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Sailor Moon: Ami Mizuno - Sailor Maid Part 1a - Sidestory: The Photographer
by Atlas

Ami awoke slowly and silently, stretching her slim arms above her head. A
rustle up against her chest brought her back to reality. Shingo's head was
buried between her breasts, which were thankfully covered by her nightgown.
Still, Ami was extremely embarrassed at having a boy so close to her nude
body beneath the thin garment.

That's when Ami felt something rustling, but a little lower than Shingo's
head. She then realized that her legs were spread slightly apart. Something
was spacing them out. When the girl felt it move again she knew what it was:
Shingo's leg was shoved up between her legs, preventing them from closing.
To complicate matters further, Shingo unconsciously kept shoving his knee
further into the poor girl's crotch, which wouldn't be overly horrible if
Ami hadn't been dreaming rather erotic dreams for the entire night. Her
escapades yesterday gave her subconscious dozens of avenues to explore while
Ami slept, and the new maid discovered that night some of the many uses that
a maid could have for an employer. Dreams of sucking the cocks of both Shingo
and his father ran through her mind more than once during the night, among
with a great deal of other ‘service-related' activities. The result was that
Ami's crotch was, once again, saturated in her own bodily liquids.

She looked over at the clock. It read a quarter to twelve. She closed her
eyes for a moment before they opened in alarm. Usagi's neighbor had ordered
her to meet him at his house at noon! Ami didn't want to know what he'd do
to her if she didn't do as he wanted. She had given him her number and
address…he could tell her mother! What would she think of her daughter then?
Ami didn't want to chance it. As quickly as she could without waking the
still-slumbering boy, the maid disentangled herself from him, picked up her
uniform for the next day, and tiptoed silently to the bathroom to change.

Closing the sliding door, Ami turned on the light and looked in the mirror.
One look at the front of her nightgown was all it took for the teen to groan
silently. Erotic dreams combined with the closeness of Shingo's body turned
Ami into a proverbial faucet all night. The bottom half of the front of her
garment was damp. 'How could I have ever been this wet is beyond me,' she
thought to herself.

Quickly she pulled down the straps and let the nightgown pool at her feet,
revealing her delectable body. Her rosy nipples stood erect, and her pubic
hair stuck to her skin. Her legs were covered with small rivers of her cum,
which dribbled down her thighs. Taking a piece of toilet paper, she quickly
dried off her legs, bending over as she did so. That had the effect of
sticking her cute little rear up in the air, but unfortunately no one was
around to see it.

She quickly donned the outfit Shingo had picked out for her, including the
lace panties and sports bra. When she was finished, she didn't look quite as
slutty as she had the previous day, although the spandex shorts that she now
wore outlined her panties prominently. Her black sports bra was just as
visible underneath the white camisole. She still felt extremely exposed,
since this outfit was so much less conservative than what she was used to
wearing. For the icing on the cake, she still reeked of arousal. To put it
simply, despite putting on clean clothes, Ami still looked and felt like a

* * *

She had left the house with five minutes to spare and walked next door,
feeling a little bare in her new maid outfit. After knocking on the door a
few times, a middle-aged man answered. He was significantly taller than Ami,
especially when she unconsciously cringed in front of him from fear. He
looked down, eating up the luscious girl in her slutty outfit. "Hello there,
Ami. Don't you maid-sluts have uniforms that you have to wear every day?" He
put a finger under her chin and pushed her up so that her trembling blue eyes
met his dominating brown ones. She couldn't look at him for more than a split
second, so ashamed she was of what he knew. When she looked away, he looked
down. Despite her sports bra, there was still a decent amount of cleavage

"Well then, little girl, let's head inside and chat about your little
escapades yesterday." He pulled her into the house and picked her up, holding
her in his arms. Ami protested.

