side, sometimes with slight leanings to one or the other, but there were a few who seem to be either completely dominant or submissive. Jordan considered herself a natural Dom so for her a natural Sub was quite a find. The majority of Jordan's slaves were thrown away or forgotten about when she grew bored of them, but this girl was a keeper, or at least a pet she could see herself using for a very, very long time.

Pulling herself from her thoughts Jordan went to her closet where she kept her sex toys, retrieved her favourite strap on and then stood in front of the kneeling blonde so she could anticipate what was about to happen to her.

"Look at me stick." Jordan commanded once the harness was firmly around her waist.

Elliot did as she was told, her mouth falling open slightly as she saw the 12 inch dildo sticking out from between Jordan's legs.

In her very limited experience Elliot had never seen a dildo that big and it both frightened and excited her.

"You see this cock twinkie?" Jordan asked rhetorically as she pointed the strap on at Elliot so the head was only millimetres away from her face before she began to stroke it menacingly, "This cock is going to help me enslave you. In a second I'm going to slide this cock into your tight little pussy and fuck you like the little slut we both know you are. Then it's going up your ass. So if I were you I would want this cock to be as wet and slippery as possible, which is why now I'm giving you the privilege of sucking on it I expect you to give this cock the greatest blow job of your life."

Elliot gulped nervously. She had been expecting to have to suck on that dildo but Elliot wasn't sure about giving it the greatest blow job of her life. Technically Elliot had given The Janitor's cock the greatest blow job of her life so far and her blow job skills hadn't exactly impressed Jordan , in fact she had called them pathetic. What if Jordan thought the blow job Elliot was about to give the strap on was pathetic? Would she punish her? Would she spank her again, or whip her, or refuse to enslave her? Would she...

"What the hell are you waiting for stick, suck it already!" Jordan said impatiently, waking Elliot from her thoughts.

Her eyes focusing to see the angry look on Jordan's face Elliot quickly did as she was told, leaning forwards and taking as much of the strap on as she could in one go. All she could take was a few inches and without looking up Elliot could already tell Jordan was far from impressed.

In an attempt to impress her new mistress Elliot took a deep breath through her nose and then pushed forwards, not stopping until the head of the strap on was pressed against the back of her throat.

Unfortunately even then the dildo wasn't yet halfway in yet but rather than immediately try and force it down her throat Elliot began bobbing her head on it as quickly as she could, sucking loudly so she could hopefully please her new mistress.

Jordan couldn't help but smile as she watched her new slave sucking loudly on her strap on. The blonde was clearly trying to remember everything Jordan had taught her about giving head from sucking on The Janitor's poll, something that actually pleased Jordan greatly.

So many little slaves at this stage of their training would still make the same mistakes over and over again, Elliot was at least trying to learn how to be a good slave which actually made Jordan happy, not that she'd tell Elliot that.

"Is that really the best you can do? Pitiful." Jordan said, "I'm not going to just fuck you with half of it twinkie, I'm going to use every inch to stretch out your little pussy and make it mine. So I expect you to take every inch down your throat. Come on slut, all the way down, all the way down, I taught you how to deep throat so get that cock deep in your throat bitch!"

With the words 'come on slut' Jordan grabbed hold of Elliot's hair and began pushing her down on the strap on, the slave in training desperately relaxing her throat muscles as her mistress forced the big dildo down her gullet.

Elliot struggled to keep herself from choking as the strap on slid into her windpipe, the tightening of Jordan's grip reminding her she had to keep sucking which was even more of a struggle.

The dildo was so long there was no way Elliot thought it could fit down her throat but Jordan was determined and eventually the fake balls of the strap on bumped against Elliot's chin announcing somehow the monster cock had been able to fit inside her windpipe.

Of course Elliot almost immediately started gagging but that didn't stop Jordan from holding her new pet in position for a few moments so she could enjoy the sight of her strap on completely embedded in her new slave's mouth and throat before pulling back to allow her some much-needed oxygen.

"Keep sucking stick." Jordan ordered, pushing Elliot back to her strap on after allowing her a few moments to breathe, "Remember, I expect nothing less than the greatest blow job of your life."

Giving Jordan's strap on the greatest blow job of her life was quite the challenge for Elliot, but after gagging half a dozen times she was able to establish a rhythm which actually seem to keep Jordan happy.

First she would bob her head up and down on the shaft, taking a few inches into her throat each time so she could get about three quarters of it into her gullet and still get a break to breathe, then after doing that for a very long time she would go lower, taking the entire thing into her throat and sucking on it for a few moments before pulling back and repeating the process. Every so often she would break this rhythm to slide her tongue up and down the shaft or lick and suck at the fake balls, remembering this was what Jordan had made her do to The Janitor and hoping that meant it was the type of blow job that her mistress wanted to receive.

It was but Jordan wasn't going to tell Elliot that.

While Jordan definitely liked her slaves to be confident in pussy eating she liked them to be constantly second-guessing themselves in nearly everything else, and giving a blow job definitely counted because there was only so much pleasure Jordan could receive from it. Sure, there was a very nice button on the inside of the dildo which stimulated her clit with every movement but it wasn't the same as actually having a mouth worship her cunt, and while there was a certain amount of mental stimulation from making another woman give her a blow job Jordan much preferred the mental stimulation of fucking another woman.

This blow job had been fun, probably the best her new pet was capable of, but now Jordan wanted to move on.

"Ok stick, that was... adequate, but now it's time for me to enslave your little pussy." Jordan said, stepping back and pulling her strap on away from the blonde, "Go lay down on your back on the bed."

Eager to be fucked by the big toy Elliot got off her knees and quickly got into position on the bed, spreading her legs wide for the woman who was about to claim her as her own.

Getting in between Elliot's legs Jordan licked two of her fingers and then ran them up and down the blonde's pussy lips, smiling to herself at the wetness she found there.

"You really do want to be my slave don't you stick." Jordan said.

It was a statement, not a question, but Elliot answered it with first a nod, and then when she saw the look in Jordan's eyes said, "Yes Mistress... please make me your slave... I want to be your slave."

Jordan smiled at this response and said, "Look into my eyes stick and don't look away unless I tell you too. I want to look into your eyes as I take you."

Once their eyes were firmly locked Jordan pressed her strap on firmly against Elliot's pussy lips and slowly began to push forwards, enjoying the look on the blonde's face as she pushed her way inside her.

