Featuring: Lindsay Pagano and Daphne Blake

Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 6 - Stars Aren't Blind (They Are Horny) (FF,oral,toys)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

"Wow, Lindsay", shouted an amazed Daphne to her friend, the singer Lindsay Pagano. "Your new apartment is huge!"

"Really? I don't see it as huge, I see as fitting for my needs," said Lindsay.

"Please... it's the biggest place I ever saw! Even my family's house seems smaller than here!"

"Don't exaggerate, Daphne. It's just an apartment that happens to be in a bigger size than the others, just that..."

Daphne was called by Lindsay to check her new apartment, one of the few girls yet not to pay a visit to see the place. Used to some of the luxurious places of the world, the redhead was shocked to see the kind of place Miss Pagano got to herself.

"Well, but now you have a cozy place to stay when you aren't touring", commented the amateur detective.

"I always wanted to spend my money with something I really wanted to. This place came in handy, and the woman who sold me did me for a good price", explained the singer.

"You seem to done quite a nice deal here, Linds... Someone like you really needs a place like that to live"

"This place means to me that now I have a place to stop. I mean, I want to spend a few days here relaxing here, trying not to think about tours, music, trips or whatever linked to my job"

"You really deserve it, girl!"

Lindsay sat on the orange-colored couch as she invited Daphne to do the same. Both women drank a glass of iced tea, toasting the brunette singer's success and future hits on the sight. After taking the glasses both women just were there, thinking about anything else.

"This 'teeny bop singer' life might get the good of me someday. I couldn't believe how tiresome is to be away from home, doing rehearsals, shooting videos, recording stuff, doing shows, and the whole press stuff..."

"Believe me, I think I know a little bit how tiresome is all that", said Daphne.

"Travelling around the world with three other people and a talking dog isn't the same, pardon me, Daph" , replied Lindsay.

"It cannot be that much, but it's what you chose of life. You wanted to be a famous singer and you lived to see your dream come true, somehow. I know all those things you mentioned are a pain the ass sometimes, but it's the price to pay for having the things you wished"

"I think you are right, Daphne. Anyway, I am not complaining of anything in my life. It's just... I wished to have more time to rest and think about those small things. You know, a time for myself, without having to think about what I must say about my new song or my new tour", said Lindsay after sighing for a while.

"Don't worry. Here, you might have the time you really wished to do things for yourself, Lindsay", replied the redhead, patting the young singer's shoulder.

"You are such a sweet girl, Daphne. I could use much of you while in tour"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, is that, now that you got me thinking, I need to find another ways to relax here. While I am away, there are so few..."

"And where do I enter in this?"

"Maybe we could relax together here. And I have the perfect thing that can me us feel better"

"Er... well, if it's drugs, I don't use it, and you shouldn't either!", said an embarrassed Daphne.

"Silly girl, it's not a drug.., wait, let me pick it", answered the singer, as she went to her bedroom and came back after one minute, as Daphne waited to see what was that thing her musician friend told her. When Lindsay came back... "Let me introduce my little friend here!"

"A dildo? You carry a dildo to your tours?", said an astonished Daphne seeing Lindsay hold on her hands a silver average-sized sex toy, with a shape very common to those devices, a 'pointy' head and a long 'body'.

"I never go outside home without bringing it. This dear little thing saved me on so many occasions... If it weren't by it, I could be such a drag now..."

"But... how? I never thought someone like you..."

"I am a girl, and girls have those desires, Daphne sweetie", Lindsay interrupted that the redhead was about to say. "I was so tired to not having any kind of fun away from home that I got this dildo here to become my companion wherever I am. When I am anxious, I just take this outside my purse and drop my pants off. It never fails..."

"Well, it's the first time I see a dildo doing that job to an artist like you", replied the amateur detective. "Usually, you all resort to every kind of sex money and fame can buy"

"I am not lying that, sometimes, I like to fool around with someone, but it's very hard to a girl like me have a lifestyle that ain't my thing. Sometimes, I just stay alone with my dildo and I enjoy good times with it"

"It seems a clever solution. Sometimes, this thing of 'sex, drugs and rock'n'roll is too overrated"

"Well, the drugs part yes and maybe the rock'n'roll, but sex, well..."