Usagi's neighbor grinned predatorily at the girl in his arms. "I don't think
you have any right to complain, my little maid. I could always just call up
your mother and tell her about how you shoved your hand up your adorable cunt
while wearing that slutty outfit yesterday..." he left that hanging. Besides,
he didn't want to let go of the delicious girl. His position made it all too
easy to feel up the side of her right breast, and his other hand could fondle
her thighs. Ami mewled helplessly, and squirmed in his grip, but didn't
become violent. There was no way she could turn into Sailor Mercury even if
she wanted to: her scepter was back at Usagi's house. She couldn't have
concealed it anywhere, given her outfit's lack of pockets. Furthermore, an
inner desire told her to try and be as compliant with the neighbor as
possible kept her from action. Ami wanted to be a good girl.

He carried her up to the bedroom. Reluctantly setting her down, he gave her a
good slap on her ass to get her moving. "You have five minutes to get into
the outfit on the bed," he told her. "I'll be waiting outside." He walked
outside, closed the door, and pulled out a remote. Pressing a few buttons, he
activated the hidden cameras that would record the unknowing girl as she
changed from one slutty outfit into another. A few minutes later, Ami slowly
opened the door, her luscious body barely covered by a black rubber bikini.
She now wore matching elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots. The bikini top
lifted up her breasts so that they shot out like two round cannonballs, and
the bottom only covered half her ass, leaving the rest bare in the back and
causing some of her cerulean pubic hair to stick out the sides in the front.
The extra-tight rubber boots would make it tough for her to walk, if she was
ever allowed to. They were equipped with six-inch heels, which Ami had never
walked in before.

Ami had never felt so humiliated before. She had never worn such intimate
swimwear, especially for a man she didn't know. He smirked as he watched the
embarrassed girl tried to cover herself up. Suddenly, he grabbed both her
wrists. Before the frightened girl could react, he had whipped out a pair of
steel handcuffs and soundly cuffed her wrists at the base of her back. Ami
opened her mouth to protest, but just as quickly he shoved a bright red
ballgag into the schoolgirl's mouth and latched it tight about her skull.

"Now you see, my dear," the man said as he dropped to one knee. Placing his
shoulder in her midriff and standing once again, Ami quickly found herself
being carried with her butt right up against the man's head, her legs tightly
in his grip. As soon as Ami got her wits about her from the ambush, she began
squirming violently. He smacked her rear twice for good measure, smirking at
how easy it had been to capture her.

He carried the frightened and bound girl down to his basement, making sure
to bounce her extra-hard so that her crotch continued to drive into his
shoulder, driving her arousal up further. Smelling the bound girl's arousal
was intoxicating for Ami's captor, and he intended to have even more fun
with her. Flipping the light switch revealed a basement photo studio. "I'm
a photographer, Ami. I work for a magazine whose readers enjoy looking at
photos of attractive young sluts like you all tied up for their feasting
eyes. They especially love staring at these," he said, roughly grabbing her
breasts in the tight rubber bikini top and fondling the large globes. Ami
mewled through the ballgag in protest. "They also enjoy gawking at this
adorable ass of yours," he continued, running his groping hands down her
back to molest her large rear through the black rubber bottoms. The bound
girl writhed, her handcuffs clinking together.

"But most especially," he said, pulling her into a sitting position in his
lap, "They want to see this." As he spoke, one hand reached around and
started rubbing her crotch through her bikini bottoms. The poor girl could
do nothing more than squeal in protest as he used his legs to block hers
from shutting. His free hand crawled up to fondle each of her large mammaries
in turn. Ami became extremely frightened: was he going to rape her? She
struggled harder, futilely. Despite her fear, she became even more aroused,
her nipples making an indent in the bikini top. If he kept probing in her
most sensitive of areas, it wouldn't be long before she would cum. Pure
animal instinct was overriding her fear.

