Authors note: This story takes place during the "My Last Day" episode in Season 1.

Keywords: BDSM, Ff, language, oral, spank, toys, TV-parody

Scrubs: Enslaving Elliot Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

It was not unusual for Elliot Reid to spend about an hour crying in one of the storage closets. The thing that was unusual was what she was crying about.

Normally she cried over things like when Dr Cox was to hard on her, or when she didn't know the answers to the questions Dr Kelso asked her at rounds, or when another relationship failed, but this was far worse than all of those things and as a result she had cried longer and harder than ever before.

Jordan Sullivan, a member of the Board of Directors at the hospital where Elliot worked, had manipulated the blonde and used her like some kind of sex slave.

Jordan had spanked Elliot and finger fucked her before somehow tricking her into eating her to orgasm while she masturbated herself to an orgasm of her own.

To make matters worse Jordan's ex-husband Dr Cox had caught them in the act and although he hadn't done anything as of yet he had let Elliot know that he knew it was her going down on his ex-wife and considering there was tension between them already Elliot feared what Dr Cox would do next time she saw him.

That was why while crying in the closet she had decided to do something before this situation got out of hand.

So Elliot wiped away her tears and finally came out of the closet, desperately trying to ignore the metaphor of that, and focus on finding Dr Cox so that she could explain to him what happened. Unfortunately when she saw him she completely lost her nerve and hid from him.

She quickly decided she couldn't just go up to him and apologise for eating out his former wife and knew she couldn't trust herself not to say something stupid like that to him if they were ever forced to interact again, which was only a matter of time given this hospital so she quickly had to come up with another option.

Unfortunately for Elliot, her only other option was to talk to Jordan.

Dr Cox and Jordan were both equally scary to Elliot, but for better or for worse out of the two evils she chose to try Jordan.

After all, just because their last interaction hadn't ended that well that didn't mean the same thing was going to happen again, right? Right?

She didn't have a choice. Somehow she had to convince Jordan to tell Dr Cox it wasn't Elliot who had been going down on her, or it had all been Jordan's idea and she had manipulated Elliot into it, which was technically true, or something, anything that would get her off the hook.

She asked a few doctors and nurses if they had seen Jordan to which they replied they had but no one seemed to know where she was.

Elliot got the impression that the people she asked were looking at her strangely, and so was everyone else for that matter.

And then in the middle of walking down the corridor a horrible realisation hit Elliot.

Only an hour ago another woman had covered her face in cum and pussy juice and since then she had not had the chance to wash her face. She hadn't even seen her own reflection so she didn't know whether it was noticeable or not.

Blushing red with embarrassment Elliot rushed to the nearest bathroom to check her appearance in one of the mirrors.

Elliot breathed a sigh of relief when she realised she didn't look that bad. Sure her makeup was in a bit of a state which was probably why people had been looking at her, but Jordan's juice had dried on Elliot's face, meaning there was no physical proof that the young doctor had her head buried in between another woman's legs only a short while ago, and for that Elliot was grateful.

Quickly redoing her makeup Elliot wondered why people were looking at her before.

Had they heard her being spanked? The spanking had seem to echo throughout the small room she had been in but she hadn't thought it was that bad.

Oh God, what if they had, what if people had heard her being spanked? How would she ever live that down? She had to get out of here, she had to somehow make this situation right, she had to find Jordan and convince her to somehow make this situation right.

Back to her old self again Elliot left the bathroom and continued looking for Jordan.

Finally after a long search Elliot bumped into Ted, the hospitals manic-depressive lawyer, who pointed her in the direction of Dr Kelso's office which Jordan had apparently taken over for the day.

Taking a deep breath Elliot knocked on the door and waited for an answer. When none came she cautiously opened the door to find Jordan... working! Elliot had begun to wonder if the brunette just spent her whole day putting people down, turning people into her sexual playthings, and occasionally sleeping through board meetings, but it would seem that Jordan was doing some work of some kind. Or at least that was what it looked like.

"Can I help you twinkie?"

Jordan's voice awoke Elliot from her thoughts and she realised she must have been just standing there staring again which caused her to blush and quickly mumble why she was there, but she spoke so quickly and quietly only someone with super hearing would have heard her.

"Speak up or get out stick." Jordan said impatiently.

Quickly turning to shut the door Elliot then turned back to Jordan and said, "Ms Sullivan, I was wondering if I could have a word with you, about before."

"What word would you like?" Jordan asked, clearly uninterested in what Elliot had to say.

"Well... I was wondering... if... if you..." Elliot stuttered, before taking a deep breath and trying to sound more forceful said, "I was wondering if it would be possible for you to speak to Dr Cox and explain what happened before. Just tell him something like, I don't know, it wasn't me, or it was your idea, or..."

"No." Jordan said, cutting Elliot off.

"... No?" Elliot asked.

"No." Jordan repeated.

"Why not?" Elliot asked.

"I'm not interested." Jordan said simply.

"What do you mean you're not interested?" Elliot exclaimed, becoming a little angry.

"I'm just not interested, what more do you want from me." Jordan said dismissively.

