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Sailor Moon: Ami Mizuno - Sailor Maid Part 2 - Shingo Continued
by Atlas

Ami ran into the house and shut the door, locking it quickly. Turning her
back to the door, she slumped up against it, dropping down to the floor and
leaning her head back against the hard wood. The bag that contained her new
cheerleader “outfit" and rubber bikini, courtesy of the photographer, lay
limp against her side.

She buried her face in her knees, pulling her legs up against her busty
chest. She could feel her pussy still dripping of arousal from her trip with
the photographer. She wasn't ashamed of giving him her oral virginity; she
rationalized that he forced her into it. What embarrassed her most was that
she was beginning to like being forced! The rubber gloves, the handcuffs,
the molesting, the blindfold...everything. She could feel the arousal seeping
into her lacy panties, barely hidden by the thin undergarment or the tight
violet spandex.

She stood up, hoping Shingo was still asleep. Taking the bag up to her room,
she dropped it off next to her clothes and made a dash for the bathroom. She
furiously brushed her teeth, doing her best to get the horrid taste of male
sperm out of her mouth. Finally satisfied after five minutes of intense
brushing, she walked back to Shingo's room, hoping to find him fast asleep.

He wasn't. He was wide awake, and sitting up in bed. His arms were crossed
and a stern frown was on his face. "Hello, Ami. Tell me, when did I give you
permission to leave bed?"

Ami automatically reverted back to her maid role. "I'm sorry, Shingo. I...I
was out..."

Shingo kept up his stern voice. He wanted to press Ami further, and this was
the perfect opportunity. "My parents aren't paying you to go out. They're
paying you to be my maid, remember?"

"Yes, you're right, of course."

"Do I have to spank you again for not following orders, Ami?"

She shook her head vigorously. "Oh no, Shingo! Really!"

"Well then get into bed! I never ordered you out of it, remember?"

Ami rushed over and got under the blankets quickly. Shingo smiled and cuddled
up against her, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling his head between
her breasts. "That's much better. You're so warm, Ami. I feel better already.
You know, for such a smart girl, you can be a bimbo sometimes. Even bimbos
can follow orders."

The poor girl blushed bright crimson. She had never been called a bimbo
before, but Shingo was right: anyone could take orders. Ami promised herself
that she'd try to do better. She didn't want to be some dumb bimbo. She
barely even noticed when Shingo reached his hands up underneath her camisole
and pulled her closer, his hands around her back. They didn't stay there
long, though: they soon drifted downward, resting lightly on her cute little
rear end, running one of his fingers over the panty line.

Ami sighed. The encounter with the photographer had left her exhausted. She
leaned more deeply into the pillow, scarcely even noticing Shingo's soft
fondling. The only thing she felt was a light tickle on her butt, which
caused her to snuggle more closely to Shingo. The tickle went further,
between her lovely thighs, and deep into her crotch. Her breathing picked up
and her fantasies began to manifest themselves. Being aroused from her first
encounter with bondage and forced fellatio had already brought her excitement
level up, and being lightly touched by the boy was making her even more so.

For the first time, she fantasized about the boy next to her. She saw herself
at his feet, dressed as she was when she had visited next door: dressed in
the tiny rubber bikini, blindfolded and handcuffed, sucking off Shingo while
he called her names and forced himself upon her constantly. She panted
harder, holding back her moans with every ounce of her will, thinking that
Shingo's illness had caused him to drift back to sleep now that she was in
his arms. He was quite awake, and noticing the change in Ami's breathing,
continued his light touching, pressing Ami's crotch harder with his

Ami's fantasy continued. Shingo had forced her to swallow all of his
ejaculations, but had bent her over and slid down her rubber panties and
spread her legs wide, forcing them apart by cuffing her ankles to a spreader
bar. She had only heard about them a few days before from some gossiping
friends and couldn't get the idea out of her head. In her mind, she saw
Shingo grab her hips and slam his cock deep into her virgin cunt. In real
life, her pleasure was building, approaching an enormous climax. Her
voluptuous breasts were heaving against Shingo's face, the tight sports-bra
failing to conceal the mammaries' desire to be free.

Ami's fantasy didn't last much longer. When she saw in her mind's eye that
Shingo had dumped his unprotected seed into her fertile womb, she climaxed.
Inhaling tightly, she kept her eyes shut, gripping the pillow for support
and making her entire body become rigid as the slightest of trembles ran up
and down her back. For moments she had that same position, then released all
of her breath in a deep exhale as the juices seeped into her panties. She
could feel everything more clearly: her hard nipples were jutting through
the sports-bra and her thin camisole. She was so satisfied with the orgasm
that she didn't dare to move, despite her nipples brushing up against Shingo.
Her legs trembled slightly, feeling the warm juices trickle around in their
prison of lace and spandex.

