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This is a sexual parody for those of you over 18. Anyone who does not
enjoy stories of female/female, female/dog, male/female, or 2 males/ 3
females/ 1 dog, please do not read any further and delete this story.
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At the table, Shaggy and Scooby were already eating all the food as if it
would disappear at any moment. Freddie and Mr. Sams were talking about
the costs of the Inn and how many customers could be expected. Daphne was
talking to a girl about nineteen years old about makeup and fashion.
Velma took her place at the table and started to take small portions of
the food when the girl turned to her.

"You must be Velma," she said with a smile, "I'm Jenny. Freddie
told me you were the group's super brain."

"Nice to meet you," said Velma, blushing ever so slightly, "Mr.
Sams told me you were a scholar yourself. A chemistry major."

"Dad loves to brag about that. Yes, I am majoring in chemistry."
Jenny said. "Daphne was trying to talk me into mixing her some new

"It was all ruined in the rain." Daphne complained "I look
absolutely horrible."

"Daph, If there is one thing you could never be, it's horrible
looking." said Freddie, "In fact, you've never looked anything but

Velma felt a slight pang of jealousy at this remark. No one had
ever even noticed her looks, just her brains. Not surprising though, she
hadn't even developed a good set of breasts. Velma envied Daphne, her
tall slender body, her small, but full breasts, and her supermodel face.

After dinner, the kids went back to their rooms for some sleep. As usual,
Shaggy and Scooby went down to the kitchen for a midnight snack at 10:45.
Nothing was out of the ordinary except a strange odor in the air. Scooby
sniffed at the small cloud of gas coming from the basement, but when he
realized it was not food, he ignored it. Daphne had also come downstairs
for her compact that she had left on the kitchen table. She barley
noticed the strange smell as she grabbed her makeup and went back to her
room. When she reached her room, she heard someone behind her. She
turned to find Scooby seated near her door, staring at her. Suddenly she
couldn't ignore a strange feeling she was having when she looked at
Scooby. She pictured him mounting her and plunging his big red doggie
cock into her pussy. Scooby crept closer and he smelled Daphne's crotch.
She pulled up her nightgown revealing her smooth pubic mound. Scooby took
this as and invitation and started licking the hot flesh. Daphne felt
ripples of pleasure as Scooby passed his rough tongue over the sensitive
flesh of her pussy and teased her clit with his warm breath. She could
not longer hold back as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her quivering

"Do me Scooby-Doo," screamed Daphne, "Fuck me like a bitch."

Scooby put his paws on her shoulders and plunged his erect doggie dick
into her waiting pussy. Over and over he drilled himself into her.
Daphne moaned as his hot, thick rod drove ever deeper into her pussy.
Suddenly, Scooby came. Loads of hot sticky doggie cum shot deep into her.
She passed out as Scooby's knot slipped in and held him fast. Scooby
spent the rest of the night wondering why he did what he did.


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