Scrubs: Dirty Scrubs Part 2 (FF,MMF,voy)
by RBoxer

"So," Eliot said, "that's the plan I have. We'll do pizza and beer tonight at
my place, and you two can stay over in JD's old room, while he sleeps on the

Eliot looked at Turk and Carla in expectation.

"That sounds great," said Turk.

"Oh, but I can't," said Carla at the same time.

"What?" said JD, also at the same time. "In my room?"

Eliot looked at Carla.

"You can't? But you have to!"

"Yeah, that's right," said Turk in support of his wife. "You got that class
on, haven't you."

Carla looked back at Eliot. "It's this thing I'm doing, to gain another level
in my nursing studies. When I finish I can get an extra eighty dollars a
week, and that's before overtime."

"Ohhh," whined Eliot, "but I wanted you there. We haven't done anything
together in such a long time."

The janitor was pushing a mop around the floor and caught Eliot's eye. As
no-one else was watching, she threw him a quick wink which made him flush and
start mopping the floor faster.

"I'm so sorry," said Carla, "I don't want to stop you guys having a good
time, so you all just go on without me. I finish too late to even think about
coming over when I finish."

"That's OK, baby, I'll come pick you up from the school when you finish,"
said Turk.

Carla glanced at Eliot, who suddenly had a slightly panicked look to her
eyes. No, baby, that's OK. You haven't had a night out by yourself for a long
time. You go on over to Eliot's and drink beer and eat pizza and watch the
game. Have a good time, and I'll see you Saturday, OK?'

Turk took Carla in his arms and lifted her to his own height. "You sure baby?
You know I want you with me every second of the day and night and every
moment of my waking and sleeping - "

"You're over doing it, sweetie," she said.

He dropped a kiss on her succulent lips. "You're right. Sorry babe. No wives
allowed tonight, then!"

Carla snuck a hand down the front of his scrubs and squeezed his cock and
balls gently, causing Turk to kiss her again, properly this time. "Mmm, I'm
gonna miss this tonight," she whispered into his ear. "There's someplace
special I want to try it, if you know what I mean."

"That does it!" said Turk loudly as he dropped his wife. "I ain't going out
tonight. I'm gonna pick you - "

He stopped as Carla kissed him hard. "No baby. Not tonight. You just enjoy
yourself. Now get your hand off my ass and let me get to class, OK?"

Turk pouted but let her go, watching her ass as it swayed away. "OK."

"That's some fine ass she's got there."

Turk turned to look at Eliot, his eyebrows hiked high on his forehead.
"Pardon me?"

"Carla," said Eliot, nodding down the hallway where she was disappearing
around a corner. "She has such a fine ass."

"Let me get this straight," said JD, oblivious to the implications of Eliot's
words, "you gave them my room for the night?"

Carla turned on him. "Your old room, remember? You moved out, but since Carla
won't be there, you and Turk can share if you like. See you at seven."

At six thirty Eliot was lifting her head from between Carla's thighs,
gasping for breath from the orgasm her friend had just given and that she
had reciprocated.

"Oh, Jesus, Eliot, that was fantastic!" Carla said, as her friend shuffled
around to face the same way, making a 99 from their 69. She let Eliot wrap
her arms around her from behind.

"I swear Carla, you have the nicest tasting pussy."

"Well, that new piercing through your clit seems to work well, wouldn't you
say?" asked Carla.

"Hmm," said Eliot sleepily.

"Hey, you can't sleep now, bitch. The guys will be here soon." There was no
response from Eliot, so Carla turned around and faced her. The blonde hair
was a mess, but would be easily fixed. A glance at the bedside clock showed
that there was still twenty minutes until the guys were due, but knowing
them, for beer and pizza and football they'd be early.

A knock at the door was proof of that, but Eliot didn't stir. Carla had no
choice now, and lowered her lips to her friend's breasts, taking a nipple
between her teeth and bit down softly, then harder as the nipple grew
suddenly in her mouth. Eliot can up with a jerk, then moaned as her breast
slipped from her friend's mouth and she crossed her legs tightly.

