Featuring: Sunny St. Cloud, Velma Dinkley, Penelope Bailey and Simone Lenoire

Scooby-Doo: Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 5 - Four Is Enough? Well, No! (FFFF,oral,anal,toys)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

"I must admit I was against your idea at start, Sunny, but now I can see you are really a genius, girl!", said Velma, as she and Sunny St. Cloud walked inside the blonde cruise planner's new building, arranged to house the entire hub of ideas involving the 'Scoobyuri' project.

"I understand you. Myself thought it couldn't work, but what is impossible for a woman that wants to succeed?", replied Sunny.

"I am just amazed that you managed to convince all girls on taking part of it without no question! How did you done for that?"

"A woman's sexual libido is something amazing. Can work against you sometimes, but if you count with horny ladies that crave for sex, there is your thing"

"Hmmm..." the brunette nerd thought as she walked the corridors of the building. "By the way, can you tell me again why you brought me here in the first place?"

"I called Simone and Penelope for a meeting and thought it was a good idea to call you. I would also invited Daphne if she wasn't again meddling with her family's businesses", explained Sunny.

"Knowing Daph so well like me, she wouldn't lose this meeting for anything!", commented Velma.

Sunny and Velma finally reached to the room where Simone Lenoire and Penelope Bailey were supposed to be waiting for them to take part in the aforementioned meeting, perhaps with a lunch and a drink binge. But, after they opened the door, it seemed Simone and Penelope were making their lips busy with each other.

"Let's see what they are up t... oh..."


They caught the Southerner werecat and the Scooby Snack heiress into a very deep kissing lesson. Well, they expected that could might happen, but not that it could happen that soon. Things two girls in an empty room can do for you...

When both women finally notices Sunny and Velma there, they tried to hide the embarrassment, but it wouldn't work against experienced ladies in sapphic stuff like them.

"I just told you to feel yourselves at home while I went to pick up Velma, but I guess you two felt too much at home, huh?", joked Sunny.
"Pardon... ezz that she... well... me...", Simone tried to answer it, but it was impossible to explain it.

"Two girls can't kiss each other without anyone making questions?" questioned Penelope.

"I am not chastising you both, please stop with that... I just thought we could wait until later for those kind of activities"

"Sorry, but why wait if you can do it right away..." said the brunette heiress.

"I bet this meeting will be more than just spicy, Sunny..." cheerfully commented Velma, while going to where the two other women where. "I am very sorry that me and Sunny interrupted your little moment, but if you wanted to go with it, why you didn't waited for us?"

"You cannot be with a femme like Penelope and not having those urges", answered Simone Lenoire.

"I understand... but, now we are all there, and we can keep from where we stopped, right?" suggested the Mystery Inc. member. "Unless both of you don't want it, and we understand if not..."

"We were just waiting for you two to get into the next stage", replied Penelope.

"So, what are we waiting for?" shouted Sunny as she turned to Velma kissed her same way that the other two ladies were doing minutes earlier, and returned to do right away. It wasn't too much to think where that would lead it next...

Sunny shut the windows so they couldn't get disturbed by outside distractions. The four girls took off their clothes and looked for the fun they were meant to, while kissing, fondling and touching each other's bodies.

"Hmmm... that eel be tres bien..."

Using a robe, Sunny went to one of the offices and brought a pack with some sex toys they could use. After locking the door, the blonde planner asked Velma to be in doggy style position as she took from the pack a small cyllindrical rubber-like device on a black support.

"What is that?"

"Something you will make your ass drop off... almost literally"

Ms. St. Cloud then spit on the 'head' of the toy and proceeded to slowly lick for some seconds the brunette's ass. Hearing the brief moans Ms. Dinkley made when her tongue ran around the nerd's bunghole, Sunny knew that it was time.

