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Warning: story contains forniphilia (turning humans into objects). If you don't like it, stop reading now, for your own good.

Sailor Moon: Home, sweet home (NC,bdsm)
by Sailor

Esmeraude entered her room. The green haired woman, dressed in black looked around and enjoying the view. After the glorious triumph of the Black Moon Clan, her lover, prince Demand had become the new ruler of Earth. He wanted to execute their sworn enemies, the Sailor Scouts. But Esmeraude asked him not to and promised that she would take good care of them.

When they heard that their lives would be spared, the Sailor Scouts become happy. None of them could imagine what Esmeraude had in mind for them, however. If they had known, they'd probably choose death. Soon after their pardon, they were lead, one after another to a special room where Esmeraude's henchmen were working on them, making the girls suitable for their new lives. Now, Esmeraude could look at the efforts of the whole process.

Sailor Jupiter was naked, on her knees and elbows. A wooden top with a big Jupiter symbol was placed on her supported by her head and feet. Her brown hair was kept in a single braid and bound to her feet. In her mouth was a penis shaped gag that kept her busy and also functioned as a feeding tube. Jupiter's eyes were blindfolded. She had six inch, black heels on her feet, chained to them. Black, leather gloves clad her hands. A golden chain was linking her puffy nipples. She also had plugs in her ears, so she couldn't see nor hear anything around her. Strongest of all sailor scouts had been reduced to a simple table. Her strength was used to keep the heavy, wooden table top on its place. Who could find a better way to tame such a fighting-love girl?

Two chairs stood next to the table. One of them was Sailor Mercury. She was on her back with her knees on her chest and legs up. A plushy, soft blue cushion with the Mercury symbol was placed on her thighs and bound with her back with two, solid belts. The belts were also keeping her hands close to her hips. Her legs, both in fishnet stockings functioned as a support of the chair's back. A leather mask with zippers on in front of her eyes, nose and mouth covered her face. The most intelligent of the Sailor Scouts was reduced to a mere chair. Even her famous, amazing IQ couldn't find the way to escape.

Sailor Venus was used as a second chair. Her body was in a similar position to Mercury's, but was supported by a single, wooden leg screwed to her back. Belts kept her knees close to her chest and her hands and legs were rising up, to support the back with Venus symbol on. There was no cushion here, someone who would like to use that chair should sit on her thighs. Her head was in a tight, pink latex mask with zippers, while her long, blonde hair was pleated in two braids and bound to her feet. Between her hands a single metal pole that kept her legs and arms on their place. The pole ended in her mouth, holding a penis gag inside it. Venus had pink heels and gloves in matching color. She was always so lively and joyful and now she was effectively immobilized for the rest of her days.

A lamp stood in the corner of the room. It was Sailor Saturn. For a girl who had loved lamps so much, it was logical to become a lamp as well. Saturn was bound to a metal pole that kept her on her knees, while her legs were bound together with belts. She had nylon stockings on her legs. Her upper body was covered with semi transparent nylon as well, along with tight corset and leather lingerie. Her head was clad in a black mask, but it was barely visible because of a big, dark purple lampshade around her head. Symbols of Saturn were painted on the lampshade. An "on/off"-button was placed between her legs and a wire was coming from her rear.

Sailor Mars, ruler of the fire planet, simply had to become something associated with fire. Her position wasn't very different than Saturn's, yet her body was completely covered with red latex. Sailor Mars's head was tilted back, so her face was pointing straight up. A metal ring kept her mouth permanently open with a metal cup forced inside it. She became a human ashtray. Her magnificent, long raven black hair was bound around her legs with a red ribbon. The symbol of her planet was on the back of her head. A lighter was placed between her legs and the button that turned it on was on her left nipple. A button on her right nipple opened the bottom of the cup in her mouth, allowing the user to empty the ashtray quickly. Sailor Mars had no other choice but to swallow what was inside. Her fiery temperament was making her suffer, but she had to accept her new self, no matter how much she hated it.

Sailor Moon, their leader and princess was always above them all. Same thing happened here. She hung from the ceiling on a golden handle that kept her legs in permanent twine. Two golden chains run from the handle to her feet and two golden poles were on both of her sides. They were linked with a solid, golden collar on her neck that also kept her head up. Her body was completely covered with gray latex and a moon symbol was painted on the top of her head. Her two braids were tied to her feet. Six light bulbs were hanging from her legs, three from each of them. All of them had globes decorated with a Sailor Scouts symbols.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were always a couple, so they become one now. Uranus was on her hands and knees, with her chest up. Her head was supported by Neptune's feet. The green haired scout lay below, with her chest on the ground. Her long hair was bound to her legs, keeping her head up. Both girls were covered with tight blue leather suits, with holes between their legs and zippers on their eyes and mouths. Uranus gaping pussy was serving as a slot for the TV remote. A single, wooden pole was screwed into her rear and used as support with its end on Neptune's back. A DVD player along with some movies rested on Neptune's body, while Uranus, who was stronger, had to carry a TV on her chest. On the sides of the TV were symbols of Uranus and Neptune. Among the movies were records of their drastic transformations, of course.

Sailor Pluto, guardian of the time, was used to spend years in solitude. She was guarding time gates, after all. Now she become the embodiment of time - a human pendulum clock. Her body was in wooden chest, open on the front. Her face was a clock's face with two pointers attached to her nose. On her leather clad face hours were written. A metal ring kept her mouth open, making her lips closed around smaller clock that was showing seconds. Around her neck was big, metal collar, keeping her head on the place and still. Her lower body was mostly naked. Black, leather belts kept her hands close to her sides and her legs together. She had long, black gloves up her arms. Two silver clips were attached to her nipples and chained together. On the chain were small rings that chimed on full hours. Around her belly, a symbol of Pluto was painted. She had a big, metal ball around her feet. Her lower body waved slowly from side to side in the monotonous rhythm of the clock, like a real pendulum.

Esmeraude pushed a button on Sailor Mars' nipple to light her cigarette. She approached the TV bench and took the remote from Uranus' pussy, while turning the Saturn lamp on, along with the Moon chandelier. Then she sat on the Mercury chair and placed her feet on the Venus chair. After turning the TV on, she poured herself a cup of champagne and placed it on the Jupiter table. The TV screen turned on and Esmeraude started watching the movie that showed all of the Sailor Scouts' processes of transformation into human furniture. One after another. The Pluto clock meanwhile silently counted the minutes of their eternal slavery.


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