"Oh, god, whaddid you do? You nearly made me come again!"

"Damn, girl! What's up with you? They're here."

The doorbell rang.

Carla rolled from the bed, pulled the sheets up and kicked her clothes into
the closet. "Get up and answer the door, Eliot. Remember, this is your plan.
Get your ass in gear."

She picked a few stray items of clothing and fled into the ensuite bathroom.

Eliot was left to recover and answer the door, slipping into a pair of sweats
and an old college top. Her breasts swung free under the loose top, but that
was part of the plan, and answered the door.

The door swung open to reveal Eliot, one hand rummaging through her hair in
sleepy disarray, the bottom of the old college top lifting with each movement
of her arm and exposing a flat tanned stomach with a belly ring.

"Hey Eliot," said JD ignorantly, and pushed past, while Turk tried to gain
control over his mouth.

"Ahhhhhh-hhhh! Sorry guys, must have dozed off," she said.

Turk was watching the movement of one breast, who's nipple seemed to be
particularly emphatic in it's pokiosity.

Eliot realised where his attention was focused, and felt a tingle between her
thighs. She was still riding the edges of the sudden approach of an orgasm
from Carla a minute ago, continually amazed how she always seemed able to
heat her up with just a touch. Unseen pheromones from both Eliot and Turk's
sweat glands were pumping into the air, along with a whole lot of blood to
parts of the body normally kept private. If Turk had noticed the flare of
lust in Eliot's eyes, he didn't say a thing.

She turned suddenly, presenting him with her ass. The sweatpants had been
carefully tailored at Carla's insistence, and hugged her ass much tighter
than she would have otherwise allowed. They also rode low on her hips, and
as she stepped away from the door and headed back inside, Turk was left
with only one thing to watch.

Halfway down Eliot stopped and bent forward from the waist. "Oh, look.
Someone dropped a - now what is this?" Her hand scrabbled blindly across the
floor, causing her ass cheeks to flex and move under the sweats. "Huh," she
said after a few seconds, "a pin. That could have been dangerous." She
disappeared into the kitchen, but poked her head out to see Turk still
staring into the hallway, right where she'd waggled her ass at him. Using
only her peripheral vision, she noticed the slight bulge in his pants that
hadn't been there a moment ago.

"Turk. You coming in or not?"

The pizza was delivered just as the game started, and the three of them
settled down to watch. Eliot had placed herself between the boys, and made
them irritable every time she stood up to get more dip or more drinks or go
to the toilet - ever instance an opportunity to tease Turk more and more.

The boys hadn't notice the smell of sex in the air - at least not
consciously - but every time Eliot went past Turk his eyes lingered on her
ass or her breasts as they bumped and swayed and hypnotised his thoughts.
He could feel his cock growing larger every time she accidentally exposed
her midriff to him.

"Man," he said to JD, as she ducked off to the toilet in her ensuite again,
"you hit that? How could you give up hitting that?"

JD shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know man, she's like the hottest woman I've ever had in my life, but
we went through some strange things together. She's changed now, she was
never this comfortable around me before, always talkin' and yappin' and being
needy." He looked down the hallway, but the door to her room remained closed.
He turned sideways to speak to Turk properly.

"You know how you wish you could only go back to when you first met someone,
but with the things you know now, so you could do things right the second
time around? I mean, I'm sitting here next to her, hiding a huge boner
because every little thing she does just makes me rock hard, but knowing I'll
never have the chance to make her happy like I should have all the other

Eliot looked at Carla.

"Did I just hear right?"

That sat in front of the little TV that was patched into a video and audio
system that the Janitor had helped them set up. From this bedroom they could
see into all the other rooms.

Carla said nothing, but watched her friend closely. The number of times she'd
patched Eliot up after the cataclysm that was her and JD's relationship
self-destructing, she was afraid something was coming back again.