As she descended from her wonderful climax, she did so into a valley of
guilt. She couldn't believe what she had done; yet again, she had managed
to masturbate right next to a prepubescent! She felt so ashamed. Maybe she
really was a whore.

"Ami...where did you go out?" Shingo asked quietly. Ami froze. She sighed in
relief. He hadn't noticed her quiet masturbation; otherwise he surely would
have mentioned it.

She thought quickly. "Well...umm...I went out to go get some new clothes for

"Really?" Shingo perked up. This was unexpected. Ami was willing to go out
into public in the alluring outfit he had picked out for her? Well, maybe the
little minx was into exhibitionism. Shingo could deal with that. "Can I see
what you bought?"

"Well..." Ami was very reluctant to show just what clothes she had brought

"Ami, I'm not asking you. You left the bed without my permission. Do you want
to be punished again?"

The trapped girl shook her head. "Shingo...may I...umm...go show you the
clothes I bought?"

He smiled. Ami Mizuno, the smartest and prettiest girl in school, was getting
used to orders from him. He smacked her on the butt, letting it linger there
for a split second. "Don't take too long. I want a bath. Oh, and Ami...I
noticed you put on some of that perfume again. I just wanted to tell you that
I really, really love that perfume you wear. Please don't stop wearing it."

Both of them knew what ‘perfume' Ami wore. It was the most natural of its
kind. She shuffled off, closing the door silently and trying not too tremble
too violently. In order to keep Shingo happy, she had to remain aroused
constantly! The fact that he had noticed this twice was doubly humiliating
for the horny schoolgirl. She picked up the bag of clothes and brought it
back to Shingo, setting it down on the bed beside him. Ami sat there
helplessly as Shingo looked at the two outfits in the bag. "Are you going
to try out for the cheerleading squad, Ami?" he asked, pulling out the
cheerleading outfit the photographer had given her.

Ami gasped, trying to come up with a satisfactory answer. "

Shingo held out the outfit. "I think you'd be great! Here, try it on and
let's see what you can do."

The girl awkwardly took the sweater and pleated skirt. Standing up, she began
walking to the bathroom before Shingo stopped her. "Come on Ami, don't keep
me can change here. I promise I won't look."

Ami was about to raise a protest when a stern look from Shingo stopped her.
She felt a rush of blood to her pussy as his young eyes seemed to bore right
through her. Gulping deeply, she pulled off the thin camisole as Shingo
covered his eyes with his hands, leaving just enough space between his
fingers to see her without being noticeable. As Ami pulled down the tight
shorts, she bent forward, giving Shingo a terrific view down the cut of her
sports bra. The outfit that the photographer had given her included a pair
of sky-blue silk panties for the outfit. Hoping that Shingo was living up to
his promise of not looking, Ami slid the sopping wet lacy panties down her
lovely thighs, stepping out of them as they pooled at her feet. A light
breeze hit her damp pussy with full force, causing her to tremble as she
reached for the undies. Stepping into the tight little panties, Ami was
amazed at how quickly the molded to her crotch, easily outlining her puffy
vulva. Leaving her sports bra on, she pulled down the sky blue sweater, which
was quite snug across her perky chest. The sweater was a size too small,
resulting in some of her cute little tummy being exposed to the open air.

The skirt was entirely too short. It barely covered her panties and did
little else. The white cheerleader-skirt would keep her virgin cunt and tush
covered, but only if she stood still like a doll. And that was exactly what
Ami looked like: a beautiful, life-sized, doll, right down to the flush of
her cheeks. Shingo had to keep himself from running up to her and fondling
her right then and there. His cock sprung up, turning the sheets into a
small, but respectably-sized tent.

" look...perfect," was all that he could say. The object of his lust
wasn't much better. She could plainly see the effect that the cheerleader
uniform she wore had on Shingo. Her throat was parched. Her body, exhausted
at being constantly aroused for the entire time that she had been at the
house, had become increasingly pliable, even more open to suggestion than
ever before. When Shingo pulled off the covers, his surprisingly large member
was straining up against the cotton of his briefs. There was no hiding it,
now: Shingo was plainly aroused at the sight of Ami Mizuno, Sailor Scout,
dressed up like a cheerleader. And Ami Mizuno couldn't take her eyes off the
bulge in his underwear.

