Scout's Safari: The Witch Doctor's Magic Powder (mFf,inc,inter,drug,mc)
by Wilcox

Bongani Khumalo was the first in his tribe to cross over to Western culture.
He hailed from a long line of Zulu chiefs and he was now a man in the eyes of
his tribe. He'd received an ancient magic powder from the witch doctor for
his emergence into manhood. One that would increase his sexual prowess and
stamina while making women lose their minds in lust and make them subservient
to his wishes. "Use it wisely," he was instructed, "for it will make whomever
you give it to your sexual slave."

Bongani had grown into a strong young warrior and wasn't quite sure what to
do with his gift as he walked to the On the Edge Lodge in South Africa, where
he worked after school and in the summers. It was there that he'd met and
befriended Jennifer "Scout" Lauer, the young teenaged daughter of Cheryl
Lauer-Schickler, the woman who ran the safari lodge.

She was a very cute blonde haired girl, a confident, self-reliant city girl
who spoke her mind and couldn't wait to keep life moving. Scout had been
happily growing up in New York City and just as she was about to become a
teenager and enter the exciting world of adolescence, her mother had decided
to move them to this isolated part of South Africa. Her father Dennis was a
photojournalist off on assignment near the North Pole and her mother looked
at it as an opportunity to work at their relationship.

Bongani approached the compound and decided that if he were now a man, he
would use the magic powder to make his friend Scout his sex slave. She was a
very cute blonde with a beautiful face, nice perky tits, great legs and ass.
She was developing into a beautiful young woman, a younger version of her hot
looking mother. Cheryl was a walking masturbation dream with blonde hair,
soft blue eyes, a great body with big full tits and a tight firm ass. "Maybe
I should include her mother as well?" he thought. "A hot threesome to make me
truly a man."

He was delighted to find that the camp was deserted, except for Scout and her
mother. He would be alone with the two women until late afternoon. He went to
the kitchen and mixed the magic powder into three glasses of water, one of
which he drank down as he planned how to proceed with his plan. Just then
Cheryl walked in and Bongani offered her one of the glasses of water that
he'd prepared.

"Thanks, I'm really thirsty," she said. He smiled as he watched her drain the
glass, his eyes drifting over her well-proportioned body. The second glass he
took to Scout, who was out watching a herd of antelope passing by in the
distance. She too drained her glass and Bongani drifted away, biding his time
as he waited for the magic powder to talk effect.

A short time later Cheryl and Scout we're talking in the living room when
they both suddenly began to feel the effects of the magic powder and looked
about them in confusion. Bongani who was checking them out knew that the time
was ripe for him to make his move. He told them both, "You will feel like you
can do anything I ask. You will want to do anything I ask. It will make you
feel terrific to satisfy my wishes. Do you you understand?"

They both nodded their heads; not quite sure why they were agreeing to what
the strong young black teen had told them. At his instruction they followed
Bognani into Scout's bedroom and removed their clothing.

He stared at their firm bodies and asked, "You like showing me your bodies,
don't you? You both feel very horny and your pussies are getting all warm and

"Yes." they said in unison, not quite sure why but free of all inhibitions.

"Did you ever feel like you wanted to make love with a black man?" he asked

"Oh, yes, I've had fantasies," she replied.

"You are getting very aroused standing here naked in front of me, aren't
you?" he continued. "Come here and put your arms around me and kiss me. You
want me, don't you?"

"Oh yes," she said as she approached, put her arms around the black teen and
gave him a lingering kiss. When he opened his mouth her tongue darted in and
they kissed like that for several minutes as Scout looked on at her young
friend kissing and groping her naked mother.

When they finally broke off the kiss, Bongani said, "You want to suck my cock
now, don't you?"

Cheryl instantly dropped to her knees, undid his belt and unzipped his fly.
She reached in and pulled his long thick black horsecock free. Scout watched
as her mother dipped her head and ran her tongue the length of her friend's
massive dick several times before taking it into her mouth.

She was amazed as she watched her mom slide her full pouty lips down over her
friend's thick shaft. She heard about a woman going it, but now, here was her
mom actually going down on Bongani's over-sized prick. She began bobbing her
head, taking about half of it in as she stroked the remaining shaft and
played with his heavy balls.