Elliot whimpered softly as she felt her pussy lips stretch wider than ever before to receive the head of the huge strap on, the young doctor crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure when the head finally forced its way inside her pussy. Luckily Jordan stopped to allow the pain to fade before pushing forwards again, the older woman giving Elliot a little time after each push forward so that the blonde wouldn't suffer too much as she was stretched out like never before.

After a lot of stopping and starting Jordan was able to fill her new slave's pussy with her cock, every inch of that big fake dick buried all the way inside the blonde's cunt.

After more weighting Jordan ordered, "Wrap your legs around me stick."

Elliot did as she was told and once her legs were tightly wrapped around Jordan's waist the older woman began to slowly pull back, removing inch after inch from deep inside the young doctor, before pushing forwards until it was in all the way, burying the strap on back inside the other woman.

Soon Jordan established a slow but steady rhythm, thrusting in and out of the younger blonde beneath her, greatly enjoying the sound of her moans and the look in her eyes of submission.

Normally Jordan didn't like eye contact during sex, mostly because her interest in her sexual partners was very fickle. Sometimes she would forget why she had even chosen to have sex with whoever she was fucking in the first place. Sure she was normally focused on whoever she was with the first time they had sex, but after that Jordan usually lost interest pretty quickly unless it was somebody who somehow managed to keep her interest. For all of his many, many faults Perry always manage to keep her interest, although she did sometimes pretend she was with someone else when with him just so she could damage his precious ego. Naturally submissive people like Elliot also kept Jordan's interest as there was nothing Jordan liked more than dominating another woman or man.

The one time Jordan always loved to look into someone's eyes was when she was breaking in a slave, especially at this stage of their submission. Just looking into someone's eyes could tell Jordan all she needed to know about where that slave was in the breaking in process and that was definitely true for her new little plaything.

Elliot's eyes were telling Jordan that her young conquest was feeling a little overwhelmed, probably still struggling with the fact that another woman was giving her so much pleasure, but because of that pleasure Elliot wasn't going anywhere. The girl wasn't even thinking about protesting, and even though she was a little afraid about what was going to happen the blonde clearly wanted to be Jordan's little fuck pet.

Jordan was definitely doing this girl a favour by turning her into her slave. The blonde was so submissive she obviously needed someone dominant to take care of her and give her what she needed. For devoting her precious time into dominating this girl and training her to be the perfect little slave Jordan was doing Elliot a huge favour, and she was going to make sure this cute little blonde was going to thank her for it every single day.

At that moment Elliot was thinking how she could persuade Jordan to give her this type of fucking every single day.

It was amazing to Elliot that even though Jordan hadn't been born with a cock the brunette was using a fake one to fuck her better than all the guys she had been with combined. Then again considering Jordan's dominating attitude and how easily she got into Elliot's scrubs it wasn't hard to imagine Jordan had more experience fucking girls than all the guys she had been with combined.

Jordan just made it look so easy. She wasn't fucking her too softly or slowly that Elliot wasn't properly aroused, and she wasn't fucking her too hard or roughly to the point where it would be painful, Jordan was fucking Elliot just right. That strap on was moving in and out of Elliot's pussy at just the right speed so that her pleasure seem to build with every stroke without giving her too much too soon.

Effortlessly Jordan brought Elliot to a heightened state of arousal that only a few of her previous sexual encounters had taken her too, the big difference here being that she was taken there in about a 10th of the time.

Quicker than ever before Elliot was ready to be fucked hard and roughly, but Jordan had other ideas.

The blonde's new mistress seemed more than content to just continue fucking her at this slow, steady pace, each new gentle thrust making Elliot want to scream in frustration. She didn't though, or make a complaint of any kind. She was far too afraid too.

Ever since the initial penetration Elliot had been staring into Jordan's eyes, barely even blinking as the other woman filled her pussy with strap on cock and then began fucking her with a skill she had never experienced before.

Those eyes had captured Elliot's and held them hostage, Jordan staring into Elliot's soul and seeing her for what she truly was.

Jordan had seemed to know what Elliot was from the moment she first saw her and had treated her accordingly.

Everything Jordan had done to her felt so right, so natural, and now staring into Jordan's eyes Elliot felt like whoever she thought she had been was being destroyed by Jordan's gaze, the dominating woman somehow reaching into her soul and changing it to her liking. No, Jordan wasn't changing Elliot, she was showing her what she was, what she always had meant to be.

Elliot was so horny at this point she would have loved nothing better than to beg to be fucked and fucked hard, but she was so captivated by Jordan's gaze she couldn't say a word, she could barely even think, all she could do was lay there and allow the stronger, more dominating woman to use her body as she saw fit.

For a long time not a word passed between them, Jordan simply enjoying the look in Elliot's eyes as she fucked her new plaything into submission, but eventually Jordan wanted more. She wanted to hear Elliot's submission too.

"Who's pussy is this?" Jordan asked as she continued thrusting in and out of the blonde.

This question confused Elliot as the answer seemed obvious but from the look in Jordan's eyes she felt it was probably the wrong one. Unfortunately it was the only answer she could think of.

"It's... it's my pussy Mistress." Elliot answered hesitantly.

"Wrong, this is my pussy." Jordan corrected, "I own it, it's my property, therefore it is mine. Who's is it?"

"Y... Yours. It's yours Mistress." Elliot stammered.

"What's mine?" Jordan questioned.

"My... my pussy... my pussy is yours. It's your pussy Mistress. You own it. It's your property." Elliot answered.

"That's right stick, this is my pussy. It's been mine ever since you crawled through my door like the pathetic little slut you are, but what we're doing right now, is making it official. I'm going to make your pussy officially mine." Jordan said, never slowing her thrusts into her plaything's pussy, "Do you know how I'm going to do that? I'm going to mark your pussy. I'm going to mark it with my cum. I've already cum in that pretty little made for pussy eating mouth of yours and soon I'm going to squeeze the balls of this strap on so that my cum inside them will shoot through the dildo and deep into your cunt, marking that hole as mine. After that just one more hole to mark and you'll be completely mine. You'll be completely and officially enslaved. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied softly.

"Good." Jordan said, before adding, "I mean, that's what you want isn't it stick, to be mine, to be enslaved, to be my slave, isn't that right twinkie? Answer me!"

