(Featuring Susie Smythe and Miss Morimoto )

Scooby-Doo: Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 8 - Pussy Archeologism (FF,oral,anal,toys)
by Victor2K

"Your ancient artifacts collection is stunning, Susie!", praised Miss Morimoto as seeing a cupboard full of old statues and plaques, belonging to the archeologist Susie Smythe, who she was visiting that day. "I can imagine how hard it was to gather such material"

"Thanks, but let's say that I know where and how to find some of those...", replied Susie.

"I wonder you had to take lengths to find stuff like that statue there", said the Japanese woman, while pointing to a terracotta Chinese statue on her left.

"This one? I had to literally fight for her, lots of people wished to have their hands on that one, but now is their loss and my win"

"Oh... I hope you didn't got hurt on that"

"Don't worry, pal. With Susie Smythe, nobody can deal with", said the redhead, making a gesture with her hands like she was taking dust off her body.

"I admit myself that I haven't the guts of doing such stuff like you have, Susie", commented Morimoto. "I'd rather send other people do my job or try things less dangerous"

"Isn't dangerous if you know the right way to do it", shortly explained Susie.

"Well, I am not the kind of person of that, but do appreciate people who do it, like you Ms. Smythe"

"I know you do... anyway, how did you enjoyed my art collection?"

"It's pretty nifty. You really have an eye to find relevant art and historical pieces from ancient cultures"

"Thanks, but you ain't seen nothing yet, Miss Morimoto", said the archeologist.

"Why? Do you have more of these and you didn't showed me?", Miss Morimoto questioned with surprise.

"They are from my... er... 'private collection'. Come to my bedroom and I'll show you", suggested Susie. As they went to her bedroom, the brunette Asian demonstrated certain surprise to see which kind of artifacts the ponytailed redhead had on her bedroom.

"Wow! Dear Lord! But... this is the Sex Museum!"
"Surprised, huh? This is where I 'hide' my private artifact collection, the most precious pieces I ever found during my trips"

Miss Morimoto gave a good look to the room, filled with pictures and paintings containing erotic or sexual motivation. Around the room, phallic pieces and even more suggestive artifacts surrounded the cupboards, wardrobes and the dresser. Everything together turned the place weird and exciting at same time.

"Ehmm... you do have a nice collection here, Susie..."

"Oh, these?", replied Susie, showing Morimoto the place to her. "These are from my 'private collection', the ones I just can't show anyone else, because you know..."

"It's quite interesting, but why are you showing me those?" the karate instructor inquired the archeologist.

"First, because I feel safe to show those to another person that might understand the reasons I gather those... toys... with myself"

"I think I can understand, but it beats me why you keep them at your bedroom"

"If I didn't, with what I could have fun when I am alone?"

"I think I can see now why", pondered the Japanese lady.

"And believe me, I like it most when two can play the game", Susie approached Morimoto with a very naughty face, when placing her hand around the Asian's waistline. "Am I correct or not, Miss Morimoto?"

"You brought me to your bedroom and show me your collection of ancient dildoes only to have sex with me? How dare you!"

"Ah, please! Give me a break! Won't you tell me that being around these things doesn't make you aroused?"

Morimoto tried to deny it, but the feeling of being surrounded by artistic representations of cocks and pussies was too much for her to not feel aroused, as she felt her pussy get wet with the results.

"You know how to turn women crazy, Susie Smythe"

"Yes, I am. But now, it's time for me to see if you can turn me on too, my sweet Japanese cherry tree flower..."

Morimoto had her hands around the redhead's waist and the two looked to each other before they engaged on a French kiss. Soon, it was their lips, tongues and hands to make the move as both women found themselves close to step into the 'sapphic zone'.

"So, join me into some girl-girl appreciation?"

"Well, if you are going to use that stuff on me, use it now!"

* * *

On the bed, Miss Morimoto moaned while Susie ate her pussy. The Japanese brunette whispered in pleasure while the redhead archeologist brushed her tongue all around her slit.

"Uhhhhhhhh... that feels good! Ahhhhh!"

"How the night is going so far, Miss Morimoto?"

"Very well, Miss Smythe..."

"Then, I guess I should introduce you some of my friends here", the redhead said as she moved away from the Asian's snatch and went to the cupboard, from where took a wooden thin dildo, with a monkey head at the base, seven inches large.

"What is this? It seems so thin...", wondered the brunette Japanese.

"It's what a tribe from Congo thinks it represents a bonobo monkey's dick. You ever heard about them, right?"

"I think I did, but if you are glad to remind me..."

"They are known for being too much keen for sexual relationship for any reason. If you think some people are that liberal, they aren't nothing if matched with a bonobo", explained Susie.

"Wow... can we match them, at least for a while?", asked Miss Morimoto.