Usagi's neighbor smirked, loving the way her squirming caused his cock to
swell through his pants. 'The dumb slut must think I'm going to rape her or
something...I don't want a lifeless soul who's traumatized by that,' he
thought. Grabbing one of her small pink nipples through the top, he twisted
cruelly. She groaned in pain through her gag, but stopped her resistance.
"I'm not going to rape you, you cocktease. However, I do plan on having a
little fun with you until your partner arrives..." With that, he continued
his fondling. Ami slowly began moaning in delight. She could feel her juices
dripping through her bikini, leaking out the sides. Her blue pubes continued
to stick out, especially as her captor continued to rub her pussy through
the bottom of the swimming suit.

Feeling her respond, the photographer began kissing her neck. When Ami didn't
immediately recoil, too caught up in her own arousal, he began licking her
soft skin. Nothing was more delicious than an aroused teenage schoolgirl. The
fact that she was a virgin made her all the tastier. Her chest heaving, Ami
leaned back further into her captor's embrace, her back up against his chest.
His hands continued to run over her chest, one rubbing her cunt firmly
through her rubber bottoms. He could feel her shiver as her bound body
prepared for the oncoming orgasm.

Ami came. White liquid exploded out the sides of her bikini bottoms, dripping
onto the floor. The bound girl was perspiring heavily, her eyes shut in
exhilaration, her resistant squirming halted. The rubber outfit was extremely
tight, but Ami didn't care about the long gloves or boots, or even the tiny
bikini. She was in a world of euphoria, and her shame at being molested by a
man she didn't know only added to her excitement.

Her captor knew that this was the time to take advantage of the exhausted
girl. Standing up, he undid her ball gag and tossed it aside. He pulled her
up to her knees with very little resistance on her part. Ami flexed her jaw
but did nothing more than look up at him fearfully. She felt completely
helpless in front of this overpowering man who had just fondled her to

Never before had Ami felt so submissive. He had other plans. "We still have a
few minutes before your new partner gets here, so it's time for you to show
me how grateful you are for making you cum. Ami, unzip my zipper with your
teeth. Now."

The schoolgirl paused: she knew what he wanted her to do. "I...I've never

Grabbing the back of her head, the photographer pulled her up against his
bulging crotch. His voice was now incredibly terse. "Listen up, Ami. I'm
going to take some photos of you, and you have a choice. You can either
suck my dick or keep resisting how much of a slut you really are. If you
be a good little maid and suck me off, I'll blindfold you so that no one
who reads my magazine knows who you are. If you keep resisting me, I'll
put a ring-gag in your mouth and fuck your mouth anyway, and you won't
have a blindfold. That way everyone will know how much of a slutty whore
you are."

Ami gulped. She didn't want to give this stranger a blowjob, but the idea of
being masturbated to by thousands of horny young boys was too humiliating to
bear. Their hot, thick cocks dripping with sperm right over the picture of
her...Ami's mind was still so foggy from her orgasm that she couldn't think
clearly. A thought like that, something that was supposed to make her feel
guilty, only made her more aroused. Not to say that she didn't feel ashamed,
but that humiliation translated not into a guilt trip but yearning for
another orgasm.

Bit by bit, Ami reached out with her teeth and bit down on the zipper,
pulling it down at an achingly slow pace. Sensing victory, the photographer
reached into his pocket and pressed another few buttons, setting off more
hidden camcorders for his personal collection. The cuffed Sailor Scout
eventually pulled the entire zipper down, causing the bulge in his shorts to
come rocketing out. She pulled aside one of the folds of his shorts, exposing
his respectable six-inch cock to come shooting out at her. Ami just stared at
it, dumbfounded: she had never actually seen a fully-grown male dick before.

"I...don't know...what to do..." she stammered helplessly.

He smirked. "And you want to be a good maid and do it properly, right?"

Ami nodded. She did want to be a good maid.

He took her chin and forced her to look up at him. "Tell you what. I'll give
you some incentive. If you don't suck my cock to my satisfaction, I'll
personally deliver the tape I have of you masturbating in that slutty maid
uniform of yours on the kitchen sink to your mother."

