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Scrubs: Enslaving Elliot Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

"What do you mean no?" Carla frowned.

"I meant... no. Do I really need to explain the concept of no to you?" Jordan asked dryly.

Carla glared, "You have plenty of slaves."

"Your point being?" Jordan asked with disinterest.

"My point is why would you want to keep Elliot..." Carla said more as a statement than a question, her mind briefly searching for an answer and then frowning again, this time in disbelief rather than annoyance as she came up with a possible answer, "Do you... do you actually like her?"

"That would be impossible seeing as I don't actually like anyone." Jordan sighed, put down her drink and got off her couch, "Now, thank you for returning my pet to me, I'll see you around."

"You're avoiding the question." Carla pointed out.

"No I'm not, I already gave you an answer, that being... no. I don't like anyone, especially not some pathetic little blonde bitch who would allow herself to be humiliated and degraded for other people's pleasure." Jordan said coldly, her eyes briefly switching down to Elliot who was kneeling a short distance away, the blonde blushing at Jordan's words but not daring to argue with her. Smirking Jordan turned her attention back to Carla, "If you don't like my answer that's too bad. I'll try and remember to shed a tear for you before I go to bed."

Carla stared into Jordan's eyes for a few moments, her face slowly turning into a mask of disbelief, "You're lying."

"No I'm not." Jordan glared in annoyance.

"Oh my God... you do actually like her." Carla said, "Wow... I never thought I'd see the day you'd actually care about someone, one of your slaves no less."

"Like I said, I don't care, but if you want to believe that go ahead." Jordan said dismissively, "Now, get out of my home."

"Hm... well, if you don't care... then why won't you sell Elliot to me?" Carla asked, quickly adding, "I'm not leaving until you tell me."

Jordan sighed, and after a pause said, "Most of my other slaves are pussies. They all like the sex, and to a certain extent the domination, but they all have their limits... except that one. No matter what perverted little thing I do to her she never whines or complaints, she just begs for more. I like that. I don't like her. I'll never like her. She annoys me. And she is so weak it's pathetic, but I enjoy dominating her. She's my submissive little slut slave who I can do anything to and she'll just whimper, thank me and beg for more. So no, I'm not going to sell her to you."

"Not even for double the usual price?" Carla asked.

"Oh, sweetie... you don't have enough money to buy her from me." Jordan said as if she was speaking to a child.

"I thought you weren't willing to part with her at all." Carla said.

Jordan shrugged, "Everything has a price, even this cute little thing."

Carla frowned, "See, it's statements like that which makes me question letting you own my friend."

Jordan smirked, "Your concern for her is touching... and annoying, but since there's nothing you can do you might as well go back to your little boyfriend and leave me alone."

Again Carla frowned, but this time a thought occurred to her, "I'm annoying you quite a bit with this aren't I?"

"Yes, but people do just tend to annoy me in general." Jordan said dryly.

"Well, how would you like the chance to get rid of me?" Carla questioned, quickly continuing before Jordan had a chance to reply, "I'll drop this whole thing, I promise, if she chooses you over me."

"What?" Jordan exclaimed.

"You heard." Carla said, "I know you like to manipulate your slaves into doing what you want, and you punish them when they don't, but ultimately you don't actually enjoy it unless your slaves are enjoying it as well. If they don't actually want you, you lose interest in them, and God forbid they should prefer anyone over you, right?"

"Ok firstly, your attempt to analyse me is laughable at best." Jordan growled, "Secondly, no sub would ever prefer you over me, especially not such a submissive little slut like twinkie."

"So you won't mind if I ask her?" Carla asked.

Jordan paused for a second, and then shrugged, "Go ahead, we both know what she's going to say."

Turning her attention to Elliot for the first time since she and her friend had entered the room Carla asked the blonde, "Elliot, if you had to choose, who would you prefer to be your mistress... me, or Jordan?"

Elliot suddenly went very pale. She had been hoping and praying Carla wouldn't ask her that, because she honestly wasn't sure what to say. Carla had been so good to her, and in comparison Jordan was rather cruel, but the whole time she had been with the Latina woman Elliot had been thinking of the woman who had broken her in the first place. Would she think of Carla if she chose Jordan? Elliot couldn't be sure, nor could she be sure that she would regret it or not if she chose Carla.

Ultimately Elliot went for the safest option she could think of, "I'm... I'm not sure Ms Espinosa. I... I loved being with you both so much."

"Hm, interesting choice of answer stick." Jordan said, her voice sounding more than slightly threatening.

"It seems she likes us equally." Carla said.

"Bull, she just needs to be reminded of whom her true Mistress is. One little session with me and this bitch will quickly be remembering her true place, you'll see." Jordan boasted.

Realising she finally had something Carla smirked, "Care to put that theory to the test?"

"What did you have in mind?" Jordan asked suspiciously.

"We each take a turn with her and afterwards we give her the chance to choose again. If she chooses you, I'll back off happy in the knowledge she's were she wants to be. If she chooses me then you probably won't want her any more, which suits me just fine as I'll be happy to take her off your hands. And if she still can't decide, well... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Carla explained her idea.

Jordan looked thoughtful for a moment, and then smiled, "Hm... interesting offer... and I do like the idea of seeing the look on your face when the stick is begging my forgiveness for forgetting her place. How about this, I'll agree to your little proposal as long as I get to decide what we do."

"Don't you think we should both decide?" Carla asked, immediately realising it was a stupid question.

"No. These types of decisions should be left to a real dom, not some pretender. Besides, blondie here is still my slave, not yours. Until I decide otherwise you should probably try and remember that." Jordan said, oddly enough not trying to sound threatening as in her mind she was simply stating the facts.

There was a pause and then deciding she wasn't going to get a better offer Carla said, "Fine, what do you want to do first?"

"Really? I thought you would have at least learned a little about being a dom by now. Like say, the first thing." Jordan said mockingly, before deciding to explain, "Slaves always need to be put in their places right from the start with a nice little spanking. In this case it should be an extremely hard one since this little bitch has displeased us both by not choosing either of us in your little test, however since we both know we can't rely on you to get the job done you can give her a little weak ass spanking, and then when you're done I can give her the type of punishment she truly deserves."

"Ok then." Carla said, knowing it was useless to try and argue against Jordan's backhanded comments so she simply sat down on the couch Jordan had been sitting on, turned to the kneeling blonde and said, "Elliot, take off your pants and panties and then come lay across my knee."

"Yes Ms Espinosa." Elliot said submissively, crawling over to where her friend was sitting, slowly standing up and pushing down her pants and panties before laying herself across the Latina nurse's knee.

Sliding her hands over her friend's naked butt Carla gently asked, "You remember what you're supposed to do for me?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa, you want me to count out the spanks and thank you for them." Elliot said softly.

