Authors note: This story takes place during the "My Last Day" episode in Season 1.

Keywords: Mf, language, oral, spank, TV-parody

Scrubs: Enslaving Elliot Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

It was only a few moments after Elliot had agreed to go back to Jordan's apartment so they could 'continue her training' and Elliot was already regretting her decision.

This was a character flaw which Elliot hated about herself. She could never make up her mind about anything. Even when she was forced to make a on the spot life and death decision she would question herself over and over about her decision for days, sometimes weeks after she had made a decision. Her head was a mess of self-doubt and nervousness it was a miracle she ever got anything done.

Elliot was faced with another tough decision, and just when she thought she had made it she found herself questioning it all over again, only this wasn't a question of life and death, it was a question of should she let Jordan have her way with her.

After three amazing sessions of sex in less than 24 hours with this intimidating older woman even Elliot couldn't deny her own lesbian desires or the fact that she liked to be dominated but the question remained should she really be having sex with Jordan?

The simple answer to that was no.

Jordan Sullivan terrified Elliot more than any body else she'd ever met in her life. Dr Cox, Dr Kelso, Jordan, her mother, her father and one of her old college professors had all tied for most scariest person she'd ever met for a long time but Jordan's ability to tap into previously unknown desires of submission and use them to control Elliot had elevated Jordan to the top of the blonde's list of terrifying people.

If Elliot let her Jordan would chew her up and spit her out and as they neared the exit of the hospital the blonde felt compelled to make one last attempt to get from out of the brunette's clutches.

Closing her eyes and cringing Elliot stopped in her tracks, not opening her eyes and silently praying Jordan would just keep on walking, leaving her alone in the hospital and then just forget about her.

"What are you doing stick?" Jordan asked impatiently.

So much for that brilliant plan Elliot thought to herself.

"I was just... I was just..." Elliot stuttered.

"Not having second thoughts are you twinkie?" Jordan asked, "Because you know you already agreed to come back with me to my apartment, and not to do so now, well that would be just rude."

"No... I mean yes... I mean..." Elliot stammered.

"Look stick, it's ok to be nervous, that's natural, but if you're constantly questioning me and being difficult, well then you're just going to end up making this harder on yourself." Jordan said, stepping closer to the blonde until they were almost face-to-face, "We both know what you want, just go with it."

"What, what, what are you going to do to me?" Elliot asked nervously.

Jordan paused and thought for a moment.

If she told Elliot what she intended to do to her it would probably terrified the blonde to her very core but Jordan wasn't really worried about that. This girl was practically collared and branded already and it was now inevitable that she was going to become Jordan's slave, not just because Jordan wanted it but because whether she was ready to admit it or not Elliot wanted it.

Really Jordan's only reason for hesitating was because she liked her little pets not knowing what was going to come next. She knew part of the fun for a slave was not knowing what it's owner was going to do to it, and Jordan didn't like to make too many plans, it was much more fun to just do whatever she felt like, but that didn't mean she couldn't paint Elliot a picture of what she might do to her. That could be fun.

"Well, I'll probably start out with a nice hard spanking." Jordan said, reaching out and grabbing a firm hold of Elliot's waist and pulling her towards her, her hand quickly sliding to Elliot's ass which is where it stayed as she whispered what she was going to do with the blonde in her ear, "That should help you realise who's in charge right from the start. Then I'll probably tie you up with a vibrator or something in your pussy for a couple of hours until I'm in the mood to use you. Depending on what mood I'm in I may decide to spank you some more, or maybe give you a whipping or paddling. After I've had my fun I'll untie you and you will worship my body with your mouth and tongue. When I grow tired of your mouth and tongue I will strap on one of my dildos and you will suck it before spreading your legs for me, at which point I will fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked before. Then I will bend you over and use my strap on to pop your little anal cherry. After I have broken in your ass hole I will collar you as my slave. Unless I decide to further use you that will probably be it for the night, but there will be more training later. When I am satisfied you are housebroken I will brand you as my property, to be used as I see fit until I tire of you, at which point I will either send you away or simply stop using you."

"Oh god." Elliot cried after a few moments of stunned silence.

"Hey, I'm just telling you what is going to happen tonight stick." Jordan said.

"It is." Elliot said weakly.

"It is." Jordan said confidently, "I've decided to make you my slave, and that's exactly what's going to happen."

"But, but, but, what if I'm not sure I want to be your slave?" Elliot asked.

Jordan's eyes suddenly grew extremely cold, scaring her little slave in training before a smile crossed her face which scared Elliot even more.

"Come with me." Jordan commanded before letting go of Elliot and turning back into the hospital.

Elliot opened her mouth to ask where they were going but her mouth was suddenly very dry and after the way Jordan looked at her the blonde was afraid to say anything. So she just obediently followed Jordan through the hospital, the dominating brunette seeming to be deep in thought as they passed room after room until they reached the janitor's closet.

"Mm, this will do." Jordan said before going inside.

Elliot hesitated before following her, but only for a moment.

There was only one janitor inside, the janitor Elliot had seen most around the place. She knew there were other janitors, she had seen them, but this was the one that was normally around, although she didn't know his name.

"Hey jumpsuit, want to get lucky?" Jordan asked.

The Janitor opened his mouth to say something but Jordan quickly cut him off.

"Well stay where you are and shut up." Jordan said, before turning to Elliot, "Get on your knees stick."

"What." Elliot said weakly.

