Scooby-Doo: Inside The Mystery Machine Part 4 (MF)
by Sexxy Vixen

"It's too bad Velma had to study for finals and couldn't join us," said
Shaggy as he drove through the blinding rain.

"Yeah, she's always a big help figuring out who it was that dressed up like
a monster to scare us away," added Fred, who was stretched out on the bed he
and Shaggy had installed the day before due to a suggestion by the girls.
You know... this is really comfy."

"We didn't ask you to put one back there just so you could lay around on it
while we drove around," replied Daphne as she unbuckled her seat belt and
joined Fred on the bed. "We want it for another reason." With a wink, Daphne
leaned down and brushed her mouth across his, her tongue dancing teasingly
across his bottom lip.

"Even better," responded Fred. His strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist
and pulled her on top of him. "I can think of lots of reasons."

Daphne squealed with laughter and gazed playfully into his cerulean eyes.
"Got something in mind?"

"Oh yeah," he moaned as she wiggled her hips, her panty covered crotch
rubbing against the growing bulge in his pants. She yanked the green scarf
from around her neck and tied it around his wrists. Taking the loose ends,
she secured it to the head of the iron frame that held the bed in place in
the back of the van. "But it didn't involved being tied up."

"You'll love it... trust me." Grabbing the hem of her dress, she jerked it
over her head, the thick mane of ginger tresses falling softly around her
pale shoulders. The rosy pink nipples topping her firm breasts hardened in
the cool air of the van. Her fingers trailed across his chest as she reached
for the bottom to push it up over his head, leaving it hanging around his
trapped wrists.

Leaning forward, she enticingly rubbed her stiff peaks against his smooth
chest, drawing a moan from his lips. Her hair fell around his face like a
curtain as she pressed her lips against his. "Wanna suck Freddie?" she asked
as her hard nubs grazed against his own small pink nipples.

"Yes... please," he gasped as she licked his earlobe.

"Maybe later," she teased, "if you're a good boy."

To further bait him, she slid upwards and rubbed her mounds against his face,
staying just out of reach of his searching mouth. A hard tip would brush
against his lips but then dance away before he could capture it. Curling her
fingers around a handle on the inside roof of the van, she rose and pushed
her panties down her slim legs.

She stood over Fred's face, her pink petals exposed for his view. Her hand
slipped between her legs, her fingers delving between the soft folds. "You
want it, don't you Freddie? You want me to sit on your face so you can eat
my sweet pussy," she taunted as she pushed a finger inside the snug walls of
her cunt. She used her other fingers to spread her lips wide so he could see
her long slender digit thrusting in and out of her glistening hole.

"Oh yes," he moaned as he lifted his head, trying to rise.

"Tough..." A wicked smile placed across her face as she knelt over him and
unzipped his pants as her eyes locked with his. "The only part of your body
that's touching my pussy tonight is this," she said as her fingers wrapped
around the thick trunk of his cock and pulled it free of the tight confines
of his underwear. "I'm going to fuck you Freddie, and if you want to cum,
then you'd better do it when I do," she warned, "because once I cum, I'm

A visible shiver ran through his body at Daphne's dominating words. He loved
it when the girls got bossy with him. It made him cum like a rocket.

She lowered herself onto him, a low moan rolling from between her lips as she
sank down onto his cock. Inch by inch, the soft pink tissues of her pussy
walls slid down and stretched around his dick, the wetness allowing her to
easily impale herself. The teasing and taunting had revved her lust, and she
bounced wildly on top of him. She pushed her hand between their bodies, her
fingers finding the hard button of her clit. Moans of pleasure issued from
her lips as she stroked the engorged nub while she rode Freddie hard.

Her breasts jiggled and swayed, the nipples hard as diamonds from the desire
burning within her. Fred's hips drove up to meet her as she slammed down on
his cock, his arms pulling against his bonds as he yearned to grab her
bouncing breasts in his hands and squeeze the firm flesh between his fingers.
"Oh god Freddie," she cried out as her furious fingers stroked her clit into
a blaze. "I'm going to cum..."

A shudder traveled through Fred's body as Daphne's pussy rippled around his
hard cock, the precursor of her orgasm spurring him to the edge. With a
strangled cry, Daphne went wild on top of him, her body bucking and jerking
as powerful spasms ripped through her. The tight pink muscles of her cumming
pussy squeezed the length of his dick and set off a ball emptying release.
As the passion flowing through her body faded, Daphne rolled off Fred to lay
beside him.

"You can let me go now Daph," Fred panted as he basked in the afterglow of

"Oh I will," she said. "But I'm not done with you yet."


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