This is a story of a highly sexual nature that is to be read only by adults
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Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo And Daphne (F-best)
by Anonymous

"Dammit!" thought Daphne as she drove the Mystery Mobile into town. Why do I
always have to go get it? Why can't Thelma or Shaggy?"

Deep down though she knew why she was always stuck with the go-for jobs. Fred
was needed for his leadership skills and Thelma was great for figuring out
scientific problems. Shaggy and Scooby acted silly a lot of the time but they
seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to danger. Plus they had that
strange ability to pull things out of thin air to help them escape that
danger, Daphne had never been able to figure out how they did that. So that
left her, with no noticeable abilities, stuck doing the menial tasks. Like
now, when it was discovered they were out of fingerprint powder and sent her
to get some from the nearest 7-11 store.

Only problem was the nearest 7-11 store was 30 miles away and on the other
side of the swamp. It was 3 a.m. and she was feeling more then a little
nervous as the van traveled the road (more like a dirt path really), and her
fears weren't eased in any way by Scooby's company. Normally Scooby and
Shaggy were always together, but Fred felt she'd feel safer with some
protection. Hah! Some protection! Fred was right about one thing though,
Scooby Doo was large and that might deter any dangerous animals or ghosts.
Taking her eyes off the road for a moment Daphne glanced over at the Great
Dane and suddenly realized he was a massive creature, with deep beautiful
brown fur, well built, muscular flanks... suddenly a turtle darted in front
of the Mystery Machine! Daphne, who'd been admiring Scooby's large paws
barely saw it in time.

"Shit!" she yelled.

Scooby screamed out, "We're gonna die! We're gonna die!"

Daphne swerved and just managed to miss the turtle by hitting a tree instead.
When the muck cleared (as well as her head) Daphne looked around. The turtle
was gone, and she and Scooby seemed to be unhurt. Unfortunately the same
could not be said for the Mystery Machine. The front was all smashed in and
the engine failed to respond when she turned the key.

"Great." Daphne thought as she grabbed the cell phone. "What else can

Phoning the gang was out of the question as the haunted outhouse they were
investigating had no phone, so she phoned the nearest garage in town.

As it turned out there'd been a lot of accidents that night. Apparently some
taxi cab had driven through a puddle of Dip, and there'd been a three car
smash-up caused by some mice intent on taking over the world. So Daphne and
Scooby were stuck where they were until morning.

"Wonderful!" thought Daphne, "here I am stuck inside a luxury mini-van, with
only a huge dog to keep me company until morning. Good thing there are big
comfortable cots, but we're not sleepy. What can we, a woman and a dog all
alone, do for the next 4-5 hours?"

"It looks scary out there," Scooby said as he looked out the window and
shivered with fear. "YOWWW!!!" he screamed as a small bat flew by. Scooby Doo
dashed to the back of the van knocking over Daphne and tearing her dress in
the process.

"Scooby! Settle down!" Daphne yelled as she got up, looking at her torn dress
in disgust. She took it off and started to put on her spare but thought to
hell with it, she'd get dressed in the morning. As usual she hadn't bothered
with a bra and her young full breasts bounced free as she moved about the
van. But Daphne wasn't thinking about that (though other women's breasts had
always intrigued her), at the moment she was looking for something.

"Now where is that stash?" she muttered. Then she remembered, the gang had
taken into the house. Standard operating procedure when exploring a haunting,
being stoned you're less likely to be afraid. Plus sometimes if there's
enough smoke the ghosts will mellow out enough to join in and make it a toke
session. Only now Daphne found herself without so much as a jay to calm her

"Now what am I gonna do to relax?" she thought.

Then Daphne looked over at Scooby Doo who was still shivering with fear.
Despite being upset with him for tearing up her dress, Daphne just couldn't
stay angry with him. She'd always had a soft spot for the Great Dane, and
right now he was her only company in the middle of a swamp. She moved to
comfort him.

"It's okay Scooby," she whispered as she hugged him, her naked tits pressing
into his side. "Nothing can get us in here."

"Promise?" Scooby asked.

"Sure I do. Tell you what, why don't you lie on you back and I'll give you a
nice relaxing tummy rub."

"Scooby Doo!" the canine responded as he flipped over.

Daphne began gently moving her hand back and forth over Scooby's stomach and
marveled at how flat and muscular it was. Just like the rest of him.

"No doubt from all that running he does," she thought.

In spite of herself, she found her hand moving closer and closer to his groin
area, and though she tried to fight it she couldn't help but stare at his
huge dog cock as it got larger and harder as her fingers moved further down
his stomach. Truth to tell she'd felt some stirrings when her bare nipples
had rubbed against his fur earlier. Despite her growing emotions however she
was still shocked when Scooby leaned up and began licking her tits with his
huge tongue.

"Scooby!" Daphne shrieked. "What are you doing!?!"

"Scooby like tit better then tat!"

"I don't care! You shouldn't do that!" yelled Daphne as she pulled away.