"Good girl." Carla said, raising her hand, "I'm going to start now, ok?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa... owww... one, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... two, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... three, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... four, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... five, thank you Ms Espinosa..."

As she settled into a slow but steady spanking rhythm Carla couldn't help but smirk a little at the look of disdain Jordan was giving her. Under normal circumstances Jordan would probably think the spanking Carla was giving Elliot was weak, and considering the blonde hadn't been able to choose between them Carla knew that, in Jordan's mind, being so 'gentle' with Elliot was unforgivable and yet another sign Carla wasn't a true dom.

Jordan's opinion of her was certainly no secret and didn't bother Carla, but what did bother her was that she had to admit this time Jordan sort of had a point. Certainly not about Carla's abilities as a dom, but Carla had to question her own choice of taking it easy on the blonde doctor. After all, it was true that the other day and this morning Carla had gone easy on Elliot, but that wasn't simply because she was her friend or she felt sympathy for her, it was because Elliot hadn't done anything wrong to deserve a harder spanking. Now she had and Carla was very tempted to give it to her.

The temptation grew as the spanking continued, Carla bringing her hand down again and again on Elliot's ass cheeks, that soft yet firm pale flesh turning a tantalising shade of pink under the assault, encouraging the Latina nurse to turn those butt cheeks a violent shade of red. Sure, that might threaten to make her no better than Jordan, but as long as Carla continued to caress Elliot's ass in between strikes it wouldn't be that bad.

Of course ultimately Carla decided to forego the harder treatment, not because she thought Elliot didn't deserve it, but because she knew regardless of what she did Jordan was going to brutalise Elliot's butt so by letting the spanking merely be a warm up for what Jordan was going to do to the poor blonde Carla would actually be doing Elliot a favour. With any luck Elliot would understand this and be grateful to Carla, that gratitude hopefully resulting in an increased chance that the submissive blonde would choose her over Jordan.

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... forty nine, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... fifty, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... fifty one, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... fifty two, thank you Ms Espinosa..."

Elliot did wonder if Carla was doing her a favour by going easy on her by preparing her for Jordan's inevitably brutal assault on her ass, then again in the few times she had been with her Carla had always been much more gentle a lover in everything they had done.

Part of Elliot loved it. Being with a woman who made gentle love to her, who used a strap on just hard enough to make her cum without making her feel incredibly sore afterwards, and most importantly not to make up reasons to punish her... or make those punishments almost unbearably humiliating. However another part of Elliot had hated it for the exact same reasons, some part inside herself craving a lover who would always fuck her roughly and revel in the chance to punish and humiliate her.

In between brief pause in the spanking Elliot whimpered, Carla and Jordan probably thinking it was because of the way the Latina nurse was pinching her butt cheeks but the real reason was Elliot was becoming momentarily overwhelmed by just what a difficult decision this was going to be, so much so she almost forgot to count and thank Ms Espinosa for the next strike. Hating the idea that she came so close to displeasing one of the women dominating her Elliot pushed any other thoughts other than what was happening to her right then and there out of her mind, concentrating only on waiting for the next spank and when it came she would call out the correct number and thank Ms Espinosa like the good little sub she was.

As a result of this the feeling of each strike was suddenly heightened, the feelings of pain suddenly rushing through Elliot's body clearer than ever before in a way which felt intoxicating. It made each of the final strokes exquisite, so much so that when the spanking came to an end Elliot was so disappointed she almost literally begged for more.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... ninety seven, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... ninety eight, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... ninety nine, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred, thank you Ms Espinosa."

"Good girl." Carla said softly as she squeezed one of Elliot's butt cheeks affectionately before turning to Jordan, "Your turn."

Jordan looked appalled, "Really? That's all you're going to give her? A hundred lousy spanks? That's some weak dom work, even by your standard."

"At least I know when you should go easy on a sub, like say, when you're about to hand them over to a psychopath for a second spanking." Carla responded dryly.

"Awww, if you need me to do the real dom work for you, all you have to do is say so. I don't mind giving this little slut the proper spanking she deserves if you can't handle it, and I also don't mind taking a firm hand with anyone else in your life, like say... your shiny, shiny headed boyfriend." Jordan quipped.

"You, stay away from my boyfriend." Carla told Jordan firmly before turning her attention to the blonde still lying across her knees, "Elliot, go and lie across Jordan's lap so she can remind you exactly why you should want nothing to do with her, ever."

"Actually stick, I want you bending over the desk in my study, hands on the desk with you sticking your cute little butt out so I can show you what a true dom does to her sub when she misbehaves." Jordan ordered her slave as she got up, Elliot nodding meekly before doing as she was told.

After shooting Carla a look Jordan followed her slave into her study, Carla following closely behind. As Elliot got into position Jordan reached into the middle draw on the right side in which she kept a small collection of toys which were there in case of emergencies like her being in her study with a sub and not wanting to have to go all the way into her bedroom to get anything. Sure, in that case she could always order the submissive to get it, but they were often tied up so it was just easier to keep some toys in every room of her apartment. However for what Jordan had currently in mind her study was definitely the best place to do it.

Once she had retrieved the desired item and hidden it behind her back Jordan walked round behind Elliot and raise the spanking item high above her head and just keeping it there for a few moments, loving the fact she was keeping her slave in suspense of not only when the first blow would come but exactly what she was going to be spanked with and therefore how much it was going to hurt.

"Ok stick, remember to do what you were doing for your little nurse friend." Jordan said after she grew tired of holding her hand up and decided to bring it down in one hard strike to Elliot's ass shortly after she finished speaking.

"Yes Mistress OWWW... one, thank you Mistress... owww... two, thank you Mistress... owww... three, thank you Mistress... owww... four, thank you Mistress... owww... five, thank you Mistress..."

Elliot let out a extra loud yelp of pain as the first strike connected to her tender flesh, more of a result of the surprise of its suddenness rather than any actual pain. In fact the pain itself was quite mild compared to what she had been expecting. After all Elliot was very aware she had displeased her mistress and when that happened it normally meant trouble for her.

The whole time Jordan had been choosing her weapon and slowly building up to using it had been torturous for Elliot. Something Elliot had picked up very quickly during her training was that the anticipation was almost as wonderfully agonising as the actual punishment, and as Jordan had just proved once again she was a master at it, leaving Elliot to obsess over when her mistress would punish her, how badly it would hurt, and most of all, what would she use? One of her riding crops would cut deep into her skin with every blow, perhaps even to the point of cutting her open if she was brutal enough. Perhaps a cat of nine tails so she could cut deep into her skin many times over, or one of the other many spanking toys Jordan had in her arsenal.