Once again, Ami froze in shock. He was going to show her mother a tape of
when she masturbated? When she wore that humiliating maid outfit for Shingo
yesterday? Her mouth opened slightly in a gasp, giving the photographer
enough time to slip his throbbing cock past the surprised girl's lips. He
held the back of her head firmly as she impulsively tried to draw away. When
she didn't clamp her teeth down, he pushed further in, using his hand to run
his fingers through her hair.

"That's a good little maid," he cooed. He placed both his hands on her ears
and used them to push her forward, advancing his cock into her mouth.
Shutting her eyes in embarrassment, the frightened schoolgirl continued to
lean forward until she was bent over at a ninety-degree angle. Her butt was
stuck up in the air like a flagpole, the rubber bikini bottoms cupping her
ass firmly. Hands still handcuffed behind her back, she was thankful the
black elbow gloves kept them from chafing too much. But her main focus was
the thick member pushing it's way into her oral cavity. Her mind whirling,
she slowly began to move her tongue along the shaft, running it back and
forth, extra-fearful of doing something to anger him. 'Maids don't do
anything to anger their bosses,' Ami thought, surprised at that reason
leaping to mind as the justification for her careful action.

Ami was a natural. The lucky man gripped her head tighter and leaned his own
back, moaning happily. "Ami...that's a good maid...keep doing that..."

For her part, the girl couldn't hear him, for his hands were firmly gripped
over her ears. A timid knock on the door disturbed him, but didn't stop him
from impaling Ami's mouth a little further onto his rod. The poor girl did
her best to compensate, shutting her eyes and inhaling deeply while rubbing
her tongue up and down the length of his cock. He took his hands off her
ears for a moment. "Ami, your partner is, keep sucking like a
good little maid-slut, but do whatever she wants after you're done. Got it?"

The girl looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes, but nodded slightly. Her
captor pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and tied it around her head,
blinding her. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out two small earplugs
and plugged up her ears, so Ami could no longer hear anything. Now deprived
of sight and hearing, she was even more helpless to the whims of the man
who bound her. She felt severely humiliated at her position: clad only in
a tight black rubber bikini, handcuffed, blindfolded, and deprived of
hearing, giving a man she never knew before today a blowjob, something that
she had never done before. Yet another problem was that her bikini bottoms
were doing extremely little to stop the deluge of cum that was streaming
down her smooth thighs.

"Come in, dear," he shouted to the knocker. Ami couldn't hear him, due to the
effective earplugs.

* * *

Makoto Kino slowly walked down the stairs. She wore more than Ami, but not
much more. Only a light pink leotard covered up her tall, slender body,
although it was obviously too small for her. In fact, to get it she had to
borrow it from a lower classman at school who was on the gymnastics team.
In return for letting her borrow her leotard, the younger girl had insisted
on making out with the busty brunette and to do whatever she wanted for the
rest of the week. The fifteen-year-old had no choice but to accept. Makoto
had felt humiliated whenever the young girl ordered her about in public,
especially with the lower classman's constant fondling. In fact, just a few
days ago, the thirteen-year-old girl had ordered Makoto to eat out her pussy
in the P.E. storage room and had not let her wash her face afterwards. For
the entire gym period, Makoto had to walk about in her bloomers with girl
cum dripping down her face. That started a whole host of rumors about
Makoto's sexuality. Ever since then, boys had gotten more aggressive in
asking her out, and girls had started too also. She politely turned them
all down, somewhat more aggressively with some boys.