"Yes Mistress, I want to be yours." Elliot whimpered pathetically, "I want to be enslaved. I want to be your slave. Please make me yours. Please enslave me. Please make me your slave. Mark me. Mark my pussy. Do whatever you want. I'm yours."

"Good girl." Jordan said smiling before leaning down to capture Elliot's lips with her own.

Shortly after her lips were pressed against the blonde's Jordan pushed her tongue into Elliot's mouth, her submissive plaything eagerly accepting the invading object and it's easy conquest of her own tongue.

As Jordan bullied the girl's tongue with her own she began increasing the speed and power behind her thrusts, slowly building the steady pace into an almost brutally hard fucking.

Hearing Elliot's words of submission really inspired Jordan to give this girl the type of good, hard fucking she had probably never received in her life, the type of good, hard fucking she clearly desperately needed.

Elliot's pussy was so tight around Jordan's strap on that it was pretty obvious that the blonde hadn't been receiving a lot of fucking and/or whoever had fucked her had done a lousy job of it.

It wasn't really surprising, the blonde seemed like the type of girl that would be too shy to go after the guys who could really give her pussy a work out and her awkwardness probably drove a lot of guys away or at least made them uninterested in her leaving her with mostly the type of guys which were just as weak and pathetic as she was, and from a earlier discussion Jordan knew Elliot hadn't allowed another woman to give her a decent fucking.

All that was about to change though. In a matter of moments Elliot would be completely broken in and after that Jordan would be free to fuck the blonde as often as she wanted, and in any way she wanted. Jordan could stretch out this tight little pussy as much as she wanted, and that was exactly what she intended on doing. She would use Elliot's pussy until it was nice and loosened up, and then she would pass it around, letting everyone in Sacred Heart get a piece of this pussy, turning the tight little bitch into a loose little slut.

As much as the idea of making this uptight little girl into a slut for a whole hospital was a turn on Jordan had to admit she quite liked how much effort she had to use to move her strap on through Elliot's oh so tight little cunt as it gave her a workout and, well, it was just so fun. Jordan was definitely going to enjoy stretching this hole out, just as she would enjoy stretching all of Elliot's holes out.

Before it had entered her Elliot had worried that the dildo wouldn't be able to fit inside her, and when it was being pushed into her and when it was all the way inside she worried about it tearing her open, but she wasn't worrying about any of that now. She should be, even though Jordan had done a fantastic job on stretching her out the dildo was still forcing her pussy open wider than it had ever been opened before, and Jordan was pounding her pussy harder than it ever had been pounded before, two things which should have terrified Elliot but she didn't care.

Let Jordan tear her pussy apart, let her pound it and stretch it until it was loose and useless, let her ruin her hole, let her do anything she wanted as long as she continued to fuck her like this.

Elliot had no idea it could feel this good. She had no idea something this big could fit inside her, or that it could move so fast, or that it could give her so much pleasure.

Jordan really was putting all of Elliot's former boyfriends and one night stands to shame, the dominating brunette stretching the submissive blonde out until she was ready and then giving her the type of fucking she had always secretly dreamed of but never imagined she'd actually receive. Elliot was receiving that fucking now and it was better than she'd ever dreamed. So harder, so rougher, so better. The fact that it was another woman giving her this fucking and not some super stud surprisingly didn't seem to bother Elliot at this point in the slightest. As a matter of fact after everything she had been through today taking such a hard fucking from another woman only seemed to make the fucking better.

In no time at all Elliot was at the edge of what felt like the biggest orgasm of her life, the young blonde so close to that edge she didn't think anything could stop her going over it, but she was wrong.

At the last possible second Jordan slowed down, just enough to prevent Elliot from going over the edge, the dominating brunette finally breaking the kiss so she could smile down at the helpless blonde as she denied her the orgasm she craved.

Elliot tried to will herself to cum but it was no use and slowly she started coming down from her high at which point Jordan sped up again only to deny her orgasm again.

Too afraid to complain Elliot whimpered and cried pathetically in frustration as Jordan mercilessly kept her on the edge until the brunette's right hand found its way to her neck.

"I own you. Your my property. Mine. I own every part of you, even your breath. You don't breathe unless I allow you too bitch." Jordan growled, crazy with lust as she squeezed Elliot's neck tightly.

The blonde's eyes rolled in the back of her head in pleasure as she struggled for breath.

She was being choked. Oh how she'd always dreamed of being choked.

Her first sex dream had involved choking and over the years it had become one of her biggest fantasies.

"Do you understand me stick? Do you understand that from now on even breathing is a privilege you are only allowed to do because I say so. Do you understand that?" Jordan asked.

Elliot tried to answer but because of the choking all that came out was a muffled gargle.

"Nod or shake your head stick, do you understand?" Jordan asked.

The young doctor nodded her head.

"Good girl." Jordan said smiling, continuing to choke the girl as she fucked her, "Do you want to cum?"

The blonde frantically nodded.

"Then beg for it. Beg your Mistress's permission to cum." Jordan demanded, removing her hand from around Elliot's neck.

Elliot gasped as air filled her lungs properly again before begging, "Please Mistress, let me cum. I need to cum so bad. Please can I cum? Please. I need it. I need to cum."

"That depends, do you understand what you are?" Jordan asked.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied.

"Well then tell me, tell me what you are." Jordan ordered.

"I'm yours. You own me Mistress. I'm your property." Elliot answered submissively.

This answer caused Jordan to smile, "In that case... yes... I give you permission to cum."

With these words Jordan radically increased the speed of her thrusts, pounding into the blonde's pussy with all her might.

Knowing she was seconds away from her orgasm Elliot began begging for something she wanted without even thinking about it.

"Please... please choke me. Please choke me Mistress." Elliot begged.

Jordan frowned, hesitated for a moment and then leant on her elbows so she could wrap both her hands around Elliot's neck and began squeezing tightly.

The moment the choking started again Elliot's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she came in the most powerful orgasm she had ever known, which considering the quality of orgasms she had received today was really something. It rocked her to her very core, her body becoming like jelly as she melted even further into Jordan's body, the dominating woman almost choking the life out of her as she continued pounding her pussy to pulp. Jordan didn't stop, not even for a moment, her brutal thrusts bringing Elliot quickly to another climax which was somehow even more powerful than the first, and then a third which was more powerful than the second, and then the fourth which was more powerful than the third, and so on, and so on, and so on, until Elliot felt like she was on a constant high, her wonderful new Mistress taking her higher with every thrust.