If there had been one thing that Elliot wasn't expecting it was for Jordan to use the paddle. Technically there was nothing wrong with that choice, it had left Elliot's ass red and bruised many times before, but the pain it caused was nothing compared to some of the other 'weapons' Jordan had at her disposal. Because of this for the briefest of moments Elliot wondered if Jordan was taking a page out of Carla's book, that maybe she was trying to go easy on her to show she could be merciful. Elliot should have known better.

Faster than Elliot could ever remember before Jordan really started working over her butt with that paddle, bringing it down again and again and again on her already more than a little sore flesh, reddening and bruising it in record time until Elliot was crying out in joyous agony. Now this, this was exactly what she had been expecting from her mistress, a nice brutal spanking which totally put Elliot in her place, warming the blonde submissive's heart and making her feel foolish forever doubting the woman who had so easily conquered her and turned her into her pain loving slut slave.

"Owww... two hundred and ninety eight, thank you Mistress... owww... two hundred and ninety nine, thank you Mistress... owww... three hundred, thank you Mistress... owww... three hundred and one, thank you Mistress... owww... three hundred and two, thank you Mistress..."

There had been a good reason Jordan had chosen the paddle over any other spanking device as while the crop would have given Elliot more pain it would have created an an uneven level of bruising when Jordan wanted to make the whole of her slave's ass as red and as bruised as possible. Besides, just because the pain was easier to dish out with the crop didn't mean it was impossible to deliver the same amount with a paddle, it just required a skilled hand, something which from the sound of Elliot's cries and whimpers was something Jordan was making very clear that she had.

Another thing which was making this clear was the way Elliot's butt was turning a nice little shade of red under Jordan's relentless assault, turning darker and more bruised looking with every slap, Elliot simply counting and thanking her mistress like the good little slave she was no matter how hard or frequently she was spanked.

To Jordan's delight Carla began looking increasingly annoyed as the spanking continued, the Latina nurse obviously concerned for her friends well-being, which was heart warming... or sickening depending on your viewpoint. For Jordan it was mostly sickening, especially considering Carla was worrying over nothing. Even though Elliot's ass bruised and discoloured ass was in attention grabber Jordan could clearly see the blonde's pussy juice dripping out of her horny hole and down her legs as her punishment continued, little moans of pleasure coming out of Elliot's mouth in between her cries of pain.

This was why Jordan knew she had to make sure Elliot didn't end up choosing Carla by mistake. And it would definitely be a mistake, there was no way that poor excuse for a dom could give the little blonde slut the regular dose of pain and humiliation she obviously so desperately craved. Besides, to find a submissive that was this much into their role was a rare find, one that would be wasted on a gentle dom like Carla, which was exactly why Jordan laid into Elliot's ass with all her strength for as long as she could, hopefully reminding the submissive exactly who could give her what she truly craved.

"Owww... one hundred and ninety six, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and ninety seven, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and ninety eight, thank you Mistress... owww... one hundred and ninety nine, thank you Mistress... owww... two hundred, thank you Mistress."

"Ok, I'm done." Jordan panted, "Slave, get down on your knees and crawl into my bedroom."

"About damn time." Carla muttered to herself as she followed her crawling friend and the woman holding her hostage out of the study, back into the main room and from there into the bedroom at which point Elliot stopped and waited for further instructions.

"Get up and strip for us slut." Jordan said, still a little breathless, but grinning as she watched her slave do as she was told. When Elliot was naked in front of her Jordan began to undo the buttons of her shirt as she turned to Carla and said, "You too, slut."

Glaring at the other dominant woman Carla slowly stripped too so all three women were naked at which point she asked, "So, what now?"

"Well, I'm thinking we could start off with a little foreplay..." Jordan said as she slowly approached Elliot, grabbed her softly but firmly by her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss.

It never ceased to amaze Elliot just how softly Jordan could kiss her, the submissive blonde quickly melting into the arms of the dominant woman who had so easily enslaved her. The soft kiss continued for a long, drawnout couple of minutes before Carla made a coughing sound and was rewarded by Jordan removing her lips from Elliot and passing the sub to the other dom, Carla happily taking her friend into her arms for an equally gentle kiss.

Unsurprisingly the kissing didn't remain gentle for long, first Jordan and then Carla using their turn to push their tongue into Elliot's mouth, Elliot happily welcoming the coming oral invasion with her own tongue. Soon Jordan and Carla were taking it in turns to make out passionately with Elliot, caressing the submissive girl's naked body, Carla's hands more teasing as they caressed over Elliot's breasts and butt while Jordan's hands greedily groped and squeezed them. It wasn't long after that Jordan's fingers slid over Elliot's pussy, the dominant woman smiling at the wetness she found there.

"Enjoying yourself twinkie?" Jordan unnecessarily asked.

"Mmmmmm, yes Mistress, I, oh, I'm enjoying myself... very much." Elliot said softly, briefly holding back on a moan to get the last two words out.

"I bet you'd like us to fuck you wouldn't you stick? Shove our fingers and tongues inside you, pass you back and forth between us like the little fuck slut you are, make you cum over and over again... wouldn't you?" Jordan questioned huskily.

"Yes, mmmmmm, oh yes Mistress, please fuck me." Elliot pleaded.

"I knew you would like the sound of that... but I think I know something you'd like the sound of even more, and that's the chance to worship our bodies while we take it in turns to fuck you." Jordan said.

"Oh yes, please Mistress, let me worship you and Ms Espinosa with my unworthy mouth while you use me as your fuck slut." Elliot replied happily.

"Good girl. Now, get on your knees in front of the bed." Jordan ordered waiting for Elliot to get into position before turning to Carla, "Since this is my idea I think I'll enjoy her mouth first, any problems with that?"

"No, it's fine, I love fucking her anyway." Carla replied as politely as possible.

It was clear Carla didn't like having to follow Jordan's orders but Jordan could care less about what the other woman thought. Actually that wasn't true, Jordan loved the fact that she was now getting to boss around another supposedly dominant female, but she was far more preoccupied with the feeling of Elliot's soft little tongue sliding across her pussy for the first time that night.

Last night Jordan had made her annual booty call to her ex-husband Perry Cox, and while the sex had been up to its usual standard Jordan couldn't help but miss her submissive little blonde slut in a way she'd never really missed any other slave before. It had been slightly unnerving, however from the first lick of Elliot's tongue Jordan had no doubt in her mind exactly why she had missed her little pet, because even though her ex-husband was almost as good a lover as he thought he was, the man was yet to reach the perfection to truly rival Elliot Reid's abilities as a rug muncher.