Scout wanted to be a woman too, and suck his big cock just like her mother
but she was frozen in place as she watched the lurid scene play out before

Cheryl's hands were now between her legs, desperately fingering her pussy,
as she sucked him. Occasionally, she would remove his cock so that she could
lick down one side and up the other, cleaning his cock of her saliva. Then
she'd take it back in her mouth and slide her lips down over the thick shaft.

Scout noticed that less of his black meat was visible as her mom went down
and she realized that it had to be going into her mother's throat now. She
watched in amazement as her mom finally took it all in so that her lips were
stretched around the base and her nose was filled with Bongani's course pubic

This deep throat action continued for several minutes and then Bongani's
grunts announced his climax as well as Cheryl's bulging eyes. She kept about
half the shaft in her mouth as she kept pumping him. Scout watched as her
mom swallowed, trying to keep up with the copious amounts of sperm being
discharged from Bongani's cock but it was a losing battle.

Cum leaked out around the tight grip of her mouth, first a trickle and then
a torrent of cum, as Cheryl could not swallow fast enough. She kept her mouth
glued to the end of his cock as her daughter watched her beautiful mother as
she let the black teen ejaculate in her mouth.

Cheryl brought her hands up to capture the over run of cum that covered her
chin and breasts as she finally released his cock from her mouth. She ate
all of the tasty cum she recovered from her body then went back to Bongani's
dick, licking its length and cleaning it completely of his thick semen.

Bongani stepped back, his knees weak from the incredible blowjob his young
friend's sexy mother had just given him. He instructed Scout to lay on her
back on the bed and Cheryl to get up over her in a 69 position.

"Eat each other out now," he told them as he sought to regain his strength.
He watched as they began to follow his instructions, tongues and fingers
working on each other's juicy private areas. He felt the power surge back
into his dick in only a matter of moments as the powerful powder continued
it's magical work on all three of them.

Scout and her mother Cheryl were totally oblivious to him as Bongani began
stroking his foot long black cock as he stared at Cheryl's perfect little
ass. He moved up behind her and popped his big cock against Scout's forehead.
Scout opened her eyes to see her friend's massive cock, bobbing only inches
from her face. "Suck it girl," Bongani told her. "Get it ready to fuck your
sweet assed mommy."

Scout didn't know what to do, but with Bongani's insistence she tilted her
head and opened her mouth to Bongani's massive black spear. Her fingers were
still strumming her mother's erect clit as her tongue swirled over Bongani's
wide cock head. Soon it was pushed into her mouth and she was sucking the
first cock of her life.

Today was a day of many firsts for her as Bongani's big dick pushed in and
out of her sucking mouth. "That's real good Scout," Bongani encouraged her.
"Get it good and wet for your mommy's tight little cunt and then I'll fuck
you too when I'm through with her."

Scout's drugged mind was swirling in horny anticipation as she sucked
Bongani's big black cock and she felt a sudden loss as Bongani pulled it out
and fit the head into her mother's juicy slit, only inches above her. She
marveled at how her mother's lips stretched open to accept the thick prong
and she felt Cheryl's mouth clamp down even harder on her clit as Bongani
penetrated her with his massive black horsecock.

Scout heard her mother gasp as she felt his massive cock enter her and then
she sighed as Bongani began to push it in and out of her, the wetting passage
right above her becoming covered with Cheryl's juices as Bongani pushed
deeply into Scout's blonde haired mother.

"Ohhh, ... MY G-G-Godddd ... soooooo ... biggggg ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Cheryl
moaned loudly into her daughter's cunt as the thick cockhead forced it's way
into the slick but tight entrance. Cheryl screamed in a combination of pain
and pleasure as Bongani stretched her little slit taunt and pushed well past
her husband's accustomed depth.

She tried to relax her cunt muscles as his next thrust sent a shiver right up
her spine. He was thrusting slowly but powerfully, to allow Cheryl's glove
tight pussy to adjust to his great size. He pushed his black cock deeper with
every power laden thrust and her pussy started to really lather, allowing him
to really start driving her. Cheryl couldn't hold back her moans as she was
getting his big black cock faster and deeper.