"What more do I want from you?" Elliot said, her fear of Jordan being temporarily forgotten thanks to the anger and frustration clouding her judgment, "I want you to explain to Dr Cox how this whole mess is your fault, and you're the one that made me do those things and it's not my fault, and he shouldn't blame me for something that's not my fault, or make my life any more miserable than it already is, and if you don't take just five seconds out of your day to do this I know he'll make my life miserable, and all that would take is five seconds of your time to prevent that, but you won't do that because you're selfish, and stuck up, and, and, and, if you hurt me I'll, I'll, please don't hurt me..."

Jordan looked on an amusement during Elliot's little rant, which rapidly came to a close when the brunette stood up and slowly walked towards her until she was face to face with the blonde again.

There was a few moments of silence and then Jordan softly chuckled.

"I think it's really sweet that you think Perry would care enough about you and what happened earlier to in any way affect how he treats you, for better or for worse, and I think it's just so cute you think you can walk in here and demand anything from me, and I'm very, very impressed given what happened earlier that you would actually talk to me like that, again. Do you know how many people have talked to me like that more than once? Not many stick, not many at all." Jordan said, sounding genuinely impressed, before her voice became more threatening, "But the problem here is I already told you that I can't have little interns like you speaking to me that way so I'm guessing this behaviour of yours is more out of stupidity than bravery, and a stupid doctor is a liability, so we need to do something about that."

Deafening silence fell throughout the room again and Elliot gulped.

"Take off your clothes." Jordan ordered.

More silence.

"Please... no." Elliot whimpered.

More silence.

"Please." Elliot pleaded.

More silence.

"I..." Elliot began before she was cut off.

"I won't ask you again stick." Jordan said firmly.

There was more silence, and then Elliot bowed her head in submission and slowly removed her shoes, socks, scrubs and then finally her underwear. Standing naked in front of one of the Board of Directors in the middle of the Chief of Medicine's office Elliot Reid shifted awkwardly, waiting for her next instruction as Jordan studied her body.

"Turn around." Jordan commanded.

Elliot opened her mouth to try and protest but a simple look from Jordan made her completely forget what she was going to say, lower her head in defeat and turn around.

Jordan admired her handiwork from earlier, a smile crossing her face to see Elliot's ass was still discoloured and sore looking courtesy of the spanking Jordan had given the blonde just over an hour ago.

Reaching down into her purse which she had left in this room Jordan picked out a pair of handcuffs.

"Hands behind your back." Jordan ordered.

Again Elliot opened her mouth to protest, but she could feel Jordan's eyes on her and honestly she didn't even know where to begin, so she simply just did as she was told at which point she felt cold metal against her right wrist and heard a clicking sound.

"What?" Elliot exclaimed, beginning to turn around.

"Stay where you are!" Jordan barked.

Elliot turned back and kept her hands behind her back as Jordan attached the other cuff to her left wrist, trapping Elliot's hands behind her back.

"Good." Jordan said, reaching in her bag for something else, "Now turn around."

Elliot did as she was told and then whimpered when she saw the ball gag Jordan was holding in her hand.

"Open your mouth." Jordan commanded.

The blonde doctor just whimpered again and shook her head.

"Oh come on stick, if you hadn't been so noisy earlier I wouldn't have to gag you. So you only have yourself to blame." Jordan pointed out, "Now, open your mouth."

Elliot stared helplessly at the gag, her mind racing for a way out of this situation but finding none.

"Do not make me ask you again." Jordan threatened.

After another moment of desperate thought Elliot submitted to Jordan's will and opened her mouth. Wasting no time Jordan pushed the gag into Elliot's mouth and then tightened the straps around the back of her head before stepping back to admire her handiwork.

"Very nice." Jordan said smiling, "Now, bend over the desk."

Elliot whimpered and shook her head, her eyes pleading with Jordan for sympathy. She would get none.

"Bend over the desk stick." Jordan repeated herself, her voice full of menace.

Whimpering again Elliot slowly did as she was told.

Smiling at the sight before her Jordan placed her hand on Elliot's ass cheeks, taking great satisfaction in the surge of power she felt when the blonde flinched as she touched her, before gently running her hand over the soft flesh, enjoying the moment before the spanking began.

"You know stick, I really hate to repeat myself, and you made me do just that, so I'm definitely going to have to punish you for it, and since giving you a random number of spanks didn't seem to do the job let's try it this way. From now on every time you step out of line in any way shape or form it will result in a minimum of 50 spanks, which you will take just like you are right now, bare assed. Do you understand? Nod or shake your head twinkie!" Jordan demanded, delivering a vicious slap to Elliot's ass, causing the blonde to immediately nod her head, "Good, now as I was saying, you made me repeat myself so that's 50 spanks, plus another 50... no, let's make it another 100 spanks for hesitating so much before doing what you were told, and an additional 100 spanks because you were dumb enough to try and stand up to me twice in the same day. So that's 250... you know what, let's round it out to 300 spanks simply since you've been such a nuisance to me today. Sound fair? Good, now let's begin shall we?"

Not waiting for a reply Jordan picked up the last object she had gotten out of her bag, a small riding crop, and brought it down hard upon the soft flesh of Elliot's butt cheeks, causing the young doctor to cry out into the ball gag.

"Oh, and since you've pissed me off I'm going to use this little crop so I can really tear into your ass." Jordan explained as she began to beat Elliot's ass over, and over again with her crop.

