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Date: 11/07/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, strong language, female solo sex, male solo sex,
female/female sex, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Daphne/m/f

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Archive: Yes

Summary: It was after the Scooby-Doo gang has solved yet another spooky
mystery that Daphne decides that she needs a change in her life.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a cartoon in the March 2006 Issue of
PLAYBOY Magazine by an artist named Freyd or Sneyd.

Dedications: None so far.

Scooby-Doo: My Name Is Janet
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

To: Freddy Jones
From: Daphne Blake
Date: 11/07/2006

Dear Freddy--
If you and our three good friends -- Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers and
Scooby-Doo -- were able to get yourselves inside the Mystery Machine and
discover that I was no longer in there with you guys, I just hope that this
letter that I had sent to you could explain everything to you and the rest
of the gang.

You see, it was after we had just solved our latest spooky mystery that we
had driven ourselves over to a local fast-food place and ordered ourselves
something to eat before we had taken ourselves home, only to have me turn my
head towards the door and discover that one of my old friends named Mindy
Cameano was able to transform herself into a hot-looking babe with
strawberry-blonde hair and one hell of an engagement ring on her finger.

Anyway, it was that particular discovery that had caused me to look at the
five of us and realized that I was also in need of a change in my life, but
I was unable to tell you guys that, because you were sitting around and
laughing at how Scooby keeps on being a ham in front of us.

Just then, after we had arrived at my house and I had stepped out of the
Mystery Machine, I had said 'goodbye' to all of you guys just before you had
driven yourselves away from the scene.

And after I had discovered that you were finally out of sight, I had ran into
my house and to my upstairs bedroom, where I had looked inside my closet and
pulled out a pair of blue jeans, a white tee-shirt with the words 'Supergirl'
on it and a pair of pink and white sneakers.

And then, after I had colored my hair from strawberry-blonde to totally
blonde and I had changed into the very outfit that I had just picked-out, I
had left my house and ran over to a nearby bus stop, where I was able to
catch a bus to East 33rd Street, which happens to be where the hottest
'70s-themed night-club known as the Disco Inferno is on.

Anyway, as soon as the bus has arrived at the club, I had stepped out of the
bus and walked inside the club, where I had discovered that all of the club's
patrons were dancing to the hot music and having themselves a wonderful time.

That was before I had walked over to the bar and ordered a Seven-Up for
myself just before this handsome red-haired hunk with white sneakers, blue
jeans, a white tee-shirt and a multi-colored baseball cap on him had walked
himself up to me, placed his gentle hand on my shoulder and said, "You know,
I'm so glad that you had arrived, because even though I had seen a whole lot
of beautiful babes in this place, you are without a doubt the most beautiful
of them all. By the way, my name is Randy Sturgis. What's your name?"

And after I had realized that I had to come up with a new name for myself and
fast, I had turned my eyes towards on of the tee-vee monitors that had the
hit '70s sitcom entitled THREE'S COMPANY on it, took a deep breath and said,
"My name is Janet... Janet Sommers. And I'm pleased to meet you, Randy."

"I'm pleased to meet you too, Janet," a small-smiling Randy had said to me
before he had pulled out some money and paid for his drink and mine. "Look,
Janet. After we finish these drinks, why don't you come with me over to my
place and join me in a nightcap?"

And then, after I had given that idea some thought and realized that -- at
least -- both Shaggy and Scooby would be around to spoil the whole thing for
me, I had taken a deep breath and decided to accept Randy's invitation just
before we had finished our drinks, left the club and walked ourselves all the
way over to an apartment building that he was living in.

Then, after we had walked up the stairs and stepped inside one of the
third-floor apartments, I had looked around Randy's place and noticed it had
looked so totally groovy just before I had turned around and said, "I really
do love your place, Randy. I mean, it really is so cool."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Janet. Why don't you go into the bedroom and
check it out?I'll be with you in a minute," a small-smiling Randy had said to
me before I had nodded my head in response to his question and walked into
the bedroom, where I had discovered that a pair of lit candles were placed on
a shelf above a large bed.

And after I had figured that he had also expected to have some hot and steamy
sex with me, I had taken all of my clothes off, placed my bare-ass naked body
on the bed and waited for Randy to show himself.

Well, Randy had indeed stepped into the room, but he was still fully-dressed
and with a ladder in one hand and a camcorder in the other hand, causing me
to sit myself up, give Randy a good strong look on my face and ask him, "What
the fucking hell is this, Randy? I mean, you actually want me to star in a

That was before he had let out a small chuckle, climbed-up the ladder,
positioned the camcorder and answered, "Whoa! It's okay. I mean, don't think
of if as a porno, Janet. Think of it as reality tee-vee," just before a
hot-looking babe with short dark-hair had placed herself in front of me,
looked me over with hungry-eyes and started pumping two of her fingers in
and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other

And then, after Randy had pressed the record button on the camcorder and
climbed himself back down the ladder, I was so mesmerized by the dark-haired
beauty named Roxie Farr -- which happens to be her actual name -- that I had
suddenly found myself pumping two of my fingers in and out of my hot, moist
snatch and carressing my own tits with the other hand.

Then, after Randy had stripped off all of his clothes and started stroking
his stiff cock, Roxie had placed herself on the bed and started licking all
over my nude body -- all the way down to my hot and steamy cunt and
carressing my firm breasts, causing me to place my hands on her bare
shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Roxie! Touch me!
Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after Randy had placed his stone hard dick inside Roxie's asshole
and his hands on my bare shoulders, I had suddenly realized that I was
allowing myself to experience the one thing that I had never experienced with
any size couple before, for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica...
and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Randy had placed his stiff cock inside Roxie's pussy and
started licking on my snatch, I had started sucking on her tits, causing a
sexually-energized Roxie to place her hands on my bare back and yell at the
top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, RANDY! DO IT, JANET!

And then, after the three of us had started moving ourselves harder and
faster and our lovemaking has finally solved its own spooky mystery, Randy,
Roxie and I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with
our naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then, on the very next day, the three of us had woken-up, looked and
smiled at each other and said 'good morning' just before both Randy and Roxie
had invited me to stay with them and keep on having one wild good time after
another, causing me to realize that even though I was going to miss all of
you guys with all of my heart, I had finally made that change in my life.

In other words, I'm now staying with both Randy and Roxie and we're still
having one good time after another... and I also want to say that I'll miss
you and want you to give Velma, Shaggy and Scooby all of my love.

--Your one true friend for life, Daphne



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