(Featuring Miyumi, Autumn Summerfield and Susan Dimwiddie)

Scooby-Doo: Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 7 - Ticket To Ride (FFF,oral,anal,toy,dp)
by Victor2K

"Uh, I still don't know if this is a wise decision, Miyumi", said Susan Dimwiddie, whle having a chat with the Japanese girl, who called her and another agent, Autumn Summerfield, to talk about the Asian brunette's career.

"And why not? I don't see any trouble on being an Adult movie star?", questioned the Japanese.

"We ain't telling you that, honey. It's that... well... you just recently made 19, and not many people of your age has that sort of decision", replied Autumn.

"I know about the concerns you two have, I have myself questioned about it. But for me the is the right fit decision for my career"

"We know about that, but... acting in porn?"

"Ok, I admit it's not that wise choice, but I find myself fitting for the job. You know many of you girls said I have the talent to act and I know the business is profiting. I want to check that choice before I get enough money to start my fighting career", explained Miyumi.

"I think there are better choices than stripping in front of a camera and doing God knows how many men for a porn joint", commented the brown-haired baseball agent.

"I know, but it's what I want for my life right now and I asked you two to help me to manage my career, but I see I might not count with you for that", harshly said the Japanese girl.

"We didn't say that", Susan tried to calm down the girl "It's that... well, it's not like people who work with music and baseball have knowledge to work in porn industry, just that"

"I know about it, but you are the two people I trust to guide my professional career, and that's why I called you here. I know you two are capable to give me a light to not fall in traps and keep my options open. And, anyway, I will not pick any silly porn to do"

"And we won't let you pick any of those", added Susan.

"So, it means you will be my agents?", asked Miyumi.

"I think we just can give it a try. Anyway, we really need also to expand our field of choices too, and by the way, I would like to see you getting some", said Autumn.


"Just for curiosity, you know..."

"Anyway", Susan cut the talk between the other too. "Since we are now your agents, I think it's better if we make an audition with you, Miyumi"

"An audition?"
"Well, we need to see if you can properly act for a porn actress, and who else than me and Autumn to check your skills?"

"Besides, we need to know if you have something that you have to practice in order to please the director", added the baseball player agent.

"Hmmm...", the dark-haired Asian thought for a while before opting to go through with the audition. "Why not? I need to show you how I am skilled for my goal"

"Great!", cheered Susan. "How about we make that audition now?"

"It would be quite interesting, you know", answered Miyumi as she put her hands on both women's tights, which followed by doing the same on her. Quickly, the desire grew between the trio, with hands trying to rub thighs and going under the Japanese's skirt.

"Uhhh... yeah..."

Autumn, Miyumi and Summer engaged themselves into a 'double kiss', having their tongues and lips against each other and switching from one to the other. In the middle, the Asian girl enjoyed how the older girls went for her mouth like it was a fruit just ripen from the tree or something.

Autumn decided to keep kissing Miyumi as Susan went down to her neck with her tongue, as she managed to take off her school shirt to reveal a black bra covering her teen breasts, with a frontal hook, which the blonde unhooked quickly, letting the Japanese girl's boobs at her service, while enjoying the other two girls surrendering to the most passionate of the gestures between two people.

"You look so nice kissing each other", commented the blonde.

"But not as nice as we getting on those boobs", replied Autumn.

The two women went to the Asian's perky breasts and found their mouths working on the nipples, driving Miyumi crazy with the abilities of the two ladies lapping and wrapping their tongues around her nipples, taking a check on the aspiring porn star's body skills.

"Ahhhhh... suck those nipples! Ahhhhhhhhh Yes!"

They went to lick her nipples for a while before Miyumi suggested they had to join as well to the topless fray, helping both girls to remove their jackets, shirts and bras. Soon, the fighter wanted to have a piece of the action, going for Susan's right breast, while Autumn kept going into the young girl's boobs. Right from the start, the blonde music agent knew Miyumi was the one they had to manage.

"Ohhh... Miyumi...ahhh...."

The girls worked on each other's breasts for a good time, the Asian girl tasting the pleasures Autumn and Susan chests gave to her, as she was having her own also targeted for fun by them, in a crazy party of mouths and boobs.

"Well, first part is done, now to the next one!", said Autumn.

She removed Miyumi's skirt to reveal her black cotton panties, which also were easily disposed by the baseball agent. Helped by her business partner, Miss Summerfield had the Asian girl's legs open wide on the couch, exposing her cunt and a patch of black hair surrounding her crotch.

