General warning, if you are not 18 or if you are easily offended don't read
the following story. Any part of the story, which seems to reflect your life
(damn nice life), is strictly unintentional. This story is purely fantasy,
not real life, if you can't tell the difference, get help.

Scooby-Doo: Scooby Snacks (MF,F-best,M-mast,voy)
by The Cock Roach

Velma and Scooby were searching the haunted house for both clues and Daphne
who seemed to have gotten lost again, Fred and Shaggy had split up and were
checking the first floor and the basement respectively.

Velma was too busy looking at the strange pictures on the wall to notice
the trap door in the floor of the hall. Scooby of course was simply too
pre-occupied with the thought that there might be a ghost near by. Velma
tripped the trap sliding her and Scooby down into the cellar.

"Shoot," Velma exclaimed, "I seemed to have lost my glasses. Scooby are you
there, can you help me find them."

Scooby was sprawled out on the floor a few feet away from Velma lying on his
back momentarily stunned was Velma started to grope for her glasses.

"What's this?" Velma asked as she reached out and grabbed Scooby's penis.

"It's not my glasses, but it might be a clue," she said as she ran her hand
up and down the Scooby's shaft.

Scooby was too stunned to move.

"I don't know what it is but is sure is big," Velma said.

Scooby was quickly turned on by the unintentional hand job he was receiving
and got up and moved behind Velma. Scooby used his nose to push up Velma's
pleated skirt and used his teeth to rip off her panties.

"What, who is that? Don't! Stop!" Velma cried terrified.

Scooby mounted Velma and stuffed his huge dong into Velma's virgin pussy. Her
cherry popped so fast Scooby didn't even notice as he started reaming her hot
tight hole. Velma felt a moment of pain, and then pleasure started to mount.
Scooby's dick was hitting Velma just right sending waves of pleasure through
her body.

"Oh, Oh, don't stop! Keep going!" Velma loudly moaned.

"Roh rah!" Scooby slurred as he continued to pound Velma's tight twat. Scooby
could not believe how good his cock felt in Velma's tight hole, but he wasn't
even close to blowing his load when Velma reached her first orgasm.

* * *

Shaggy heard some screaming ahead of him, but before he could run he thought,
"I think that sounds like Velma." Scared he crept forward to see what had
befallen his friend. He peaked around the corner and stopped stunned to see
his Scooby fucking Velma's brains out right in front of him.

Shaggy unzipped his pants and started to wank off to the sight in front of

* * *

But lately she wasn't getting any sex. Fred didn't seem to get the hint
that Daphne wanted him to fuck her raw no matter what hints she dropped and
she was beginning to think he was gay.

Daphne was so turned on by the erotic site in front of her she lifted up her
skirt, pulled down her panties and started to finger herself. She was getting
good and horny by the time Velma had her third orgasm, still without Scooby
blowing his load.

* * *

Shaggy was hard and about ready to bust a nut when Velma had her third orgasm
and decided it was about time he had a piece. He quickly entered the room and
approached the couple on the floor.

"Hey, man; let me try some of that. Friends share man." Shaggy whined.

Scooby looked up and saw Daphne just out side the door with her eyes closed
friggin' her own pussy, and decided to let Shag finish up on Velma while he
tried a new pussy. Shaggy quickly replaced Scooby, sliding his dick up Velma
now stretched cunt and reached around and unhooked her bra so he could fondle
Velma's tits from behind.

"Like, wow, Velma. You have some totally groovy tits, man. Why do you always
hide them with your heavy sweater?" Shag grunted as he started to pound away
at Velma from behind.

After a few minutes of pounding, Velma who had been totally stretched out
by Scooby's cock, Shag decided he needed to try another hole. He slipped a
couple of fingers into her twat to coat them in pussy juice. He then slipped
a lubricated digit up Velma puckered ass. After working one finger for a
short time he inserted the other into her virgin ass.

Velma felt the intrusions but was to tired and physically sated to protest
until Shaggy stuffed his cock up her ass with one large thrust. "Oh, owe...
Oh, yeah..." Velma exclaimed as Shaggy started to pound his cock in and out
of her ass. Shaggy had a firm grip on Velma's shoulders so he could really
pound on her ass. It didn't take long for Shaggy to reach climax and blow
his load inside Velma's tight ass.

Scooby bounded over to Daphne and pushed her to the ground before she knew
what was happening. He ripped her panties off and pushed her legs up by her
head so he could stick his cock in her dripping pussy. He parted her lips
with one massive thrust causing Daphne to grunt.

Daphne had had sex many times, but never with a cock like Scooby's 14 incher.
It just seemed to fill her like she had never thought she could be filled.
Scooby pounded Daphne's pussy hard, desperate to reach the climax he failed
to reach with Velma. Yet no matter how much he wanted the release it seemed
to just barely allude him. Daphne reached climax quickly and started to build
towards a second orgasm. Sweat was glistening from her hot body and cum was
leaky from her pussy as Scooby continued to pound way.

Scooby pulled his cock out and slammed it roughly into Daphne's anus. Daphne
was had anal before, yet not with anyone with a cock like a great danes. This
tighter hole soon sent Scooby over the edge and he pulled out just in time to
drench Daphne with cum. It got in her her and was dripping off her face as
Scooby fell to the floor worn out.

Shaggy quickly found Velma's glasses and Daphne cleaned off her face as they
heard someone coming down the stairs. The girls quickly straightened their
clothes and were only slightly disheveled when Fred walked into the room.

"Hey, I finally found you. I didn't think you were still in the house. Why
are you all breathing heavy did you see a ghost?" Fred asked? "Hey, I think
I found a clue." He said as he bent down to the floor to look at Scooby's
cum. "I wonder where this came from?"

And now you know why Scooby and Shaggy get so excited when the girls offer
them two Scooby snacks. The girls had as much fun and would often offer their
"snacks" whenever the opportunity arose. You didn't think they were really
talking about dog treats did you?


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