"Dude," said Turk, shifting uncomfortably, but thankful that JD was unable to
see him blush. "I did not need to know you had wood. We've talked about this
before. You get wood. I get wood. I - I do not need to know when you get
wood. You certainly do not need to know when I get wood. Are we clear?"

"I might need to know when you get wood so I put your chocolate lollypop in
my mouth," said JD, but it was only to his inner narrator speaking. There had
been that one night in college when they'd both been completely wasted on
beer and an accidental dose of ecstasy, and they'd somehow ended up watching
porn and masturbating each other to a sticky end - or at least that's what JD
thought had happened. He didn't like to admit that sometimes he had erotic
thoughts about his bestest bud.

"She is gorgeous and hot," he said instead. "Do you think she's not wearing
any underpants?"

Turk looked at him quickly.


"I think so."


The game was coming to an end and nobody cared about the score. On her return
last time, Eliot had brought shot glasses and Jagermeister, and she'd forced
the boys into betting on the outcome of plays and kicks and passes, with the
sole intention of getting them well lubricated, while she carefully drank
very little of the potent liquor. She needed no help in that regards, as
every time she ducked in to see Carla, the minx would slid two fingers deep
inside her and almost make her come.

Using the remote control in the bedroom, Eliot changed the TV to a porn DVD
she'd prepared earlier, startling the boys who looked around, but then paid
attention only to the screen of a pair of women getting down and dirty.

In the bedroom, to control herself this time, Eliot had her own hand down
Carla's pants, one finger pushing in and out slowly, while her thumb slowly
circled Carla's clit. On the screen in front of her, JD and Turk were
giggling and laughing like school girls, almost falling all over each other
with that shenanigans. The lump in both the boy's pants were getting a lot
of her attention, and the few shots she'd had to drink weren't helping
either. Carla was riding a wave of pleasure as Eliot mindlessly fiddled with
her, her movements beginning to slow down of their own accord.

"What's up, babe?" asked Carla a little breathlessly when she realised Eliot
wasn't concentrating.

Eliot turned her face a little, but kept her eyes on the screen.

"Do you ever think about them - you know?"

"What do you mean, Eliot? This night's about you. The guys are liquored up
and we can slip JD the triple dose, and he'll be out like a light til
morning." A thought suddenly occurred to her, and she wondered if she'd have
the time or braveness to sneak off to JD sometime while Eliot and Turk were
busy. "Then," she continued, "it'll be you and Turk, like we talked about,
with me coming in at the end."

She watched her friend for a moment. "You want to back out now, sweetie?
There's no pressure. We're just doing this because we want to. Nobody's going
to be hurt if you decide you want to stop."

Eliot's hand had disappeared between her own thighs, and the one she had
between Carla's suddenly found life again.

"No, we're going to keep going, but I was wondering," she said, as she
quickly slipped two fingers inside Carla, "if you'd thought about Turk and
JD, you know, if they'd every done anything like we have, together."

Carla opened her mouth to automatically object, but Eliot hit her clit with
her thumb and silenced her except for a low groan that thrust her hips down
onto the waiting fingers even harder.

"Oh, god. No, I mean, I can fantasize, but Turk's too - "

Eliot rubbed Carla's clit again, harder and faster this time, drawing a long
hiss from her lips. When she bucked her hips down, it was into three fingers
this time, and Eliot felt a sudden rush of fluid coat her hand. Carla's
nipples were hard and prominent, and she lowered her head to lick one,
bringing more moans from Carla.

"Imagine JD there," she said, "with Turk's mouth wrapped around his thick
white cock, fucking Turk's face and making him take it all down his throat."

"Oh, fuck," moaned Carla, riding Eliot's hand and listening to something
she'd never known would be so exciting. It was a secret that only she and JD
shared. The very first day they'd met they'd somehow ended up in a closet,
making out like wildfire. She'd never forgotten the feel of his thick cock
in her hand, nor how talented he'd been with his tongue. He'd been bringing
her to the edge of what was building up to be a massive orgasm when there was
an almighty crash outside when the janitor dropped the cleaning supplies,
and they'd never got to finish what they'd started, while Turk had started
hitting on her that afternoon. The kiss she and JD had shared the other month
while drunk had almost sparked things off again, and now she was dreaming of
her mouth filled by that cock, as Eliot's fingers worked their magic.