"Ohhhhhh, ... Goddddd ... sooooo biggggggg ...!" she moaned as the thick
shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining another few inches. Her
incredibly tight cuntal sheath stretched around his thick black dick like
a glove a size to small and he continued to push himself forward until he'd
buried his twelve inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt.

Bongani felt the tip of his cock pushing through her cervix as his heavy
balls slapped against her upturned little ass. Then to his emense joy he felt
Scout's lips and tongue begin to work on his ball sack as he stayed buried
deep inside her beautiful blonde mother.

Scout couldn't help herself and worked her tongue over the cock and pussy
above her face as she shot off a powerful climax into her mother's hungry
mouth. Cheryl licked and slurped as she gobbled down every delicious drop
of her daughter's juices. Bongani maintained a long deep stroke that had
her moaning in ecstasy as she continued to work on her daughter's hot
squishy quim.

Bongani began to pick up his pace and Cheryl could feel her labia pull each
time he withdrew. Under her Scout was beside herself as she watched Bongani's
thick cock pull his mother's cuntal sheath inside out while she continued to
suck his dick. The tender pink flesh emerged with every long out stroke, only
to peel off and then get pushed back inside her. She was greedily lapping up
her mother's flowing juices as she worked her tongue along the wide
protruding vein on the underside of Bongani's thick black horsecock.

With each pounding thrust Cheryl could feel the pressure of her impending
orgasm building inside of her. The muscular black teen's long thick horsecock
was almost double the size of her husband's and even though she was a mother,
he was fucking virgin territory, never before penetrated tissue.

Cheryl was horny beyond belief and was milking his fully embedded member as
she slowly rolled her hips back to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet
little slit. Never had she felt so full. She gasped and whimpered as his
balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to
loudly slurp and squish with each pile-driving thrust.

His assault was merciless as he ravaged his young friend's beautiful mother.
She could barely keep Scout in her mouth the way she was being bounced on
the bed by the black teenager. Cheryl buried her fingers into her daughter's
sopping wet cunt and began to stroke them deeply as she licked her daughter's
erect clitoris. It was too much for Bongani to hold back any longer.

He could feel the end was approaching fast when his heavy balls began
tightening up signaling his need to cum in this beautiful white woman's sweet
pussy. Cheryl cried out as she felt him begin to cum into her, blasting his
wad into her womanhood in long heavy spurts of his potent sperm laden cum.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....!" Cheryl moaned, the magic powder making her unable
to control her actions as her tautly stretched pussy milked Bongani's long
thick black horsecock as it spewed his load deep into her hungry cunt. Wads
of hot white cream shot into her spasming cunt. And this set Cheryl off on
more orgasms. She fucked Bongani like a whore as her pussy milked him for
every drop of sperm. When he emptied the last of his load into her pussy he
was still hard and ready for action.

Bongani pulled out of the still orgasming mother and pushed his dick into
Scout's sweet mouth once again. "That's it girl. Taste your mother's juices.
Yes that's it. You like sucking my dick, don't you Scout? Well, your going
really love it when I stick it up your tight little ass later. Trust me, your
gonna love it Scout." Scout couldn't answer as Bongani buried his foot-long
cock down her throat, but the thought of it caused her cunt to cream once
again in her mother's loving mouth.

"First, mommy gets it up the ass though," Bongani laughed as he pulled out of
Scout's throat and slammed his big cock up Cheryl's tiny asshole. It caved
inward as the mighty black rod forced her open and the head and four inches
of shaft penetrated her virgin anus.

Bongani's long thick black horsecock cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her
tight little asshole as Cheryl's fingers tightened into fists and her face
dropped down onto her daughter's juicy pussy once again. Deeper and deeper it
went, and Bongani groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis
in Cheryl's tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

Scout watched in amazement as her best friend power-fucked her mother up the
ass, only inches above her wide stretched eyes until he broke her like a wild
horse and had her begging for more. After several minutes Cheryl's slender
white legs stiffened as a mind shattering orgasm overtook her delicate body.
"Oh, God ... I'm cominggggggggggggg ... " she screamed, as her body convulsed
as in a seizure.

He reached out under her and grasped her melon tits in his strong black
hands, fondling them roughly before taking a sensitive nipple between the
strong thumbs and forefingers of each hand and squeezing. Cheryl's eyes
closed and she whimpered with lust, her desire kindled by the rough
treatment and the Witch Doctor's powerful magic powder.