Jordan held her own orgasm back a long time so she could savour the look of total bliss on her new slave's face and the adorable actions of her body as she broke in her pussy, but soon the combination of the mental stimulation of dominating this girl and the physical stimulation of the clit stimulator inside the toy doing its job all became too much and Jordan herself experienced a good, hard climax which almost forced her to stop fucking her new plaything, almost.

At the peak of her orgasm Jordan removed one hand from Elliot's neck and moved it down in between her legs to the balls of her strap on. Grabbing hold of them Jordan savoured the moment of conquering a new pussy before squeezing down and forcing her stored up cum through the toy and deep into Elliot's cunt, officially enslaving Elliot's pussy. A smile crossed Jordan's face as her cum filled the girl's cunt, in her mind marking it forever as her property, something for her to use and abuse from now on as she saw fit. Just one more hole and Elliot would be officially her slave.

Once she was sure all of her cum was inside the girl Jordan began slowing down until she came to a stop and then pulled out of Elliot's now enslaved pussy, got up and replaced the fake balls with fresh ones before admiring the sight before her of her freshly well fucked new slave lying on the bed panting and wheezing.

"That... that was amazing Mistress..." Elliot panted, trying to remember the last time she had ever had such a good fucking and coming up with nothing, "How... how do you know I always wanted to be choked?"

"I didn't." Jordan laughed, "You really are a little closet slut aren't you stick."

Elliot blushed.

"Oh twinkie, don't be embarrassed. Be proud of the perverted little slut you are. I know I'm looking forward to seeing just how slutty you are, but right now we've got one more hole on your body to break in." Jordan said with a wicked smile, "Now, turn over, get on all fours and present your ass to me."

Elliot opened her mouth to protest but the look on Jordan's face made her think twice. Instead the blonde hesitantly turned over and got onto all fours as instructed.

Jordan smiled to herself as her new pet did as it was told, the dominating brunette admiring the sight of the submissive blonde on all fours with her ass ready and waiting to be used for a few moments before reaching over to her nightstand for the bottle of anal lube she always kept there for occasions such as this.

Once she had spread a generous amount of the lube on a couple of her fingers Jordan pressed her index finger to Elliot's puckered rosebud.

The moment her fingertip touched the tight opening Elliot immediately tensed, the blonde clenching her ass hole tightly, obviously fearing the inevitable invasion to come.

This earned her a hard smack on her ass.

"Twinkie, every inch of this strap on is going up your ass, so if I were you I'd relax and let me lube up your butt hole, unless you want me to try taking your anal cherry without any lube. You don't want me to try taking your anal cherry without any lube do you stick?" Jordan asked.

"N... no Mistress." Elliot whimpered.

"That's what I thought." Jordan said, "So what are you going to do?"

"Relax Mistress." Elliot mumbled.

"Good girl." Jordan said, pressing her finger firmly against Elliot's tight ring.

Elliot whimpered and relaxed as best she could, waiting for the rectal invasion, but it didn't come.

Toying with her new slave Jordan moved her finger away from Elliot's butt hole and slid it up and down the crack of Elliot's ass, covering it with lube, stopping occasionally to rub some of the lube into Elliot's tight pucker, making sure there was plenty of lube on the hole for when she was going to try butt fucking the blonde with her strap on. Jordan did this for a long while before finally pressing her fingertip against Elliot's ass hole, stopping again when the blonde tensed only this time leaving her finger where it was and when the young doctor relaxed again Jordan forcefully pushed forward.

Elliot cried out softly as the finger pushed its way through the tight ring of her ass hole and slowly slid all the way inside her back door.

Just like when Jordan had fingered her ass earlier there was a small amount of pain as the finger entered her and pushed inside her, but like before the pain quickly faded. Unlike before after Jordan had spent a few moments gently sliding her finger in and out of Elliot's bottom and wriggled it around inside her rear hole the brunette pulled her finger out and then repeated this process with two fingers.

It was weird enough feeling her rectum being invaded and stretched by one finger but when the second finger was added it became so weird Elliot considered getting off the bed, grabbing her clothes and running out of here as fast as she could.

Elliot had always found the idea of anal sex gross and disgusting, and it would almost definitely hurt like hell and... well, that hole wasn't meant to be entered so it was just wrong.

Unfortunately for the blonde Jordan had made it very clear she intended to sodomise her, it had been one of the things that almost made Elliot not come here but her newly found submissive desires had been too much to resist and she had accepted this was just something she was going to have to do to get the domination she craved.

But how on earth was she going to take that giant cock in her tiny butt hole?

It had to be impossible. There was just no way it could possibly fit. Jordan would have to get a smaller toy, or better yet maybe Jordan would lick her pussy like she had done earlier. Elliot would like that. In fact she would love that.

But Jordan wasn't going to do that.

Jordan was going to be satisfied with nothing less than anal sex.

The brunette had taken a lot of anal cherries over the years and she knew just how to lube up a ass hole just right so that with enough force she could get even a dildo as big as her 12 incher up a girl's back passage. Elliot was about to suffer the same fate as many, many girls before her, not that she would suffer too much. As much has Jordan liked a little pain with her pleasure, especially when she was the one inflicting the pain, she much preferred the pleasure part, and she loved making someone take pleasure from such a perverted act, especially someone as repressed and uptight as this blonde seemed to be.

Everything was going well so far.

Jordan could easily slide her fingers around Elliot's ass hole as much as she wanted now without a negative response. In fact she seemed to get quite a positive response, the blonde moaning and groaning pleasurably as Jordan thrust her twirling fingers in and out of her back door at a steady pace, Elliot's reaction making it clear she was ready for the next step of this final act of submission.

Removing her fingers from Elliot's rectum Jordan grabbed her strap on by the base and pressed the tip against the blonde's slightly stretched out butt hole, the brunette smiling as Elliot tensed as expected before relaxing in acceptance of her fate.

Teasing her plaything like before Jordan lazily slid the tip of her fake cock up and down Elliot's ass crack for a few long moments before pressing the dildo firmly against the puckered opening.

"You haven't ever taken a cock up your ass before have you stick?" Jordan asked, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from the blonde's lips.

"N... no Mistress." Elliot whimpered.

"Good, I love popping anal cherries, and this way your first time taking it up the butt is even more special because it symbolises your submission to me." Jordan said, pausing for a moment to let that sink in before continuing, "Now, I want you to reach back and spread your butt cheeks for me stick. Open yourself up and offer me your ass hole. Make it easier for me to take your anal cherry."

