(Featuring Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Fiona Penbrooke)

Scooby-Doo: Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 10 - Sweet Fiona (FFF,anal,oral,toy,DP)

"Nothing better than spending the night with friends and drinks", a hatted brown-haired woman with glasses and English accent named Fiona Pebbrooke said while drinking in a local pub with the company of her two friends, Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley.

"And it's better when there is no spooky threat to come after us", replied Daphne.

"Don't even mention that! I want to spend a night without even thinking on business", added Velma.

"But I've been researching so much these days that my head is totally craving for resting", said Fiona between sips. "When you two told me you were coming here, just knew I had to take the chance"

"If you didn't worry that much with your job, things would be better for you"

"I don't job is my life and I won't stand losing it"

"Just relax and drink! Will make your head feel better"

Daphne and Velma went to meet Fiona, who relocated to the US for keeping her research job in a highly respected university. Too busy with her job, the two knew that the British lady needed a break and then took her to that aforementioned pub.

"My job is killing me! My head is so dizzy with all those numbers and files and papers... I don't know if I'll ever survive that!"

"Now you remind me when I presented that paper to that detective meeting. I took just two months to do that and I still ask why I didn't got into a breakdown during that", replied the nerdy brunette.

The three girls had some drinks and lengthy chats that night. Fiona muttered about the little time she had to enjoy herself, being now into a very demanding archeological study. On other hand, Daphne and Velma shared their constant deals with culprits around the world and how they felt the guys didn't handed much of the spotlight to them.

The night went on and the ladies didn't noticed the time going by. After a few hours of pub entertainment, Fiona wanted to do something else.

"I think we just need to go somewhere else. I am just tired of being here"

"Me too", said Daphne."Wanna go to a club or another less-tiring pub?"

"I think I just want to go home. I need seriously of a well-needed rest"

"If you want, me and Daphne can help you with that", suggested Velma.

"Are you hitting on me?", questioned the hat-wearing scientist "That's what I think you just did"

"I don't know... jinkies! Daphne, do you think I am hitting on Fiona?"

"Well, if you are hitting on her, I should join you as well"

The British woman noticed her partners were interested to take that night to another lever. Since she wasn't woman to refuse sex when interested to her, the brown-haired female decided to partake her guests.

"You two are already getting me excited! And you know I can't resist both of you..."

"I knew you wouldn't resist, are 'half-easy', and I mean it in a good way", commented Velma.

"I think we need to finish that conversation at a proper place, right?", suggested the redhead before they went to Fiona's place;

* * *

At Miss Penbrooke's bed, Fiona got engaged at make-out session with both Velma and Daphne. The trio was still dressed up, still exchanging kisses between each other, the way a proper lesbian threesome should think.

"I hope I am not that drunk to have sex", commented Daphne.

"If we don't pass out after it, then we know", said Velma.

The brown-haired woman had her hand around her two friends' back, while Daphne and Velma used the English lady's thighs to build a seductive mood, and all already with their pussies getting wet and eager to expect action.

Soon the trio became more comfortable without their clothes and Fiona between her American galpals, with her wearing only her glasses and beret-like hat. As the brunette and the redhead took some time to kiss each other, Fiona enjoyed both women's boobs, first rubbing against her face and then taking turns on licking and sucking their nipples.

"Hmmm... oh... those are so hot!"

Daphne and Velma enjoyed putting their tongues to play along with their lips as they felt Fiona's mouth soak their boobs like a baby that looked for mother's milk. An interesting build for foreplay that scene would enfold.

"We are going to fuck her hard, right Vel?"

"Jinkies... we're so going to bang her!"

After breaking the kissing section, both women looked to the brown-haired's work on their tits, then going to kiss her again. Soon, there was two women having their way sucking Fiona's knockers.

"Uhhhh... Fuck yeah!"

Now Daphne and Velma were the 'babies' craving for boobies fed by Fiona. The Englishwoman couldn't stop feeling lustful with her lovers' pleasing.

"Jinkies! Those boobs..."

"God, Fiona... those tits..."

"Come on, ladies! Enjoy it, enjoy my tits... uhhh..."

Both Americans had fun for a while with Fiona's breasts, but they decide to go deep and the duo went to lick the scientist's pussy together, opening Miss Penbrooke's legs wide on the bed in a way they could have room free for their tongues but not risking their heads to hit each other in pain.

"Oh, you damn whores... ahhhhh... lick my pussy!"

Daphne and Velma 'traded positions' while in double oral action, switching between covering the clitoris and the upper labia with appearances at the lower labia. Often their lips touched each other, thus leading to more kissing between them. The brown-haired scientist felt excited with her friends taking their time to give pleasure at her cunt and her moans were louder as they could be.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh Yesssssssss!"

Soon, the 'vaginal double date' was interrupted when Fiona lay in a position such Daphne kept working on her pussy and Velma got the option of licking the British lady's asshole and use her fingers to play with the aforementioned hole, in a paced crescendo of delight.

"Uhhhh... ohhh...yess...uhhh..."

"Hmmm... I want to lick you wild, Fiona!"

"Me too! Hmmmmm!"

Sometimes Velma was on pussy and Daphne went to please the Englishwoman's ass. Everything to make their girlfriend scream for more. But the scientist clearly wanted her share of the action as well.

"I want to eat you two later, girls!I want to lick both dry!"