Despite being gagged Elliot's screams echo throughout the room as blow after stinging blow struck her ass, shooting terrible pain through her young body. Elliot had led a very sheltered life and this was only the second, and hopefully last, spanking she had ever received and she was not sure how to, or even if it was possible to cope with the pain. As horrible as her last experience had been this was so much worse and Elliot found herself praying that this would end soon and wondering how she had ended up in this mess, again.

Jordan took great pride in the fact that she had Elliot screaming in pain so soon, and also took sadistic pleasure in that fact, but she was also more than a little annoyed that the blonde was making such a fuss. Couldn't her little toy at least try and show a little restraint? It wasn't like there was anyone in this hospital that could come in here and stop her but how was Jordan supposed to establish a rhythm if there was a chance that she might get continuously interrupted? Something had to be done.

"Oh twinkie, we're barely at 50 and you're already crying. Awww, how sad for you." Jordan mocked, "I guess it's too much to expect anything more from you, but for God's sakes try and be at least a little quiet so we don't have the entire hospital coming in here to ask what's going on. I wouldn't stop even if they did, because you need to be taught a lesson, but it does make things a lot more inconvenient. So, do me a favour and shut the hell up!"

With the horrible image of someone walking in to find her like this in her mind, and the memory of Dr Cox walking in on her with her face buried in his ex-wife's pussy only an hour ago, Elliot struggled to remain as quiet as she could as her ass whipping continued.

The blonde gritted her teeth, shut her eyes and tried to pretend she was anywhere but lying naked over a desk with her hands tied behind her back being whipped by another woman but as hard as she tried Elliot just couldn't drag her mind away from the horrible reality of the situation.

Then Elliot tried concentrating on a picture that was hanging up on the wall, but that was no good either.

Finally Elliot tried to take her mind off the pain by comparing the differences between being spanked by Jordan's hand and being whipped by the crop Jordan was now using. By doing this Elliot realised that the crop was actually worse because it was smaller therefore it created a much more concentrated amount of pain, like her ass was being covered in thousands of little bee stings, one after the other. The crop digging into her ass with the force of a stinger, making Elliot feel like her flesh was going to tear off or at least be permanently damaged by the horrible little thing.

While Elliot tried to find things to distract herself away from the situation Jordan was basking in the glow of it.

Jordan loved spanking and whipping butts, both male and female ones, and Elliot's butt was a lot of fun to whip. The blonde's skin was very pale, and as a result her ass changed colour pretty quickly. At the start there was still visible signs of the previous spanking Jordan had given her and now as they passed the 200th mark Elliot's ass was practically glowing a very painful looking red. It was so pretty, and it made Jordan more than a little curious to see how other areas of the blonde doctor would react to a little disciplining.

After their last encounter Jordan had spent at least a few moments of the past hour thinking about Elliot and her potential as a slave. Jordan had a lot of little toys running around Sacred Heart and certainly didn't need a new one, but the young blonde intrigued her. The fact that she had tried to stand up for herself twice had genuinely impressed Jordan, and Jordan was not often impressed. Plus Elliot seemed so naturally submissive, and she had a good body which was very, very responsive to both the whipping and the earlier spanking.

As she brought her crop down on the blonde's ass for the 250th time Jordan came to the decision that Elliot was going to be her new slave. It had been awhile since the brunette had enslaved anyone and her mind was already racing with all the humiliating and degrading things she could do to her new little toy for her own amusement, but she quickly reminded herself that she needed to finish enslaving Elliot before she could do any of that fun stuff, which Jordan had no problem with. After all, the enslaving itself was in many ways the best part.

Done with her crop Jordan put it back in her bag and waited curiously to see what Elliot would do next.

The blonde sobbed pitifully, but did not move, which was another interesting reaction.

Jordan would have thought anyone with the tiniest bit of self-respect would have realised that the whipping was over, even if they hadn't been able to keep count, and try and get up and out of this humiliating position. Then again, maybe someone with self-respect wouldn't have allowed herself to be put into Elliot's current position. Whatever the reason for Elliot's submission it furthered Jordan's curiosity about her, and gave the brunette a reason, like she needed one, to continue.

Elliot gasped and tensed when she felt Jordan's hand on her sore ass, and then accidentally let out a grateful sigh when her tormentor began gently caressing and groping her backside, and a groan of desire when Jordan's hand slid downwards and her fingertips brushed against the lips of her womanhood.

"You know, if beating your ass gets you this hot I think we're going to have to find a better punishment for you twinkie." Jordan said, a cruel humour in her voice, "But I think we can worry about that later, cause honestly, beating your ass got me hot too, and since that made for pussy eating mouth of yours got me off so well earlier I think we can help each other out, what do you say?"

Part of the blonde doctor would have liked it very much if she had been disgusted by that idea as her upbringing told her she should be, but Elliot couldn't lie to herself like that. For some unexplainable reason she was horny, and the idea of Jordan's fingers inside her again, sliding in and out of her, fucking her, hopefully making her cum, had her dripping wet. Hell, it wasn't even just the idea of being fucked by Jordan's talented fingers that made Elliot hot. If she really wanted to be honest with herself, after the last session, the idea of eating Jordan's pussy... it wasn't so... bad... in fact, it was the opposite of bad.