"I don't know. Let's just use it", Susie answered as she came back to bed and positioned the Japanese woman to get inside her vagina. Within a few seconds after the head was in, Morimoto let a small moan off her throat.


For a while, the redhead archeologist had only the tip of the dildo going inside her Asian lover, but soon she got bold and at least half of it made its presence in the sexual act about 10 minutes her. Susie smiled watching her lover smile and moan with the 'bonobo' going inside her.

"Enjoying some bonobo love?"

"Yes, I do! Ahhhhh! It's amazing!"

"Want me to show another one?"

"If you want so..."
The redhead took out the girljuice soaked dildo and picked a more penis-shaped toy, this time one made of clay and with the 'balls' covered with shiny emeralds and gold plates, and the size was about the same as the previous.

"Wow, that is sweet"

"I found that at an Indian antique story. It was told me it comes from some tribe from there", told Susie

"Is there any secret about this one that I should know?", asked the Asian lady.

"Maybe your ass can tell me"

Miss Morimoto turned herself in all fours as quick as she could be, while the sassy archeologist licked the tip of the dildo. With her hands, the ponytailed woman gripped and spit inside the Japanese's butt and gently pushed the erotic artifact inside the hole.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Godddddddddd!"

Using the saliva lubrication, Susie didn't found problems to proceed with the 'anal exploration' of her friend. The redhead watched how Morimoto's body felt the rectal stimulation coming from her toy.

"Yeah! Oh Lord! Fuck my ass! Yeah, Susie!"

While one of her hands pushed the Indian dildo inside the brunette, Susie used some of her fingers to sexually stimulate the martial arts instructor's pussy. Each time one of her fingers made a presence close to the cunt, she heard her lover scream with pleasure.

Feeling excited with all that, Susie partially commuted pussy stimulation to Morimoto with her own stimulation, touching herself and feeling her clit 'beg' for being used as she was going with the other woman. The archeologist's mouth watered thinking if she could be the next target from the ancient toy action.

"How are you going, Morimoto honey?"

"This is so good! Oh Goodness!"

"Like when a dick is going into your ass?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah! Yes!"

Susie took her time with Morimoto's butt, but soon her senses made her surrender to pleasure and she told her lover to 'use' her as well. The brunette then took a pair of small phallic instruments, which the redhead told she bought in Thailand as 'vaginal exercising machines'. Asking the American girl to stand up, the Japanese woman opened her cunny lips wide, as she used her tongue to check if she could proceed with that.

"Ahhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My My!"
Miss Morimoto licked for five minutes her friend's juicy and tender snatch. When she found everything was okay, the pair of dildoes was in the game. Right from the moment her fingers pushed the small phallic things like they were joysticks, she finally knew why Susie kept them at home.


The ponytailed woman didn't hesitate a second to loudly show her pleasantry with that action. Even someone with large experience in lesbian sex like the Asian brunette couldn't believe with how Susie moaned with that. With fast and rhythmically paced penetrations, she could deliver the archeologist the same delight she got when she was the 'bottom girl'.

"Wow, those ones seem to work a lot on you, girl!"

Together they worked good and solo too, as she used only one to fuck Susie's snatch, while finding use to an ancient anal bead string, that of course went inside the redhead's ass, Morimoto knew how to double the pleasure with her lovers, and the American wasn't exception to that, watching her moan while the toys worked to please her.

"I love when women like you are so nasty, Susie!"

"Damn, but you are the nastiest, Morimoto. By far..."

The 'sexual torture section' went through, with now both women engaged on a 69, but with African phallus inside their buttholes. While eating each other's intimacies, both 'backdoor holes' served as playthings for their attentive hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh God! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yessssssssss!"

Susie Smythe and Miss Morimoto found many ways to keep themselves entertained with the sexual artifact collection, filling each other's holes with a number of devices, coming from almost every exotic place in the world. One of those was a 'brush' that Susie used to stimulate her own clitoris as Morimoto ate it, producing new waves of pleasure that she never had known to find. On other hand, Morimoto used some small stimulation balls to play with her own holes while Susie played with them through mouth and hands.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck fuck!"

"Use my holes, god dammit! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The pleasure didn't seem to stop, even having each other quite loud orgasms. But when it was over, the result was toys all over the bed and two women heavily satisfied.

"I must admit your art collection is really, really awesome, Susie", loudly praised Miss Morimoto.

"You are more than welcome. God, I think I never used such heavy load of those in my life!", answered Susie.

"Can't wait to enjoy another night like this..."

"How about next Wednesday? This week is a holiday and we might have enough time to pick the best and do it"

"Well, I'll check in my agenda", replied the Japanese. "But now I just want to rest for a while, near you"

"Me too... but how about later we just do plain old lesbian sex?", asked the redhead.

"I think I give it a try. Hope it didn't turned boring after this toy party"

"We just need to try"


THE END (of this chapter)


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