"Scooby Doo like it. Daphne like it too." The dog replied.

When Scooby said that Daphne realized he was right. As she looked the Great
Dane's huge hard-on to her own breasts, the nipples glistening with dog
saliva, Daphne realized she did want him. Her pussy was soaking her panties
with the love juice of her desires. Only... he was a dog! A talking dog to
be sure but still a dog. To actually make love to the canine, to let Scooby
Doo fuck her! What a perverted, immoral, but exciting idea. Lord knows she
could use some good sex. Sex with Fred had lately grown boring, all he wanted
to do was get it over with so he could return to ghostbusting. Yet here was
Scooby Doo ready and willing to make love to her. And with a bigger cock then
Fred had ever had.

"Oh to hell with it!" Daphne decided. "But if Scooby and I are going to get
it on, we're going to do everything."

Without another word Daphne reached forward and tenderly clasped Scooby's
rigid dog cock with her fingers and gave it a gentle squeeze. Accepting this
sign of approval Scooby returned to his oral assault of Daphne's breasts. He
even managed occasionally to give the nipples a gentle bite, which sent
shivers of passion through her.

Consumed with desire Daphne ran her hands up and down the red glistening tip
of Scooby's long thick cock, letting the slippery dog-flesh slide lewdly
between her fingers. Her brain reeled with a combination with a desire and
dread as for the first time she gave into her long-time but secret desire
for bestial sex. As she masturbated his dog-cock she felt a wanton thrill
at its' captivating rubbery tautness. Scooby gave a small whimper as she
increased the pressure and pace of caresses. Using her other hand Daphne
cradled his huge sperm-bloated balls, cupping them warmly, and the massaging
them lovingly.

The smoothly tapered length of Scooby's thickening cock thrust rhythmically
at Daphne's slaving fingers while he covered her tits with his tongue,
moistening them while she squirmed in delight. All this forbidden fruit was
sending Daphne into sexual orbit, but there was more to come, and she was
determined to make the most of this night. Leaning forward, the young girl
brought her lust-contorted face down to the Great Dane's cock, a quivering
cone of lustful animal maleness that simply begged to be sucked.

Her long red hair spread over his flanks as she lowered her face to his
canine genitals. Daphne's open mouth moved forward to capture Scooby's
glistening red animal cock, and her warm moist mouth surrounded his burning
hot member, then closed in a soft wet pressure around it.

Scooby was forced to stop his oral massage of Daphne's tits as his teeth
clattered in his head as she began to suck feverently on his cock.

"Feel good! Want it faster!"

Daphne was happy to oblige her furry master and quickened the pace. Groans
of pleasure escaped from Scooby's throat in chorus with the sighs and mewls
issuing happily from his mistress' lips that were around his animal hardness.
To Daphne, sucking on the lust engorged dick of this beautiful Great Dane,
nothing ever again would be as wonderful as a dog's cock. With her mouth and
tongue caressing Scooby's slippery hardness, she could feel every last lurid
pulsation and blood swollen ridge. Her own cunt was on fire and Daphne
realized she'd have to receive some satisfaction soon as she snaked a hand
down to play with her pussy. But for the moment she was content to suck on
this wonderful animal's cock.

Her other hand continued to fondle the canine's testicles, as she plunged her
mouth down on his dick. Daphne could feel Scooby's cock deep in her throat,
and the feeling was incredible! This warm animal penis was well worth
worshipping..... dog cock in her mouth was the most incredible sensation in
the world! She sucked in a wild frenzy, letting her tongue slide up and down
the side of the tight cock flesh. Daphne's hot thick saliva fairly swamped
Scooby's cock as she went up and down on it, swallowing the tiny droplets of
pre-cum as fast as they welled from the tapered end. The red haired girl
rotated her lustful mouth as much as she could around the slippery length,
licking and lapping, nibbling and suctioning at the fleshy animal instrument
as it thrust in and out between her tightly ovaled lips. Daphne sucked Scooby
as deeply into her throat as she could and moaned with happiness.

Finally, almost regretfully, Daphne let the dog's cock slide from her mouth,
giving it a last big wet kiss before bringing her head up. Scooby looked at

"Why Daphne stop?"

"Because it's my turn. I want to feel that big tongue of yours on my pussy."

With that Daphne stripped off her soaked panties, lay on her back, spread her
legs, and pointed to her cunt. Scooby Doo needed no further instructions. The
Great Dane approached the naked girl and took a good look at her beautiful
hair-lined pussy. To give Scooby a better look and easier access Daphne
spread her legs further and used her fingers so the lips of her cunt were
wide open and the inside pink flesh fully exposed. Her clit fairly bulged
with sexual desire.

"Scooby Doo!" the dog yelled as he lowered his head towards her eager pussy.

As Scooby leaned down Daphne watched him carefully, holding her breath in
eager anticipation. As he stopped to sniff her cunt she thought she'd scream
in frustration. Finally Scooby opened his jaws, rolled out his tongue, and
started licking. Daphne was in sexual bliss!