"I said get on your knees." Jordan said firmly.

Elliot hesitated, bit her lip and looked into Jordan's eyes. For the briefest of moments Elliot and Jordan engaged in a battle of wills, that is if it could be called a battle, it was more like a slaughter. Jordan completely crushed Elliot's will with just a look, the blonde whimpering in defeat as she fell to her knees.

"Good, now crawl along the floor on your knees until you're kneeling before the floor mopper." Jordan ordered.

Elliot whimpered again, placed her hands down on the floor and began crawling towards The Janitor.

That was a mistake.

"Did I say crawl on your hands and knees?" Jordan asked.

There was a pause as Elliot cringed.

"No." Elliot said softly.

"Well then what did I say?" Jordan questioned.

"Crawl... crawl on my knees." Elliot stuttered.

"That's right, so what are you going to do?" Jordan asked.

Elliot answered by taking her hands off the floor and crawling on her knees to the janitor.

"Good girl." Jordan said as her little pet did as she was told, "Now place your hand on his crotch."

"But..." Elliot began.

"Place. Your. Hand. On. His. Crotch." Jordan commanded coldly.

In the blink of an eye Elliot's hand was on the janitor's crotch and Jordan was smiling.

"That's better, now rub your hand back and forth over his crotch." Jordan ordered.

Elliot opened her mouth to argue again but a look from Jordan quickly changed her mind and she began to rub The Janitor's crotch, his dick quickly hardening under her touch.

"That's it, just like that, good girl." Jordan said, "Do you like it? Can you feel him getting hard? Does it turn you on? Or are you just a total lesbian slut? We both know how much you love being my little whore, but how would you like to play with a nice hard cock? Answer me stick!"

"I... I... I... I don't know." Elliot stuttered.

"You don't know?" Jordan laughed cruelly, "I thought you told me you weren't a lesbian?"

"I'm not." Elliot said weakly.

"Right," Jordan said sarcastically "Then explain why you came so hard on my tongue and fingers earlier?"

Elliot whimpered, not sure how to respond.

Jordan sighed.

"I'll tell you what stick, how about I let you prove you're not a lesbian." Jordan said.

"How?" Elliot asked, although she thought she already knew the answer, and she was right.

"Take the toilet cleaner's cock out of his pants and stroke him." Jordan said.

It was an order, not a suggestion, all three of them knew it, but even though Elliot could feel Jordan pulling her strings she felt helpless to do anything but obey.

The Janitor groaned quietly as Elliot pulled his semi-erect dick out and began to slowly stroke it to full erection. At full-size The Janitor's cock was about 9 inches long and it didn't take long to reach full-size under the blonde doctor's soft touch.

From the way Elliot was stroking his shaft it was obvious to both The Janitor and Jordan that the blonde had done this before, probably a lot, which would make this next part easier.

"You like that stick?" Jordan asked, "You like the way that dick grows in your hand? Do you like how big it's gotten? Is your pussy getting wet from thinking about putting that big cock inside yourself? Answer me!"

"I... I... I... I guess." Elliot stuttered.

"You guess?" Jordan said, using her fake concern voice, "Sweetie if you really are a lesbian we can leave right now if you want. It's understandable that stroking a dick would make a little dyke uncomfortable."

"I'm... I'm... I'm not a lesbian." Elliot protested.

"Really, prove it. Put that annoying little mouth of yours to good use and suck his cock." Jordan challenged.

Realising Jordan had backed her into a corner Elliot whimpered. The idea that Elliot had to perform oral sex on a janitor to prove she wasn't a lesbian was absurd and yet Jordan almost had her believing it. God knows Jordan had her questioning her sexuality enough as it was and Elliot just didn't think she could take the taunts about being a lesbian she would no doubt get from Jordan if she failed to perform oral sex on this janitor.

In fact it was more Elliot's desire that Jordan would stop taunting her more than it was any type of attraction she felt towards The Janitor which compelled her to slowly open her mouth and lower it to the long stick of flesh before her.

As her mouth closed around the shaft Elliot closed her eyes tightly as if expecting an unpleasant taste, which she kind of was for some reason, but it really wasn't that bad. Actually, it kind of tasted good.

"Mm, well that's a start." Jordan said, clearly not impressed, "Now let's try you bobbing your head on it a little."

There was a pause and then Elliot did as she was told slowly lowering her lips down on the shaft, sliding inch after inch into her mouth until she had almost half of it past her lips before pulling back until just the tip was in her mouth and then gently repeating the process a couple of times in quick bobs before she was interrupted.

"Really, that's how you suck a cock. Pathetic. Are you even sucking him? Or are you just sliding your lips over his shaft? Don't take his cock out to answer, or try and speak with your mouth full, just starts sucking harder. I want to be able to hear it." Jordan said, waiting until Elliot was sucking loudly on The Janitor's cock before continuing, "And at least try and take a little more in your mouth. You're barely even taking half of it. He may only be a janitor but no guy deserves such a lousy blow job. Take more. Swallow that cock. Let's see if you can take at least 2/3 of it."

Finding herself unable to do anything but obey Jordan's commands Elliot lowered her mouth further on The Janitor's cock, taking more into her mouth on every bob of her head until she was sliding her lips over 2/3 of the shaft, stopping occasionally so she could suck him extra loudly allowing Jordan to really hear it.

