Scrubs: A Quick Jog (voy, exhib, nudity, spank)
by MsBotin

Elliot took a deep breath and reached down, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling it up and off.

"Are you really gonna do this?" Carla asked, completely blown away.

"I need the money. Todd's $1000 is going to help a lot. You can do it too, ya know..." Elliot said while stepping out of her blue bottoms.

Carla just shook her head and laughed nervously as her friend unclasped her bra. Elliot's breasts were small but full, a milky pale, her nipples hard due to the cold air. "Will you just stop?! This whole hospital is going to see you naked!"

Elliot hesitated, thumbs hooked in her striped red and white panties. She bit her lip and stared at the ceiling for several seconds, the numerous debts and payments she owed floating around in her mind. Quickly, she stripped off her underwear and stood nude. Her legs were smooth and slender, her ass was curved nicely with just a bit of meat to it, and her pussy was covered with just a faint, yellow bush. Elliot blew the hair out of her eyes and started jogging in place. Carla stared in horror, but Elliot just took another breath and ran out the door, down the stairs, and burst onto the floor.

Everyone turned to look her way, and jaws were dropped. Her breasts bounced as she ran, ass jiggling too. It appeared to be slow motion for most of them. The Todd was at the back, near the opposite door, and his grin was wider than it had ever been. She ran toward him, focusing on the door and nothing else.

J.D. came around the corner hearing the commotion and stopped dead in his tracks. His girlfriend was nude, running down the hall. Across from him, Turk had dropped his clipboard and was watching Elliot's ass as she moved past them.

"Dawg, your girl has got a tight ass for a white girl..." Elliot was almost there when she slipped.

She managed to catch herself, but didn't notice, being on her hands and knees, she was giving several patients and Dr. Cox a great look at her mound and asshole. Cox had never thought of Barbie as anything other than an adjective for 'annoying', but right now he had to resist every urge to get down down there and pound her pussy till she screamed. She got up and continued on, her face a deep scarlet. She tried not to notice all the camera phones and the fact that Todd had somehow arranged an entire camera crew to film this.

She flew through the doors and crashed into Ted. She was on the floor now, legs splayed for him and the interns behind to see everything. Ted fainted on the ground while the interns hooted and hollered at the sight of her exposure. She hurried up and ran down the hall to the bathroom. She leaned against the door and sighed heavily.

Opening her eyes, she saw the janitor. He was standing in front of the mirror, mid-wipe, and ogling her without any subtely. She fled into the stall and several minutes later Carla entered, holding Elliot's clothes. Before she could throw them in the stall, Janitor grabbed them out of her hands.

"What are you doing you big freak?!" Carla shouted, shoving at Janitor.

"Step out blond doctor. Please?"

After several long moments, the stall opened and Elliot appeared, covering herself with the door. "What?! Please give me my clothes!" She said, voice cracking.

"10 jumping jacks. No, don't say anything either of you. 10 jumping jacks, you get your clothes, I shoo everybody away from the door."

The girls stared at him dumbfounded, a mixture of confusion and anger. Elliot very slow stepped forward, head bowed. Carla wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words. Elliot jumped up and clapped her hands together above her head. Her tits bounced with her, as did her ass. She did this nine more times, her breasts hypnotizing Janitor. She stopped and grabbed the clothes, but Janitor didn't loosen his grip. Instead, he reached around and smacked her ass hard. Elliot jumped and yelled while Carla slapped Janitor. He let go finally, and Elliot hid back into the stall, her ass sore and red. Carla glared daggers and left the bathroom.

Janitor was shocked a bit, but his enormous hard-on couldn't care less. He followed her, and managed to disperse the crowd. About 5 or so minutes later, Elliot was dressed, standing at the bathroom door, slowly pushing it open. The hall was empty, and she walked forward, taking her time.

"Elliot!" A voice cried behind her.

She recognized it, and turned around.

"Great job! Like wow! Amazing tits, fantastic ass, cute pussy! Here's the money." Todd handed her an envelope, and she took it, not meeting his eyes. "Want to make anymore money, come see The Todd. He'll get you paid and laid." He snapped his fingers and strutted down the hall.

The day was going to be very long, she thought to herself. J.D. would be furious, Cox would use this day as leverage forever, and her patients would never take her seriously. had felt kind of sexy. She felt her pussy through her soft pants, having disposed of her underwear. Being bad felt sorta good.


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