"Imagine JD coming in Turk's mouth, his cum spilling out as he struggles to
swallow it all, and Turk turning to kiss you, the taste of JD passed onto

Carla suddenly convulsed and shuddered.

"Imagine I'm between your thighs, licking and sucking like I love to do,
ramming fingers deep inside you and tickling your g-spot just there," said
Eliot, flexing her fingers and making Carla's eyes pop open, and she could
feel the muscles of her pussy grabbing desperately onto her fingers. She
pulled Carla close and held her tight as the orgasm took her over the edge.

"I'm tellin' ya, dude," said Turk as he watched the two women going at it
onscreen, "Carla has the sweetest tasting snatch - not that you'll ever find
out of course - but I swear, the first time I went down on her - "

"An' you never really liked doin' that before either, 'cause I remember some
of your dates - " interrupted JD.

" - I didn't useta like doin' that, until the first time I had my fingers all
up inside her, and she was riding my hand like it was the express train to
Turk Town. Oh, man, the smell on my fingers made me dive right on down there
and I've loved it ever since, and man, you should see the look on her face
when she comes and she's squashing my face with her thighs locked around my
head - "

"Yeah, and the look on Eliot's face when I hit that right spot deep inside
her, it was like electricity was suddenly turned on inside and she just come
right alive, screaming and moaning and looking so fuckin' beautiful as she
orgasms - "


JD and Turk jumped up from their recumbent slouch - well, as fast as their
inebriated asses could move, to see Eliot standing there, hands on hips and
legs spread.

"Oh, Jeezus, Eliot, I'm sorry, it just came on the TV, we didn't do
nothin' - "

JD came to a stop. Something was wrong, and Turk noticed it too.

"Dude, she's not wearing any - "

"Yes, thank you Turk, I can see! She's naked!"

Eliot brought her legs together, placing one slightly in front of the other,
and shifted the position of her hands. She was still naked, but now it was
like she was ready to reveal something.

"All right boys, the thing is, I haven't had a nice piece of cock for a
while. Normally, because of what's happened in the past between JD and me,
JD would never be someone I'd turn to for help in this instance."

Eliot took a step around the boys - not towards them, and not way, just
around, as if looking for a new angle.

"It's been going on all night though, from when I first answered the door.
If you only knew the sort of dream I'd been having before you two showed up -
well, lets just say that it made a mess of my underpants, and I had to go

JD nudged Turk with his elbow.

"Told you."

Eliot moved to a new position.

"No, boys, I think you should stay right there, don't turn around."

They complied and she came a little closer.

"I mean, there I am all night, sandwiched between two hot guys, and I don't
mind admitting, it put an image in my head of exactly that thing."

The boys risked a quick glance at each other before facing forward again,
hoping to hear more of those honeyed tones.

"I'm sitting there," she said from much closer, and JD thought he could feel
the body heat from her, "wondering which one of you guys might have wood. I
mean, I could look for myself, and I almost let myself do that a couple of
times, but then I'd make myself get up and go the bathroom instead, hoping
to catch a glimpse of an erection on the way."

"Well, I've definitely got - "

"No, JD," interrupted Eliot firmly, "I don't want you to tell me. I don't
want either you or Turk to tell me." She moved again, clearing the coffee
table and coming back around in front of them, just slightly more than an
arm's length away. "I want you both to show me."

JD and Turk lifted their faces up from staring at her breasts and strip of
pubic hair.

"Hmm? I'm sorry, what was that?" said JD.

Eliot changed her stance, and this time, from much closer, they could hear
the slip and slide of moist flesh. The light from the TV screen reflected off
a glistening stripe of flesh that ran down Eliot's leg, and she flexed her
pelvis, drawing even more attention to her Brazilian wax job that left her
pussy bare for the boys to see.