Elliot whimpered, but did as she was told, pressing her face into the bed sheets as she reached back and spread her butt cheeks, offering her virgin ass hole up as a sacrifice to prove her submission.

Jordan smiled at this proof of submission, before pressing forward slowly but firmly, watching with glee as the tight puckered opening spread around the head of her dildo until it was finally slid through Elliot's tight back door, popping her anal cherry.

Elliot gasped in a combination of surprise and pain as Jordan robbed her of her anal virginity. She hadn't thought it was possible for something so big to fit inside her tiny butt hole and as pain shot through her body she wished she had been right.

Luckily the pain was given a chance to slowly fade away as Jordan stayed as still as a statue for a few moments before forcing an additional inch into Elliot's rectum.

With every additional inch Elliot either gasped or cried out, the blonde digging her fingernails into her buttocks and clenching her teeth as she endured one of the most painful experiences of her life.

"Oh don't be such a little cry baby stick." Jordan said, smacking Elliot on her half filled ass, "Suck it up and take it."

Wanting to complete this task so she could be officially Jordan's slave Elliot did as she was told, her teeth grinding together almost painfully and her fingernails digging so deeply into her butt cheeks they almost drew blood as she tried to remain quiet while having her ass forced open and stretched wide.

It seemed like it would never end, inch after inch going up Elliot's butt, with every inch Elliot swearing she couldn't possibly take any more only for Jordan to prove her wrong and force another inch into her back passage.

Just when she thought it would go on forever Elliot felt something press against her butt cheeks and after a few seconds she realised to her amazement it was Jordan's thighs meaning somehow that 12 inch dildo was now all the way inside her ass.

"Congratulations twinkie, that's 12 inches all the way up your butt." Jordan praised mockingly with a hard slap to Elliot's full to bursting behind, "How does it feel?"

"Gr... great Mistress." Elliot lied through her teeth.

"Ha, well don't you worry stick, I know your type. You say butt sex is disgusting and you'd never do it but one good session of ass fucking later and you're a little anal whore." Jordan said after the blonde's obvious lie.

"Hm." Elliot snorted, before quickly trying and failing to find the right words to apologise, "I mean if you say so Mistress... I mean whatever you say Mistress... I mean... I mean, yes Mistress."

As Elliot whimpered in anticipation of a beating for her little slip and the words following them Jordan briefly considered punishing her pet but decided to save it for later, right now she wanted to finish breaking in her new slave.

"You're right stick, I say so. I say you will end up loving it up your butt, and you will, but for now just try to relax. Your Mistress is going to start fucking your ass now and it will be easier for me if you try and stay as loose as possible." Jordan informed her little bitch as she tightened her grip on Elliot's thighs and began slowly pulling her strap on from the blonde's butt.

Elliot cried out as she felt the truly bizarre sensation of Jordan's dildo slowly being removed inch by inch from her rectum until it was about halfway out at which point the brunette stopped and began pushing her strap on back inside Elliot's ass.

Jordan repeated this, beginning a slow rhythm, her dildo moving steadily through the blonde's back passage, stretching it out for what would come later.

Elliot's mind wasn't focused on what was going to happen later, it was very much focused on what was happening right now.

Having something moving in and out of her butt was by far the weirdest sensation of Elliot's life, although surprisingly not the most painful.

Elliot had expected this to be like pure agony, but even during the initial entry it wasn't anywhere near as painful as she had been expecting and surprisingly the pain she felt quickly deteriorated into a dull, uncomfortable ache. It was still far from pleasant but it wasn't unbearable either. If this was as bad as it got the blonde could definitely take it if it meant she could be Jordan's slave and know the sweet submission she had felt with this dominating woman everyday.

Just as Elliot began to think she could put up with this something amazing happened.

She felt a spark... a little spark of pleasure... coming from her ass hole!

But that was impossible. It had to be impossible.

Sure Elliot had thought she had felt pleasure from her butt hole before when Jordan had fingered her ass in one of the patient rooms, but over the last couple of hours she had concluded that she had to be imagining things because there was no possible way she could ever feel pleasure from that hole.

Nearly the exact same moment Elliot thought that she felt it again, and then a short time later again, and then again, and then again, and then again.

Soon the sparks came quicker and got stronger, Elliot's body filling with pleasure which shouldn't be possible but apparently it was.

As those little sparks became bigger, stronger and faster Elliot's ass hole slowly seemed to loosen around the invader until even the uncomfortableness disappeared, leaving only the sparks of pleasure which eventually became so strong Elliot couldn't stop herself from moaning in pleasure.

Elliot's eyes almost burst from her head when the first unmistakable moan of pleasure fell from her lips. It couldn't possibly be feeling that good, could it? Apparently it could as moan after moan escaped her mouth.

Soon much like earlier when the butt sex began Elliot gritted her teeth and buried her face into the covers, only this time it wasn't to try and drown out her cries of pain but to cover up her moans of pleasure.

The feeling of humiliation for enjoying something so gross and disgusting was so overwhelming tears of shame filled Elliot's eyes and stained the bed sheets but she didn't complain, instead she just stayed there on her knees with her face down and ass up, her hands submissively spreading her butt cheeks for her new owner as she wept, cried and moaned as her body betrayed her.

Jordan smirked as her new little pet began moaning for her, a clear sign the blonde was beginning to like it up her butt.

The brunette had meant what she said before, she had seen Elliot's type and knew it wouldn't take a lot to make this uptight little bitch an anal loving whore.

Sexually repressed people like Elliot were easy to pervert, because without a steady dose of good old fashioned sex their minds were left to wonder and more often than not some of the more kinkier sides of sex became all they could think about. Things such as same sex fun, anal pleasure and fun with toys were the most common, all of which would then be repressed by the uptight person who thought about them during lonely nights.

There was a very good chance that Elliot had thought about girl on girl fun and anal sex during her alone time but then had been so ashamed about it that she repressed it. If that was true then Jordan was doing Elliot a favour by showing her there was no need to be ashamed of things which felt so good.

Of course there was the chance Elliot was just a straight girl who was genuinely disgusted by butt sex, but if that was true Jordan really didn't care. In fact Jordan liked the idea that maybe Elliot was an anal hating straight girl who she was turning into an anal loving dyke. Well, technically a anal loving bisexual, but anal loving dyke seemed hotter for the situation.