"Better, but not good." Jordan said, "If you're going to suck a cock you might as well do it right which means stimulating all of the cock, not just 2/3 of it. So I think it's about time I taught you how to deep throat a cock. I assume you've never deep throated a cock before, am I right stick?"

Given that she had been told not to take The Janitor's cock out of her mouth or speak with her mouthful Elliot was a little unsure how to answer that question. After pausing briefly to think about it Elliot nodded her head, hoping that it would satisfy Jordan. It didn't.

"Answer me when I ask you a question stick." Jordan said angrily, "Take that dick out of your mouth and tell me if you've ever deep throated a cock before!"

Spitting The Janitor's cock out of her mouth Elliot turned to look directly at Jordan, her mouth open and ready to answer the question but seeing the angry look on the older woman's face terrified Elliot into silence. It was like she suddenly forgot how to talk and she just kneeled there with her mouth open like an idiot.

"Well?" Jordan said after a pause.

"I... I... I... I've never deep throated a cock before." Elliot stuttered.

"Ok then, that means I'm just going to have to teach you. Take his cock back into your mouth until the tip is pressed against the back of your throat." Jordan ordered.

"But..." Elliot began.

"That wasn't a request stick!" Jordan said bluntly.

Elliot made a small, pitiful whining sound before turning around and putting The Janitor's cock back into her mouth. Closing her eyes Elliot concentrated on relaxing and keeping calm as she tried to take the cock to the back of her throat. When it was almost all the way there she panicked at the idea of deep throating a cock and was about to take The Janitor's man meat out of her mouth until she heard footsteps behind her followed closely by the feeling of a firm hand grasping onto the back of her head.

"Come on twinkie, all the way down." Jordan said, curling her fingers in Elliot's hair as she pushed her down further on the dick, "Swallow that cock. That's better, keep going. Nod your head when his cock is at the back of your throat."

Shortly after Jordan gave the command Elliot nodded her head frantically causing Jordan to smile.

"Good, now relax your throat muscles and lower your mouth further. Push that cock down your throat." Jordan ordered as she increased the pressure on the back of Elliot's head.

The blonde doctor whimpered but didn't resist, desperately trying to relax her throat muscles as the shaft threatened to slide down her gullet. After enough pressure from Jordan it did just that, the head of The Janitor's cock slowly sliding down Elliot's windpipe until her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his balls were resting against her chin.

Elliot held that position for as long as she could by breathing through her nose and desperately trying to remain calm but eventually she began to choke, not that Jordan cared. The cruel brunette kept a firm amount of pressure on the back of the blonde's head assuring the young doctor couldn't go anywhere.

"Suck it stick." Jordan said coldly.

Understandably Elliot had stopped sucking on The Janitor's dick while she was trying to take it into her throat so she could concentrate on relaxing but now she had all of it in her mouth Elliot began sucking it like never before in the hope that Jordan would allow her to come up for air.

The strong sucking didn't last that long as Elliot began violently choking on the dick, tears beginning to run down her cheeks until finally Jordan pulled her up, allowing the young doctor to cough and gasp for air for a few moments before her mouth was pushed back down on The Janitor's fully erect cock.

"More. Suck that cock you little slut! Show me what a good little cock sucker you can be! Show me you're not a total dyke by sucking that cock!" Jordan commanded as she guided Elliot's mouth up and down The Janitor's dick for a few long strokes before pulling her up for air again, "Good, now lick his balls."

Elliot had heard that request before and she had always said no but as Jordan pushed her head down to The Janitor's balls her only negative response was a brief look of disgust before immediately sticking out her tongue and doing as the older woman said.

Jordan smiled happily as her plaything slid her tongue all over The Janitor's balls just as she had commanded her too, Jordan waiting until every inch of those balls were covered in saliva before giving her next order.

"Ok now take his balls into your mouth and suck them." Jordan commanded.

Without a word of protest Elliot did as she was told, sliding her lips over The Janitor's nut sack and obediently sucking them.

"Good, now lick up and down his shaft and then deep throat him again. Then switch between licking and sucking his cock and balls. Give him the greatest blow job of his life." Jordan ordered.

As if she was unable to do anything but obey Elliot did as she was told, worshipping The Janitor's cock and balls with her mouth and tongue, giving him the best head she had ever given before.

Elliot didn't understand why she was almost blindly obeying Jordan.

It wasn't like she was really being forced physically. The Janitor had done nothing to her and while Jordan did have a firm grip on the back of her head it was merely guiding her mouth, not forcing it. Maybe it had forced her for a few moments during the deep throating but Elliot had not resisted it then and she certainly wasn't resisting now, almost welcoming Jordan being able to control her with just one hand.

In some ways it was like her body was betraying her, seeming to bend to Jordan's will of its own accord, but Elliot couldn't even pretend that was true. There was something inside her mind screaming at her to obey Jordan's every command, something which craved for her to be controlled by the dominating older woman, something which seemed to compel her to devote herself completely into orally worshipping The Janitor's cock.

The Janitor struggled to keep his voice down as he uncontrollably groaned and moaned from the feeling of the blonde doctor's mouth sliding over his manhood.

Jordan had stopped sex sessions like this because she became too annoyed with his or his fellow janitors moanings before and the last thing he wanted to do was make too much noise and this, probably his one and only chance with blonde doctor.

He had been stealing glances at her from the moment he first saw her, imagined what it would be like to feel that soft looking mouth on his dick and now he actually had the blonde doctor's sucking his cock it felt better than he had ever imagined. All he had to do was be quiet... and not cum to quickly.