"Looking for an answer here stick." Jordan said impatiently, "Just nod your head if you think it sounds fair, that we should help each other out, or shake your head and I'll let you go."

Jordan inwardly cursed herself for the last line. She had accidentally given Elliot an out, which was not something she was interested in giving her at this point, not when she had decided to put the time and effort into making the blonde doctor her sex toy, but luckily the little idiot didn't take the way out, instead choosing to nod her head, giving Jordan her body again.

"Good. Now let's..." Jordan said, changing her mind midsentence, "No, on second thought you look so pretty lying naked across this desk all helpless and gagged it kind of seems a shame to move you so soon, so let's deal with your needs first. Of course, if I fuck you, and allow you the privilege of cumming first I expect nothing less than a first-class pussy eating performance from you in return. Does that sound fair? Nod or shake your head."

Without a moment's pause Elliot nodded her head with an eagerness that surprised both women.

"Well, aren't you an eager little dyke." Jordan laughed, as she pressed her fingers to Elliot's pussy, before changing her mind again, "You know what stick, I have a lot of reading to do, and I don't want to have to go and wash my hands again, so I'm going to give you a special treat that I don't normally give little toys like you."

Special treat... what did Jordan mean by special treat, Elliot wondered to herself, straining her neck to see behind her as she watched Jordan sit back down in the chair she had been in when the blonde had walked in and reached for her bag.

When Elliot found out what Jordan meant by special treat her eyes went wide in surprise.

Jordan smirked at Elliot's reaction as she pulled her 8 inch long vibrator out of her bag and held it up to were the blonde could see it.

After enjoying the look on Elliot's face for a little while Jordan pressed it to Elliot's cunt and then slid it up and down her pussy lips, teasing the poor girl until she was whimpering through her gag.

"Ever used one of these before twinkie?" Jordan asked as she continued to tease Elliot, as she began to slide the dildo around her pussy lips as well as up and down it.

There was a pause and then Elliot shook her head.

"Ha, quite the repressed little closet dyke aren't you blondie?" Jordan laughed, "Well don't you worry, I've got exactly what your repressed little pussy needs right here."

With that Jordan switched on the vibrator to its lowest setting, causing Elliot to moan lustfully and push herself backwards against the good vibrations.

"Ah, ah, ah stick, no moving unless I tell you to or else no special treat for you." Jordan said, removing her buzzing vibrator from Elliot's pussy lips to show she was serious.

The blonde doctor whimpered at the loss of the toy, and then pushed herself forwards so she was back in her original position.

"That's better." Jordan said, placing the vibrator back against Elliot's pussy, causing the intern to moan, "There, you see what happens when you're a good little bitch who does what she's told? You get rewarded. Always try and remember that stick, it will make things much easier on you."

If Elliot had been in a better frame of mind she may have worried about Jordan's words, but the only thing that concerned Elliot Reid at that point was her need to cum.

The vibrations of the toy reminded Elliot of the washing machine which had given her her first orgasm, and it was obvious that the vibrator was far more in tune with her needs than that machine. True, Jordan mostly denied her those needs, but every so often the cruel brunette would brush the vibrator against Elliot's clit, causing the blonde one of the greatest sensations of pleasure she had ever known.

Much to Elliot's shame Jordan's domination of her had turned her on, and the vibrator had put her on the edge of orgasm. Hell if Jordan would just slide the toy into her even a little bit she would probably cream on the spot.

Unfortunately for the blonde Jordan was in complete control of the situation, and she was having far too much fun to do something like let Elliot cum.

In fact Jordan decided to add to the fun by turning the dial on the vibrator up so its speed was on medium and pressed it right up against Elliot's love hole and then pushed forwards until she was almost but not quite penetrating her. Jordan then started moving the toy round the young doctor's pussy lips faster, and even pressing it against her clit until she was sure the blonde was about to cum only to turn the vibrator's power back down to slow and spend the next few minutes ignoring Elliot's clit entirely.

After Jordan actually had Elliot in tears from her need to cum the brunette finally decided to take pity on the blonde, but not before she had the little doctor begging for it.

"You like your special treat stick?" Jordan asked.

Elliot nodded.

"Would you like to feel it inside you?" Jordan asked.

Elliot frantically nodded.

"Are you going to be grateful and thank me later?" Jordan asked.

Another nod.

"Are you going to eat my pussy like a good little dyke without complaining?" Jordan asked.

Another nod.

"Are you going to do everything I say like a good little bitch?" Jordan asked.

Another nod.

"Ok then, I'll slide your treat inside of you, but first, beg me for it." Jordan commanded.

There was a pause and then Elliot began whimpering incoherently through her gag.

"Louder stick." Jordan demanded.

Elliot did as she was told, and although most of what she said was still incoherent jargon, Jordan could just make out the words 'please' and 'fuck me' being repeated over, and over, and over, which was enough for her to turn off the vibrator and thrust nearly half of it into Elliot's soaking love hole in one go, causing the blonde to almost go over the edge entirely.

"Don't cum!" Jordan snapped.

It was only because Elliot was so afraid of Jordan that she was able to prevent herself from cumming. It was almost physically painful for her to do so but she did.