"Are you going to put that in my ass? Isn't a little... tiny?", asked the Mystery Inc. girl.
"Wait and see", answered Sunny before laying on the floor, facing Velma's crotch and using her skills to stick the toy inside Velma's ass, with only the support outside, where it was shown an on/off switch, that the blonde girl managed to press.

Velma waited and saw... and what she saw, or better, felt, were vibrations inside her ass and, suddenly, what was supposed to play the 'cock-part' tripled in side. The brunette quickly showed her amazement.

"Jinkies! Ahhhhh! What is....uhhh... going on..."

"It's something Mei Ling brought me from Hong Kong. It's the state of art on sex toys... it really looks like harmless but it's a vibrator that can produce lots of pleasure"

"Uhhhhhh... yeah!"

Underneath the brunette girl, Sunny could hear the moans and feel how Velma's hips sustained themselves with the device penetrating the girl's ass. In order to add spice to the sauce, the newcoming porn producer slowly licked the geek detective's pussy.

"Ohhhh... yeah! Sunny.... Uhhh...."

In the other side of the room, Simone topped Penelope in a 69, where the two women were busy using her mouths and fingers on each other's cunts.

"Uhhhh... Penelope... you're sooo delisious...."

"You are delicious too, Madame Lenoire"

Penelope used her fingers to work the Southerner blonde's moist pussy, rubbing and stuffing it inside between the times where her mouth sucked it. On other hand, it was exactly how Simone did to the snack heiress. Surely a pleasant view to anyone, specially to the two other ladies present to the private party.

"Your tongue and that thing... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck yeah! It's soo good!", Velma screamed and yelled with Sunny licking her pussy and the toy working tirelessy in her butt. "Fuck me! Lick me, Sunny!"

"Ohh... Simone! Ahhhh!"

"Oui! C'est magnifique, Penelope!"

It was difficult to anyone not feel turned on with the scene that happened next to them. As well Velma and Sunny fixed her eyes on the sixty-nine display Penelope and Simone was giving to them, the other two women also kept themselves aroused by Velma's anal experiment with Sunny's dildo.




"Mon Dieu!"

But that wouldn't last long and the girls moved to a next level. With a strap-on, Sunny had Simone going up and down on the toy, while Penelope freed some space from strap to eat the cruise planner's pussy. Still using the device, Velma took turns to kiss and suck the werecat's juicy breasts.

"Uhhhh! Yes! Oui! Fuck me! Ahhh! Baise-moi! Baise-moi! Ohhhhhhahh!"

Sunny St. Cloud held the fake penis the good enough the blonde Southerner could ride it without lose any balance giving to a girl licking her nipples and other having her way with the 'top' girl's slit.

"I always knew you fucked good....uuhhhh....ahhh... Simone..."

"Merci! This is sooooo hot! Ahhhhh! Yeah!"

"I can see she is enjoying a lot getting a fat cock", commented the dark haired heiress.

"Indeed!" added Velma, between nipple sucking.

The other women were delighted to see how much the blonde werecat enjoyed the strap-on. Of course it wasn't much of new for them or even Simone, but be like that and also see other females having their way on her sounded a little 'too much' sometimes, not that they didn't liked, it's that didn't happened usually to anyone of them.

"Dear Lord, she moans a lot. I hope she doesn't moan the alphabet in French", said Sunny, listening to Simone's constant display of French swearing and appreciation with that cock going inside her pussy.

"Leave her, Sunny. If you know a language or more, you have to speak it", replied Velma.

"Baise-moi! Baise-Moi, Sunny!"

"Fuck her, Sunny! Fuck her!" shouted Penelope.

The upstart lesbian porn producer did, indeed, fucked more the Southerner, but next, she had her full attention over Penelope's rear end. Then, Simone laid on the floor, legs wide and with Velma going to eat her pussy in all fours. Behind the nerd girl, already without the mini-vibrator, there was Penelope, ready to give oral pleasures to her as well, and the blonde cruise planner, behind the dark-haired heiress, tirelessly pumping the fake cock inside her holes, alternating between cunt and asshole.