Lindsay handed the toy to Daphne, who went amazed to see such toy on her hand and such a source like Miss Pagano. Seeing the dildo, the redhead investigator couldn't stop thinking on what kind of adventures that device went.

"Seems you are hooked to it, Daph?" wickedly questioned the musician girl.

"You with this dildo... there must be lots of stuff you had done with a toy like this", asked Miss Blake.

"Want to be part of the history?"

"Are you serious? Do you want to use it on me?"


"Well... I can't say no to such request from you..."

"I knew you wouldn't", cheerfully said Lindsay, sitting again on the couch and having one of her hands touch Daphne's stocking-covered legs. The singer quickly built a momentum as her hands soon found themselves inside her guest's skirt, with Daphne moaning while her friend tried to find a way to get her panties.

"Uhhh... Lindsay..."

The two girls shared a kiss as the brunette singer kept her hands inside Daphne's skirt dress. The redhead traveler also used her hands to feel Lindsay's proper shape and touch her young and delicate breasts.



Not needing anything to hold her back, the musician took off Daphne's pink belt and took off the blue dress synonymous to the amateur detective. Next step was getting rid of Daphne's white cotton lingerie, counting with her guestlover's aid to remove it. With Daphne dressed only on her stockings and shoes, she was ready for the next step of the plan.
"Uhh, Daph... you got went on your undies! You really wanted this so much, right?"

"It was you that brought the dildo!"

Lindsay Pagano used her right hand to feel how her redhead lover pussy state was. As she thought, Daphne got herself wet, probably thinking on Lindsay using that dildo on herself. The brunette could hear how the detective felt pleased with the moment as her hand touched her moist labia and tingled her clitoris, making her obliged to stick her index finger inside Daphne for a few minutes, to bring her to the point she wanted her to be.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhh!"

After getting the redhead girl to 'the point', the musician put Miss Blake's legs apart and inserted the sextoy in her pussy. Just the head of the shaft was enough for the traveling investigator whisper delightfully. With a wicked smile on her, Lindsay found out it was time to fuck her.

"Just relax, Daphne. You know it won't hurt..."

It didn't. And how it could hurt? Lindsay followed the rulebook and went slow and soft for the start, making the dildo find itself comfortable into Daphne's pussy. The redhead moaned as Lindsay fucked her with the toy, sliding into and outside the moist genitalia.

"Ahhhhh! Ohhhh! Uhhh yeah! Fuck me Linds! Uhhh!"

"Yeah! Fuck yeah!"

Having her back all the way on the couch's backrest, Daphne held enough as Lindsay decided to follow another line of the 'book' and the place of her strokes get a little faster. The singer's mouth watered seeing her own toy filling her friend's pussy, watching the redhead show how much she loved to feel that sex toy going into her cunny. Maybe it lacked to her someone to share her 'anxiety treatment'...

"Do you like it, Daph? Like to be fucked by my fella?"

"Yesssssssssssss! Yes! Fill me, Lindsay! Fill me with this! Ahhhhhh!"

Miss Pagano felt obliged to do what Daphne wanted (and, also, because she wanted it) and the speed of her dildo fucks rose. Lindsay tried to do it without feel her arm hurt, seeing how the amateur detective reacted with any faster stroke of the dildo. Seeing how the redhead was totally positive to it, the singer felt needed to follow her plan and plow her lover.

Doing that had its 'price', and it was Daphne getting close to cum. Noticing that, Lindsay slowed her fucking pace, in order to make the Mystery Inc. member regain some energy before going at it again. The redhead was able to get recovered while still feeling pleased, but when the musician got back into her act, it was unavoidable.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh! I ammmmmmmmmmmmm... uhhh.... Going..."
"Uhhhh! Ahhhh! Yeah! I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ahhhhh!"

Right before the amateur detective said the 'cum' word, Lindsay Pagano quickly removed the toy and planted her face on the redhead's soon to burst in juices vagina. When her friend orgasmed, the singer tasted on first row all the sexual juices that came from Daphne's, even using her tongue to give the redhead a treat. Only thing Miss Blake could do was to feel all the pleasure she could.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes! Cummmmmmmmmmmmmminggggh!"