Whatever the case Jordan was having a lot of fun introducing Elliot to the joys of anal sex.

There was just something about butt fucking another woman which really turned Jordan on, especially in this position.

It just made Jordan feel so powerful, so dominant, so in control.

At this moment she had another woman in one of the most submissive positions possible, face down and ass up on her bed, the blonde still spreading her butt cheeks because Jordan hadn't told her to stop, the brunette kneeling behind Elliot and gently thrusting her strap on in and out of her ass.

From this position there could be no doubt who was in control, no doubt who was in charge, no doubt who was the mistress and who was the slave.

The position also gave Jordan a great view to look at while she butt fucked her slave, that being of course her little bitch bent over and spreading her ass cheeks for her, exposing her cute little butt hole as it was being destroyed by her strap on.

To Jordan the blonde's ass hole looked beautiful, stretched wide open by her toy in total submission to her, that busted up butt hole letting Jordan know it understood she was it's new mistress, she owned it and could do this to it whenever she wanted.

Elliot herself was being just as submissive as her ass hole, the blonde exposing her wrecked rectum to the woman who owned her butt hole and every other hole on her body.

The moaning and crying was another nice sign of Elliot's submission, but Jordan found herself wanting more, and sliding one of her hands from the blonde's thigh down to her pussy Jordan found the more she wanted.

"Looks like I was right about you doesn't it stick?" Jordan said as she lazily stroked her fingers up and down the lips of Elliot's soaking wet pussy only to pinch the blonde's clit tightly when she didn't get a response, "Doesn't it?"

"Yes Mistress!" Elliot yelped in pain, pulling her face from the covers and turning it so she could speak to her mistress, "You were right about me."

"So what does that make you twinkie?" Jordan asked.

Elliot thought about this for a few moments and then whimpered once she realised what she'd have to say.

"A... a little anal whore Mistress. It... it makes me a little anal whore." Elliot mumbled.

"That's right, good girl." Jordan said, letting go of Elliot's clit and going back to gently stroking the blonde's pussy, "You're a little anal whore. My little anal whore. What are you?"

"Your... your little anal whore Mistress... owww!" Elliot exclaimed as Jordan smacked her spread ass cheeks, connecting mostly with the soft flesh of her bottom.

"Again, but this time without the annoying hesitation, what are you?" Jordan demanded.

"Your little anal whore Mistress, I'm your little anal whore." Elliot replied quickly.

"Good girl." Jordan said as Elliot whimpered again, "Oh, why are you crying stick? Does it still hurt? No, your moaning too much and your pussy is too wet for it to still hurt. I know, you're crying because you can't believe how good it feels, and you're a little ashamed for liking it so much, isn't that right stick?"

"Yes Mistress." Elliot said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Why do you feel ashamed to like it stick? Tell me." Jordan ordered.

"Because it's gross, and disgusting, and wrong, and... and... it shouldn't feel this good." Elliot blurted out, a fresh batch of tears falling from her eyes.

"Oh don't worry about that twinkie, what you're feeling is natural for a girl like you." Jordan said, comforting Elliot in her own unique way as the blonde continued to whine, "Do you know what your problem is stick? It's that you think of yourself as a woman, when the truth is you're not, not really. A woman has dignity, self-respect, and power. You have none of these things, because you're not really a woman. You're a weak, pathetic little slut. But don't feel too bad about it twinkie, it's just your place in life. You exist so real women like me have something to compare ourselves too, something to try not to be, and most of all something to use for our pleasure. You see stick, you were born to be the sexual plaything of real women and your entire life you've just been waiting for someone like me to take you, break you, and turn you into the little slut you were always meant to be. Deep down you know that I'm right, that whenever you tried being a strong woman, a real woman, it just never felt right and you just ended up failing and being a disgrace to our gender. But today when I dominated you it felt right didn't it stick? It felt right, natural even, because you were where you were supposed to be. You had been put in your place and you loved it."

Jordan paused in her little speech so Elliot could whimper and take that in before continuing, "I'm not saying this to be mean stick, I'm just stating the facts, and if you search your heart you'll realise it's true. You don't have too admit it right now, you just have to think about it while I'm enjoying your ass. Speaking of which, let go of your butt cheeks and lift yourself up onto all fours, it's time for me to show you just how good a nice hard ass fucking can be for a little slut like you."

Elliot whimpered but didn't hesitate to obey, letting go of her ass cheeks and pushing her upper body upwards so she was on all fours. She then braced herself, deeply fearing what would come next, although it wasn't what she was expecting.

From Jordan's tone of voice Elliot had been expecting her new mistress to start jack-hammering her poor ass hole with all her might but instead Jordan just ever so slightly increased the pace, waited a while and then slightly increased the pace a little more, and then another pause followed by another increase in pace, Jordan repeating this process until finally she was jack-hammering in and out of Elliot's ass hole.

If Jordan had immediately started pounding away at Elliot's pooper then it would probably have torn the poor blonde's butt hole apart. Considering the power Jordan was now using to butt fuck the blonde doctor Elliot's ass hole should have been torn to shreds, and maybe it was being torn to shreds, but if it was Elliot couldn't feel it, she couldn't even feel any uncomfortableness, all she felt was pure pleasure coming from her butt.

This wasn't like before either because instead of little sparks rocket seemed to be exploding inside her caboodle and then shooting straight from it to her brain and then threw out her body, driving her crazy.

Elliot had heard it was possible to receive stimulation from her butt hole. She had always dismissed it as impossible but as her mind melted from anal pleasure there was no way she could possibly deny it now.

It felt so good Elliot wasn't even sure stimulation did it justice.

It was so amazing it actually felt as good as when her pussy was being fucked... maybe even better, which just made Elliot even more disgusted with herself.

It wasn't natural, it didn't feel natural, but at the same time it did. It was a paradox Elliot struggled to understand, part of her hating herself for getting such unbelievable pleasure from something she had always considered so disgusting and yet another part of her too deliriously happy to care.

The part of her that was deliriously happy tried to ignore the other part, Elliot wanting to just shut off her brain and enjoy the pleasure she was feeling but there was a thousand different thoughts screeching through her head like a deafening siren, taking away from her enjoyment until finally she had an epiphany, a moment of perfect clarity which set her free, not just to enjoy anal sex but to accept who she really was.

She was a slut. She wasn't a woman, not a real one. She was just a slut.