"Good girl," Jordan said, "Now, you will not cum unless I tell you too, do you understand?"

There was a pause and then Elliot nodded meekly.

Jordan smiled wickedly, and then began to slowly slide the rest of the vibrator into Elliot's pussy until it was in up to the hilt, at which point Jordan waited a few seconds before turning the toy back onto the slowest vibration, nearly making Elliot cum again.

"Don't cum!" Jordan said coldly.

It was a struggle but again Elliot did as she was told and stopped herself from cumming.

"Good girl, now I have a lot of reading to catch up on and I've already wasted a lot of time giving you undeserved pleasure, so I'm going to hold my toy in place like this so I can get on with my reading. While I'm doing this I expect you to fuck yourself on my vibrator and remain as quiet as possible so I can get on with my work. Oh, and remember not to cum unless I give you permission too, ok?" Jordan paused for the blonde to answer, and when she didn't added coldly, "Answer me stick."

Elliot nodded her head.

"Good, now start fucking yourself on the vibrator. Come on, show me how much you love your special treat." Jordan commanded.

Whimpering into her gag Elliot began to slowly push herself forwards as far as she could, which wasn't far, before pushing backwards, moving only a few inches of vibrator in and out of her at a time. In her current predicament it was all she could manage. She was still bent over the table and given where the vibrator was there was only so much she could move forwards and back.

Jordan allowed Elliot to do this to herself for a while before slightly moving her hand back so there was more room to move back and forth, and then continued to move her hand back bit by bit until Elliot could fuck the full length of the vibrator with her horny pussy, the young doctor soon bouncing back and forth to slam herself on the toy as hard as she could.

Normally Elliot would have been horrified at the thought of doing something like this, but it had been a very weird day, and her hormones were overriding her common sense, and even most of her shame, which was particularly amazing given that it was her, and as a result the blonde found herself oddly at piece with the situation. There was plenty of time for her to cry and go into a shame spiral after she came, and at that moment nothing else mattered more to Elliot Reid.

Of course, Elliot could have cum about half a dozen times by now but had always stopped herself because Jordan had told her she wasn't allowed to cum, which was so unfair.

Elliot always knew that Jordan was a cruel, evil, heartless bitch, but not allowing her to cum when she so desperately needed it, that was... that was... that was just mean.

But what could Elliot do?

She was far too afraid of Jordan to willingly disobey her, and as much as Elliot didn't want to acknowledge it part of her didn't want to cum because she genuinely wanted to obey Jordan, to do everything she said, and doing what Jordan said just felt so... right.

Unfortunately, no matter how much she try to fight it Elliot's desire to cum was becoming so great that she honestly didn't know how much longer she could fight it.

Elliot just didn't have the willpower to resist, and now it was just a matter of time.

While Elliot desperately tried to use all the little self-control she had not to cum Jordan was trying to hide how much she was enjoying herself.

Jordan actually really enjoyed pleasuring her lovers, but she didn't like them to know that, it could possibly give them ideas, but Elliot was making it really hard for her.

The blonde was just such a fun little toy. So submissive. So obedient. So easily manipulated. She would make such a good little pet.

Many, many unfortunate women had found themselves in the exact same position Elliot was now in and all of them had taken at least twice as long to get so horny that they just lost all self-respect and started shamelessly fucking themselves like Elliot now was, but this little intern just seemed to be a natural born submissive.

And the sounds the blonde was making, the moans, the groans, the whimpers, oh they were music to Jordan's ears.

Jordan found it so distracting she could only pretend to read the boring paperwork while continuing to make Elliot fuck herself on the vibrator, inwardly smiling the whole time.

After yet another failed attempt to read the first line of the document in her hand, Jordan flicked the switch on the vibrator, turning it up to medium power.

Seeing Elliot tends Jordan immediately ordered, "Don't cum."

But it was too late.

Elliot screamed hysterically into her gag and came, her body shaking violently as she covered Jordan's vibrator with her cream. A feeling of guilt washed over the blonde that she had been unable to control herself but the pleasure was so great she found she just didn't care. Little did she know that soon Jordan would very much make her care about it.

Narrowing her eyes at her little bitch's disobedience Jordan considered beating Elliot's ass until it was so red that the little dyke would never, ever dare disobey her again, but she quickly decided against it. Fucking Elliot, or more accurately making Elliot fuck herself, had gotten Jordan's pussy dripping wet and the brunette just didn't want to go through another round of spanking the young doctor at that point, especially when she could be having the blonde's soft mouth on her horny cunt in a matter of moments. Besides, this way she would have something to hold over Elliot's head, something she could use to get back into her panties later.

So Jordan decided to let it go for now, and give Elliot a real special treat.

Waiting until Elliot's orgasm had almost completely died down Jordan flicked the switch on the vibrator again, turning it up to its highest setting, forcing Elliot to cum again.

Screaming just as loudly as before the blonde started slamming herself back and forth on the vibrator harder than ever before, her hips going like a blur as she rode out her second orgasm and even was able to bring herself off to a third before Jordan turned down the settings to medium, and then slow, and then finally turned the vibrator off.

