Scooby-Doo: Inside the Mystery Machine Part 1 (MF,voy)
by Sexxy Vixen

"Oh god Shaggy, don't stop... that feels so good," moaned Daphne. She was
stretched out on the middle seat of the Mystery Machine with her feet in
Shaggy's lap. His hands kneaded the soles of her feet, melting away the
tension of the long day.

"Like, don't worry Daph... I won't."

Fred, as always, was driving the van, and Velma was riding shot gun. They'd
just unmasked a security guard who had been causing late night disturbances
at a movie studio in hopes of shutting down production. Scooby snoozed in the
backseat, his stomach full of Scooby Snacks.

"Mmm, you have magic fingers Shaggy," Daphne fawned as he worked his way
past her ankles to massage her sore calves. The higher he moved, the more
she moaned until he was circling around the creamy flesh of her thighs. She
sighed dreamily and shifted in the set, her skirt riding up and her legs
falling open to reveal black lacy panties.

Shaggy bent forward and breathed in her heady scent, for he loved the smell
of a woman in heat... especially when it was Daphne or Velma. Playfully,
Daphne reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side,
exposing her luscious pink lips to the lustful eyes of Shaggy. He licked his
lips and looked up at her, breathing a sigh of contentment when she nodded.

Eagerly, he buried his face between her slim legs, his hands pushing her
alabaster thighs further apart as his tongue ran up her slit. He dipped it
between her puffy lips and lapped at her juices which glistened around her
pink hole. Licking up her inner petals, he swirled around her clit, eliciting
a moan from her.

"Oh yes Shaggy, lick my pussy," Daphne moaned as he tongued around her
turgid nub, sending shocks of pleasure running through her body. She ground
her pussy against his mouth as he licked and sucked. Flexing his tongue, he
pushed it against her wet opening and fucked her with the fleshy muscle as
she rocked against him, moaning in desire.

Velma and Fred watched the scene through the review and visor mirrors as
Shaggy and Daphne had fun in the back of the van. They knew at some point,
they'd get a turn. After all, when the foursome weren't solving crimes, they
were often sucking and fucking each other inside the Mystery Machine. Scooby
had taken to hiding in the back with his paws over his eyes because he got
tired of watching the humans go at it all the time.

Daphne was so horny that Shaggy's tongue wasn't going to bring enough
satisfaction. "Fuck me Shaggy," she commanded as she pulled on his head.

"Like, you don't have to tell me twice," Shaggy responded as he got on his
knees on the seat and pushed down his pants to reveal his long cock, the
knobby head purpled with excitement. Rubbing the head against her puffy lips,
he leaned over Daphne and then pushed into her.

His cock slid into her wet pussy, and she moaned softly as she rose to meet
him. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her as he thrust
forward forcefully. Arching her back, she rubbed her dress clad breasts
against his chest as he fucked her. Taking the hint, Shaggy yanked up her
dress and squeezed her round globes, which were braless beneath the navy
smock. The rough pad of his thumbs grazed across her nipples causing a gush
of pussy juice to leak around his plunging cock.

Knowing what Daphne liked, he grasped her rosy peaks between his fingers and
pinched, pulling the nubs taut. She moaned loudly and bucked against him as
electric jolts of pleasure ran through her body in waves. "Fuck me Shaggy!"
she cried as the tension in her body reached an overwhelming high.

He pistoned into her, slamming his hard cock deep into her pulsing cunt with
each stroke. Squeezing his ass cheeks together, he clung to a thin thread of
control as he thrust wildly into her pussy. He twisted her nipples and pulled
on them, causing soft whimpers to roll from between Daphne's lips as ecstasy
flooded her body.

"Oh god yes!" she screamed as the intense pressure within her shattered into
a million pieces and her body shuddered in release. Shaggy gripped her hips
and plunged into her, the wild pulsing of her cunt driving him to the brink
as he howled loudly and filled her with his cum. "Like, that was wonderful
Daphne," he panted as he collapsed back onto the seat.

Fred looked back at the disheveled couple. "Hurry up and get yourselves
together. Velma and I want our turn."


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