Scooby - Doo:

And the Sleaze Mist

Let's start off with the standard disclaimer. Scooby Doo, the
Mystery Machine, and the rest of the gang are trademarks of Hanna Barbara
Studios. This is a sexual parody for those of you over 18. Anyone who
does not enjoy stories of female/female, female/dog, male/female, or 2
males/ 3 females/ 1 dog, please do not read any further and delete this
story. MBartender wrote this story. Any alterations with out his express
permission is prohibited. Please feel free to mail you comments,
questions, suggestions, or story requests to [email protected] (no junk
mail please). And now, on with the story....


In was late at night when the Mystery Machine pulled up in front
of the Hideaway Inn. A slight rain was falling, and unknown to the kids;
they were being watched as they filed into the main hall.

"It sure was nice of Mr. Sams to invite us to the grand opening of
his inn." said Velma, wiping the rain from her glasses.

"Not to mention letting us stay here free for the weekend." added

"As long as there's plenty of food," said Shaggy, "after that trip
I could eat a ton of burgers."

"Yea, a ton." barked Scooby, licking his lips at the thought of

"Glad you finally made it." said Mr. Sams as he came in the room.
" We were worried that you had been delayed by the rain."

"We?" asked Daphne, "I thought the Inn wasn't open yet."

"It's not," said Mr. Sams, "No one here but us and my daughter
Jenny. You'll meet her at supper. Now, let me show you to your rooms."

Mr. Sams led the way up a long flight of stairs to the second
floor. Then he gave each of them a key. As he walked down the stairs
toward the kitchen, the kids went to their rooms and began to unpack. As
Velma opened her suitcase, the first thing she took out was a folded up
magazine. It was the latest issue of HUNK magazine. She flipped few the
first few pages out of idle curiosity. Soon she felt the familiar itch
between her legs. She reached into her suitcase and pulled out a 5-inch
long vinyl plastic dildo. She stripped off her clothing and moistened her
fingers, gently lubricating her cunt lips. She flipped to a page whit a
large muscular hunk with a fully erect 7-inch dick! She stared at him as
she slowly inched the dildo into her wet pussy. He was blonde and good
looking, he reminded her of Freddie. She closed her eyes and pictured
Freddie standing over her, pushing his erect member into her tight box.
She moaned softly as she quickened her pace on the dildo. With her free
hand she massaged her breasts then slowly moved it to her sensitive clit.
She was right on the edge. Just a few more seconds...

"Velma," came Shaggy's voice as he knocked loudly on her door,
'Are you almost finished unpacking? The others are waiting for us."

Damn, she thought as she removed the dildo and started to get
dressed. I was so close.

"I'll be down in a minute, Shag." she said as nicely as she could.
She struggled into her skirt and quickly threw her stuff into the
dresser. She took a quick glance in the mirror to erase all signs of what
she was doing and ran down to the dining room.


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