Bongani pinched and rolled her nipples hard in his strong fingers as he
sodomized her tight little asshole hard and deep for a good half an hour
before dumping a huge load of sperm into her quivering anal passage. He
fell back off of her, his big dick pulling out of her tiny ass with a
loud plop.

Sitting on the bed, Bongani gazed upon the beautiful young girl and her
mother. Cheryl had fallen onto her side and was passed out from the intense
fucking she'd just received. He was amazed that he was still hard, marveling
at the power in his dick provided by the magic powder.

He embraced Scout and kissed her. She answered passionately as her desire
pushed against him. She accepted his tongue into her mouth and used her
own to give the deepest, sexiest kiss of her young life. He broke off the
passionate kiss and spent several minutes perusing her budding breasts,
fondling and squeezing the firm fleshy mounds and spiky nipples before
burying his head between them. He kissed and sucked both nipples as she
moaned in delight, unable to stop herself from loving the deep-rooted
feelings consuming her.

Bongani slipped down her ripe body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her
clitoris was up hard as he twirled his tongue around it and feasted on her
flowing juices. His tongue slid up and down her hot crack as he alternated
between her sweet pussy and tiny puckered anus. His demanding tongue was
digging deeply up her tiny asshole as she loosened up and her tingling body
unconsciously gave in to his every demand.

Bongani climbed up between her wide spread legs and stroked his cock to its
full 12-inch length, then lifting Scout's legs up onto his shoulders, he slid
his long thick pulsating cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen
blonde fringed slit.

She gasped as she felt his massive cock enter her and sighed as he began to
push it in and out of her, the wetting passage becoming covered with her
juices as he pushed deeply into her. "Ohhh, ... G-G-Godddd ... toooooo ...
biggggg ... hurtsssss ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Scout screamed loudly as the
thick cockhead forced its way into the slick glove tight entrance and easily
shredded her maidenhead.

Scout's incredibly tight cuntal sheath stretched around Bongani's thick black
dick like a second skin as he continued to push himself forward until he'd
buried his 12 inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. He felt the
tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls slapped against her
upturned little ass.

He paused, fully embedded, as he allowed her to adjust to her first cock.
The pain soon faded and a strange new feeling washed over her, one of joy
and incredible pleasure. She was now besides herself, horny beyond belief.

He began to thrust and Scout countered by milking his fully embedded member
with her spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled her hips up to meet his
long deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt. Never had she felt such

"Aiiieeeeeeee ... argggghhhh ... owwwwwwww!" Scout screamed, as the
plundering shaft ripped through her. Her thighs contracting in spasms, never
having being split as this before. Her sexy white legs were held up with the
large black hands now at the back of her thighs.

Bongani's long thick cock was stretching her wide. Pussy juice covered his
cock and leaked from her cunt as they fucked. Bongani pounded into her,
plunging deeply into her cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and
whimpered as his balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping
wet cunt began to loudly slurp and squish with each pile-driving invasion
of her overstuffed little quim.

His assault was merciless as he ravaged his young friend. Bongani leaned
forward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders and fucked
for all he was worth, pumping her glove tight little pussy for a good twenty
minutes, ramming her as hard and deep as he could. Making her juicy cunt
squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as he slammed home repeatedly.

Scout was making soft mewling sounds, her petite body hunching up to meet his
as he began his descent. His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her
budding tits as he fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were melting in
Bongani's hands and her nipples got even harder within seconds as he circled
them ever so lightly with his fingers. The only thing he could hear now was
her moans and pussy squishing.

With every stroke, he made sure he pulled all the way out, then shoved it
back in as fast and as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his long thick
black horsecock pounding on the entrance of her cervix. He had her spread
wide open and his big prick was stretching her like she'd never been
stretched before as it embedded itself fully again and again.

He reached down with his hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With
her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny anus
with his finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and
he saw her eyes became wide opened when he pushed his finger up her virgin

It went in without a hitch, and with plenty of fuck juice, he was still
surprised how easy it was when he jammed a second finger up his young blonde
friend's tight colon. Now having both holes jammed he picked up the pace and
he could feel her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through the thin
wall between her pussy and her rectum.