She didn't deserve to be called a woman. She was a disgrace to her gender. She should publicly apologise to every woman in the world for trying to impersonate one of them when the truth was she was nothing but a little slut who should be bowing down to the real women of the world. Real women like Jordan Sullivan.

Oh Jordan . Her wonderful mistress. A real woman who had seen her pathetic attempt to impersonate a woman and had put her in her place.

Jordan had shown Elliot what she truly was, a slut.

A woman wouldn't enjoy something so revolting as anal sex. A real woman would be disgusted by it, think it was unnatural, and not enjoy it in any way if she had to endure it.

That's why Elliot wasn't a real woman, because she liked the disgusting and gross act of anal sex. She also liked being spanked, whipped and dominated, humiliations real women would probably never allow themselves to be a part of, but humiliations Elliot had not only submitted to but had loved, and now she knew why. It was because she was a slut, not a real woman. She had disgraced her gender by trying to be a real woman and now she needed to be punished. She needed to be punished by another woman to show she now understood she was inferior to real women. Elliot had to show she understood now that her place in life was being a slut for a real woman, real women like her wonderful Mistress Jordan Sullivan who had opened her eyes to the truth and was now helping her become the slut she was always meant to be by turning her into her slave.

Elliot promised herself she was going to be the best slave ever and do whatever her mistress wanted, no matter how disgusting and degrading it might be. If anything the more disgusting and degrading it was the more Elliot would probably like it, after all this butt fucking was possibly the most amazing thing she'd ever felt which just showed what a perverted little slut she was.

The blonde just hoped her mistress could find some way to enjoy fucking her ass hole half as much as she was enjoying getting her ass hole fucked.

Jordan was getting a lot of enjoyment out of Elliot's ass hole, although truth be told the majority of it was psychological.

The stimulator inside her harness was doing a wonderful job on her clit and she loved the feeling of her thighs smacking hard against the blonde's butt cheeks, as well as the sound it made which echoed throughout the room, but it couldn't compare with the mental stimulation of brutally butt fucking another woman.

It just made her feel so dominant, so superior, so better.

From an early age Jordan had recognised she was better than most people. Most people were incredibly flawed in very obvious ways while Jordan did a good job of hiding the few flaws she had and playing to her strengths. One of those strengths was pointing out those flaws she could easily see in other people and making them hate themselves because of it.

Just look at twinkie here.

The blonde was obviously incredibly self-conscious, had an incredibly uptight and old-fashioned view towards sex which was probably a result of a very sheltered upbringing, and now Jordan was giving her a taste of the kinkier side of sex Elliot really wasn't sure what to make of it.

First Jordan had watched as Elliot had struggled to accept her bisexual feelings, and then she had watched her struggle to accept her newly found love of spanking, and then she had watched her struggle to accept her enjoyment of anal sex.

It was very obvious the blonde was disgusted with herself for enjoying getting her ass fucked, and considering all she had put Elliot through that day Jordan decided to push an idea on her which would make her submission easier on both of them.

She had told Elliot she wasn't really a woman, and it seemed the little whore had bought it. How hilarious was that?

A love for licking pussy, getting spanked and taking it up the butt did not make a woman a disgrace to her gender or mean she had any less right to call herself a woman, it just meant she enjoyed being submissive, but this little blonde had such a low opinion of herself she didn't even try to deny it. What's more Jordan bet she could make the blonde admit it. In fact, that was exactly what she was going to do right now.

"So stick, what are you? A slut or a woman?" Jordan asked, never slowing her pooper pounding pace.

"A slut. I'm a slut. I'm your slut Mistress." Elliot moaned submissively, hoping to tell Jordan what she wanted to hear but at the same time believing what she was saying, "I'm your whore. Your anal whore. I'm your bitch. I'm your slave."

"Good girl." Jordan said, impressed with the blonde's submission, "You are my slave, but I've still got to finish breaking in your ass hole to make it official. You want me to make it official don't you stick?"

"Oh yes Mistress, I want you to make it official. I want to be officially your slave. Break my ass hole so I can be officially your slave. Fuck my ass, ruin it, rip it apart, rip my ass hole apart!" Elliot groaned happily as her ass was probably already breaking under the hard fucking she was receiving, not that she felt anything but pleasure at this point.

"That won't be necessary." Jordan laughed, "Besides, I like your ass hole. I don't want to break it, I just want to stretch it out so I can use it whenever I want, and I will be using it from now on whenever I want, right twinkie?"

"That's right Mistress, you will be using my ass hole whenever you want from now on." Elliot parroted.

"Good girl." Jordan moaned, realising she couldn't stop herself from cumming much longer and she needed to do a few things first, "Now, it's almost time for me to mark your ass hole with my cum, making it officially mine and you my slave, but first I want you to look at your reward for becoming my slave."

With that Jordan awkwardly reached across to her bedside table, pulled a item from it and threw it expertly so it landed in front of Elliot's face.

Once the thing fell in front of her Elliot's eyes went wide with shock at the realisation of what it was and what it meant.

"What's that stick?" Jordan asked.

"It's... it's a collar Mistress." Elliot replied.

"Good, and can you tell me what it says?" Jordan asked.

Elliot frowned and then saw the tag. It was face down so she had to reach across and turn it over so she could see the writing on the tag. Once she had read it Elliot whimpered and answered her mistress.

"It... it says 'Property of Jordan Sullivan' Mistress." Elliot said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"And is that what you want to be stick, do you want to be my property?" Jordan asked.

"Oh yes Mistress, I want to be yours. I want to be your property. I want to be property of Jordan Sullivan. Please make me the property of Jordan Sullivan. Please make me your property Mistress!" Elliot begged shamelessly.

"Oh I will stick, don't you worry. I'll make you mine, my property. So just shut up and take my cock up your ass, and soon you'll have that pretty little collar around your neck, symbolising my ownership of you." Jordan said as she tightened her grip on Elliot's hips, "Oh, and don't forget to ask my permission to cum you pathetic little bitch!"

With that Jordan went into overdrive, the sound of her hips savagely slamming into Elliot's ass cheeks becoming deafening as Jordan used every ounce of her strength to tear her new bitch's butt hole apart.

At the same time Elliot began thrusting herself backwards against the invading dildo, impaling her horny ass hole upon the monster cock out of pure instinct.

Soon both women were completely lost to the perverted act of anal sex, the whole world falling away until all that existed was a strap on and a butt hole.