As Jordan was slowing down the speed of the vibrator Elliot was slowing her pace, and shortly after Jordan turned off the toy Elliot slowly came to a stop.

Silence fell over the room as they stayed in the exact same positions, until Jordan leant forward and said, "I said don't cum."

There was more silence.

"I gave you an order, and you disobeyed me. You will be punished for this." Jordan said, a quiet anger in her voice which let Elliot know she was in trouble, "But not right now. Right now, I'm thinking your mouth would feel really good on my pussy, and since you promised to be a good little cunt lapper for me earlier you're not going to give me any trouble, right?"

Elliot nodded.

"Good." Jordan said, as she slowly removed her vibrator out of Elliot's pussy and carefully placed it down on the table, before gently pulling the blonde backwards into her lap.

Elliot didn't resist and allowed herself to be placed on Jordan's lap, were the brunette gently removed her gag, picked up her bag and took a cloth from it. Jordan cleaned the gag with the cloth before placing the cloth and the cleaned gag back into the bag, put the bag back down and then, much to Elliot's shock, tenderly kissed her.

Considering everything that had happened between them the kiss caught Elliot totally off guard, but after a moment of confusion she melted into Jordan's arms, allowing the brunette to do whatever she wanted to her, or at least she would be if she had a choice in the matter. Jordan made Elliot feel helpless, like she had no control or will of her own, and the blonde found it... intoxicating. After struggling to find the will needed to make the tough decisions that a doctor had to make in her everyday life to submit to a stronger will was blissful, and the more Jordan bossed her around the more Elliot craved it.

Jordan smiled into the kiss when she felt Elliot give in to her and melt into her arms so quickly, yet another sign that this girl was a born submissive just waiting to be enslaved, which is exactly what she intended to do to her.

Wanting to push Elliot's obviously submissive tendencies even further Jordan broke the kiss, picked up the vibrator which was still covered in the blonde's cum and pressed it to Elliot's lips.

"Open your mouth." Jordan ordered.

Without even thinking about protesting Elliot opened her mouth and allowed Jordan to slide the vibrator inside.

"Suck it." Jordan commanded.

Again Elliot did as she was told without a single thought of doing otherwise, closing her mouth around the vibrator and beginning to suck her own juices from it.

To her surprise Elliot found it wasn't at all unpleasant, her juices didn't taste bad and only reminded her of the powerful orgasms she had received thanks to Jordan and her vibrator. The memory of her orgasms encouraged Elliot to bob her head up and down on the vibrator, getting almost all the way down before it hit the back of her throat, the blonde sucking it as if it was real.

Jordan was impressed by Elliot's skills at cock sucking. She didn't know the blonde had it in her. Maybe Elliot was a slut at heart as well as a submissive. A submissive slut. Mm, perhaps Elliot would be worth the trouble of enslaving after all.

As surprisingly good as Elliot was at sucking her vibrator Jordan would have liked to have seen the blonde take all of it, and briefly considered giving the little slut a deep throating lesson, but decided against it. She didn't want to overwhelm her by giving her too much too soon. Besides, she had plenty of time to train this little bitch to be the perfect little slave, so why would she rush it?

Still wanting the vibrator to be completely cleaned though Jordan gave a few playful thrusts into Elliot's mouth before removing it entirely.

"Stick out your tongue." Jordan ordered.

Eliot obeyed and then Jordan slid the vibrator over the blonde's tongue, specifically the bottom half but also sliding the shaft all over her tongue before taking out the cloth again and using it to wipe the vibrator dry and then putting the cloth and the vibrator away.

Jordan then turned her attention back to Elliot, smiling wickedly at the blonde before slowly moving forwards until she was practically touching the other woman's lips with her own.

Elliot closed her eyes in anticipation of being kissed, but that's not what Jordan had in mind.

"Did you like that stick?" Jordan asked in a voice just above a whisper, "Did you like the way I fucked you?"

There was a pause and then Elliot blushed, and nodded her head.

"Yes or no." Jordan whispered firmly.

"... Yes." Elliot whispered back, the look in Jordan's eyes quickly telling her that wasn't enough so she added, "I... I liked the way you fucked me."

"Good girl." Jordan said happily, "And now you're going to return the favour aren't you?"

Elliot nodded.

"You're going to eat my pussy and make me cum?" Jordan asked.

Elliot nodded.

"What are you going to do?" Jordan asked.

"I'm... I'm... I'm going to eat your... pussy and... and make you cum." Elliot whimpered softly in reply, unable to believe what she was saying.

"Good girl." Jordan said happily, "Now why don't you get underneath the desk so I can try and get some work done while you're eating my pussy."

"Ok." Elliot mumbles weakly as she awkwardly slid off Jordan's lap and onto her knees.

Unfortunately for Elliot her momentum knocked her off-balance and she fell backwards, literally falling into the space underneath the desk and bashing her head against hardwood in the process.

Without a single care for Elliot's will being Jordan moved her chair inwards so she was trapping the blonde under the desk.

"Ok, you can get to work now." Jordan said dismissively as she set out to at least semi seriously skim read the reports in front of her, "Oh, and like I said I have a lot of work to do and no real reason to leave here anytime soon so let's make this a nice long pussy eating with plenty of foreplay, stuff like you gently licking the outside of my pussy before you slide that sweet little tongue of yours into me, that sort of thing, ok?"