Each one of those tongue strokes were a thing of beauty, sliding over Jordan's pussy lips with such careful timing and precision, giving her the maximum amount of pleasure from the act. It was slow at first, just like Jordan taught all of her slaves how they should begin, but while with the others she had let them know where to pick things up Elliot seem to do it automatically, the blonde adding a few quicker and/or harder licks into the equation but using them sparingly for the longest time, only occasionally touching Jordan's clit and only touching it and giving quicker and/or harder licks exactly when Jordan wanted it.

In all her years of fucking Jordan had never had such a skilled cunt lapper, and the idea of losing her... of losing such a naturally submissive little pussy pleaser, was simply unacceptable.

While Jordan was hating the idea of losing such a talented little tongue Carla was hating the idea of never being able to taste the delicious little pussy she was currently lapping hungrily away at. Well, things weren't going to be that bad as pretty much no matter how things went down Carla was confident that she would be able to be with Elliot again. After all, if the worst came to the worst Jordan would relish the chance to rub her victory in Carla's face, no doubt offering her the chance to borrow Elliot at a reduced price just so there could be a little reminder of exactly who the blonde chose. However Carla intended to make sure it didn't come to that.

It was doubtful Jordan went down on Elliot regularly. Jordan wasn't the type to eat pussy, at least not on a regular basis so Carla was confident this was one area she could easily out perform her rival, and from the sounds of muffled pleasure coming from in between Jordan's thighs Carla was definitely succeeding.

Carla had started out just gently sliding her tongue over Elliot's pussy lips, the Latina nurse having to kneel down behind her blonde friend and support her weight on her knees and one of her hands while she used the other hand to spread Elliot's ass cheeks apart to provide better access to her honey hole. That wasn't the only hole which became easy to access in that position and Carla was sure to tease Elliot's little starfish but her focus remained on the soft lips of her pussy.

At virtually the same time Elliot began giving Jordan more pleasure Carla did the same thing, randomly increasing the force and the speed of her licks. The main difference was that those licks quickly became a lot less random and far more frequent, Carla smiling to herself with glee as the sounds of her friend's pleasure dramatically increased by the second.

While it might have sounded like things were only getting better for Elliot the truth was they weren't. Well, her own pleasure was certainly increasing, however the more wicked and wonderful things Carla did to her with her tongue the more difficult it became for Elliot to concentrate on what should have been her main focus, not just in this moment but for every moment of her life, and that was of course to bring her mistress pleasure.

Jordan had awoken Elliot's sexuality, introduced her to so many things she would have never experienced if it wasn't for her mistress enslaving her, and in return Elliot should spend every moment of everyday doing everything within her power to repay the superior woman. She shouldn't be focused on her own pleasure, but Carla's tongue was just making her feel so good.

Things only got worse in that respect when Carla slowly pushed her tongue into Elliot's pussy, the blonde stupidly stopping her own muff diving work as amazing feelings of pleasure rushed through her. It only lasted for a few seconds, Carla mercifully allowing her a little break once her tongue was all the way inside her, which allowed Elliot to reflect on the fact that her tongue had been neglecting her duty, a fact which almost brought her to tears.

Determined not to be distracted again Elliot began lapping away more firmly than ever before at Jordan's pussy, doing her best to ignore the incredible ecstasy rushing through her body as Carla began gently tongue fucking her and continuing to concentrate on her main purpose in life, all the while hoping and praying that Jordan would soon give her permission to tongue fuck her hard, and even more importantly allow her the privilege of making her mistress cum, hopefully allowing her to cum shortly afterwards.

Shortly after Elliot thought this her prayers were answered as Jordan ordered her, "Fuck me stick, fuck me with your tongue. Get that soft little tongue of yours inside my pussy and fuck me you little slut. Fuck your Mistress's pussy like the good little muff diving dyke you are! Fuck ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Yes, that's it, mmmmmmm, good little muff diving dyke, fuck me!"

As per usual whenever one of her slaves was going down on her Jordan continued the verbal abuse through out, stopping only briefly to bark out some orders regarding just how her little pet should use it's mouth and tongue to please her. With Elliot it was unnecessary, the blonde was born to eat pussy, but Jordan wasn't doing it to teach the art of cunnilingus, she had done plenty of that during the first few weeks of Elliot's training in which the young doctor had reached her full muff munching potential, it was for the sheer fun of ordering Elliot around.

Many so-called doms were simply dominant in the bedroom and outside of it treated their lover or lovers with respect, love and affection. They even treated other people nicely for the most part. These doms were pussies.

Jordan was a dominant woman in every single aspect of her life. She crushed all those who dared oppose her under the weight of her heel, and if there was anything left she would keep stomping it into the ground until either it was her new submissive plaything or a broken and discarded stain on the bottom of her shoe. Book smart little rich girl Elliot Reid had been ridiculously easy to crush under the weight of her metaphorical high heel, but Jordan had never had more fun training a slave, especially when that training included hours of having the pretty blonde in between her thighs, jack-hammering her tongue in and out of her, just like she was doing right now, the only difference being that this time Elliot was moaning loudly and the vibrations were making things even better.

While Jordan would have liked to believe Elliot was simply enjoying her pussy even more than usual she knew in reality it was because Carla was doing what must have been an excellent job at fucking Elliot's pussy. She would have had to be to have been to distract such a devoted cunt lapper from her duty. This reality upset Jordan more than it should have for some reason, but the only truly dominant woman in the room shrugged it off. She would be making Elliot moan a lot louder soon enough, and in the meantime Jordan was very much enjoying her little toy's tongue.

As Jordan was... not enjoying hearing Elliot moaning for a woman she would barely consider worthy of the title of her rival, there was no doubt in Carla's mind that what she was feeling was jealousy.

She could barely hear Elliot's muffled moans over the loud stream of nearly constant verbal abuse, only interrupted by the louder bellows of pleasure, spewing forth from Jordan's mouth, each one of those words and cries making Elliot's cunt flow like a river. Sure, Carla's mouth and tongue had more than a little something to do with the constant stream of girl juice flowing from that honey hole, but there could be no mistake, the submissive blonde was absolutely loving both the constant verbal abuse she was getting from her mistress and the fact that she was now pleasuring the woman who had enslaved her.

Carla wanted Elliot to get as excited about going down on her, to juice up whenever she called her a filthy name or ordered her to do something. Ok, so Carla was pretty sure that the little sub already did, but she wanted her to do it for her.

Yet again Carla Espinosa found herself wanting to make her friend Elliot Reid hers, a desire that only seemed to increase with every drop of cunt cream she swallowed, that sweet ambrosia practically flowing into Carla's mouth and straight down her throat as the sexy Latina nurse continued tongue fucking the blonde doctor, soon increasing the speed of her tongue as she tried to get a taste of something even sweeter than the pussy juice she was now drinking, something Carla would have thought impossible if she hadn't already tasted Elliot's cum.

