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Sailor Moon: Bus Adventure (MF,NC,rape,anal,oral)
by Sailor

A short, hissing sound of the closing doors of the bus broke Makoto's short nap. She was on her way home from work. Rubbing her eyes, the ponytailed girl slowly raised her head, yawning. She was on the last bench in the empty, evening bus. The sky was navy blue and she could see the first stars there. It was autumn, and even if the air wasn't chilly, the sky was getting dark early.

When she was younger, she wanted to work in a flower shop. She had managed to make her dream come true. Some of her friends, like Ami and Rei went to university, some, like Minako or Michiru and Haruka, were working in show business. Usagi became a housewife. And she started working at a small flower shop that was far from home. Every morning she had to get up early to catch the bus and every evening she had to spend more than an hour to return home. She never imagined that working in a flower shop could be so tiresome. She was strongest of all the Sailor Scouts, yet every evening she was so tired that she used to take quick naps in the bus.

Stretching her hands and legs, Makoto looked outside through the dirty windows and noticed something unusual. Thanks to the daily rides, she learned her way home in detail. But she didn't know this area. Was the route changed? She looked carefully. It looked like a parking lot in some kind of park, not a bus stop. Then she heard steps.

The fat busdriver left his seat. He was approaching her with a lewd smile on his fat face. Makoto jumped on her legs, looking questioningly at him. She had a bad feelings about this.

"What's going on, sir? Where are we?"

"Somewhere where no one's gonna disturb our meeting" he said, wiping sweat from his forehead. Makoto knew that she was in trouble. She couldn't use her transformation rod and change into Sailor Jupiter. Killing a human was not an option for her and if she transformed in front of him, he'd guess her identity. She had to defend herself with her own strength. Luckily, she wasn't a weak girl.

She let him come closer and sent a kick, targeting his manhood. It was already stiff; she could see his growing tent in his trousers. The driver was probably surprised that such a girl could defend herself. He cried from pain, when her heeled foot hit him in the most vulnerable of places.

"Ouuuch! You bitch!" he yelled, falling on his knees clutching his aching manhood. Wasting no time, Makoto tried to force herself between him and the rows of benches. The man was so fat that she could hardly squeeze herself between him and the benches. She jumped on the bench and tried to run around him. She almost made it, but then his palm closed around her ankle. Losing her balance, Makoto cried and fell down on the floor. Before she was able to rise, the driver managed to get from his knees and drop on her with his heavy, fat body.

Makoto was pushed up against the wall of the bus. She could feel his disgusting, heavy breath and the stench of his sweat. Angry because of the pain, the driver tore her black pantyhose and moved his palm between her legs, running them against her white panties.

"No! Stop it! Please!" she cried, trying to push him away. She could try to push the stone as well. Makoto was strong, but this man was much stronger than her. She tried to hit him with her palms, but it was like hitting a wall.

"I've been watching you for a long time" he said "You're the sexiest girl I've ever had a chance to drive. Just sitting there with your legs spread wide, napping and flashing your panties for me... Do you think I didn't notice that? You were provoking me, you little slut!

"Not! It's not like that! Please, stop!"

"I took some photos of you with my phone. You can't even imagine, how many times I jerked off to them! But it wasn't enough. I want to fuck you now!"

"No! Somebody help!!!"

"You can cry as you like, bitch! We're alone here!" he said, continuing his job.

Makoto's body was squeezed between her rapist and wall of the buss. He disgusting breath filled her nose as his fingers rubbed her pussy, caressing her clit through moistening panties.

"Somebody is getting aroused here" he smiled "I knew that you wanted this from the start! Do you know how many manips with your face I did in Photoshop? I'll show them to you one day. But now..." his palm slipped inside her panties and started to fondle her warm pussy.

"No! Please! You can't... ohhh!" she started to moan involuntarily as his fingers slid inside her. His other palm caressed her long, brown tresses. The driver inhaled her scent.

"Your upper mouth says no, but your lower mouth says otherwise" his fat tongue licked her cheek and then went down to her white neck. He was fingering powerless girl faster, listening to her moans. Makoto couldn't believe this was happening to her. She had to do something to stop it. But in her current position she couldn't even reach her transformation rod.

