Well, here is another one I was working on. Scout's Safari, a Discovery
Kids wildlife show on Saturday morning. The girl, Scout, is just the cutest
little girl. A great fantasy out in nature. Hope you like it and get it
into an update to the site.

Scout's Safari: Wild Safari Sex (mf,inter,voy)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Jennifer "Scout" Lauer is 13 -- a confident, self-reliant city girl who
speaks her mind and can't wait to keep life moving. Poised on the edge of
womanhood, she's finding it harder to talk to her father about the things on
her mind... but she's not sure she wants to move to rural South Africa just
to talk to her mom! Now after months in South Africa, she LOVES it all.
She loves the adventure, the new and wild life of Africa, and she loves her
"duties" and her freindships.

Bongani Sibisi is 15 and Scout's childhood friend. Hailing from a long line
of Zulu chiefs, Bongani works at the lodge after school and in the summers.
Proud of his heritage and connected to the land, Bongani is the first in his
tribe to cross over to Western culture -- Scout's mirror image, in a way.
Now attending a prestigious private school, Bongani still manages to pull
practical jokes on his old friend Scout, even though they're often at odds
from their opposing world views. He is loving the fact that Jennifer "Scout"
has moved back to South Africa and has returned to his land, and his

Scout's job today was to venture into the South African bushland on foot to
check on a small herd of zebras that some poachers were trying to capture and
sell to the international market of zoos and even some, to Asian meat market
for a delicacy meal at some special restaurants. Scout packed some food,
water, and camera. Bongani, her best friend (and young tribal chief someday)
packed a gun and special purpose dart-gun for protection from poachers and
from a hungry lion. He LOVED being with Scout, as a best friend and she was
just so damn cute. He had noticed her growing up and along with his own
development into becoming a young man, he noticed every sweet detail of his
best friend Scout.

Bongani was the leader even though Scout felt that she was in charge. They
were friends, so the competitive nature only added to there relationship and
trust for one another. The hike was very difficult though, with temperatures
into the 100's and the hot sun, but they pressed on accasionally checking a
map, but Bongani, with his tracking skills, led the way. Within an hour, they
had found the zebra herd, 10 animals in all, with 2 males and 8 females.

They slipped up quietly to some brush for protection and to remain hidden
from the herd. Scout quietly and carefully brought out the camera and began
shooting some wonderful pictures of the herd, and focusing on a few in
particular. Bongani watched the herd, but also kept alert for any poachers
and any threatening animals.

Within 15 minutes of observing, Scout noticed the 1 male trying to isolate
one of the female zebras. His gentle nudging and his sounds, Scout knew
something was up, but was unsure of what was happening. Soon, the male and
female zebras were a few yards away from the herd. Scout focused on them
and witnessed a large, dark object slipping out near the back, underneath
the male zebra. It was his penis, she thought, but never seeing one before,
she was curious. As it grew longer, around a foot long, the male reared up
behind the female and rested on her hind quarters. His front legs off the
ground and at the sides of the female. The female made some gentle sounds,
like a young horse, but remained surprisingly still. Very quickly, the male
started "hunching" his hind quarters and his penis grew even larger and
longer. Scout guessed that it was more than 12 inches long and almost 18
inches or 2 foot long. It was pink and with dark shades along it's length.
It was also touching the female near her butt.

With a whinny, and a shove, the male zebra hit his target. Scout looked
through the camera for a closeup and found that the males penis had pressed
into the females body, just below, a few inches, from the females tail. The
female made some noises, but remained pretty still as the male, her mate,
started fucking her with this massive zebra cock. Scout had never seen
anything like this, and at only 13 years of age, she had only a few ideas
about sex, and had only recently been touching her own young body. She knew
what benig horny was all about, and she knew that her little tiny pussy got
very wet when she got that way.

She was horny from watching the male zebra and how submissive, yet fiesty,
female. Scout was also very curious about what she saw. She checked out her
body often in the privacy of her room... very petite at 5'3" and just buds
for her breasts. She hardly had any hips and she was afraid of how her body
would continue to change. Well, she shook herself back to reality as Bongani
slipped up gently behind her, almost next to her. He curiously looked at what
Scout was watching. Before there very young and innocent eyes, this strong
male zebra was mating with a gentle and submissive female.