The increased pace of the tongue fucking she was receiving briefly made Elliot worried. It had been difficult enough not to cum and to concentrate on Jordan's pleasure before, and this obviously made things worse in that respect. True, there had been vibrators in her pussy and/or in her ass and/or on her clit and even a combination of all three while she was pleasuring her mistress, but even those three vibrators couldn't quite compare to Carla's skilled mouth and tongue.

Just when she thought she might be in real trouble Elliot sighed in relief as her friend slowed down just as she was reaching the point of no return, allowing the blonde's urge to cum to decrease before the brunette Latina sped up the thrust of her tongue again. Time and time again Carla brought Elliot to the brink of climax only to deny her, something Elliot welcomed as it was a technique she was very familiar with, both in having it used on her and using it on others... like with Jordan right now.

As her training taught her to do Elliot had started off with teasing the outside of Jordan's pussy, obediently awaiting her mistress's permission to plunge her tongue inside her. When she got it Elliot had began gently fucking Jordan as she had done countless times before, slowly building up until she was tongue fucking her mistress hard enough to keep her on the edge of ecstasy, eagerly awaiting the command to send her over the edge.

Part of Elliot was content for this to go on for a long time because as well as the usual pleasure of tasting Jordan's pussy juice and knowing that she was pleasing her mistress the feelings Carla's mouth and tongue were causing Elliot were beyond amazing. Of coarse as amazing as they were the feelings of pleasure were quickly becoming overwhelming, Elliot hoping Jordan would give her permission to make her cum, and hopefully give her permission to cum herself as well, just so that this almost torturous level of ecstasy would end.

Sooner than she would have expected the part of Elliot that wanted this to end got her wish as Jordan said, "Oh that's it twinkie, fuck me with your little dyke tongue! Tongue fuck my pussy as hard as you can you little muff munching lesbo! Harder! Harder! I want you to make me cum you little whore! Make me cum you little lesbian whore! I want to cum in that hot little queer girl mouth of yours right now, and you better swallow every drop you can otherwise it's a week without pussy for you! Oooooooohhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm, I knew that would get you going! Ahhhhhhhhh, I knew a little pussy obsessed dyke like you wouldn't be able to cope with the thought of a week without pussy! Mmmmmmm, remember that one Carla. If I ever let you borrow my slave again remember all you need to do if you want to get her attention is threatened to take away her pussy eating privileges! Ooooooooohhhhhhh, and speaking of privileges, why don't you cum in your little friend's mouth stick? Let's cum together... mmmmmmmm, me first though! Yes, that's it. Make me cum first... oh yes, yes, yeeeeesssssss!"

The second Jordan gave her permission Elliot began ramming her tongue in and out of the dominating woman's pussy as hard and as fast as she could. The only thing that kept Jordan from cumming sooner was the fact that she was pulling herself back so she could insult her slave a little longer, but of course all that insulting just made it harder for Jordan to keep herself on the edge. Ultimately Jordan's words dissolved into a long drawnout cry as she came in her slave's mouth, Jordan closing her eyes and letting the pleasure wash over her, at least until she heard a familiar whimper as the blonde in between her legs climaxed, at which point she looked down and scowled.

Being the well trained little sex slave she was Elliot tried to devote herself as much as possible to Jordan's needs. She continued tongue fucking her mistress throughout her climax, doing her best to keep her on her high for as long as possible and even start working towards her next orgasm, all the while swallowing down as much of Jordan's cum as she could while making sure plenty of it still covered her face as Elliot knew how much her owner love to see her juices glistening on her slut's face. However Elliot couldn't help being a little distracted by her own climax, the initial hits so strong that she even stopped worshipping Jordan's cunt. It was only for a microsecond but Elliot still felt guilty, the submissive blonde hoping Jordan would later punish her for her disobedience as she redoubled her efforts in ignoring the pleasure rushing through her body so she could do what she was supposed to do.

Carla wasn't being distracted by an orgasm but after a while she felt a set of eyes on her. She ignored them for quite a while, but eventually replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, fucking Elliot with them at the same speed she had been using with her tongue, only this time she was looking up into Jordan's eyes. Smiling back at her rival Carla licked her lips, gathering up the last of Elliot's cum and swallowing it just like she had done with the rest which had flown into her mouth only a minute or so earlier. She then increased the speed of her fingers, bringing Elliot to a second climax, the vibration of the blonde's moaning causing Jordan to cum for a second time in the process... or at least Carla was pretty sure it did. Jordan's face was a emotionless mask, but it did seem like she was trying to hide something.

Before Carla could be sure one way or another, and before she could see whether she could make Elliot cum again, the fun was brought to an untimely end.

"Ok, that's enough. Swap over." Jordan ordered.

"Fine by me, I just love Elliot's mouth." Carla quipped as she got up and walked round to take Jordan's place, grabbing Elliot when she was sitting down and pushing the blonde's face into her cunt, "Lick me Elliot, lick ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, lick my pussy. Lick my pussy just like that. Mmmmmmmmm, that's it, tongue me just like that you beautiful little bitch, tongue my cunt like the beautiful little dyke you are!"

Unsurprisingly Elliot began licking Carla's cunt the second she was giving permission too, Carla moaned loudly as she felt that soft tongue gliding over her pussy lips for the first time that night, Elliot's eager tongue quickly delivering a second, third, fourth, and fifth lick, the submissive doctor settling into a gentle lapping rhythm, causing Carla to continue moaning loudly in between her words of encouragement.

One of the few things Carla and Jordan shared was a love of dirty talk during sex. The difference was Jordan was far more degrading with her words, Carla not really knowing why the bitchy older woman had to make every other word out of her mouth sound insulting, but the Latina nurse supposed that was just Jordan's winning personality shining through.

Another thing the two dominant women had in common was that they love to tell their sexual partners what to do in bed, however Carla preferred to think of it as encouragement. As in, some of her chosen partners, like say her boyfriend for example, weren't clumsy lovers, they just needed a little coaching in the right direction sometimes.

Elliot needed no such coaching, the blonde doctor sliding her tongue slowly up and down until it was time to start going clockwise and anticlockwise, the submissive girl then waiting an appropriate amount of time before gently teasing Carla's clit. However, despite the fact that Elliot needed no encouragement to do these things Carla still gave them to her, albeit after she was doing them just to show her that she was doing the right thing.

Because she was so preoccupied with Elliot's skilful tongue Carla didn't notice Jordan reaching into her toy draw, pulling something out of it and strapping it around her waist. Jordan wouldn't have cared if Carla had, she certainly had no intention of stopping either way but was honestly surprised that Carla was so oblivious to her actions.