Lindsay managed to taste and even drink most of the girl juice Daphne released after her climax. Her lips were totally sticky from it, forcing the brunette singer to use her tongue to wipe it off. Daphne even got the opportunity to kiss her friend again, in order to taste herself.

"Wow! It was so... intense!"

"See? You now know exactly how I feel after this beauty gets on me"

"You have so many talents, why don't use your powers for the good?", asked Daphne.

"Well, I don't want much to people get dirty looks at me, and you know, just want to fool around with my friends", answered the singer.

"Well done, Miss Pagano, but now, is my turn to see how that fits on you", the redhead took the sexual toy off Lindsay's hands and proceeded to help the brunette take off her clothes. In a blink of an eye or two, the girl singer got herself naked and Daphne told her to sit on the couch, the same position she was dildofucked earlier.

"First, let's see if you are properly ready for your trip"

Daphne decided to, instead of hands; use her tongue to feel if Lindsay was ready for it. A single moan the singer let flow; the redhead detective knew she was enough ready, however, she decided to have a little bit of oral fun.

"Uhhhhh... lick my pussy Daphne! Lick it!"

Daphne used her tongue to arouse an already horny Lindsay for a few minutes, circling her wet and swollen clit and outer lips, feeling the taste of girl cum on the brunette's vulva. When the redhead girl felt her lover was ready for the action, out tongue and in dildo!

"I want to see you cum like you when you are touring"

The amateur detective used the tip of the toy to rub around Lindsay's moist vagina, a way to tease her, soon to get it inside her singing friend's cunt. The first pleasure screams from the musician were enough to Daphne know what she was mean to do, and soon the fuckery begun again.

"Ahhhhh! Uhhhhh! Yeahhhhh!"
The redhead asked Miss Pagano to tell her the way she liked to get dildonailed like in backstage. Her lover's aid kept Miss Blake focused to stick the sex toy on a decent pace, not too slow but not too fast. Hear how Lindsay enjoyed that was the code Daphne knew that she was doing the right thing.

"You are so cute when fucked by a dildo, Lindsay!"

"Ahhhhhhhh! Thanks! Fuck me, Daphne! Fuck me like a stud! Oooohhhh!"

Daphne wasn't a stud, but surely knew from experience how one used his rod to penetrate a girl's intimacies. Her pace was still average, not giving too much to Lindsay, but yet not denying her any pleasure. She enjoyed to watch the faces the brunette artist made while bearing with the sexual gratification the redhead gave to her through sex toys.

The time asked for that and Miss Blake then made her fuckery faster, the enough to avoid soreness of arm. Also it was enough to make the young singer feel even more pleased. As it happened to the redhead, it built the momentum Lindsay needed to get closer to her orgasm.

"Ooooohhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Daphne kept fucking Lindsay as fast as she could, feeling herself tireless on putting that dildo in an out the singer's slit. The brunette was approaching the 'cum cliff' and nothing could be capable of stopping her, not that she wished that to happen.

"I'm so close! I'm so close! Yeah! I'm... gonna... to....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The redhead detective didn't stop to fuck even when the musician said "I am cumming". The orgasm was a perfect way for Daphne to bring Lindsay to a world of pleasure she didn't knew, watching her body move with the toy inside her pussy. Incredibly, the brunette asked for more and more, thus making her climax last longer and keeping the juice river floating.

"I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck yeahhhhhhhh!"

Right after everything was over, Lindsay took back her dildo and sucked him for a while, tasting her own juices mixed to the ones from Daphne. She offered it to the redhead, which answered by sucking and then licking the toy, then joined by the singer.

"Girl, it was fantastic! My first 'meditation' in my new home!", delightfully said Lindsay.

"I am so glad that I was capable to help you relax with my skills", replied Daphne.

"You are great, Daphne. When I tell the girls what you did, they will fall on the floor envious of you!"

"Envious I don't say, but they will want to have their own piece of the cake, that's sure will happen"

"I won't have any trouble to repeat it... when we could see each other again?"

"I don't know", thought Daphne. "I might look my book to see if I have spare time for that"

"I am sure I will", giggled Lindsay, taking Daphne to the couch to kiss her, closing the night's pleasure time.

THE END (of this chapter)


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