There was a few moments of silence and then Elliot said softly, "Ok."

"Good." Jordan said, as she started to read the reports.

There was another few moments of silence.

"Well, get to it stick." Jordan barked.

Elliot had been experiencing another one of those moments where she wondered how she got herself into this mess, but Jordan's stern voice quickly had the young doctor diving for Jordan's pussy and lapping away at it like a starving animal.

"Ohhhh, that's really nice stick, but I told you I wanted you to take your time, so please try and control yourself." Jordan said, inwardly cursing herself for the moan that had escaped her mouth when Elliot had started frantically tonguing her cunt.

Jordan didn't like to moan too much during sex. She saw it as a sign of weakness, and she hated showing any sign of that. Of course what she hated more was being disobeyed, and that's exactly what Elliot was doing by continuing to rapidly lick her pussy.

"I said stop you little cunt hungry dyke!" Jordan snapped at Elliot, frightening the blonde enough to make her stop what she was doing, "Good, now slow up. Gently slide that tongue over my pussy lips. That's it, up and down, up and down, up and down, around, the other way, and again. Good girl, now repeat. A little more pressure, that's it, just like that, tease my pussy, tease it with your tongue. That's it, good little rug muncher. Eat me just like that you little muff diving queer girl."

Elliot followed Jordan's every instruction, slowly licking around and over the brunette's pussy lips but never closing her lips around that fountain of sweet honey or pushing her tongue inside the hole that sweet juice was leaking from, the blonde having to be content with collecting as much liquid on her tongue as possible for her to swallow.

Although there were many voices inside Elliot's head telling her this was wrong and she shouldn't be here doing this none of them could change the simple fact that the blonde liked the taste of Jordan's pussy. In fact she didn't like it, she loved it, she craved it, she couldn't get enough of it.

Just tasting Jordan's pussy again had seemed to turn Elliot from the uptight, repressed straight girl everyone knew and tolerated into a submissive, cunt craving lesbian determined to eat the woman in front of her to a powerful climax just so she could drink her cum.

Jordan's cum.

The only thing that tasted better than Jordan's regular pussy juice.

Elliot could feel herself salivating at the thought of getting to taste that delicious girl cum again, and while part of her was cursing herself for her newly found desires to taste girl cum, a much bigger part of her didn't care. To hell what that part of her thought. She could hate herself later, go off and cry in a closet somewhere, but for now Elliot would do as Jordan said and eat her pussy exactly as she had ordered her too, all the while praying the dominating older woman would allow her to stick her tongue into her so she could fuck her with it and make her cum in her mouth again.

It was going to be awhile before Jordan came, but the brunette certainly appreciated Elliot's efforts.

The blonde was certainly enthusiastic, or at least enthusiastic when given the right encouragement, and as it slid over her pussy lips Jordan could only conclude that Elliot's tongue was made to lick pussy.

Nevertheless Jordan meant what she said, she intended to have Elliot give her a nice long pussy eating and to do that and at least semi-concentrate on her work she couldn't let the blonde make her cum too much or too often. She had to remain strong, concentrate on her work and control her desires. Jordan knew it would be worth it, and she was definitely in the mood to have this little bitch eat her out for as long as possible, but it was hard for her not to just order Elliot to shove her tongue as deep into her as it would go and fuck her with it until she came and came and came.

The knowledge that she could do that, that at this point she had such control over the blonde doctor Jordan could literally snap her fingers and have the little dyke enthusiastically tongue fuck her for all she's worth was almost arousing Jordan more than Elliot's tongue. The power she had over the younger woman was intoxicating and it was all Jordan could do to concentrate on the boring reports in front of her.

Somehow Jordan was able to skim read an entire report before finally giving in to her desires for a proper pussy licking and order Elliot, "Ok, enough foreplay, get that tongue inside me stick."

Hearing the words she had longed for Elliot wasted no time in shoving her tongue as deep into Jordan as it would go.

"Ohhhhh fuck, good little stick." Jordan moaned happily, "Now start, oh yes, that's it, slide that tongue in and out of me just like that, good girl. Remember to rub the inside of my pussy with your tongue, just like I told you before. Ohhhhh God, that's it, just like that, now twirl your tongue inside me, mmmmm, that's it, good girl, good little cunt lapper. Now, wrap your mouth around my pussy and suck me you little bitch. Ohhhhh fuck yes, just like that, harder, suck me. Lick me, suck me, fuck me. Good stick. Ok, now, follow my instructions. In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, suck, in, out, in, out, in, twirl, out, in, out, in, out, in, twirl, out, suck, in, out, in, out, in, twirl, twirl, twirl, keep twirling, out, suck, suck, suck me hard, oh, good girl."

Obeying every single word Elliot devoted herself to Jordan's pussy, shoving her tongue in and out, in and out, in and out, over and over again, as hard and as fast as she could, twirling her tongue inside the older woman when Jordan said so, her mouth just as obedient as her tongue in sucking at Jordan's cunt, the blonde totally lost in eating the brunette's pussy.

Between Jordan's intoxicatingly commanding attitude, the demands she made of Elliot, and the mindbogglingly delicious taste of pussy Elliot could feel herself becoming Jordan's mindless little sex slave, and not only could she not fight it, but she didn't want to fight it.