Shrugging it off Jordan quickly kneeled down behind her sex slave, spread her butt cheeks with both hands so she could have all the access she wanted to Elliot's most intimate areas, and then unceremoniously plunged her tongue as deep inside her pet's pussy as possible, delighting in the loud cry the blonde let out.

Jordan was sure Elliot would have liked a more gentle licking to begin with but the only truly dominant woman in the room was playing for keeps and had no intention of giving Elliot anything but her best work. Besides, thanks to all the previous activity, at least some of which Jordan grudgingly had to admit was because of Carla, Elliot's pussy was dripping wet and more than ready to go, that hole obviously incredibly welcoming to Jordan's tongue considering the way it was eagerly clamping down on it.

Just as easily Jordan began fucking Elliot's pussy as hard as she could with her tongue, only briefly stopping every so often so she could lower her head down further to suck on her slave's clit, making sure her little bitch's cunt didn't go unattended to by shoving a couple of fingers into that needy love hole for a few hard thrusts until Jordan once again plunged her tongue deep inside that hot little twat.

All this heavenly attention was torture for Elliot. Carla's tongue had been bad enough but Jordan seemed determined to make her cum... or perhaps determined to make her cum without permission.

That was something that happened before, many times in fact, Jordan torturing Elliot with fucks which seemed to go on forever and were either unbearably slow and gentle or just as unbearably hard and fast. Even after all her training Elliot had her limits, and while normally the thought of displeasing her mistress was unbearable if Jordan was trying to create a reason to punish her then there were worse ways to get their than submitting to a powerful orgasm.

As if she was reading her mind Jordan brief pulled away from Elliot's cunt long enough to smirk up at Carla before then telling her, "It's ok stick, you can cum. In fact you can cum as much as you want for the rest of the night."

Elliot was unaware that the whole time Jordan was talking she was smirking at Carla, but she was very aware of the feeling of her mistress's tongue slamming back inside her, the submissive doctor briefly hesitating before allowing the pleasure to wash over her, an orgasm rocketing through her in a matter of moments, forcing her eyes to roll in the back of her head and her body to shake as she momentarily completely forgot about attending to Carla's needs.

Pressure on the back of her head reminded the blonde of her current duty, Elliot cursing herself for forgetting. As a sex slave the last thing she should be concentrating on was her own pleasure, even if her mistress had given her permission to cum as much as she wanted, and intent on giving her as many orgasms as possible. So, as difficult as it was, Elliot concentrated as best she could at the task at hand, waiting until the exact right moment to push her tongue into Carla before slowly doing so just as she had been trained to do.

Carla continued to encourage Elliot only now she wasn't just distracted from this task by the blonde's skills tongue but by her annoyance of what Jordan was doing by taking advantage of the situation. Really Carla should have expected nothing less, but hopefully Elliot would see through it. After all, Jordan wasn't the type to fuck her slaves like this unless it served her own agenda, while Carla would be much more eager to satisfy Elliot's needs on a regular basis, while still allowing the young doctor to attend to hers.

Elliot was definitely good at attending to her needs, the blonde doctor's soft mouth clamping down tightly on Carla's pussy lips as she continued tongue fucking her, adding the occasional sucking session in between thrusts of her tongue so she could swallow her juices and of course provide the Latina nurse with even more pleasure. Not long after this Elliot began curling her tongue inside Carla's cunt, attacking her G-spot.

Deciding if Jordan was going to make Elliot cum as much as she could Carla would return the favour by feeding the blonde submissive as much of her girl cum as possible. This was easily achieved simply by not holding back for once, Carla allowing that knowing mouth and tongue to bring her off in a powerful climax, the nurse lifting her hips up while pushing down on the doctor's head to make sure Elliot's face was as deep into her pussy as it could go.

Elliot's response was to tongue fuck Carla even harder, bringing her to toe curling climax after toe curling climax, the blonde doctor happily swallowing just about everything the brunette nurse could give her, the rest covering her face. This was something Carla was very aware of and only intensified her orgasms, both she and Elliot very much enjoying the current positions they were in.

Carla's enjoyment was interrupted by the sight of Jordan straightening up and beginning to push something inside Elliot's cunt. Carla briefly wondered how she could have missed Jordan going to get it and, after concluding it must have been when her eyes were closed at the beginning, yelled out in protest, "Hey."

Jordan smirked, "I never said neither of us couldn't do this, and remember Carla, tonight I make the rules."

Much to Jordan's delight Carla scowled but didn't say anything in response, the other woman knowing she was beaten. The taste of victory was sweet, as was the yelps of pleasure coming from Elliot as Jordan entered her with her strap on dildo, the only truly dominant woman in the room sliding into her sex slave's hot cunt like a knife through butter before just as easily beginning to thrust in and out of her.

Although she wouldn't necessarily admit it out loud Jordan loved going down on other women. It didn't give her the same type of dominating thrill as other sex acts did but there was definitely something to be said for sliding her tongue over and inside a juicy cunt, drinking deeply from another woman's centre. However as enjoyable as she found rug munching it didn't truly compared to the rush she felt when slamming a strap on in and out of another woman.

Jordan certainly felt that rush now that she was pounding Elliot's pussy, the board member of Sacred Heart having quickly increased her pace from slow and steady to hard and powerful, Jordan drilling her slave without mercy, giving her no choice but to cum. Not satisfied with that Jordan made Elliot cum over and over again, even ignoring her own orgasms for the most part so she could concentrate on the task at hand, namely fucking the kneeling blonde doggy style.

The only thing that truly distracted Jordan was the same thing which was pushing her over the edge time and time again, and it wasn't the stimulator on her clit or even the thrill of dominating another woman in such a primal way. No, the thing that really distracted Jordan was the look of annoyance and begrudging respect in Carla's eyes, the two brunettes staring at each other intently as they both enjoyed the blonde doctor sandwich between them.

As for the young doctor, she was completely lost in a submissive heaven, completely unaware that the two women dominating her were locked in a death stare, or that by the end of the night she would have to choose between them, or indeed anything but her own pleasure or more importantly the pleasure that the dominant women were getting from using her body.

It was difficult for Elliot not to become completely lost in her own pleasure. The delicious liquid sliding into her mouth and down her throat was pleasurable enough, but the relentless hard pounding of her pussy by that long, thick fake cock was pure heaven, Elliot orgasming on that invading poll God knows how many times.

Still, even in this state of ecstasy Elliot remembered that she was a submissive fuck slut, her entire existence, the very meaning of her life being to serve others, which was exactly what she did.