JD dropped his pants in a flash, and his cock sprang up to attention. Turk
couldn't help himself, and snuck a look.

"Damn," he said, guiltily feel a throb in his own pants.

"I know," said JD. "I told you I have a good growth rate. It may look small
when nothing interesting's happening, but when it's angry, well," he said and
shaking his head in that goofy way, "watch out!"

Eliot was mildly transfixed, and reached a hand out automatically to take his
cock in her hand. It had been a long time since she'd had a cock - OK, the
janitor, but that was a one-off and shouldn't be counted. Her fingers trailed
over the head of JD's cock, causing him to giggle but also to grow just a
little bit more. The heat of his cock was familiar in her hand, but she was a
different Eliot now, and controlled herself through willpower, and turned
back to face Turk.

"Do you have something to show me?"

When she'd been watching JD, his eyes had been focused on her ass. Thought
not as big or jusicy as Carla's it was a real nice round shape, and he could
imagine his dark hand on that white globe, pushing and slapping - no! Must
think about Carla!

"Uh, Eliot, that's real nice and all that you're interested, but I can't
cheat on Carla."

She smiled at him, but it didn't make him comfortable. He suddenly felt like
he was prey. She stepped up right close to him, her breasts with pointy
nipples playing across the front of his shirt.

"Oh, I don't think Carla will mind."

She leaned forward and kissed him, her tongue slipping effortlessly into his
shocked mouth, mashing her lips gently against his. He responded of course,
even though it was only for a moment. She stepped back as the confusion came
over his face. Eliot turned aside and turned to face JD.

"Let's see if JD can figure it out."

In the bedroom, Carla suddenly put her hand to her mouth to stifle the urge
to yell out.

Eliot kissed JD and he pulled away after a few seconds too.

"Tastes like - like pussy?"

"Pussy?" said Turk.

"Yeah, like pussy. Nice too. How come you taste - " JD's eyes went wide, as
he realised.

Eliot stepped back in front of Turk, and lifted a finger and ran it under his

"Smell familiar, Turk? Taste familiar?"

Carla breathed a sigh of relief.

"Carla? How come you taste like Carla's pussy?"

Eliot moved back out of range.

"Well you see, the other day she and I decided to - um, what's the
word? Experiment. Yeah, that's it. We experimented with each other. We
experimented. A lot. All night. God. We experimented so hard and so often
that night that I even collected a little sample of her. Any time I need a
reminder of how delicious Carla tastes, I just bring out the little jar
and remind myself. You know what happens when I do that, Turk?"

"Uh - " said Turk, lost in the revelation.

Eliot stepped up closer to him, pushed herself harder against him and
whispered in his ear.

"I. Get. Wet."

She licked the back of his neck, a trick that Carla had told her will
guarantee an instant erection from him. As she stepped back she could see
his eyes were closed and there was a definite lump in his pants.

"I get wet and wish I could bury my face in her pussy again and lick her
until she screams."

In the bedroom, Carla went "Awww, that so sweet!"

"So in all, Turk, no, I don't think Carla will mind. In fact, I know for a
fact that she'd approve."

Carla held her hands together and chanted quietly to herself. "C'mon baby,
be nice for Eliot. It's OK. Please baby, please?"

Turk lowered his eyes to take in more of her body. He'd seen her partially
naked a couple of times while she and JD were dating, like rushing into and
out of showers and such, but he always made sure his eyes behaved. If Carla
had caught him looking at her, he would have lost a nut, but there was no
mistaking that taste he'd caught. Damn it, why hadn't she told him. He could
have watched!

"Baby, I got wood for you like you would not believe!" He grabbed the top of
his pants and prepared to drop them when Eliot stopped him.

"No, Turk. Do you know what I'd like to see though," she said, stepping
further away and sitting down on the sofa, looking at the two men in front
of her. She put both arms up on the back of the sofa, lifted her right leg
and placed the ankle on the knee of her left leg. The dark moistness between
her thighs glistened, and JD and Turk didn't know whether to focus on her
pussy or her high and round breasts.