Shingo noticed. Now was the time to make his first move. "Ami...come here.

Like a zombie, Ami walked over to the bed and sat down next to him. He put
his arm around her exposed waist, pulling her closer to him so that their
bare legs touched. The older girl felt a jolt of electricity run through
her. She gulped again, looking down at him. She felt like she was on display.
Her sweater suddenly felt too tight, her breasts too clearly outlined. The
skirt was so short that Ami was sure he could probably see her panties, which
were dampening by the second.

He placed his other hand on her thigh. She looked into his eyes, then looked
down, unable to meet his gaze. " like being my maid, don't you?"

She nodded, unable to speak. He continued. "You like me dressing you up?"

Another nod. He inched his face closer to hers. "Do you like sleeping in my
bed, all nice and warm?"

Ami's mind was awash with the fantasies she had conjured up while she lay in
his bed. She nodded once more. He smiled and put a hand on her cheek, his
lips moving ever closer to hers. "Then...maybe you should be my little

He kissed her. Ami didn't react at all. Her eyes were shut, but relaxed. She
was living in a dream. Shingo's hand ran up and down her far side, his other
hand reaching around to pull her closer into his kiss. His lips pushed hers
apart, both boy and girl tilting their heads in opposite directions.

When Ami opened her mouth to let him explore deeper, Shingo knew that she was
his. He leaned forward, getting up onto his knees, to kiss her more deeply.
Ami inhaled deeply, responding as he gently pushed her back onto the bed. Her
legs spread slightly as she did so, revealing to anyone who could see her
cute little panties. He lay on top of her but with his body to one side, one
hand on her cheek and the other running along her slim stomach, pushing up
the sweater slightly to expose more of the creamy flesh.

Neither Ami nor Shingo had ever kissed another person before now, but they
were both quick learners. The girl's mind was reeling from the situation, but
she didn't dare to make a move that might spoil the mood; her arousal was too
high, her emotions even higher still. Her arms lay limp at her sides, even as
she felt his hand move slowly upwards until it settled on her imprisoned left
breast. She had been felt up plenty of times on the train before, mostly by
perverted old men looking for a cheap feel. When Shingo touched her there,
she felt controlled, but by a loving hand. She felt dominated, but by someone
she could trust. As he massaged the mammary, Ami arched her back slightly,
opening her mouth wider to allow his curious tongue entrance into her moist

Shingo eventually maneuvered Ami so that she was lying back on the pillows
while he lay on top of her, his hands wandering all over her body. They kept
their meager clothes on, both too afraid of what would happen if they took
them off. Ami didn't once stop Shingo's hands from wandering to her chest,
butt, or inner thighs; he avoided contact with her pantied crotch, and Ami
was eternally grateful. As horny as she was, she was still too timid for
anything so bold. Their mouths never left each other's unless it was for a
gasp of air.

By the time the two of them finished, they were both covered in sweat from
head to toe. Ami's nipples were aching through the stifling sweater and the
constricting sports bra, her silk panties soaked in juices and perspiration.
Shingo lay on top of her, his narrow chest heaving, his cock straining
against the fabric of his underwear, poking into her cute belly.

Ami's head was turned to one side. She looked at the clock. It was nearly
six. A startling revelation hit her: they had been making out for four hours.
At the moment, though, she could barely move and scarcely cared. All she knew
was that Shingo thought she was the best maid ever, and that made her happier
than she had ever been.

"Ami?" Shingo said, in gasps. "I think we should take a bath."

The girl blushed. While the significance of what she had just been doing for
the past few hours didn't escape her, she still was embarrassed about her
beautiful body. She looked down, unable to tell him that she didn't feel
comfortable about the idea of seeing her naked.

Shingo looked at the expression on her face and recognized the problem
immediately. He stroked her cheek affectionately. "'s okay. I'll get
you a bathing suit. You don't have to be naked unless you want to, okay?"

The girl nodded. Shingo reached down and pulled the rubber bikini out of the
bag she had brought in. Handing it to her, he placed a finger on her soft
lips. "Now, be a good little maid and go start the bath. I'll wait so you can
change. I know you're tired, so you should probably crawl to the bathroom.
That's a good girl."