Letting go of Elliot's hair Jordan stood back and admired her handiwork.

There before her was another stuck up little intern who she had exposed for the cock sucking, cunt licking slut she truly was, obediently bobbing her head up and down on a janitor's dick just because she had told her too.

The sight gave Jordan a great sense of power and satisfaction.

She just loved dominating people and weak minded little sluts like Elliot Reid were just easy targets for her.

Jordan could tell Elliot was going to make a good slave by the way she was now eagerly sucking on that cock.

It might have taken a little force for Jordan to get her to co-operate but Elliot was now happily bobbing her head up and down on the dick of her own accord, not that it hadn't been fun forcing her head up and down.

Jordan watched Elliot blow The Janitor for a while until she became bored and decided it was time to move on.

"Ok that's enough of that stick, take the dick out of your mouth and stand up." Jordan ordered.

Without needing to be told twice Elliot spat out the cock, stood up and faced Jordan, waiting for her next command.

Jordan smiled and went to go and stand against the wall beside The Janitor.

"Strip for us, and make it slow and sexy." Jordan commanded.

Elliot bit her lip and briefly thought about arguing but one look from Jordan quickly had her reaching for the bottom of her scrubs and quickly beginning to pull them over her head.

It took another look from Jordan to remind Elliot she was supposed to be stripping 'slowly and sexily' and while she wasn't completely confident she could pull off sexy she knew she could pull off slow, which is exactly what she did. Of course she tried to be sexy as well but as always when taking off her clothes Elliot's self-consciousness had her second-guessing herself the whole time making her feel more awkward than sexy. It didn't help she had her mother's voice trapped inside her head, constantly criticising everything she did and making her feel inadequate.

"Mm, we're going to have to work on you're stripping techniques twinkie." Jordan said, making Elliot feel worse about herself as she walked past the blonde back to the centre of the room, "But for now go kneel over The Janitor's cock but facing me."

Elliot opened her mouth to ask why but another stern look from Jordan immediately silenced her and she wordlessly obeyed the instructions.

It would have been a stupid question anyway. As naive as she sometimes was even Elliot could see where this was going, but as with everything with Jordan the blonde felt helpless to do anything but obey. Elliot felt like she was a puppet on a string, and Jordan was her puppetmaster.

"Jumpsuit, hold your cock by the base so it straight up in the air and lined up with stick's pussy." Jordan ordered her other puppet, smiling as it did as it was told, "Good, now lower yourself on his dick twinkie."

Elliot looked at Jordan pleadingly.

"Lower. Yourself. On. His. Dick. Twinkie." Jordan coldly commanded.

Whimpering softly Elliot did as she was told, pressing herself down on the tip of The Janitor's cock and relaxing, allowing it to slide into her body.

Despite the fact that it was much bigger than most of the other cock she'd had before Elliot felt no pain as her pussy lips parted to receive the head of the cock into her cunt, the pain of being stretched only mild and completely dwarfed by the feeling of pleasure she felt as the dick slid inside her.

Of course that was probably because Elliot had never been this wet before with any guy, at least not at this stage, and she knew it had little to do with The Janitor, although his big cock was far from a turn off.

The reason Elliot was so wet was because of Jordan.

Never in her entire life had Elliot found herself being so hot and horny in one-day and it was all because of another woman dominating her, which was terrifying but arousing in itself.

Elliot's extremely aroused state allowed the blonde to easily slide herself down on the big cock until she was sitting on The Janitor's lap with all 9 inches of that man meat buried inside her.

"Mm, took that cock pretty quickly didn't you stick? I guess this means you're right. You're not a lesbian, you're a slut. A slut for pussy, and a slut for cock. A pussy slut, and a cock slut. You've already shown me what a pussy slut you are by burying your face in my cunt twice today already, so why don't you show me what a cock slut you are." Jordan said, smiling wickedly, "Bounce on that cock. Come on, bounce. Move yourself up and down on that dick. Fuck it with your slutty little pussy."

Elliot whimpered softly as she did as she was told, placing her hands on The Janitor's knees to help push herself upwards. Once she had lifted herself halfway off the dick Elliot slowly lowered herself back down and then repeated the process, bouncing herself up and down on the cock.

Although at first she was whimpering and whining from finding herself in this situation Elliot soon changed her tune, her whimpers and whines dissolving into groans and moans of pleasure as she settled into a steady pace of fucking herself on The Janitor's cock.

Despite her mother's many, many affairs Elliot had led a rather sheltered life until she came to Sacred Heart. In this year alone she had slept with more guys than ever before and had some of the best sex of her life but none of it had been half as good as the sex she had been receiving today.

First Jordan completely fucked her brains out three times in a row and now Elliot found herself bouncing on the biggest cock she had ever seen before. JD's had been pretty close, but this was just a little bit bigger and was sliding into previous untouched depths of her pussy, stimulating her like never before. It was thick too. She could tell her pussy lips were being spread open wider than ever before and it felt amazing. Any original pain she felt from being stretched out so much had vanished and now Elliot was just experiencing pure pleasure as she bounced up and down, sliding that big poll in and out of herself in this unusual position.

This position was actually new to Elliot. She had ridden a cock while being face-to-face with a guy but never facing away from him like she was now.