His tongue lashed through her sensually aroused flesh, slithering over
clitoris, sending shockwaves of animal-like lust through her trembling flesh.
The reddish curls of her pubic hair became matted with dog saliva, as the
huge tongue brushed against her lust bloated lips of her cunt. Daphne spread
her legs as wide as she could, wanting Scooby to lick the whole of her pussy.
The Great Dane knew what she wanted and ran his tongue up and down the entire
cleft of her genitals. Dog drool mixed in with Daphne's cunt juices as his
tongue lapped greedily at the pink slit. Scooby licked all over her seeping
wet cunt, and everytime his tongue made contact with the small lust driven
bud of her clitoris Daphne let out a low moan of pleasure. She watched as
Scooby's giant tongue spread through her hair fringed flesh, dragging the
desire inflamed folds of her pussy after it.

Her distress was immediate when Scooby stopped and brought his head up. She
started to ask why but then saw the look in his eye and knew he was right. It
was time.

Almost shaking with desire Daphne rolled over and got on all fours in front
of Scooby Doo. What they were about to do was wicked and evil, but neither of
them really cared. All the red haired girl could think of was her screaming
desire for his hot animal cock, to feel it plunging into her pussy. Eagerly
she waved her buttocks at her canine lover.

"Come on Scooby!" she yelled, "Fuck me, fuck me hard!"

"Daphne is a great bitch!" Scooby responded.

"That's right, I'm just another one of your bitches! So give it to me now!

Anything else Daphne might have said was interrupted as Scooby moved up
behind her and mounted her, his forepaws gripping at her sides as his lips
dripped saliva all over her naked flesh. Eagerly the Great Dane's cock sought
out the girl's cunt, his tapered cone of flesh slipped and danced around the
hot wet crevice of her pussy while he trembled and jerked, trying to bury his
animal hardness deep within her passion filled body. Daphne looked back
lustfully, shifting her clenched buttocks to try and capture the lengthening
red shaft. Like a true bitch in heat she strove to sheath the long wet organ
in her voraciously grasping cunt.

Finally in desperation, the redhead reached back to grasp Scooby's slippery
rod herself, guiding its point into the pinkly glistening slit of her pussy.

Daphne head snapped back and she gave an inarticulate cry as Scooby Doo
buried the cone-shaped length of his immense dogcock deep into her wetly
clasping cunt. It slithered forward with a sucking rush until it was sunk
to the hilt, his furry balls swinging below the soft red curls of her lust
drenched pubic hair. With his forelegs trapping her waist, Daphne began to
move her ass in lewd circles, abandoning herself to the delicious animal
fucking she was receiving from behind. Her smooth full breasts moved in
rhythm with the skewering of Scooby's cock as it slid into her, a hot
rentless poker of glistening animal flesh burying itself deep in her pussy.
His massive dog cock spread open the trembling folds of her sensitive inner
cunt flesh, bringing whimpers of desire from both of them.

Scooby's long thick scarlet cock plunge like a piston deep into her Daphne's
cunt. On the outstroke her pink inner vaginal flesh appeared, clinging to the
dog's dick like a pair of hungry lips. And then the damp pink folds were
stuffed back inside with a wet sluicing sound that turned them on even more!
With each thrust the Great Dane's sperm filled testicles swung below to smack
heavily on the insides of her buttocks. Daphne reveled in her abandoned lust,
grinding her buttocks against Scooby's loins, wanting him to fuck her harder
as his heavily veined dogcock moved in and out of her vaginal passage.

"Aaaaaagh! It's so beautiful! So Wonderful!" she screamed.

"Daphne has nice pussy. Real tight!" Scooby said as he plunged even deeper.

"Nice tight pussy for a nice big cock!" she responded. "Give it to me

"Scooby Doo!!!"

Her seething cuntal channel was raging with desire all around the dog's cock
as it steamed in and out of her belly. She gave a moan of deep sexual
satisfaction and as she looked up she could see the Great Dane's face close
to hers. Daphne willingly opened her mouth and Scooby slid his tongue between
her lips.

"Mmmmm..." she murmured at this new thrill, sharing a french kiss with a dog.
She ran her tongue over his canine one, and then allowed him to explore the
entirety of her mouth. Her lips then clung eagerly as he pulled his tongue
away. But his animal hardness was still deep in her cunt and the pleasure she
received from that was unbelievable.

Suddenly Daphne felt a building tension within her cunt and she feel herself
getting ready to cum, and with his increased pace she realized Scooby was

"Fuck me Scooby! Cum inside me!

"Scooby cummming!"

And with that the Great Dane thrust forward hard and then what felt like a
river of hot semen burst from his cock to fill Daphne's greedy cunt and
belly! As Scooby exploded inside her pussy, Daphne own climax erupted and
she experienced the most intense orgasm she'd ever had! Daphne almost cried
with happiness as she felt Scooby's animal sperm mixing inside her with her
own orgasmic juices.

Just before she passed out she said, "Scooby, you'll more then just do."



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