Sweat covered her firm young body as she worked her spasming cunt over
his incredibly huge black cock. She came over and over. She yelled and
screamed as she climaxed endlessly. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, ... G-G-G-Godddd,...
G-G-GGoddddddd ......ohhhhhhh!" The mind-shattering climax shook the
young beauty to the core. Her body was wracked with tremors as she
peaked again and again.

Bongani tensed and then groaned. He could feel the end was approaching fast
when his heavy balls began tightening up signaling his need to cum in this
beautiful girl's sweet pussy. She cried out as she felt him begin to cum into
her, blasting his wad into her womanhood in long heavy spurts of his potent
sperm laden cum.

He grasped Scout's young hips tightly and slammed his throbbing black
horsecock to the hilt. "Urrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ..." came his guttural sounds
as his long black dick shot it's thick potent seed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....!" Scout moaned, unable to stop her tautly stretched
pussy from milking the long thick black horsecock as it spewed his load deep
into her hungry cunt. Wads of hot white sperm shot into her tight little cunt
for the first time in her young life. And this set Scout off on more orgasms.
She fucked him with all her strength as her hungry pussy milked him for every
drop of tasty cream to feast on.

When he emptied the last of his load into her pussy he was still hard and
ready for action. Scout had collapsed in exhaustion. Her body was weak and
her head rested listlessly on the bed, side by side with her well-used
mother. She twitched and jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms.

The long afternoon became a non-stop orgy of sex. Bongani's stamina amazed
Scout, as he was soon ready and hard again, and demanding more from her and
her mother. They couldn't refuse him anything as they blew him again, each
taking turns deep throating Bongani's massive shaft until he positioned them
on the bed, face-down, side by side, so he could fuck them both up the ass.

Bongani parted Scout's perfect ass and saw her tiny tightly clenched anus.
The rectal opening winked at him. He laid his long thick horsecock in the
crack of her gorgeous ass and slowly slid it through her sexy little buns.
Cheryl's full ripe tits shook and flopped about wildly under her as she
watched the black teen preparing to sodomize her young daughter.

"Scout," he said, "you want to feel my cock in your tight little asshole now,
don't you. Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass, just like I did to
your mother."

"Yes .. Please...," she said softly, "Fuck my ass, I want you to fuck me up
the ass ... like you did Mommy."

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he
forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, stretching her tight anal
passage taunt around his big black footlong horsecock.

She unconsciously clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed
and permitted him to enter. She grimaced as Bongani's huge cock split her
wide open. The pain would have been indescribable. Scout would have wanted
to scream out in agony but she was unable to. She shut her eyes and gritted
her teeth as she tried to get used to being fucked in the ass.

Bongani shoved forward repeatedly and drove his huge cock into her tightly
clenching asshole, all 12 long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widened as
his huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm
laden balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

The pain soon faded and Scout got used to the sensation of having a cock in
her asshole. She even came to love ass fucking. His cock slid in and out of
her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and pushed back acting like she's
seen her mother act and reveling in it. She was no longer a little girl. She
was a woman now, Bongani's woman.

The long afternoon became a non-stop orgy of sex as Bongani's huge cock was
soon ready and hard again after each fuck. They blew him again, each taking
turns deep throating his massive shaft until he positioned them on the bed,
face-down and side by side.

Two hot sexy blondes, mother and daughter, on hands and knees, side by side
on the big bed, their sexy asses held up in offering as Bongani alternated
between them with his sodomizing twelve inch black horsecock.

First one then the other, back and forth he moved his big dick into them. He
fucked the beautiful blonde haired mother and daughter up the ass until both
lay exhausted on the bed, every muscle quivering with ecstasy, before he got
his rocks off once again.

He realized that it was time to end passage into manhood and got off the bed.
He felt all powerful as he instructed them to get cleaned up before anyone
returned and not to say a word about what happened.

"You two are mine now, remember it," he told them. A satisfied smile covered
his face as he took a last look at the sexy blonde mother and daughter lying
exhausted on the bed with his cum oozing out of their pussies and assholes.

His control of them was total. They couldn't refuse him when he wanted to
fuck one or the other from that day forward. They had truly become his sex
slaves, completely at the mercy of his foot long black horsecock, and he
enjoyed their ripe lush bodies as often as he could from then on.


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