Elliot considered turning around, or at least looking behind her, so she could see the look on The Janitor's face, maybe try and figure out what he was thinking, but she didn't dare turn away from Jordan, and even if she wanted to she didn't think she could. Jordan's eyes had locked onto hers and they seem to be staring a hole right through her. Elliot felt like the gaze would destroy her, but she couldn't look away. It was so terrifyingly captivating she felt helpless to do anything but look into Jordan's eyes as she obediently fucked herself on the dick as instructed.

The Janitor would have liked to be able to look into blonde doctor's eyes as they fucked but he understood why he wasn't getting that particular pleasure.

This wasn't about him, or about him and blonde doctor, this was about Jordan. This was about Jordan putting one of her little slaves in their place, about showing them she was in control.

Jordan's tendencies to enslave just about anyone who in any way gained her interest was widely known throughout Sacred Heart and the surrounding area, as were some of the things she made her little slaves do.

The Janitor knew that in Jordan's mind having one of her pets fuck someone like him was a harsh punishment but it paled in comparison to some of the things she had apparently done to her playthings.

From all the things he had heard The Janitor was actually glad that Jordan considered someone like him to insignificant to enslave.

Of course The Janitor wasn't big on the submission thing, or the doing what other people said thing which might have something to do with Jordan's lack of interest in enslaving him, but whatever. The important thing was he and the other janitors got some great perks from Jordan's dominating desires while not having to be humiliated and degraded. It was definitely the biggest perk of this crappy job, a perk which finally allowed him to bang blonde doctor, and for that he was very grateful to Jordan.

The Janitor may have been grateful to Jordan for giving him his one and only chance with Elliot but Jordan was barely aware he was even in the room. He was irrelevant, he meant nothing to her. Elliot on the other hand, she meant something to Jordan. Not much, but something.

Despite the things she had done to the blonde time and time again Elliot had defied Jordan. This fact had Jordan intrigued. She was still trying to guess whether the blonde continuously challenged her out of some twisted form of bravery or if the girl was just plain stupid. More to the point if Jordan continued to dominate and humiliate Elliot would she break her?

Jordan had broken girls before, had turned them into her submissive little slaves eager to please their Mistress and every time Elliot try to stand up to her or questioned her orders Jordan's desire to break Elliot and turn her into her slave became even greater.

This girl seemed like just such a natural submissive and yet enslaving her was already proving a greater challenge than Jordan would have suspected and that was far more of a turn on than a turn off. The longer Elliot resisted her enslavement the sweeter her final and inevitable submission to Jordan would be.

In some ways Jordan would like Elliot to fight her enslavement for as long as she could, and yet at the same time she would like to snap every ounce of the blonde's defiance like a twig.

It was hard for Jordan to make up her mind which she would prefer, but that didn't mean she was in any way going to go light on the girl.

If anything it meant she was going to pull every trick she knew to bring the blonde to her knees, which included of course plenty of verbal abuse/encouragement as her little slave in training fucked herself on The Janitor's big dick.

"Yeah, that's it bounce on that cock slut. Bounce on that cock as hard as you can. Show me how much you love it. Show me what a cock slut you are." Jordan commanded her new pet gleefully as she watched her fuck a lowly janitor just for her amusement.

Just then Jordan heard Elliot mutter something under her breath.

"What was that stick?" Jordan asked.

"Nothing." Elliot said quickly.

"Didn't sound like nothing." Jordan said, "What did you say?"

"Nothing." Elliot said again, only to spill the beans the moment Jordan took a menacing step towards her, "I just said that... that... I'm not a... I'm not a slut."

"But you are." Jordan said frowning.

"No I'm not." Elliot protested.

"Really," Jordan said, taking another menacing step towards the blonde, "How well do we know each other stick?"

"I... we... erm..." Elliot stuttered, unsure how to answer the question.

"Have we been dating for months? Have I spent lots of money on you, taken you to nice places and given you expensive gifts? Have I written you a sappy poem or sung you a sweet little love song? Have we bonded in any way shape or form? Do we even like each other?" Jordan mockingly questioned.

"I... well... I... erm..." Elliot stammered.

"No, you pissed me off and I used you like a little slut! I used you like a little slut and you loved every minute of it, because that's what you are, a slut!" Jordan said angrily, pausing to let that sink in before continuing, "And guess what slut? You've pissed me off again."

Jordan stepped forward so that she was standing right in front of where Elliot was slowly bouncing on The Janitor's cock, standing over her and leering down at her menacingly.

Fear grasped Elliot's body and she came to a slow stop with The Janitor's dick still buried inside her.

Rather than put up any form of resistance Elliot closed her eyes and waited for Jordan to strike at her, physically or mentally.

The blonde tensed as Jordan lazily slid a hand over her body, cupping her breasts like she was expecting the quality of something she had bought and paid for herself.

"I could fuck you again stick, and you'd let me, but we don't have time. If I'm going to break you in properly we're going to have to leave soon, so I'll wait until we're in my apartment to fuck you. However, you have pissed me off by trying to stand up to me yet again so I'm going to have to punish you." Jordan said, before stepping back, "Get off that cock."

Too afraid to disobey Elliot did as she was told, awkwardly standing up and away, pulling the cock from her horny pussy with a groan of frustration from both The Janitor and the blonde.

"Good, now turn around and get back on that dick." Jordan ordered.

With a level of eagerness that surprised her Elliot quickly grabbed The Janitor's dick, positioned herself so she was kneeling over it and impaled her needy pussy on The Janitor's big tool.