In addition to jack-hammering her tongue in and out of Carla's cunt as hard as she could, stopping only to suck at her pussy lips and swallow down her cum and cunt juices, Elliot began slamming herself backwards like a bitch in heat, driving her mistress's harness back against her and in doing so driving that stimulator harder against her clit, ensuring that Elliot was doing everything in her power to make sure both dominating brunettes were cumming as hard as and as often as possible.

With all three women experiencing incredible sexual satisfaction it wasn't surprising that this continued for a long time, all three members of Sacred Heart Hospital losing count of their orgasms as the frantic fucking continued.

Finally deciding it was time to switch positions Jordan grabbed hold of Elliot's hair and pulled the blonde from between Carla's legs, quickly telling the other brunette, "Go get one of my strap ons. This little slut needs to be DP'ed."

In response Elliot whimpered in pleasure and orgasmed again, her cries sounding deafening now her mouth was free, while Carla just glared at the other dominant woman before doing as she was told. After all, just because Carla didn't like following Jordan's orders didn't mean that she wasn't eager to fuck her submissive friend. Exactly the opposite in fact. So it wasn't long before she returned with a dildo firmly strapped around her own waist.

"Lay down." Jordan ordered Carla before turning her attention to Elliot, "Get on that cock twinkie. And make sure you take it in your cunt, because your ass is mine."

Once she was done talking Jordan finally pulled out of Elliot's pussy, smacking her slave on the ass before sending her on her way.

Elliot whimpered softly but did as she was told without question, Carla not bothering to do so as she lay down on Jordan's bed and allowed her blonde friend to mount her dildo.

As she slowly pushed herself down on the cock Elliot whimpered as it entered and filled her sore pussy, her ravenous submissive sex drive telling her to start bouncing on that dick while her training told her better.

From the way Jordan was smirking Carla guessed that Elliot was remembering and correctly performing part of her training, which was no real surprise as in the short time Carla had intimately been with her friend it had quickly become clear that Elliot Reid was one well-trained sex slave.

What did surprise Carla was the amount of time Jordan spent lubricating Elliot's ass hole, slowly pushing first one and then two fingers into the submissive girl's rectum, stretching her out and preparing her for the butt fucking to come.

Carla was even more surprised just how long Jordan took filling Elliot's ass hole with her strap on, inserting first the head of the cock followed by the rest, leaving plenty of time for the blonde's bowels to adjust to every additional inch inserted into it. This even continued after the dildo was completely buried inside Elliot's butt, Jordan beginning to sodomise her sex slave with long slow strokes and continuing at that gentle ass stretching pace rather than ramming her rectum the first chance she got.

Granted on the few occasions Carla had watched Jordan in action the bitchy older woman had never slam fucked a girl's ass without properly preparing it first, but Carla had never seen Jordan been this gentle with anyone before. It was... nice. Surprising, but nice. After all, the beginning of a butt fucking was one of the rare occasions Carla got to see Jordan being compassionate and was a nice reminder that despite almost all evidence to the contrary Jordan wasn't a complete bitch, and now not only was Carla beginning to believe that was true but she was beginning to think Jordan genuinely cared about someone who wasn't herself.

Of course had Jordan known what Carla was thinking she would have told her she was crazy. The thought had crossed her own mind, but it was clearly just one of those bizarre things that cross one's mind from time to time. It certainly wasn't true. She didn't care about anyone, especially not Elliot Reid. The blonde was simply an excellent sub who Jordan didn't want to lose, which was exactly why she was ass fucking Elliot so slowly.

Sure, she could have begun slamming Elliot's shit hole the first chance she got, but even though because the young doctor was such a devoted submissive that she probably wouldn't complain she definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it, and at the end of this Elliot had to choose to still be with her, so Jordan sodomised her slave slowly. Besides, Jordan couldn't enjoy fucking a slave unless she knew they were enjoying it too.

By now it wasn't necessary for Jordan to go slowly, but there was a very important reason she continued to do so, namely she wanted to loosen Elliot's ass up. All the previous fun had made Elliot's pussy wet and ready for her strap on, but her ass was still very much tight and needed time to stretch out. It was already stretched out enough to take a harder fucking and was even pleasurable, but not so much that the blonde with orgasm after only a few hard thrusts, and Jordan wanted to make sure Elliot had reached that stage before she began slamming her shitter, that way she would be able to maximise her hard thrust to their full cum causing potential. That should help remind Elliot who her real mistress was.

In the meantime Jordan tried to concentrate not just on the pleasure she was receiving from the stimulator bashing against her clit, but the visual joy she was getting from butt fucking her slave, the slave in question sandwiched between her and another strap on wearing woman, Jordan's slave taking it in both her fuck holes like the good little slut she was. This image was sullied only by Carla's failure as a dom, but even that couldn't spoil Jordan's mood.

Elliot certainly didn't think Carla was a failure as a dom, simply a more gentle one than she was used too. Case in point, her current position.

She had bounced on a dildo strapped around Jordan's waist countless times before and was used to a much rougher ride, her mistress randomly thrusting upwards into her pussy or ass during the gentle build up while either using hands to force Elliot to go at her pace or lay back and let the submissive do all the work. Carla's handle firmly on Elliot's waist however they were only very gently guiding her up and down, allowing Elliot to set the pace.

This was big because it also allowed Elliot to set the pace of the butt fucking too, at least for the most part. Sure, Jordan
gave a thrust here or there which was a little extra fast or slow, deliberately knocking things out of sync, but mostly things settled into a steady rhythm in which whenever Elliot would slide herself down on Carla's cock Jordan would pull back and when Elliot lifted herself upwards Jordan would thrust forwards, burying every inch of her dildo all the way into the blonde doctor's butt.

Over and over again this rhythm was repeated until Elliot's ass as well as her already extremely well fucked pussy were aching to be pounded hard to the point Elliot had to bite her lip to prevent herself from shamelessly begging for more. She wanted too, she wanted too so bad, but her training taught her to bite her tongue, or in this case her lip. Luckily Elliot didn't have to bite her lip for long.

"Enjoying yourself slut?" Jordan growled, violently pulling Elliot's hair back as she continued steadily pumping into the blonde's pooper.

"Yes, yes Mistress. I'm enjoying this so much. I love it. I love the things you do to me." Elliot moaned submissively.

"Is that right?" Jordan smirked, quickly adding before Elliot had a chance to reply, "You want more? Is my slutty little sex slave ready to get pounded hard in both her whore holes? And does she remember what she has to do if she wants to be fucked harder?"

"Yes Mistress, your slutty little sex slave is ready to get pounded hard in both her whore holes and she remembers that if she wants to be fucked harder she needs to beg for it like the slut she is." Elliot said incredibly quickly, barely pausing for breath before continuing at a slightly slower pace, "Which is why I'm begging you now, please my wonderful Mistress, fuck me harder! Fuck my slutty ass harder! Fuck it as hard as you can! Drill my back door as hard as you can! Tear it wide open! Pound my slutty little sex slave ass until it's stretched out and useless!"