Scout gently slipped her free hand down over her small buds... feeling her
nipples harden as her fingers moved over them. Bongani was shocked and wasn't
sure what to do. Being a young 15 year old boy however, his body started
reacting more than his brain. He shyly attempted to cover his erection with
his hands. But Bongani didn't realize that his young best friend was not just
cute little friend anymore.

Bongani slipped up close behind Scout and pressed her ass with his hard cock,
still in his pants, but bulging, firm, pressed his body against her backside.
Her petite, cute little ass was soft and still firm. He closed his eyes as
he, for the first time ever, touched a girl in this way. Scout reached around
and squeezed his hips toward her and held Bongani's waist, bent around and
accepted a sweet kiss on her cheek from her best friend. Bongani, not sure
what to do next, but instinctly and quietly looked around, and unfastened his
pants, slipping them down a few inches. nervous, but still curious about what
was next. Scout's little hand reached down further to gently squeeze his
cock, and pulled it from his underwear. Bongani responded by growing even
more pulsing hard in her hand. His big black dick was something he was very
proud of, but had never shown another person. He was long, about 7 to 8
inches, and not too thick, but perfectly hard and straight. Scout watched the
male zebra forcefully fucking the female with this humongous cock. She wanted
to feel what the female zebra felt. No words were spoken as she unfastened
her pants and slipped them down, her fingers reached down to her hairless
young and innocent pussy. Scout turned her head to Bongani and said simply,
"Fuck me just like they are."

With that, Bongani reached down and pulled Scout's panties to the side. His
fingers found her virgin and hairless pussy lips. He quietly guided his
virgin cock to her pussy.

Bongani instructed Scout, "Please tell me if I hurt you." Her pussy even with
his cock. "Oh Scout, are you sure... do you want me to fuck you?" Bongani
gently whispered into her ear.

"OH YES Bongani, please, please be my first," Scout encouraged him. He pushes
just his cockhead into her tiny pussy. "Oh Bongani, I am okay, I want you to
fuck me and I don't care if it hurts at first... I trust you, you're my best
friend for life," Scout softly replies.

Bongani pushes his dick deeper... hitting her hymen gently. Scout grits her
teeth and grips his hips as Bongani pushes fast and firm through her virgin
pussy. "OH god.. OHHHHH... fuck.. fuck Bongani.. it hurts but it feels good
too... fuck me now Bongani... fuck me hard..." Scout begs.

Bongani grabs tight on her hips and starts slowly pushing deep and then
slowly pulling out just to the point where his cock-head is at her lips...
They both watch these two zebras fucking. They are still shocked at how big
the male is and how the female is taking every long thick inch into her body.
Scout's little pussy tight, VERY tight. She had played with her pussy at
night sometimes, but never even pushed her finger inside, only rubbing her
small little hard button, her clit. The pain was all gone and was replaced
with this full fat cock filling her each stroke.

Bongani looked down and watched Scouts tight pussy lips sucking his penis
with each stroke.

"Ohhhhhohhhhh OHHHH Bongani... oh god Bongani... I think I am gonna cum...
I feel my insides exploding... electricity... Ohh Bongani... make me cum...
fuck me... fuck me," Scout moaned.

Bongani fucked her hard till she did. He held her shoulders to keep her from
falling forward as she held his hips as they pistoned into her. They both
looked up to the zebras and saw the male pump hard into his mate... and he
made the strangest sound as he shot his cum into his female. He slowed a bit
as Scout looked up and openned her mouth with a silent scream as her pussy...
her entire body orgasmed. He had to cum too. Her cunt was pulling his dick...
stroking it as she came on him. Without a word... Bongani pulled his big
thick dick out of his best friend's pussy... and stroked it along the crack
of her panty-covered ass. THAT was it... he started pumping his cum... he
came so hard that he shot 4 or 5 squirts of white cum over her ass, even over
her back. He came so hard that he shot his load several feet. And Scout felt
it too... felt it through her panties. She felt his hot sperm covering her
back and her ass.

"OOOhhhhh Scout... god Scout... I have NEVER felt anything like that.. never
imagined how it could ever be that good. I had no idea sex could feel so
delicious," Bongani said.

Scout had completely surrendered to her best friend and she indeed, loved it.
Even though just a young 13 year old girl, she felt loved... she felt sexy...
she felt older... more mature... more ready to grow up. "I love you, I love
your big black cock, and I want to fuck you again," Scout cried to her best
friend, and now lover, Bongani.

The End.


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