"Ok, now lean forward. Stick that ass out for me." Jordan commanded.

Elliot whimpered, but did as she was told. She whimpered again when she felt Jordan's hand beginning to slide over her butt cheeks no doubt in preparation to give her another spanking.

"You know what twinkie, even though you've pissed me off I'm still actually having a lot of fun playing with you. And since you're so much fun I'm going to give you the choice, you can take 300 spanks and refer to me as Ms Sullivan when you thank me for each spank, or you can take 200 spanks and refer to me as Mistress. You're call." Jordan said.

Elliot whimpered. She was worried about having to call Jordan Mistress, especially after doing it so recently before but she really didn't want to have to take 300 spanks.

"Answer me stick!" Jordan demanded impatiently.

"I'll... I'll... I'll take the 200 spanks." Elliot whimpered.

"And you will call me Mistress?" Jordan asked.

"Yes." Elliot said quietly.

"Yes you will call me what?" Jordan questioned.

"Mistress. Yes I will call you Mistress." Elliot said in defeat.

"Good." Jordan said, raising her hand, "And remember to count each spank for me."

"Ok... owww... one, thank you Mistress... owww... two, thank you Mistress... owww... three, thank you Mistress... owww... four, thank you Mistress... owww... five, thank you Mistress..."

Elliot's cheeks burned red in humiliation as she was spanked while The Janitor's cock was still buried inside her.

Including the ass whipping Elliot had received earlier this was the fourth time today Jordan had brutalised her butt and as an emotionally and physically painful as those ass beatings had been this was even worse. Well, mentally it was even worse. The blows themselves weren't actually that bad and most of them were quite light, at least compared with the earlier whipping and spanking, but there was definite added torment from knowing that The Janitor was watching her humiliation.

After the first couple of blows Elliot closed her eyes tightly shut so she wouldn't have two look into The Janitor's eyes as the spanking continued, that way she wouldn't have to see any look of disgust or pity. Elliot even half expected him to laugh at her for letting Jordan do this to her but he was mostly silent. Not wanting to imagine what he must think of her Elliot tried to pretend he wasn't even there but as Jordan continued beating her ass ignoring The Janitor became impossible.

With every blow to her butt every muscle in Elliot's body tense slightly which included the muscles in her pussy, meaning every time she was spanked she would inadvertently squeeze down on The Janitor's dick. The sensation was extremely weird at first but the blonde soon became used to it, of course this only made things worse.

For some perverted reason Elliot's body seemed to react positively to being spanked and with the added effect of squeezing The Janitor's dick it wasn't long before the blonde found herself back up on the same sexual high she had been when she had been riding The Janitor's dick, which was so sick and twisted it sent Elliot into a total shame spiral. If she wasn't so busy counting each spank and thanking Jordan, or Mistress as Jordan seemed to prefer, for each blow Elliot would have probably broken down and cried in shame.

"Owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress... owww... ninety nine, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and one, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and two, thank you Mistress..."

The Janitor wasn't feeling any shame and he certainly wasn't feeling any pain. Why would he, it wasn't his ass getting spanked so there certainly wasn't any pain for him and as for shame, well he had one of the hottest people he had ever met sitting and squeezing on his dick. What was shameful about that?

Besides, shame was overrated.

A lack of shame allowed The Janitor to torture JD in ways a man with shame just couldn't, not that The Janitor wanted to be thinking about JD right now.

Then again this was the girl JD pined over, the one that had briefly been his only to slip through his fingers while The Janitor looked on. Well who's lap was she on now? Who's dick was she squeezing so wonderfully now? Who had her now? Well, technically it was Jordan who had the blonde doctor but she was on his lap, squeezing his dick and that was definitely good enough for The Janitor, even if Jordan was the one in charge here.

"Owww... one hundred and forty six, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and forty seven, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and forty eight, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and forty nine, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and fifty, thank you Mistress..."

Jordan certainly didn't need to be told she was the one in control of the situation. She knew she was the one in charge and she loved it.

Although it did seem almost too easy.

The Janitor was easy to control, at least as long as he had his dick buried within Elliot's soft pussy, but she had been expecting a little more resistance from the blonde. After all, spanking someone when there was no one else in the room was one thing, but when there was an audience it became at least twice as humiliating. However not only was Elliot not complaining but the little bitch seemed to be getting off on it.

A lesser person would have found Elliot's desire to be humiliated disgusting, Jordan on the other hand found it an incredible turn on.

She couldn't wait to see if the blonde continued to enjoy being humiliated when she was spanking her in front of a larger audience, but for now Jordan was more than happy to settle for humiliating her new slave in front of The Janitor.

And if humiliating Elliot wasn't enough Jordan was given the pleasure of watching as her little pet's butt cheeks slowly turned into a nice bright pink colour again under the force of the spanking, Elliot's little moans of pain and pleasure music to her ears.

"Owww... one hundred and ninety six, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and ninety seven, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and ninety eight, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and ninety nine, thank you Mistress... owww... two hundred, thank you Mistress."

"Good job stick, not one mistake. I'll make a good little slave out of you yet." Jordan said patting and then caressing the blonde's bruised butt cheeks, "But like I said, to do that I think we would be better off back in my apartment so let's get this over with shall we? Get off the toilet cleaner's dick and then turn around so you're facing me."

Whimpering slightly Elliot did as she was told.

There was a slight pause as Elliot waited for her next instruction which only angered Jordan.