"Look what specimen of pussy, Susan"

"I bet every director will fall for having it in their videos"

"Why both of you don't come and taste by ourselves?", request Miyumi.

"Only if you taste ours", answered Susan.

Autumn was the first to go for oral pleasure, while Susan took of her pants and underwear to expose her shaved cunt to the other ladies. Miyumi, letting brief moans go with the baseball agent's early lickings, found the blonde's crotch on her face, and as it was needed, started to work.

"Ooohhh... yesss! Lick my pussy!"

Mrs. Diwwiddie delighted herself with how the Japanese girl was skilled into oral actions. Of course she knew a bit about it, but it was mostly like a lover, not someone who evaluated the talent of someone else for profit with it. And, right from the start, she knew Miyumi was designed to be a porn star.

"Ahhhh... God, you lick awesomely, Miyumi!"

The Asian dark-haired girl couldn't say much, with Susan's cunt at her mouth and meanwhile being licked by Autumn, who enjoyed her taste, putting her tongue wherever she could, from clit to lower labia, bring pleasure to her future client. So far, anyone could see that it was a hell of a good 'couch test'.

"Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh.... Lick my pussy... Ahhh..."

"Yeahhhhhhh! Oh My!"

"Mmmmmm... ohhh.... Yess..."

Susan got much of the attention from Miyumi's tongue, but next she was to take Autumn Summerfield's cunny for a spin, and in other position change, the baseball agent sit on the couch, with Miyumi between her legs and Susan going behind the Asian, the three still tasting the good ol'fashioned girl juice.

"Uhhhh... eat my pussy... ahh...."

"Yes... Yeah! Fuck Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Oh Dear Lord... Susan..."

This time, it was the brunette to feel amused with the Japanese oral activities, moaning and squealing while Miyumi's tongue travelled around her experienced pussy, giving her lover the pleasure she wished for and watching Miyumi get pleased by Susan.

"Hmmmm... yeah"

The two women were eager to test more of her cunnilingual actions, testing her in many ways possible and liking what they got. But there was need of other tests if Miyumi wished to follow her path into the porn stardom.

"Let's see if you can take a cock up your holes", said Autumn.

The Asian girl told where her dildos were and both girls got some in order to check her penetration skills. First, Susan used an average size toy to stick inside the dark-haired girl's pussy and hearing her moan as she started to use the dildo on her.

"Uhhh... yeah... fuck me!"

With other dildo, a larger one, Miss Summerfield stuffed the Japanese's ass, testing her anal abilities. Their first evaluation were that she had good skills, but needed to work more on her double penetration, maybe because she needed two real cocks to give them a proper opinion on that. But it didn't stopped both women to screw Miyumi as they wished and see how much pleased she was.

"Look, Autumn, she moans like a porn star!"

"I guess she is really gifted for that, Susan!"

The agents tried to stuff Miyumi in all positions they could, noticing the reactions she got while both fake dicks went inside her holes, giving her an orgasm that she wasn't much used to have, even knowing experienced girls like her.

"Oh my God! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesss!"

But it wasn't over for them, later it was time to check if the Japanese could give them the same delight she received earlier. And Miyumi used other set of dildos, stuffing Autumn's cunt and Susan's ass simultaneously. It was seen the young girl lacked some experience on the act, since she couldn't give the same attention to two girls at the same with her hands, but it wasn't something unpleasant for both ladies.
"Uhhhhh! Fuck me, Miyumi...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss!"

The pigtailed Asian used her abilities the best she could to please both ladies, sometimes pushing too much the effort, but in the overall, she enjoyed how she saw on both Autumn and Susan's faces the sexual joy they had with sex toys going inside their love holes, and bringing them to the well-loved orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssssss!"

After the 'audition' ended, Miyumi was eager to know the results.

"So, how did I went?"

"You were awesome, girl! Well, you need to work up some skills, but nothing that can hurt your career", said Susan.

"Indeed. You will be a great porn star, Miyumi. Perhaps, the greatest of them all!", added Autumn.

"And with you both helping me, only the sky is the limit... or the next orgasm!"

The three girls giggled as they went to make a toast to celebrate their new deal, drinking, as the tradition has to say, sake champagne.

"To my new agents and to my new career, here's a toast!"

"Fuck Yeah!"

THE END (of this chapter)


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