Ami slid down from the bed and crawled towards the bathroom on her hands and
knees, clutching the black rubber bikini in her hands. The moment she closed
the door, Shingo nearly backflipped. He was ecstatic with joy. Never in his
wildest fantasies had he expected Ami to fall for him as completely as she
did. He had not even held out the slimmest of hopes that she would let him
fondle her body so completely, dress her up in one humiliating costume after
another, or make out with her for three straight hours. His cock was fit to
burst. He had no idea how he lasted three hours rubbing up against the most
beautiful girl he had ever seen and not came; he nearly orgasmed the moment
his lips touched hers.

The girl in the bathroom wasn't much different. Her pussy was sopping wet,
the outer lips of her womb were red and puffy. She leaned against the back
of the door, panting. She couldn't believe what was happening. Just three
days ago, she was Ami Mizuno, brightest girl in all of Junior High and
social recluse; now she was changing from a tight cheerleading uniform into
a rubber bikini for an eleven-year-old boy so they could take a bath together
after a three-hour makeout session! The skirt slipped noiselessly down her
legs, followed by the soaking wet panties. Reaching up, Ami pulled the snug
sweater off her body, causing her breasts to bounce happily. Reaching behind
her, she pulled off her sports bra, letting her perky breasts breathe a sigh
of relief. Unfortunately, that was not to last; the tight rubber of the
bikini imprisoned them once more, even more so than the snug sports bra. The
bikini bottom was much tighter than her previous underwear, and a soft
squelch announced the tight material sticking to her crotch. She could feel
the rubber ride up against her butt, covering just enough not to get her
arrested if she were in public. Thankfully, it didn't expose as much as a
thong, but the pure vacuum-tightness of it outlined anything that was

She brushed a lock of matted blue hair behind her ear as she began running
the bath, holding her hand under it until it reached a warm temperature. She
had to bend over to get to the faucets without falling in, and gave Shingo a
perfect view of her cute teen butt as he entered the bathroom, his entry
masked by the loud noise of the bath. He grinned at the sight of his new
capture. Sliding up beside her, he ran a finger along the outline of her
bikini, eliciting a gasp from the surprised girl. He put a finger to her lips

"Not a word, my good girl; remember, good maids don't say a thing when their
Masters touch them. It's a compliment; accept it without one word."

It was the first time he had used the word Master. He wasn't sure what
response he'd get. Much to his astonishment and delight, Ami nodded silently
and turned back towards the bath. Shingo's eyes lit up with lust and desire.
He stripped off his clothes and ran a finger down along her crotch, rubbing
it along her pussy ever-so-gently. She moaned gently. Letting his hand linger
one last moment on her butt, Shingo stepped gingerly into the full bath,
revealing his nudity to Ami for the first time.

The schoolgirl gasped. She had never seen a man's cock before in real life,
only in biology textbooks. Her eyes remained locked on the member; amazed at
its hardness, its thickness, the way it seemed to radiate power. She stumbled
into the bath, falling head first into his lap, her face just inches from his
cock. "Ami," he whispered softly, "Have you ever seen one of these before?"

She shook her head. He held both her cheeks in his hands softly. "Well, it's
very important. Why don't you give it a kiss, like you kissed me."

Ami didn't even look up. She couldn't. Her eyes were locked on the
surprisingly large organ standing erect in front of her. From here he was
sitting, Shingo had a perfect view of the ample cleavage created by the tight
bikini and smiled brightly, placing a hand lightly on the back of her head.
"Just a little kiss..."

Pursing her lips for a little kiss, Ami was caught unprepared at how easily
his dick slipped into her mouth. Before she knew what was happening, she was
halfway down his slippery shaft. She could feel the tip prodding at her
tongue. Her eyes grew in surprise. Shingo moaned loudly, gripping the sides
of the bathtub while bracing his legs up against the walls and leaning his
head back. "Ami...keep doing're such a good little girl..."

Ami had only heard of blowjobs before when her friends gossiped. She had
never considered actually giving one. But as she let more and more of
Shingo's throbbing cock into her mouth, she could see why the girls she
overheard liked it so much. Her eyes closed slightly, her body relaxing
despite her initial surprise. Her entire world was blurred; all she could
focus on was the hard rod swirling around in her mouth. She could barely
feel his hands grab her wrists and place them on his legs, pulling her
forward. The sound of rushing water was barely a ripple in her mind. All
she could think about was sucking him off, and she did so. Timidly, yes,
and with immense inexperience. But neither Shingo nor Ami cared; both were
amateurs and both were experiencing their heart's desire. Shyly, she began
to roll her tongue along his shaft, feeling herself increasingly dependent
on its hardness, its strength. Ami found it a near impossibility to deny
any request Shingo made if it meant she had the opportunity to see and feel
this even once more.