The brunette hated how tight the leotard was. Made for a girl much smaller
and more flat-chested than she, Makoto felt that the thin material was ready
to burst at any moment. The chest area was so small that more of her enormous
40D breasts were visible than otherwise. The leotard covered her nipples, but
not much else where her breasts were concerned. Thankfully, her athleticism
kept her gargantuan teats perky, so their fullness was readily present. The
tightness of the leotard melted up against her flat stomach. Since it was
made for a much shorter girl, the outfit also dug deeply into her virgin
cunt, perfectly outlining her lower lips. On the backside, the material only
covered about half of her ass, but it didn't matter much: it molded to her
toned butt, her entire ass-crack outlined. The leotard exposed her long,
toned legs, all the way up to her broad hips. Makoto had never felt more

All this had started one day last week when she visited Usagi. After many
doorbell rings, Makoto had resigned that her Princess wasn't at home. As she
walked away, the photographer had spotted her and invited her in to wait
until Usagi returned. All it took was a drugged drink and some photos to get
Makoto under his thumb. The brunette put on a brave front at first, but she
gave in quickly. The photographer had originally intended to have Makoto in
the skimpy leotard for an individual photo shoot, but now that Ami fell into
his lap, a little double-action was certainly a possibility.

* * *

Grabbing Ami's head, he pushed her head further onto his cock. The
blue-haired girl had totally engulfed the photographer's cock, bobbing her
head up and down as his hands pushed and pulled on her head. The blindfold
and earplugs prevented her from seeing her best friend descend the stairs
in an extra-tight leotard. The converse, however, was far from true. Makoto
immediately recognized her good friend Ami in a position that was decidedly
un-Ami-like. Her jaw dropped.

"Oh, Makoto, good of you to join know Ami Mizuno, right?" The
photographer said sardonically. Makoto nodded her head dumbly, her hands
dropping to her sides in shock. Not hearing any of this, the blindfolded girl
continued to suck harder, feeling his cock begin to pulsate.

At the last moment, the victorious man pulled his cock out of Ami's mouth
and let it explode all over her face. And explode he did. Gobs of his sperm
rocketed out of his cock like white artillery shells, landing on Ami's
cheeks, lips, and in her hair. He sighed contently, letting Ami get her
breath back as she sank into a mire of guilt at having just lost her 'oral
virginity'. Wiping off his cock on Ami's pouting lips, the photographer
stood and zipped up his pants, approaching the other girl confidently. He
grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close, kissing her forcefully.
Makoto, revolted, nearly kicked him in the groin for his repulsive action.
Before she got the chance, though, she looked over at her best friend. Her
resolve melted as she saw Ami's horrible predicament. Slowly, she parted
her lips and allowed her captor shove his tongue into her mouth, savoring

After an extremely long kiss, the photographer grabbed her by the arms and
spun her around. "Good to see you made your appointment, Makoto," he told
her as she felt him begin wrapping rope about her body. When he was finished,
her limbs weren't restrained like Ami's, but she was in just as dire a
disposition. Her enormous breasts had rope above, below, and between them,
causing them to shoot out like torpedoes. What was more painfully arousing
was the extremely tight rope that ran down through her crotch and up her
butt. Every movement caused the material of her borrowed leotard to push
farther into her soft, virgin pussy, immediately causing it to dampen. Makoto
remembered the threat of punishment if she had brought the leotard back in
anything other than perfectly clean condition.

She bared her neck as he instructed, not wanting to anger him lest he hurt
Ami. Makoto felt the cold steel of a collar locked in around her neck. Her
captor placed his hand on her firm butt, giving it a strong squeeze before
pulling her towards her sensory-deprived friend. He let her go, causing her
to drop to her knees while he set up his photographic equipment. "Now,
Makoto, if you're going to be a good model, you have to warm up before we
can get to the main shoot. So why don't you make out with your cute little
friend. Don't want her feeling left out, after all."

Defeated, Makoto brought Ami up to her knees. Brushing a lock of blue hair
behind the completely helpless girl's left ear, Makoto leaned forward and
kissed her friend. Ami, still blindfolded, had no idea who was kissing her
so tenderly. All she did know was that it certainly wasn't that awful
photographer. Suddenly, her situation didn't seem so horrible as she
unwittingly began kissing her best friend back. Their tongues intertwined,
Makoto closing her eyes as she lost herself in how wonderful Ami was to
kiss. It wasn't long before the stronger girl began letting her hands wander
over Ami's soft body, softly rubbing a breast or letting her fingertips
dance over the girl's back. But it wasn't long before having Ami's body to
herself intoxicated Makoto. Her kisses quickly grew more possessive, her
soft touches turning into rough fondling. Ami became frightened, as this
unknown stranger also began taking advantage of her helplessness. Her
breasts, her flat stomach, her crotch, her rear. Nothing was safe from
Makoto's increasingly aggressive hands. As Makoto broke off her kiss to
trail smaller kisses down Ami's chest, the young girl pled with her to stop.
"Please...I don't know you...but please stop..."