"Uhhhhhh! Yeahhhh! Wiggle, Penelope baby, wiggle that ass!"

"Ahhhhh! Fuck me, Sunny, Fuck me, dammit!"

"Uhhhh... that is sooo good... lick me....uhhh..."

"Oui! Oui! Do it Velma, do it!"

The 'train of thought' quickly left the station for a journey of pleasure and delight, where the tongues were all over pussies and an occasional ass, while there was still a strap-on in game. Almost like they arranged that earlier, it seemed like each one just followed the line left by the next one, licking and fucking in the same pace, rhythm and coordination.

"You have such a nice butt, Penelope. It's a shame if nobody could bang into it", said Sunny.

"I just try to keep myself in shape... but I am not the only hot ass here, right girls?" replied Penelope

"Yes Ma'am."

Velma and Penelope, the lickers, amused themselves as much as they could tasting the good scent of snatch, driving crazy the ones they were pleasuring. Considering that Velma was into double-duty, with Penelope eating her and serving Simone's cunt, it has fun for all and for everyone.

But the girls didn't waited for more and decided to keep doing other stuff. Sunny also was subject of rubber cock action as Velma filled her ass with the strap-on and that mini-vibrator inside her, tweeting and pumping inside the blonde girl's slit. Simone and Penelope were busy having the cruise planner's breasts as a new toy for their mouth.

"Ahhhhh! Yeahhh! Uhhhhhhhnnn!"

"Uhhhh... delicious! Delicious!"

"Mmmmphhh... slurp! Slurrrrrrrrrrrrp!"

"Uhhhhhh Yeha! Yes! Fuck yeah!"

In fact, every girl got its part of the fun, fucking and getting fucked, licking and getting eaten, using the mini-vibrator on themselves or on other girl. It looked like party wouldn't stop that soon. And, it didn't.

About almost two hours of orgy, the foursome decided they wanted to have an orgasm, and Simone suggested an idea: one of the girls would become subject of all kinds of stimulation in order to cum. Being the one that suggested it, the Southerner was the first one and the other women used all what they could to in a careful manner, using hands, mouths and toys.

"Uhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... I'm gonna. Je vais jouir! Je vais... aahhh... Je me'viens!"

The bilingual abilities of Simone were enough to show how much she felt after orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Cumming! Cummmmmmmmmming! Uhhhhh!"
The girls only stopped when it wasn't anything else to do to enhance Simone's experience. They watched her feel the orgasm, contracting her body as the pleasure waves were all around her mind.

After the blonde werecat returned to her senses, it was time to Penelope receive her treatment, and then Velma and Sunny to finish it. With every girl, was the same deal, sexual stimulation at the extreme and then a big orgasm that came and brought the girls to the Paradise.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


"Uhnnnn.....Ahhhhh Goodnesss!"

As with happened with Simone earlier, it was a pleasant experience for them cumming that way. And now we had four women, exhausted and tired from the whole sexual action.

"Jinkies! It was amazing!", praised Velma.

"I couldn't believe I could cum like that", added Simone.

"Neither do I... Dear Lord, what happened with us? Are we in heaven?", thought Penelope.

"I don't know, but I might say it was one of the best fucks I ever had", said Sunny.

The four women were naked on the floor, looking at each other and trying to regain energy after the long afternoon of lesbian sexual meetings. A meeting they didn't had anything to regret of.

"We gotta do this again!", suggested the heiress.

"Well, if you don't mind, we can do it again after a good shower and a lunch", said the blonde producer.

"And who will pay the lunch?", asked the brunette nerd.

"Sunny, d'accord"

"Ok, I will pay. But you all will owe me one!"

"Don't worry, we can pay while we are doing it again!"

The girls giggled, while going to find a place to clean themselves and put their clothes back for the lunch time.

THE END (of this chapter)


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