Well, for Jordan there was also a stimulator which was torturing her clit with pleasure but apart from that her tunnel vision was focused on the horribly misused and stretched out butt hole of her new slave and the huge dildo around her waist which she was plowing into that back door.

As for Elliot, she was completely focused on that big strap on pounding its way through her anal passage, the sensations making her thrust herself backwards like a bitch in heat. She had never acted so wantonly before but she couldn't help herself. She had no dignity or shame left, if she'd had any to begin with. All that mattered to her at that moment was cumming, something which was seconds away.

Just as she felt herself about to go over the edge Elliot remembered she had to ask for permission, and using every ounce of her willpower she was able to hold back her climax and yell, "Please Mistress I need to cum now, please can I cum?"

Jordan briefly considered refusing but she couldn't hold back much longer either so she answered, "Yes slave, you can cum."

Elliot was incredibly grateful Jordan said that because she didn't think she could stop herself if she'd tried and the permission allowed her to just relax and let it come. Of course when it arrived it completely knocked her senseless, Elliot's very first anal induced orgasm causing her mind to explode into a million pieces and then make those pieces slowly melt away into a blissful happiness. Before she could even comprehend what had happened Elliot experienced her second anal induced orgasm, and then her third, and then her fourth, and so on, and so on in quick succession, Jordan sodomising her to multiple climaxes without even touching her pussy. Just before she slipped into a vegetable state of pleasure Elliot wondered how something was possible, and whether she should be ashamed of it, and then it was a very long time before she had another coherent thought.

Jordan smirked in smug satisfaction as she brought Elliot to a series of climaxes before her own face slipped into a mask of bliss as the clit stimulator did its job and sent her over the edge in a mind melting, body numbing orgasm. Selfishly wanting more Jordan continued pounding away at Elliot's ass hole, literally using the blonde's butt for her own pleasure and bringing herself to another couple of climaxes before reaching down to the balls of her strap on. Jordan took a moment to savour this, her complete and total enslavement of this hot little slut, before squeezing down hard on the fake balls, shooting her cum deep into the blonde's bowels, Jordan officially enslaving Elliot.

From within her vegetable state Elliot became aware of liquid filling her butt and a small smile crossed her face. She was enslaved. She was Jordan's slave. And she'd never been so happy.

Jordan kept a tight grip on the false balls as she decorated the inside of Elliot's rectum in her cream and when she was sure every drop of her cum was buried deep within the blonde's back passage Jordan began slowing down until she came to a stop, then reached over, grabbed the collar and tightly fastened it around the young doctor's neck, the collar a physical symbol of Elliot's enslavement.

Once the collar was secure Jordan pulled back, slowly removing her strap on from Elliot's ass, enjoying the sight of that terribly misused hole stretching obscenely around her fake cock as she pulled out from the blonde's butt.

For a few moments Jordan knelt there, admiring with pride the blonde's bruised butt cheeks and gaping ass hole slowly leaking her cum before collapsing onto her back on the bed in exhaustion.

Fuck, that had been a good fuck.

Both Elliot and Jordan stayed where they were for a while until their breathing finally returned to something close to normal, at which point the brunette turned to the blonde.

"What are you stick?" Jordan asked.

Elliot lifted her head, turned to look at Jordan and then said with more conviction than she had ever said anything before, "Your slave. I'm your slave Mistress."

Jordan smiled, reached out, grabbed Elliot by the hair and pulled her lips to hers.

The blonde collapsed onto her mistress and melted into her arms, grateful for the surprisingly soft kiss and embrace as she tried to recover from the greatest sex of her life.

The brunette enjoyed the feeling of her pet in her arms and getting the chance to be intimate with her, but she didn't want her new slave to get the wrong idea. She needed to make sure Elliot didn't forget her place, and Jordan knew just how to do that.

"Clean." Jordan commanded when she broke the kiss, pointing downwards.

Even when she looked at were Jordan was pointing it took a few moments for Elliot to realise what her mistress wanted. When Elliot figured it out a look of disgust crossed her face and she looked up pleadingly at Jordan but her mistress just stared back at her coldly.

With a whimper Elliot slowly crawled down in between Jordan's legs and after one final failed attempt at looking up at the brunette for sympathy the young doctor crinkled her nose in disgust, lowered her head and took the tip of the dildo into her mouth.

Even though the strap on had been in the deepest part of her rectum only a few moments ago the taste wasn't quite that bad, or maybe it just didn't taste that bad to Elliot because she was a slut. Whatever the reason Elliot began bobbing her head on the fake cock, taking more and more of it each time, forcing herself to deep throat it when the time came so she could give the strap on the best blow job possible, all to show her mistress how grateful she was to her for enslaving her.

Jordan smiled and lazily stroked the enslaved blonde's hair as her pet bobbed her head on her dildo, eventually getting her mouth all the way down to the base so she could clean it of all her ass juices like a good little slut, making it very clear Elliot was going to make an excellent slave.

"Ok twinkie, that's clean enough, time for bed." Jordan said once she decided her cock was clean enough.

Gratefully Elliot tiredly began moving up the bed until the hand on her head stopped her.

"Where do you think you're going? You don't sleep with me, you're not good enough for that. You sleep over there." Jordan said, pointing to a dog basket in the corner of the room.

Elliot looked at the basket and then asked her mistress pleadingly, "No, please Mistress, let me sleep with you, just for tonight."

Jordan thought about this. Normally she would say no and just kick her slave out of bed, but Elliot was freshly enslaved and after the hot fucking session they had just had Jordan was in a generous mood.

"Ok stick, you can sleep with me, but not beside me. You can sleep at my feet like the little pet you are. In return for this privilege you will kiss my feet before you go to sleep, and again when I wake up to show you understand your place." Jordan said.

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." Elliot said in reply, not wanting to push her luck.

The blonde didn't care where she was on the bed, she just wanted to be near to the woman who had enslaved her.

Curling up at the bottom of the bed Elliot devoted herself completely to worshipping her mistress's feet, covering them with kisses in the hope she could prove she understood her place, that Jordan had enslaved her and she was now the property of this dominating woman to be used as she saw fit.

Elliot continued kissing those feet long after Jordan fell asleep, her lips pressed against them when finally her exhaustion caught up with her and she drifted off to sleep were she dreamed what life had in store for her now she was Jordan Sullivan's slave.


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