Normally, Makoto would have eagerly done what her friend wanted. Tasting Ami,
however, was simply too intoxicating for the athletic girl. Instead, she
grabbed the ball gag that the photographer had dropped on the ground and
re-applied it to Ami, savoring the sight of the helpless girl's pouting ruby
lips around the large red ball. On a nearby table was a spreader bar, as well
as two pairs of ankle cuffs, conveniently placed for Makoto's convenience.
The photographer had put them there as soon as he saw Makoto growing more
aggressive; he knew how delectable Ami was. The brunette quickly grabbed the
spreader bar. Shoving Ami onto her back, Makoto flipped over the frightened
girl, so she lay on her stomach. Using her powerful arms, the stronger girl
forced Ami's legs apart and attached the ankle cuffs to the spreader bar
nearly a meter apart. Thankfully, Ami's knee-length boots kept the steel
from digging too hard into her flesh, but it did spread her legs apart
embarrassingly. All the weaker girl could do was squirm meekly as her legs
were locked apart, showing off her large rump under the tight rubber bottoms
as it was thrust into the air.

"Makoto, stop!" the photographer yelled.

The command broke the brunette out of her lust-inspired craze. She stopped,
and shook her head to clear her mind, her ponytail whipping about her
shoulders. Looking down at her helpless friend, Makoto told herself that she
had never seen anything so beautiful.

"We have to save something for later, dear...if the magazine likes these
shots - and I'm sure they will - we'll have another session. But until then,
these will do nicely. How about you run up to my bedroom and we'll have our
very own photo session, hmm?"

Makoto nodded, still slightly dazed and unbelievably aroused at the events of
the past few minutes. Stumbling, she headed up the stairs, still amazed at
her actions, wondering what it was about the sight of a hapless Ami that sent
her into such a frenzy.

The photographer shifted his pants around until the enormous bulge wasn't
quite as uncomfortable. He had gotten three full rolls of film of Ami and
Makoto, and he used one more just on Ami's current predicament. He pulled
out the earplugs and began to order the bound and gagged girl into different
positions, to which she did her best to obey. Being completely at his mercy,
she didn't have any other choice. Thankfully for her, he kept his word about
keeping her blindfolded so her identity was hidden, and she didn't have to
remove her bikini. That was a solace, however small. He eventually released
her from her bonds and told her the situation, forcibly sitting her on his
lap as he did so.

"Listen up, slut," he began forcefully, cutting off Ami's meek protests.
"Here's the deal: you agree to be my little bondage model, doing whatever the
hell I tell you to do. In return, I'll do my best to make sure that no one
else suspects about your little side job, and only require one photo shoot a
week. Unless you displease me, no one will know your identity. Got it?"

Ami nodded slowly, having no other choice. Sighing, she stood. She hiked up
her spandex shorts, making sure they stayed snug. He grinned as he walked her
to the door and handed her a bag. Inside were the rubber bikini he had forced
her to wear as well as a cheerleader uniform. "That's your first payment for
services rendered," he said, smirking.

The blackmailed girl nodded, wondering what the cheerleader uniform was for.
"Your next photo shoot," he told her. "Get used to wearing it."

Nodding slowly, Ami walked out and headed back to the house, hoping Shingo
hadn't noticed her departure. She didn't want to be punished for not asking
permission to leave the home.

That thought sent untold naughty thoughts through her mind, all of which
centered on the kinds of punishment Shingo could do to her.


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