Scooby-Doo: Inside the Mystery Machine Part 3 (FF)
by Sexxy Vixen

Velma and Daphne sat in the back of the Mystery Machine waiting for Fred,
Shaggy, and Scooby to return from inside the restaurant. "What is taking them
so long?" Daphne fumed as she stared out the smoky window of the van.

"You know those three. They probably couldn't wait until they got back here
to eat."

"Yeah, chivalry is not one of their strong suits."

"Well at least they know how to fuck," Velma giggled.

"I wouldn't keep sticking around otherwise," Daphne responded.

"Well what am I, chopped liver?" Velma asked

"Oh don't get your panties in a wad. You know I like pussy just as much as I
like cock."

"And thank goodness for that." Velma grinned widely as Daphne pushed her back
to lie on the seat.

"We really should get these seats taken out and get a bed put in back here
considering how much time we spend on our backs," said Daphne as she pushed
up Velma's short pleated skirt. A damp circle darkened the crotch of her
white cotton panties.

"And knees..." added Velma. "A mattress would be much easier on them than
these bench seats ar... ohhh," she moaned as Daphne pushed the soft fabric
aside and slithered her pink tongue up Velma's quivering outer lips. Her
hips bucked upwards as she pushed her pussy into Daphne's face. When Daphne's
tongue flicked against her swelling clit, a sharp cry tore from Velma's

Velma threw her leg up over the back of the seat which spread her creamy
thighs wider, the pink petals of her sex blooming, opening to expose the
glistening entrance to her pussy. Daphne breathed in the heady aroma of
Velma's arousal before diving back in to feast on her succulent juices.
Her tongue licked up the soft folds, sending shivers of delight through
Velma's body.

Daphne circled her tongue around Velma's turgid clit, the sensuous movements
making the little nub grow bigger and harder. "Oh Daphne," Velma moaned as
her pussy rocked against Daphne's mouth.

Bringing her hands up to her breasts, Velma squeezed her mounds and pinched
her nipples through the downy orange material of her turtleneck. Sparks of
pleasure flowed from the pressure of her fingertips and raced through her
large breasts. Her eyes closed and her head lolled against the seat as the
ecstasy running through her blotted out the rest of the world. For Velma,
nothing existed in that moment except for Daphne and her.

A loud moan echoed off the metal walls of the van when Daphne pushed a finger
inside the hot, wet folds of Velma's pussy. Her ass rose off the seat as she
rocked against Daphne's hand, driving the long digit deeper inside her.
Tremors quaked through her as molten warmth spread from her throbbing clit to
the rest of her body. Whimpers rolled from her mouth as the tension inside
her built to an overwhelming force.

Daphne was forcefully finger fucking her now, ramming not one, but two
fingers hard into Velma's quivering cunt. Her hips moved up and down as she
thrust onto Daphne's fingers. A tingling heat suffused her clit, and she
frantically bucked against Daphne's tongue as it grew hotter and then a
massive explosion of bliss rushed through her body.

Her cries filled the van as she writhed on the seat while Daphne's fingers
and tongue continued to pleasure her. After the huge waves faded, small after
shocks still quaked through her, leaving her breathless. Finally, she could
take no more and pushed Daphne's head away as she panted, "Enough."

With a satisfied smile, Daphne rose to a sitting position, her mouth and chin
shining with Velma's cum. Velma sat up and leaned forward, her tongue snaking
out to lick the juice from Daphne's face. When she reached her mouth, Daphne
opened her pink lips and the two girls kissed passionately, their tongues
dancing around each other.

"You owe me," teased Daphne as the kiss ended.

"And I'll pay up... soon," Velma promised as muffled laughter filtered into
the van.

"Perfect timing," Daphne murmured as the guys and Scooby approached. As the
guys got back in the van, the interior filled with the spicy aroma of tacos.

"Here you go girls," said Fred as he handed two greasy sacks to Velma and
Daphne. "Hope you don't mind, but we were so hungry, we decided to go ahead
and eat inside."

"That's okay," replied Daphne. "We had our own little meal." She winked at
Velma as the two guys shook their heads knowingly.


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