"What about me Elliot?" Carla interrupted her friend, "Do you want me to fuck you hard too? Do you want me to start roughly fucking that wet little pussy of yours as you bounce on my cock? Maybe help you bounce on that cock harder? Well, do you?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa, I, oooooohhhhhhh, I want you to fuck me hard too. Mmmmmmm, I want you to roughly fuck my wet little pussy as I bounce on your cock, ooooohhhhhhh, you helping me to bounce on that cock harder, oh, anything, oh, anything to please you Ms Espinosa. Anything at all." Elliot replied eagerly, pausing only briefly to moan as Jordan increased the pooper pounding pace.

"But is it what YOU want?" Carla asked firmly.

"Oh yes, yes Ms Espinosa. Mmmmmm, I want to please you and my Mistress more than anything, ohhhhhhhh, even more than I want to get fucked hard in both my holes, and oooooohhhhhhh, and I really, really want to get fucked hard in both my holes!" Elliot moaned lustfully in response.

Elliot found herself continuing to moan, and even louder at that, as Carla tightened her grip on her and began more firmly guiding her up and down the dildo, occasionally beginning to thrust up into her as she pulled her downwards, making sure the strap on cock went as deep as it could go inside of her whenever Carla wanted.

What was also making Elliot moan, and had been doing so since before she had finished begging Carla for more, was Jordan's now savage shitter slamming thrusts. Luckily for the blonde doctor just like every other time her mistress had increased the pace of her fucking she had given her plenty of time to relax. As a result of the earlier slow and gentle back door stretching that amount of time didn't need to be long, in fact Jordan might have spent longer than necessary, but to Elliot it felt like only seconds for the gentle ass pumping to turn into hard butt pounding.

Jordan's thrusts only seemed to become more powerful as Carla slowly went from only occasionally thrusting upwards to doing it every time she pulled Elliot downwards, Carla increasing the pace until she was fucking Elliot's pussy almost as hard as Jordan was fucking Elliot's ass, the doms seeming to become lost in a competition of who could fuck Elliot the hardest.

For her part Elliot felt as if she became a rag doll, bouncing up and down as hard as she could, pushing her butt backwards as well as upwards and grinding her pussy downwards to make sure both her fuck holes got the maxim amount of deep penetration possible, the whole time moaning like a total whore, hoping it would please the two dominating women. Elliot certainly wasn't faking her enjoyment, she didn't need to, but she certainly wasn't trying to hide it, much like her thrusting her moaning being all about pleasing the women fucking her.

As true as that was Elliot had earlier been given permission to cum as much as she wanted, and while she held back for as long as she could ultimately the double penetration was all too much for her and she came, first crashing over the edge of a monster orgasm only to be left practically brain dead as a result of the orgasms that followed.

As the fucking grew more and more intense Carla and Jordan became lost in staring each other down, smirks crossing their faces every time Elliot let out a particularly loud moan or groan or whimper or cry of pleasure that they believe they were responsible for. Considering Elliot was constantly making a lot of pleasurable noises they weren't always correct in their assumption of who was responsible, but they often had good reason to believe that it was them.

With Elliot settled into rapidly impaling herself on the dildo beneath her Carla was able to move her hand over her friend's body, avoiding her breasts at first and then adding them to the equation before ultimately concentrating on them. It was gentle at first, Carla only lightly cupping the soft flesh of Elliot's boobs while gently brushing against her nipples. The caresses became firm and Carla even began tweaking those nipples hard enough to get a more obvious reaction on occasion, but even then it was a stark contrast from everything else going around the blonde doctor. Even Carla's thrusting was more brutal, especially with Elliot frantically thrusting back, although none of Carla's actions could match Jordan's brutality.

Of course Jordan was trying to be brutal. The soft and gentle crap was over, and while there had been admitted fun Jordan definitely preferred the hard stuff, and the great thing about Elliot was that not only did she take the hardest fucking Jordan had to give her but she would moan, groan, and cry for more. As always it didn't take much to encourage these wonderful sounds, Jordan roughly pulling her slave's hair and continuing the verbal abuse as she spanked her for the second time that evening. The blows were few and far between at first, but quickly increase to an almost constant stream of strikes, all the spanks brutally hard but seeming to become harder by the second, Jordan brutalising Elliot's ass inside and out as she revelled in her dominance over her.

When Elliot came Carla and Jordan simultaneously smiled, both believing they were responsible while in reality like with many of Elliot's cries of pleasure both dominant women were responsible for it. Suspecting this they both redoubled their efforts in fucking Elliot's pussy and ass, squeezing orgasm after orgasm out of the blonde as the brunettes pounded her straight to heaven, all in the name of proving they were the better top.

In all this excitement it was inevitable the stimulators on their clits would bring them off too. This was something they both knew full well and for a while competed with each other to see who could last the longest, however the competition ended when Carla realise that a few more orgasms and Elliot would be unconscious, and she knew waking her up would be difficult to say the least as she was a heavy sleeper. So Carla allowed her own climax to wash over her, the Latina nurse slowly bringing her thrusting to a stop while allowing Elliot's still gyrating bodies to bring her to multiples.

Grinning in triumph Jordan savoured this, in her mind, important victory for a few long moments before allowing her own powerful orgasm to crash through her, that orgasm quickly turning into orgasms as she used her slave's ass to bring herself off time and time again, forcing another climax or two out of Elliot in the process before eventually completely running out of steam.

Carefully concentrating on not collapsing Jordan slowly pulled out of Elliot's ass, the head of her dildo exiting the blonde's pooper with a soft pop. Jordan took a second to admire the gaping butt hole before her, and then she gently lay herself down next to Carla on the bed.

"Get down here and suck my dick clean slut." Jordan ordered the blonde.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot said weakly, slowly getting off Carla's strap on, crawling into position and lowering herself so that she could take Jordan's strap on into her mouth.

She sucked on the head gently at first, before pushing herself to go down lower on it while sucking harder, Elliot using what little was left of her strength to give her mistress the best blow job possible, doing the same when ordered to clean Carla's cock before being pulled up into a kiss by Carla, Jordan kissing her firmly the second the nurse was done with her.

"So, who do you choose Elliot?" Carla asked, clarifying further after a little silence, "Who do you want to be your mistress?"

"Yeah stick, who?" Jordan asked, trying to sound like she didn't care while being surprised just how much she did.

Elliot bit her lip, a thousand thoughts racing through her. After a long pause Elliot tried to clear her mind best she could and say the first name that popped into her head, "I... I choose Jordan."


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