"I'd like JD to tell me if Turk has wood."

Turk grinned.

"Uh, you know, that's - that's OK." His eyes caught sight of JD's cock again,
and he almost wrenched his neck getting his head straight.

Eliot took her foot of her other knee, and place her feet apart on the floor.
By bringing her knees together she cut of the guy's view of her, and by
pushing her knees apart they could see her partially open pussy lips. She
felt wanton and shameful, but unlike in the past where it would sent her into
self-loathing, she revealed in it, and let her feel her own sexual power.

Her knees continued that slow motion, making her pussy wink at them.

"You're sure there, Turk? I'm mean, if you're sure, then I guess it'll be
just me and JD tonight."

Turk was fighting a lifetime of cultural programming, but the sight of the
juicy pussy winking at him was making him crazy. He couldn't look away,
because right there next to him was JD's co - I mean, there was JD, standing
there. With his pants around his ankles. And his co - his coc - his cock just
sticking out - don't look! Over there was a pale pink juicy pussy, and dear
god he could see the juices flowing there, and he could feel his own blood

"All right!" he shouted.

Eliot stood up quickly and moved to kneel right next to Turk, putting her
head at the perfect hight. She looked up at JD, and saw his thick cock
standing out proud, lust and confusion on his face. She lifted a hand and
beaconed him with a finger.

Carla cursed Eliot for blocking the shot, and changed the camera view, then
went back to kneeling on the floor, a soft dildo now in place as one hand
played with her breast.

"C'mon JD. Show me if Turk has wood. Come down here beside me."

He complied to her request, barely able to pull his eyes from the naked lust
he could see on her face. This wasn't the Eliot he'd known and loved and lost
and loved and rejected in the past. She was exciting and dangerous. Crazy, he
was used to. Sexy too, but never in such control like this before.

Eliot leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"If you do this for me, well, you and I might have something to talk about
other than our own neuroses." She kissed his ear and neck and made him groan.

Turk had closed his eyes. He couldn't think and couldn't move, and wondered
if he was going crazy. A pair of hands touched his hips and grabbed his belt,
unfastening it and then unsnapping his jeans. The zipper was pulled down and
he began to feel his legs trembling as the jeans were pulled down to his

Carla was bucking up and down on the dildo, her eyes locked on the screen,
her hand rubbing on her clit frantically.

A warm pair of hands tugged at his boxers, drawing the elastic down the shaft
of his thick cock and finally, over its head, letting it spring up into the
air. He felt a hot breath against his cock, then a tongue darted out and
licked him.

A groan escaped from three pairs of lips.

Carla started coming hard as she watched JD take Turk in his mouth, and Eliot
was eyes open with JD's cock barely able to fit in her hand, but pumping
furiously with her fist, already starting to orgasm just from the sight she
was watching.

Turk opened his eyes as his cock disappeared completely into the heavenly
warmth, and when he saw the dark mop of hair nestled in his crotch, his hands
flew up to grab JD's had and force it down onto his cock. As the head of his
cock slipped down JD's throat he started coming hard, ignoring the warms
splatters that suddenly hit his legs.

Eliot watched JD as some of the lust drained away, and saw what she knew was
the start of his neurosis coming back. She moved forward and pushed him over,
kneeling above him and feeling his cock under her dripping pussy. She leaned
down and kissed him hard, harder and more passionately than she'd every
kissed anyone, taking his thoughts away from the dark corner they'd been
headed. The taste of Turk on him was driving her wild, and she could feel him
start to become aroused again.

She jumped up and took both of the boys by the hand.

"Come on, lets go to bed. There's a couple of things I need to explain,

She opened the door and let them see Carla, sweaty and naked, a dildo still
jammed up inside her, writhing slowly in ecstasy on the floor.

"Oh man, your wife is so hot," exclaimed JD.


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