"First, you will allow us to do that to you, Fiona", said Velma.

Miss Dinkley, however, was the first to allow herself to be pleased, leaving both cunny and arse to her girlfriend and rubbing her crotch against Fiona's face. The Englishwoman smelled the scent and quickly her tongue made home at the nerdy detective's snatch.

"Ohhhh! Fionaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

Velma just burst herself with pleasure with her British friend performing the all-lovely cunnilingus, shaking her hips as the hatted woman's mouth settled at her intimacies. What else could happen, it was something only the three ladies could imagine on that bed.




The redhead American watched the scene and paid attention the way Velma was getting fulfilled at her pleasure requests. She knew Fiona was one of the finest at oral works, and there were few girls and even guys that could match or overtake her in a fair challenge.

"Jinkiesssssssssssssssssssssss! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"You are going to kill her if she keeps screaming like that"

"It's not my fault if Velma is sensitive down here. Even if a tiny snowflake touches here, she might have an orgasm"

"It's not...uhhhhhhhhhh... yesssss... true!"

Fiona licked Velma for a while, the enough to return the nerdy girl the pleasure she gave her. They again changed positions, with Fiona on all fours and munching Daphne's snatch. Behind the British woman, there was Velma, who returned again the licking with some of her own.

"Ahhhhh! Uhhhh! Yesssssss"

"Hmmmm! Uhhhhh! Ohhh!"

Miss Blake felt herself dominated by the English female's tongue; whose in her turn went amazing with the brunette's lesbian skills. Inside that room, it was a festival of moaning and girls asking for deep oral action.

"Lick harder! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Fionaaaaaaaaa!"

"Yess...Yess... Velma! Fuck me! Fuck Me!"

Tongues and lips became part of the action, but surely weren't enough to please Miss Penbrooke. So there came the toys to join the party, and pretty soon the scientist was sandwiched by her American guests with their strapons. Fiona sucked Daphne's while Velma showed she could pose as a man behind her booty.

"Hmmm... oh... you two fuck so good! Ahhhh!"

"Do you like it, Fiona baby?", asked the redhead.

"Yes, I do. Please, stick those harder in me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh God!"

"Want me to do you harder? So I will bang you harder, ma'am!", uttered Velma while getting deep on her penetration, coupled with a few slaps at Fiona's butt.

"Calm down, Velma!"

"Sorry, I just got too caught with that, but is that Fiona is a goddess and her ass is delicious It's impossible to not fuck that cunt!"

The geek detective kept pumping the strapon inside that drenched slit, but she wasn't the only one to take naughty measures to enjoy her overseas friend. Daphne kept rubbing and softly beating her rubber cock into Fiona's face, who requested the redhead to do that.

"Put that dick in my face! Show me how it's done! Uhhhh!"

"This is how a slutty woman takes it! That's good!"

The Englishwoman's slutty side blossomed like never that night, but she felt something else was missing the equation.

"Please, put that thing in my arsehole! Now!"

"Do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yeah! Screw my butt! Double me wild girls, you are the best"

It was too much not to 'obey' her wishes and the two stateside girls took their stance, but now it was Daphne inside her dripping pussy and Velma behind the hatted woman, and sticking her dildo at the British woman's ass.

It was double penetration at its finest. Even if it wasn't something women are used to do, at least being the 'top', both girls showed complete 'professional work', with Fiona. Going their own pace, they went further on their mission to bring relief of sexual way to a friend in need.

"Uhhh... that's it! Two cocks in my ass! I can't remember the last time I had 'em!"

"Guess now your latest memory about that will be with two girls then"

"Yesss.... Ahhhhhhhhh... stick those in my ass, fucking whores!"

"Easy, girl. Watch your language!"

There wasn't any need to watch the language, but there was a meaning for the joke, of course. Fiona couldn't resist much longer the DP session, but she endured long enough before she had her orgasm.

"I think I'm...ohhhhhhhhhhhh...yessssssssss... my God!"



"Cummmmmmmmmmming! Yesssssss! Yeahhhhhh!"

Both Velma and Daphne didn't had the benefit men had to use their sperm to show their orgasm, but they delighted to watch their British friend cum. The mission was done at last, but Fiona had other thoughts.

"Now I am going to make you two cum. You two can't leave without that"

Legs apart, the Americans laid on bed as both strapons now were inside them, with Fiona using her hands to stick both toys into her lovers' snatches. For Fiona, it was somewhat of a sadistic way to take her girls to the climax.

"Cum, my fucking sluts! Cum for Fiona! Cum! I want to see you scream your lungs of pleasure"

"Yes! Ohhhhh! Shit, that is so good!"

Miss Penbrooke nearly exhausted her hands with the whole banging, but it was for a right cause. She was completely satisfied when she saw both girls reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

Both sides found what they needed and Daphne and Velma were proud to give their help to Fiona, who of course, thanked properly.

"I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for you girls"

"You don't need to thank us", said Velma."It was a pleasure or more than it make you relax"

"Indeed. I just felt like a hurricane had shaken my body", commented Daphne.

"If you two bring me one of those once in a while, I would be eternally glad", replied the scientist.

"In this case, we should be the ones glad if you allow us to fuck you again, Fiona"

"Maybe in the next break I have... and I hope to be as tired as I was..."

THE END (of this chapter)


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