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Scooby Doo: The New Strength Of Daphne And Velma
by Knorg ([email protected])

"P-P-P-P-PUPPY POWER!" Scrappy cried, standing in the moonbeam that lanced
through the window of Old Man Felchett's Dog Food Factory and waved fist-paws
towards the top of the ladder. Far below the mincing machine - newly repaired
since the last act of 'ghostly' sabotage - was churning on a late night

"Well. I guess the ghost isn't up here after all!" Scrappy turned quickly, to
discover he wasn't alone on the high catwalk after all.

"Daphne! I thought you and Fred were searching the spooky old cemetery for
the ghost? Uncle Scooby and Shaggy following an important lead in the staff
kitch. Hey! Put me down! Daphne? Wha? No! NOOOOO---ARRGGGHHH" The meaty
grinding noise sounded up from below. The redhead adjusted the green scarf
about her neck, and looked down with icy cold glints glittering in green
eyes. The darkness had shown her the way and brought out the strength to
that which needed to be done.

Scrappy Doo was dog food.

* * *

Fred's whole body hurt from head to pins-and-needles toes. Pain cut into his
wrists, bound tightly behind his head with what felt like rough rope. The
angle strained the tendons in his arms as he groaned and opened blue eyes
beneath the damp blonde fringe of his hair.

"Daphne?" he asked, straining to see anything in the pitch-black
surroundings. Confused and alone in the darkness, Fred worked his mental way
back to just after they'd spotted a shadow moving against the wall by the
Felchett family crypt. Then. yes. Old Man Felchett had been dressed as a
vampire, with a strange twisted facemask. He'd cackled something about
sabotaging his own factory to bring them there and then.

"Jinkies! Fred!" The high voice cut through the dark. It sounded close, yet
he'd heard no approach.

"Velma! I'm tied up here!" The shout made his head pound and waves of nausea
passed through his body. Fred groaned anew as he felt Velma crouch next to
him. He wondered how she could see to find him in the dark.

"There you are Fred! He said I'd find you here. I've wanted you for so long.
but you never noticed me. All I ever wanted to do was make you happy. I never
gave up on you and now? Now I have you!"

"V...Velma? Can you untie the ropes?" he asked, only to feel her hands on his
thighs, "What... what are you doing?"

Velma's strangely cold hand had unbuttoned his fly. Fred's face burned with
embarrassment as one of his closest friends gently jerked his cock, bringing
him to a full hard erection.

"Velma. I'm hurt, ooohhh." He felt the wetness of her mouth on the head of
his cock and humped into her mouth, painfully stretching his elbows. He
couldn't see a thing, only feel Velma's careful blowjob as she licked and
pleasured, sucking him with a skill he would never have believed she

"Ahhhhhh-ahhh-ahh-AAHHHH!" Fred came, bucking his hips in the darkness,
shooting his load into Velma's slurping mouth.

A torch flicked on in the darkness, dazzling Fred's eyes. The spent male
slowly regained his vision only to see Velma holding the torch campfire-tale
style under her chin, face twisted with hunger; a perfect white fang at each
corner of her mouth.

Velma flicked the torch off, and pounced.

* * *

"Wow Scoob, Good thing old Man Felchett keeps his staff well fed, eh?
There's everything we need to make some late night ghost-hunting snacks,
and breakfast in the morning too!"


"What's that Scooby?" Shaggy put down the butter knife and walked to where
his faithful Great Dane was standing on hind legs at the meat locker door.
Looking inside, his stubbly face fell.

"Old man Felchett's staff!"

Turning in perfect synchronicity the cowardly duo gazed with horrified
thought on the foil-wrapped processed chicken Shaggy had been working into
layer four of the perfect sandwich.

"Gee, Scoob, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Ruh. Run?"

"Good plan, man! Lets get the others and get the police!"

Kicking up dust from the floor, they burst through the doors from the staff
kitchen side-by-side and simultaneously collided with Daphne and Velma. The
Scooby Gang went down in a heap, and all four scrabbled to stand up.

"We need the Police! They're all dead!"

"Who, Shaggy?" Velma asked.

"The Staff!" Scooby stammered an agreement as he felt Daphne's hand on his
collar, cold through his fur.

"I think you'd better show me. It's probably mannequin's again, like that
time in Texas" Velma rolled her eyes, taking Shaggy by the elbow and drawing
him back into the kitchen. The oft-hungry coward was surprised to find
Velma's pull as impossible to resist as a perfect sandwich.

"Scooby?" The Great Dane turned his head sideways to Daphne, "I have a
special Scooby-snack for you tonight." the redhead lifted her skirt before
his face. She wasn't wearing any panties. Twisting his collar, she pulled the
dog's wet nose into her red-furred snatch.

* * *

"Look! See Velma? See? They're real! They're really real! Old Man Felchett
must have been lying when he said the ghost scared them all away last week!"
Shaggy shivered in the cold air from themeat locker door. To think, if they
hadn't wanted to defrost some bacon for the morning.

"All I can see is a lot of cold, dead meat, Shaggy."

Velma's voice sounded different to normal, harsher, colder, "You were just
like Fred. never noticing me. always wanting Daphne!"

Shaggy turned around to see Velma's fanged smile, and terror shook his
naturally cowardly form, forcing the truth from his lips, "Everyone thought
you were gay, Velm. I mean Everyo-OOFF!"

He wouldn't have reckoned the power in her muscles as he bounced off the
hanging meat like a pinball off bumpers. It felt like something important
broke in his back and he hit the ground, breathing hot air into the icy cold
of the meat locker.

"Velma. please. Don't don."

She ignored his pleas as she tossed her now unneeded glasses aside. She could
see perfectly in the cold gloom as she dropped astride Shaggy's terrified
form and tore his pants to shreds. Fear of impending death had lent arousal,
and Shaggy was ready to go as his former friend rode him roughly and
wordlessly in the cold, pinning his hands to her orange-sweater'd breasts.
Outside the kitchen, Daphne was shuddering an immoral, beastial climax into
Scooby's hungry maw. Dropping onto bare knees she nuzzled his neck with her
mouth, kissing deeply.

...and they would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky
Sunnydale kids.


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