"Damn, your fuckhole is so warm, it just begs for my cock!" he whispered, leaving a love bite on her neck. He already shoved his three fat fingers inside her womanhood, causing a real flood of her love juices. They were already running down her thighs, staining her torn stockings. Her legs went open.

The fat driver forced her to kiss him, pushing his tongue inside her mouth and sucking her red lips with brutal strength and animal lust. He never stopped working on her pussy, making her juices drip on the floor. Makoto couldn't do anything to prevent his actions; she could feel her arousal growing quickly. It was true that she wasn't with a man for a long time and her body was hungry for sex. But despite her strength and tomboyish attitude, she was always romantic girl and never imagined having sex in a situation like this. And now she bucked under that ugly man, almost crushed by his fat body, fingered mercilessly by his fat fingers until she finally moaned into his mouth, her pussy juices drenching her panties and torn stockings totally.

Happy that he had managed to make her cum, the driver moved his fingers to his mouth and licked her juices from them. But it wasn't enough for him. Makoto was exhausted after a forced yet intense climax. The driver yanked her cum stained panties down and pushed girl on the seat.

"You're shaving your cunt for me, babe?" he said, looking at her hairless, bald snatch. He couldn't wait anymore. Releasing his hard cock, he spread her legs and went into action, stuffing Makoto's warm, wet hole with his erection.
Makoto cried as her pussy was forced to stretch wide enough to accept his huge dick. The man pinned her hands just above her head and started raping her, fucking the former Sailor Jupiter with a strength she couldn't even imagine.

"Yes! Yes!" he groaned "Finally, I fuck my beloved bus cutie! Damn, you're so tight! It's just like fucking a virgin!"

"No! It hurts! Nghmmm!!!! Nooooo!!!" she panted, bucking under the fat man that was humping her wet, slurping cunt. Using his free hand, he forced her blouse open, causing the buttons to fly. Tugging her white bra off her massive breasts, he looked at them. Makoto had always been proud of her boobs. Even when she was a sailor scout, she knew that her friends were jealous because of them.
The driver started to lick her breasts, covering them with his drool. But it was just foreplay, because soon he sunk his teeth in her nipple, biting it down and causing Makoto to cry even louder from the pain.

Showing no sign of mercy, driver fucked Makoto's bald pussy until it was sore. She whimpered and moaned, wanting him to stop and let her go, but he just pumped into her until he came. He shot his load right inside her. Cumming over and over, he licked her big breasts, filling her with his sperm.

"Oh yes, you are the best" he said, stripping the rest of her clothes off her. In her bag he found her ID and learned her name. He took a photo with her phone, keeping her name and address for himself. She was in her torn pantyhose and heels only. Smiling, the driver made her kneel on the floor, positioning the ponytailed girl's face right in front of his dangling, thick cock. He rubbed it against her face, leaving warm trails of cum on her lips and cheeks.

"You know what to do, Mako-chan" he said, making her shiver when she heard him using her name "Be a good girl and lick me clean. I know you're dreaming of sucking my cock, right? That's why you drooled every time you took a nap in my bus!"

Makoto really wanted to bite his dick off and crush his hairy balls with her hand. She could do it. But she could imagine him twisting her neck or strangling her in return. This man was really unpredictable and dangerous. Irritating him was dangerous idea. So she closed her eyes and opened her lips, slowly taking his big cock into her mouth. She started sucking it reluctantly. Thin, long strings of his cum clung to her face as her tongue caressed his cock and her palms stroked his big, hairy balls gently.

"Oh yes, very good. I knew you yearned to suck my dick from the beginning. Was it your favorite fantasy, Mako-chan?" he used her name again, noticing that it made her blush. He grabbed her pony tail in his hand, forcing her to move head faster.

"Good, use your tongue a bit... Mmm... nice... very nice... You look great with my cock in your mouth" he smiled, taking photos of her with his phone "It looks so natural for you, like my cock being a logical piece of your mouth..." Ransacking in her handbag, he found crimson lipstick and smiled widely while writing "Cocksucking slut" on her forehead. Checking through her bag, he also found her transformation rod.