"Well don't just stand there looking stupid, get back on that cock!" Jordan snapped.

Not needing to be told twice Elliot quickly positioned herself over The Janitor's cock again and guided it into her cunt. When the head of the cock was firmly inside her pussy Elliot slid herself down on the dick slowly, softly repeating the word 'owww' over and over again as her sore butt came to rest against The Janitor's lap, announcing she had taken every inch inside her again.

"Good, now look at me stick. Look into my eyes." Jordan ordered.

Elliot felt afraid to obey this command but she couldn't stop herself.

Looking into Jordan's eyes gave Elliot whole new feelings of terror and yet she couldn't look away. It was like Jordan captured her with just her gaze and now she was powerless to do anything but keep staring at her until Jordan looked away.

"Start bouncing on that dick. Ride it until you're ready to cum, and then maybe I'll give you permission too." Jordan said, a wicked smile threatening to cross her face.

That smile appeared when Elliot obeyed her and began to fuck herself on The Janitor's cock.

With a firm grip on The Janitor's knees Elliot settled into a steady pace of pushing herself up and down on the big cock, quickly riding it towards a orgasm as she stared into Jordan's eyes.

That cock had been inside her for a long time now and after all the bouncing, spanking, squeezing and domination it wasn't long before Elliot was teetering on the edge of climax.

But as her orgasm approached Elliot remembered what Jordan said about giving her permission to cum. It was pretty obvious if Elliot came without permission she'd be punished again either by another spanking or whipping, probably in front of The Janitor, or maybe in front of even more people, and Elliot wasn't sure if she could take that. Her butt was still sore from the last spanking and if she received any more humiliation today she would probably die of shame.

Sadly there was another reason why Elliot didn't want to cum without permission. As much as she tried to deny it and as sick as it was the blonde knew that she didn't want to cum without Jordan's permission because she didn't want to disappoint Jordan. Elliot didn't even want to try and understand why she felt that way, lucky for her she was far too busy concentrating on not cumming that she didn't have time for analysis.

Elliot wasn't the only one holding back on their orgasm. As good as she was feeling The Janitor wasn't in the emotional turmoil Elliot was in there for he could enjoy this situation a whole lot more.

The Janitor knew exactly what was going on here and it wasn't his problem. Exactly the opposite really.

The only slight drawback was he too was waiting for permission to cum. It was how this worked, Jordan had been very clear on that the first time she had made one of her little pets pleasure him, which was both good and bad. Good, because it allowed him to enjoy more sex, bad because it gave him a serious case of blue balls.

With the others this had become annoying pretty quickly. Enjoyable, but annoying. This was a different story though. This was blonde doctor, the girl The Janitor had wanted for like a year now. If he was willing to be patient for anyone it was her.

In fact as far as The Janitor was concerned Jordan could make sure he and blonde doctor stayed in this moment before climax for as long as she wanted.

The Janitor may have been willing to be patient but Jordan wasn't.

Dominating Elliot and watching as the blonde and the floor mopper had sex before her very eyes made Jordan extremely horny. Jordan even considered joining in, maybe shoved the blonde's face into her pussy for another good licking or shove her fingers into Elliot's ass hole to show her who's boss but ultimately she decided against it. As much as Jordan wanted to fuck her new slave in training again she didn't want to have to lower her standards to sleep with a janitor. It was bad enough she was wasting her time with an ungrateful little intern, and while Jordan had broken her own rules in the past she had never quite stooped low enough to sleep with a janitor yet and she wasn't about too.

It was time to end this little demonstration, and Jordan knew just how to do it while bringing the most amount of humiliation to her little blonde pet.

"Does that cock feel good stick?" Jordan asked, never breaking eye contact, "Does that cock feel good inside your pussy?"

Elliot nodded meekly.

"I thought so." Jordan said, pausing for a moment before adding, "Well... aren't you going to thank me?"

"Thank you?" Elliot questioned softly.

"Yes, thank me. Thank me for pleasuring you. You do realise I'm the one who's giving pleasure to you don't you stick? The cock in your pussy is just a tool, an instrument, I'm the reason it's there. You wouldn't be here right now receiving this pleasure if it wasn't for me. That's just the type of generous Mistress I am. I love torturing my slaves, but I love giving them pleasure too." Jordan said, pausing to allow that to sink in before adding, "Oh, and you can also thank me for letting you cum."

"What?" Elliot asked.

"I said you can also thank me for letting you cum." Jordan repeated.

"I can... I can cum?" Elliot stuttered meekly.

"You can if you thank me." Jordan said.

"Thank you." Elliot quickly replied only to do so again, her voice lowering until she was whispering those two words over and over, "Thank you... thank you... thank you..."

Having heard the permission she had been craving Elliot suddenly increase the speed of her bouncing until she was slamming herself up and down on The Janitor's cock as hard as she could, continuing to mindlessly mutter 'thank you' as she raced towards the edge.

Jordan's earlier words continued to rattle inside Elliot's head, her mind desperately trying to warn her of something but her overall need to cum was just too strong.

With a final scream of thank you Elliot crashed over the edge of a powerful climax, her body shaking violently and her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she collapsed back onto The Janitor's body with his cock buried inside her orgasming pussy.

As Elliot rode out her orgasm her pussy clamped down harder than ever before on The Janitor's dick making it extremely hard for him not to cum. The only thing that stopped him was the knowledge that he would suffer if he came, Jordan would make sure of that, but if he controlled himself Jordan would definitely make it worth his while. And she did.

