Scooby-Doo: Inside the Mystery Machine Part 6 (MMF)
by Sexxy Vixen

Daphne rose up on her elbow and untied Fred's wrists.

"Finally!" he exclaimed as he pushed Daphne down and rolled on top of her.
"Now to get you back for that," he said, a wicked smile playing across his
lips. Spreading her thighs apart with his knees, he guided his cock to her
puffy lips and pushed forward. A lusty moan was Daphne's response as he
buried his dick to the hilt inside her wet depths. "Oh yeah," he groaned
as the warmth of her pussy enveloped his cock.

Daphne's back arched against him as he captured a pink nipple in his mouth
and sucked it hungrily. She grasped him around the hips and pulled him
towards her as she rocked up to meet his thrusts. Her auburn tresses fanned
out on the mattress as her head rolled from side to side in ecstasy. Hot
bolts of pleasure shot through her with each powerful thrust of his cock
into her pussy.

A soft gasp spilled from her lips as his tongue lashed against her hard
peak, sending tingles of pleasure shooting through her belly. "Oh... god...
Freddie..." she panted as her long fingernails dug into the flesh of his

Watching to two of them go at it woke Shaggy's lust, and he grabbed a wet
wipe and cleaned off his cock before walking on his knees to Daphne's head.
"Suck it Daph," he said as he tapped her lips with the soft head of his cock.

"Get that thing away from me!" she spat as she turned her head away. "I don't
want it in my mouth after it's been in my ass!"

"I cleaned it off," Shaggy replied as he grabbed her head and pulled it back
to face him.

Daphne cried out as twin jolts of pain shot through her nipples. "Suck it,"
Fred ordered, his fingers pinching and twisting her nubs. He grinned as he
felt a gush of wetness surround his plunging shaft. Despite any protests she
made the contrary, Daphne liked it a little rough at times.

Shaggy held her head and pushed his cock against her lips. When she opened
her mouth to gasp again at another twist of her nipples, he seized the
opportunity and shoved the head between her lips. Daphne attempted to shake
her head to get him out of her mouth, but his hands kept her from moving.

Daggers shot from her emerald eyes, but they softened as she hesitantly ran
her tongue over the head. Tasting nothing but the slightly medicinal flavor
of the wipe, she acquiesced and opened her mouth wider. Shaggy released the
vise grip on her head and thrust forward, pushing more of his semi-erect
cock into her mouth.

Daphne's body was on fire with lust as Fred pounded into her pussy and Shaggy
fucked her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the shaft as he thrust in and
out. The luscious warmth and wetness of her mouth coaxed his dick to hardness
as he plunged between her full pink lips. Being used by the two men spurred
her on, and she moaned around Shaggy's cock as the passion in her body

"Lie down Shaggy, so Daphne can ride you," Fred said as he pulled out of her
juicy pussy with a slurping sound. As they moved to get into position, Fred
grabbed the lube and moved to kneel behind Daphne.

Daphne sank down onto Shaggy's cock, moaning as it filled her. He wasn't
quite as big as Fred, but each time her pussy lips rubbed against his pelvis,
the head of his cock bumped against her cervix and sent a shiver of pleasure
running through her. She put her hands beside his head and leaned forward,
her breasts dangling, the nipples brushing against the hair on Shaggy's
chest. "Mmm," she moaned as delightful tingles shot through her turgid peaks.

Shaggy grabbed her head and pulled her down, his lips pressing against hers.
This brought her body to lie against his, presenting her puckered asshole,
still glistening with cum, to Fred. Her gasp as Fred rubbed lube against her
hole was muffled by Shaggy's mouth as his tongue stabbed between her soft
lips. A tremor ran through her body when Fred slid a finger inside her ass,
and her arms gave way, too weak with pleasure to hold her up.

Her anal passage was still partially loose from the previous fuck, so Fred
abandoned the idea of adding more fingers and lubed up his cock instead.
Spreading her cheeks apart with his fingers, he pressed the tip of his dick
against her pucker.

"No, Fred... please... don't," Daphne begged, her words coming in panting
gasps as Shaggy thrust his hips upward and filled her pussy with his cock.

"Don't worry Daphne. You'll love it. I promise," Fred replied as he eased the
fat head of his cock into her snug anus.

"You're too big, it won't fi... oh god," she moaned as the plump helmet
popped past the ring of muscles and slid a couple of inches into her ass.

"Oh fuck Daphne, you're ass is so tight, and I can feel Shaggy's cock in your
pussy," Fred groaned as he pushed deeper into her ass.

Daphne whimpered, her eyes wild with lust as both men's dicks completely
filled her. Once she adjusted to the initial discomfort, the sensation of
being filled so totally was amazing. Shaggy pulled her mouth to his once
again, and she kissed him passionately as the men found a rhythm, one
pulling out while the other thrust in. She lay on top of Shaggy, letting
the men do the work as they fucked her in both holes.

The double fucking mashed her clit against Shaggy's pelvic bone as the men
thrust into her slick holes. It felt as though electricity was running
through her body as the cocks sawed in and out of her pussy and ass. Her
breath came in ragged gasps as shudders shook her. A low wail burst from
her mouth and grew louder as the pleasure inside her body exploded. She
bucked between the men, their sweat-slickened skin rubbing together as the
three bodies slapped against each other.

Tremors rippled through her body as her ass and pussy spasmed around the two
men's cocks. Despite the fact both of them had already cum once, neither
could withstand the powerful contractions of Daphne's body squeezing their
dicks. Their roars filled the van as they emptied milky seed into her bowels
and juicy cunt.

The threesome toppled over onto the mattress, their chests heaving as they
lay gasping for breath. As they came to their senses, Shaggy sat up and
straightened his clothes. "Like, we'd better go get Scooby before he thinks
we've abandoned him."

Fred and Daphne didn't respond as he climbed into the driver's seat. Instead,
they curled up against each other and drifted off to sleep in each other's


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