Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon
Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury
Hino Rei/Sailor Mars
Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter
Aino Minako/Sailor Venus
Chibi Usa/Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailormoor: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 30
by Hamster

It was mid-morning and the streets were filled by people screaming in terror
and running in every direction randomly fleeing for their lives. The reason
was that there were hideous tentacle monsters everywhere and they were
grabbing people left and right and eating them. The complete chaos caused by
these monsters was amazing.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" cried a figure who was joined by her five friends.

The aliens looked in the direction of the sailor scouts. They had come to
Earth to rape, slaughter and pillage. Now that they had two out of the way
it was time to get to the third.

The tentacle beasts launched themselves at the senshi. With flashes of
magical energy the senshi did battle. The sailor scouts blasted away one
after another. Using their magical abilities to destroy the slime coated
beasts. With a stinking puff the last of the ugly slime-coated reptilian
tentacled creatures died a screeching death as it was burned to death by
the power of Sailor Mars. The other scouts had destroyed all the other
tentacle beasts and the battle was done and won. Or so they had thought.
In reality that could not be farther from the truth.

A massive squishy tentacle beast sloshed it's way into view. It was bigger
than the others by half. "I am king Spulg the 98th and you sluts just
destroyed my hunting party! That is powerfully uncool. A great way to ruin
my vacation."

The scouts were totally amazed that King Spulg would have the audacity act
as the injured party. Suddenly tentacles shot out and reached for the girls.
Sailor Mars was slapped with a tentacle that sent her flying into a wall with
a thud. Mercury hit the King with an Icy blast. The king roared furiously as
one of his tentacles froze over then shattered.

"DIRTY CUNT-WHORES!!!" He cried in fury.

One of his tentacles wrapped around Venus, pinning the blonde girls arms to
her sides. With another tentacle Splug began whipping the girl's ass.



Jupiter was tripped up by a tentacle then another shot out and wrapped
tightly around both of her wrists. She screamed as the tentacle whipped her
round over Splurg's head After Jupiter began to rotate so quickly that she
was a blur then did he release her and send her flying through a second story
window in a nearby office building. Another tentacle wrapped around Sailor
Moon who he then began to bitch-slap repeatedly. Suddenly Mars was back up
and Neptune was right with her. Neptune blasted the king and froze him solid
right before Mars scorched him and caused him to shatter into a million
pieces with an enraged scream.

The girls all limped towards each other. Despite being completely victorious
they had all taken a beating and looked nothing at all like conquering

"That was really painful." Venus said as she rubbed her sore ass.

A very delieghtful ass, thought Bob the Cupid. He had watched the battle and
had enjoyed the show very much but now it was time for the full blown girl on
girl orgy. Bob quickly fired off five, each putting down a differnt Sailor
Scout and making them all extra randy. Bob was in panty raider heaven. Each
of the girl's felt an incredibly hot tingling sensation in their sweet little
virgin pussies.

Mars who was closest to Moon, put an arm around her waist and began to stroke
her hair. "Shit I am really horny and you are really hot!"

Moon gulped. "Umm thanks ummm, wow you are really hot too."

Mars was not one to waste time so she just grabbed the blonde by the
pig-tails and kissed her hard. As she kissed Moon she relesed her hair and
grabbed the blonde's ass tights in on hand and one of her boobs in the other.
Meanwhile Jupiter, Venus and Mercury were all getting hot as they watched
their friends make out. The girls had their fingers swirling around in their
cunts quickly.

Mars slipped a hand under Moon's panties and began to finger her. She moaned
pleasurably into Mars's mouth.

Bob was loving the show but the cupid thought of a way to really spice things
up. "I got a special fetish-arrow just for you. Time to kick it up a notch

A special magic arrow impaled Sailor moon. As Mars groped her friend she
began to fondle Moon's crotch. She stroked the slit lovingly but when the
arrow struck something strange began to happen. Moon suddenly felt her clit
burn as if it was on fire. It began to swell and pulsate as it grew larger
and larger. Soon Mar's was not fondling her friend's pussy but instead her
brand new cock!!!

Sailor Mars gasped in total shock then she smiled a sly evil smile. She
grabbed the penis roughly. "Did you grow that just for me?"