"What is that? Your dildo? Seems that you can't even leave your house without some toys. Now, show me how it works. Put it inside your pussy, Mako-chan!" he presented it to her. Reluctantly, Makoto took it from him. She wasn't sure if she shouldn't transform into Sailor Jupiter now. But it was still dangerous; he'd find her real self and could blackmail her. So, having no choice, she stuffed the green rod inside her wet fuckhole, using it to masturbate herself. She had actually done it before.

Makoto's saliva splattered over her lips as she bobbed her head back and forth. His cock got bigger and harder in her mouth. She kept her eyes closed, but she could feel him drawing something on her face with a lipstick. Her lips were locked on his cock and she could feel the pulsating veins. It was so big that the tip was hitting the back of her throat now.

The idea of cumming inside her mouth was really tempting, but the driver had other ideas. He withdrew his dick from her lips. Makoto gasped, catching some air and coughing. He removed the transformation rod from her pussy and made her to lick it clean from the mixture of her juices and his semen.

"Since you have that nice ponytail, I want you to ride me!" he said, sitting on the floor and making Makoto mount him. She groaned with discomfort, feeling his hard cock inside her pussy again. But she wasn't in any position to resist. More, she could feel that this whole situation was strangely erotic. Her body responded to all the actions of that disgusting fat man. She hated him, wanted to kill him as revenge for all those humiliating things he did to her. But on the other hand, her body welcomed this newfound situation with growing heat of sexual delight inside her.

Makoto's pussy wrapped around his cock, accepting him inside when she slowly slid down on his shaft. The ponytailed girl sobbed as her pussy was once again stretched painfully. The driver began bouncing Makoto up and down, making her ride his cock. She moaned and whimpered, but once again, there was that strange sensation she felt when his huge manhood was digging the tunnel inside her wet, moist pussy. As she was riding him like a good cowgirl, he reached to her big tits and squeezed them tight in his fat fingers, causing her to moan even louder.

"Those udders of yours are amazing, Mako-chan!" he said "I could squeezed them all the time. I'm gonna make you a mommy and then they'll be full of milk, right? I'll be sleeping on them like pillows!"

Makoto finally took his enormous cock all inside herself. She couldn't help her long, wanton moans as she felt his manhood entering deeper than none ever had in the past. It was so wrong. And he was using her real name. Did he learn her surname as well? How much did that ugly man actually know about her? And why he was talking about making her a mommy? She was on pill, after all. That was the only one bright side of this terrible situation.

"I never met such a hot chick in my life" added the driver "You're better than all those porn actresses, Mako-chan, your tits would make them jealous and your pussy is great! You were born to be a fucktoy!"

"Ohh... ohhhh!!!!" moaned the former Sailor Jupiter helplessly , feeling that she was moving close to a climax. The driver fucked her faster and faster, until they both came, moaning in unison as another huge load of his hot jism filled her completely. Totally spent, Makoto fell on his chest like a cut down tree. The driver embraced her with his big hands, pressing her big boobs tightly to his hairy chest.

"I knew you were a dirty girl, Mako-chan" he said, as she was on her knees again, licking his dick clean from the remains of her cum and his semen. He had hardly forced her to do it. Her full, red lips polished his pole and made it nice and clean. Then he let her dress up and even wiped the words "Cocksucking slut" he had written on her forehead before. Without a word, he drove her home. But when she was leaving, he moved his hand between her legs, rubbing her cunt.

"Don't forget to drive with me again tomorrow, Mako-chan. I'll have another portion of your favorite cock-tail ready" he grinned, seeing her embarrassment "Or would you rather want me to visit your home?"

Makoto blushed and left the bus as fast as she could. The driver's eyes followed the running girl. He took his phone, checking all the photos he made tonight once more. There was also a picture of her ID with her home address. He promised himself that he would print all the fakes he made with her and send some to her. She should know he wouldn't forget about her that quickly... He already had lots of plans for his new slut...


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