It was just so freeing.

Normally Elliot's head was so filled with deafening noise she could barely concentrate. She worried so much about so many little things she felt as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, a weight that felt like it was going to crush her at any moment.

But for this short moment in time Elliot Reid was at peace with herself. There was no weight on her shoulders, or voices inside her head. All there was, all she was, was a burning desire to please the woman in front of her, to eat her pussy and make her cum.

That was all that mattered to Elliot at that moment, and she had never been so at peace.

While Elliot found piece from eating pussy Jordan was struggling to concentrate on her work and not to cum to quickly. She was managing it of course, but the fact that Elliot was making it a challenge was impressive, which was something the young doctor was doing a lot of today. It was very doubtful that Elliot would want to be impressing Jordan in the way that she was, especially if she knew what the brunette was planning to do to her, but that was just part of the fun.

Another thing that impressed Jordan about Elliot was just how well the blonde obeyed her.

Jordan had told Elliot exactly what she wanted her to do and from how quickly she spoke she implied she wanted it done fast and hard. Even well trained slaves would struggle to follow these commands, but Elliot obeyed her flawlessly without a single mistake, the blonde using her tongue at exactly the right speed as well as the exact right place and time.

And when Jordan had gently trailed off Elliot hadn't missed a beat, the clearly submissive blonde worshipping her pussy with a passion even the most broken of Jordan's slaves didn't seemed to possess.

If there had been any further doubts in Jordan's mind about enslaving Elliot they were gone, and now it was only a matter of time before this little bitch became Jordan's little bitch.

The thought of enslaving Elliot and turning her into her bitch was enough to send Jordan over the edge, the dominating brunette clenching her teeth to prevent too much noise escaping her mouth as an orgasm rocked her body.

Jordan's cum flowed from her pussy and into Elliot's mouth, the young blonde greedily swallowing down as much of the tasty liquid as she could before going into pussy eating overdrive.

"Slow... slow down stick!" Jordan said weakly after she had mostly recovered from her orgasm.

She didn't really want Elliot to slow down but she needed her to slow down if she was going to make this a nice long pussy eating. However as much as Jordan didn't want Elliot to slow down the blonde couldn't bear the thought of it, and pretended not to hear the brunette.

That was a mistake.

"I said slow down stick!" Jordan snapped angrily, immediately causing the blonde to stop and pull away, which was another mistake, "I said slow down, not stop, get that tongue back inside me!"

Elliot immediately did as she was told.

"Ohhhh, good little twinkie." Jordan moaned, "But go slow, slower, that's it, keep going just like that until I tell you otherwise."

Elliot obeyed and under Jordan's guidance the blonde ate the brunette to orgasm after orgasm, her mouth and tongue becoming numb from overuse and her own pussy becoming so aroused that Elliot thought she would explode if she didn't cum soon but still she ignored her own needs and focused on pleasuring the dominating older woman.

After about an hour of having her pussy eaten Jordan had read all the reports she needed to and found herself debating whether or not to go to the next board meeting which was in only a few minutes now.

On the one hand the whole point of reading those stupid reports was that she would know what everyone was talking about in the meeting without needing to pay to much attention to them, which meant if she didn't go that made all that reading pointless. But on the other hand Elliot really did have such a sweet mouth and Jordan really struggled to pull herself away from it.

She soon realised she had to and with a sigh Jordan pushed Elliot away from her cunt, the blonde whimpering cutely in disappointment as the brunette got up and pulled back on her pants and panties.

Looking down at the pathetic figure that was Elliot Reid naked and restrained with her pussy juice covering her face Jordan smiled wickedly leant down, took the young doctor's cum covered face in her hands and kissed her.

Elliot didn't resist and soon Jordan was pushing her tongue into the blonde's mouth so she could strengthen the kiss, the two women momentarily becoming lost in a surprisingly soft kiss before Jordan pulled away and smiled.

"You liked that didn't you stick?" Jordan said.

It was more a statement than a question, but Elliot understood she should probably answer it anyway.

At first she tried just nodding but the look on Jordan's face quickly encouraged her to say, "Yes."

"And what is it that you liked?" Jordan asked.

There was a pause and then Elliot said weakly, "Eating your pussy. I liked eating your pussy."

"Good girl, you're learning." Jordan said happily, briefly kissing Elliot again, "Mm, I'd like to stay, unfortunately I have a meeting to go too. But don't worry, I won't be long, so you just stay here and I'll be right back."

Jordan got up, grabbed her reports and her bag and started to leave.

Elliot couldn't believe it. She couldn't be seriously leaving her here, like this, could she? Jordan was mean, but surely she couldn't be that mean, could she?

"Wait... Ms Sullivan..." Elliot called out.

Jordan stopped, turned around, looked at Elliot, frowned at her and then smiled.

"Oh, of course, I almost forgot..." Jordan said, taking a key out of her bag and placing it on the desk, "Here's the key to the cuffs."

Without giving Elliot enough time to muster up the bravery to ask her to help her out of the handcuffs Jordan left the room, the door swinging shut behind her, leaving a naked and restrained Elliot Reid alone in the room.


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