Sailor Moon, who was even more surprised than Sailor Mars, gasped as her
black-haired friend grabbed her new penis in an almost vice-like grip. Mars
dropped to her knees and yanked off her friend's panties. The girl's cock
sprang forth in a proud lance-like thrust. Mars licked her lips seductively
then took Moon's mighty meat shaft in her mouth. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury
watched Moon get her cock sucked by Mars and just couldn't control
themselves. Jupiter stood behind Venus and fingered the girl's cunt as they
watched the action. Mercury meanwhile had a pair of fingers in her own pussy
and was masturbating like crazy.

"Oh yes, yes don't stop!" Moon moaned as she was blown off.

"But I have to." Mars said as she released the girl-cock and looked up at her
lover. "Because I want you to stick it in me."

Mars pulled off her own panties then got on her hands and knees. Needing no
prodding Sailor Moon approached Mars from behind and then stuck the tip to
the other girl's cunt. Grabbing a fistful of Mars's black hair Moon pulled
back hard and thrust into her equally hard slamming clean through the raven
haired girl's hymen and deep into the love channed.

"EEEYOOOW YES! YES!!" Mars cried.

Moon started slamming into he pulling hard each time.

"Yes I love you, I love you harder, fuck me harder." Mars cried.

"Yes harder, harder, I love you too. You are so tight." cried Moon as she
pounded her friend relentlessly.

"This cunt is all yours, so fuck the shit out of it! I'm CUUUUUMIIING!!!"
Mars cried.

Moon began cumming like mad herself. Sperm surged through her cock and
flooded Mars cunt spilling out onto the ground and flushing her insides. One
of the tiny little sperm swan triumphantly into it's target deep within Rei's
womb. Moon began to pant and slid her cock out of the dark haired girl. She
sat back to catch a breather. The other scouts meanwhile were really in the
throws of passion. Mercury's tongue was exploring the folds of Venus pussy,
Venus was busy finger fucking Jupiter who was chewing in her own nipple
while fingering Mecury.

"Oh Usagi that was amazing." moaned Sailor Mars. She leaned in and whispered
into Usagi's ear. "I want to be your own personal bitch and fuck toy. We can
share the rest of the team as our personal harem. But I have one condition."

"What?" Usagi asked with a dreamy far-away look.

"Promise me you will only fuck ME in the pussy with your cock. The others
you can take in the ass or let them suck you off but only my cunt gets your
cock." Mars said.

"I-I promise." Usagi said.

Moon and mars kissed passionately while Mars idley stroked the girl's cunt
and her cock simultaneously. Soon the blonde's new fuck stick was hardened

"You hear that guys. You are our harem." Mars said authoritatively. "Venus
get your ass over her and lay and get into doggy-style position!"

Venus quickly obeyed, leaving both Mercury and Jupiter very disappointed. A
crowd had gathered in the aftermath of the battle and they were now watching
their saviors 'celebrate' with much more than just a passing interest.

"Don't worry. While Usagi fuck's Venus in the ass I'll join you two." Mars
assured them.

With that Mars stood and approached the pair. Mar's smacked Venus on the
butt as she passed the blonde. As Mars settled in and had her pussy licked
by Jupiter who was having her own licked by Mercury who was also fingering
herself, Venus got on all fours submissively in front of Moon.

Moon stepped behind Venus and spread the other girl's ass cheeks which she
then began to stuff with her sausage. She leaned over and thrust it into the
other blonde's ass. Venus grunted loudly and her eyes bugged a bit as the
big invader pluged into her tight rectum. Moon leaned all the way over and
grabbed the blondes tits roughly while she whispered in her ear.

"Don't worry. I'll fuck your pussy later when Mar's isn't around." Moon

With that deliscious idea she began to fuck the blonde with gusto. Moon
grabbed SailorVenus hair and pulled on it as she slammed her cock into the
girl's butt. In and out she rammed into the blonde as hard as she could.
Venus wailed with every stroke and she slammed her hand down on the ground
as she felt the giant log drive into her ass. Usagi was fucking her friend
so hard that her tits were bouncing wildly.

"Oh god YES YES!!! Oh Minako you're so tight I'm going to CUUUUUUUUUUUUUM."
Usagi cried as she spewed her goo in the other blonde's ass.

The crowd that had gathered to watch the display was also cumming wildly
having been masterbating during the entire show. Bob flew around collecting
the girls' panties and was at a loss as to how he would top this.
_ _ _

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