"Get off that cock and get on your knees stick!" Jordan said loudly as to wake Elliot from her exhausted state.

The blonde had only just started coming down from her orgasmic high and was completely exhausted from bouncing herself up and down for so long. All Elliot wanted to do was collapse and just lay still for a couple of minutes but once again she didn't dare disobey Jordan. Using every ounce of strength Elliot pushed herself up and off The Janitor's dick, moaning softly as it was removed from her pussy, before kneeling down in front of Jordan.

"Other way round stick, The Janitor hasn't cum yet." Jordan said, "Suck his cock for me, just like I showed you."

Turning around on her knees Elliot lent forward to take The Janitor's cock into her mouth. She licked her own juices from the cock, tasting her own pussy on a real dick for the first time and finding it not at all unpleasant. In fact Elliot found it kind of hot and she soon found herself eagerly sucking at the head of The Janitor's cock before sliding her tongue all over the head and then the shaft. After that she swallowed the cock, deep throating it just like Jordan had shown her, and then switching in between licking and sucking his cock and balls.

Jordan was surprised that The Janitor was able to spend a few minutes before reaching the edge of climax with Elliot sucking his cock. Either The Janitor had more willpower than she would have thought or her new pet was just really lousy at giving guys head. If it was the second option then she would just have too make sure her new slave got plenty of practice sucking cock, if it was the first option, well then maybe she should reconsider lowering herself to sleeping with a janitor.

However eventually The Janitor showed those telltale signs that he was about to cum and Jordan smiled.

"Suck on the head of his cock while jacking off the rest of it." Jordan ordered, her plaything immediately obeying much to her delight, "Good, now allow his cum to fill your mouth, but don't swallow it until I say so."

Swallowing cum was yet another thing Elliot had never done before, and never really thought she would do it or at least enjoy doing it, but considering everything that had happened to her already today Elliot showed little or no resistance and absolutely no reluctance to obey Jordan.

Knowing this was his cue to cum, and knowing he was more than ready to do so, The Janitor let out one final groan and then came like a fire hose, his cum pouring rapidly into Elliot's mouth and down her throat.

Elliot didn't swallow a drop but at least half of it shot directly down her throat, which was good because she could have never kept all of it inside her mouth, however it was also bad because she almost choked. Some of The Janitor's cum oozed from the corners of her mouth as she half choked and she would hate to have seen what would have happened if she had choked completely, or more accurately she would have hated to see what Jordan would have done to her if she had choked completely.

"Ok now keep that cum in your mouth and stand up." Jordan ordered.

Elliot did as she was told, carefully standing up while keeping The Janitor's cum in her mouth.

"Good, now open your mouth and show me that cum." Jordan commanded.

Elliot opened her mouth, showing Jordan the cum collected on her tongue.

"Now close your mouth and swallow." Jordan ordered.

Elliot closed her mouth and swallowed The Janitor's cum.

"Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue." Jordan commanded.

Elliot parted her lips, stuck out her tongue and showed Jordan her empty mouth.

"Now tell me that you don't want to be my slave." Jordan said, a wicked smile crossing her face.

For a few seconds the room was filled with silence as Elliot opened and closed her mouth like a brain dead goldfish, the poor blonde's mind racing from everything that had just happened. Once again Jordan had completely dominated her, and she had liked it, but she was so terrified what that meant.

After the few seconds had past Jordan's smile slowly faded from her face and she stepped forward until she was practically nose to nose with the blonde.

"Listen to me you pathetic little girl, because I don't want to have to repeat myself. For someone like you being my slave is not a punishment, it's a privilege. It's something you want, something you need. You're weak and you need someone strong like me to control you. You yearn for it. You beg for it. You're begging for it right now and you don't even know it. You're begging me to enslave you because it's what you really want, what you really need, but you're trying to deny it, trying to pretend you aren't a submissive little slut just begging to be enslaved. You're hesitating, questioning my orders and I'm sick and tired of it. So here's what's going to happen. This, is my address." Jordan said, pausing her speech to pull out a card and hold it in front of Elliot's face, "You will meet me there at 7 o'clock. For every minute that you are late you will receive 50 spanks. The same goes for if you are early. Use the time between now and then to think very carefully about what it is you really want. If you choose not to come at all then this is over. I will not come after you, but you will have lost your chance to be my slave. I wouldn't enslave you even if you got on your knees and begged me too in front of the entire hospital. But we don't have to worry about that, because we both know it might not be at 7, but you're going to be at my door tonight, begging me to enslave you."

Jordan held out the card and Elliot stared at it for a few moments before taking it. Looking down at it Elliot found herself reading the address over and over until Jordan spoke again.

"When I open my door I expect to find you on your knees with your head down. You will beg me to enslave you in that position until I give you permission to crawl into my home. Once the door is closed you will have made your choice and any further questioning of my orders or hesitating to perform them in any way will not be tolerated. If you are obedient and well-behaved you will have the privilege of eating my pussy again and soon after I will break you in with my strap on and officially enslave you. If you are disobedient you will be severely punished, and then you will eat my pussy, take my strap on and then be enslaved. You will be enslaved tonight Elliot, it's just up to you how it happens."

With her little speech over Jordan picked up her bag, turned and walked to the door.

"See you later slave." Jordan said, not even bothering to look behind her as she left Elliot standing naked in the janitor's closet.


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