Shingo sighed happily as he looked down upon his precious Ami. His narrow
chest heaved up and down as Ami's rookie fellatio was driving him to untoward
heights of pleasure. Nothing could ruin this moment.

The phone rang. Shingo cursed inwardly, remembering that his mother had put
the phone in the bathroom so that he could get call them if he was feeling
extra sick and in the bathroom. Even though it was only a few days ago that
it had happened, the past two days had been so eventful and so intense that
anything that happened before Ami walked into the house and into her life of
servitude to him seemed like a distant memory. The girl, for her part, froze
in the middle of her unbelievably erotic act and look up at him, his
rock-hard member half-in and half-out of her mouth. He patted her head like
he would a pet. "Shh...don't worry, my dear Ami. Just be a good little girl
and keep doing that. I'll get it."

The bikini-clad schoolgirl hesitated noticeably, but eventually began bobbing
her head on his member again as he grabbed the cordless phone and answered,
doing his best to keep his voice level despite the immense pleasure jolting
through his body. "H...hello?"

"Hey dork." It was Usagi. He had completely forgotten about his sister, his
thoughts being completely focused on the girl sucking his cock. But now the
image of his sister rose in his mind, and he couldn't think of her as
anything but a sexual object as well. But he would deal with her when she
returned; for now, everything would be Ami. He patted her head affectionately

"What is it, Usagi? You didn't forget to pack panties again, did you?" He
smirked, remembering the time when the whole family went camping for a week
and his blonde bimbo of a sister had forgotten to pack underwear. She had
complained for the entire week and annoyed Shingo beyond belief.

"Shut up, dork. You had better not be making Ami's life miserable or I'll
pound you when I get back."

"Ohhh..." Ami had just flicked her tongue along his tip. He moaned, then
continued. " having a great time...promise..."

"Guess you're still sick, huh? Well, feel better. You're still my little
brother, after all. Can I talk to Ami?"

"She's...she's taking a bath..." Shingo managed to get out. That wasn't
entirely untrue. He just failed to mention what else she was doing in the

"Oh," Usagi replied. "Well, I guess I'll just call later. Don't make her
miserable, got it? She's my best friend."

Shingo hung up. He looked back down at Ami, who continued to faithfully suck
him off, her beautiful rear end stuck up in the air, only the thin rubber of
the bikini covering her bum. "Ami, that's so perfect...I'm going to come

He took both of her cheeks in his hands so that she could tilt her face up
just far enough to meet his glance without letting go of the object tingling
in her mouth. "Now, I'm going to come, and you're going to be a good maid and
swallow all of it until I tell you to let it out. Got it?"

Ami, slightly taken back by his suddenly aggressive tone, nodded with a
slight gulp. Shingo leaned back and smiled happily. "That's my Ami," he said,
pulling her face towards him and back in a pumping motion, building up on the
pleasure she had already brought into him. It was only moments before he
began dumping his seed into her mouth. Ami was aghast at how much actually
came out, but she shouldn't have been. Two straight days of arousal, stemming
from her skimpy clothes and servile position had built up enough sperm in
Shingo to fill a cock twice his size. The poor girl found herself
hard-pressed to swallow all of the sticky, salty substance, but managed to do
so all the same. Shingo took particular pleasure in watching her take deep
gulps in order to get all of his seed down her throat. He slowly pulled her
face away and pulled her into his lap.

"I'm sure you feel the same way I do, Ami," he said, pulling her close into
his embrace and rubbing one of her thighs with his hand. She nodded slowly.
"But good little maids aren't allowed to come until their Masters say so. And
I want you to come when and only when you give yourself to me, Ami. When you
do that, only then will you come. Do you understand, my perfect little girl?"

Shingo smiled. Tomorrow, he would subject her to untold humiliation, but he
knew that she would love it. He wanted to continue testing what her fetishes
were. He thought that she loved exhibitionism and planned to test that in
front of his friends; he also had plans for bondage and more roleplay. But
tonight was a night for lovemaking, and Shingo knew that it would be very
little time before he was hard again. He looked at the clock. Only seven
o'clock. What could they do for the next three hours or so before bed?

Shingo took Ami's chin in his hand and kissed her. Whoever said that you
could never have too much of a good thing had never been in a makeout session
with Ami Mizuno.


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