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Sailor Moon: Ami Mizuno - Sailor Maid Part 1 - Shingo
by Atlas

Ami Mizuno was a remarkably well-developed fifteen-year-old. Her body had
bloomed into nearly full womanhood while she was still in junior high.
Despite her extremely studious tendencies, she was still the subject for
countless fantasies every night by classmates as well as any fortunate man
who happened to be fortunate enough to pass her. Her short blue hair only
contributed to her beauty, as did her 36C breasts, which looked large on
her slim frame. Her delightfully round bottom jutted out from her, but
remained shapely enough to incite lust without making her appear fat in
the slightest. Her naive and innocent personally only complemented her
luscious body, and only added to the lust that nearly every boy - and many
girls - felt towards Ami Mizuno.

One of these boys was Shingo Tsukino. Every time that Ami had stopped by to
see her friend and Shingo's sister, the young eleven-year-old boy instantly
got a hard-on. Ami would constantly stop by Usagi's house to make sure she
was ready for school, and Shingo always made sure to be up when she did. His
dreams were constantly swirling around the blue-haired beauty, as he had
just recently discovered to pleasures of masturbating with his amazingly
large cock. The thought of spraying his cum onto her perfect tits or in her
small, adorable mouth made him lick his lips. Having Ami at his command,
tied up and gagged at his feet, was an all-consuming desire for the young

Fortunately for the lust-driven boy, events were on his side. The Tsukinos
were planning an excursion to a mountain cabin for the two-week spring break
that a family friend had placed at their disposal. Shingo was supposed to go
along with his family, but he had other ideas.

"Oh my, Shingo! You're burning up. I don't think we can take you on the trip
if you're so sick."

The young boy coughed and pulled the covers up close. "That...that's okay,
Mom. I just need to sleep.I'll be okay."

Shingo's forehead was indeed hot. But the reason was hardly a fever. Shingo
had just completed an exhausting bout of masturbating. Used tissues were
scattered about underneath his bedsheets.

"I'll get that nice friend of Usagi's to take care of you when we're gone...
that lovely girl Ami. She's very responsible. You like her, right Shingo?"

Shingo grinned inwardly. He knew that his mother would ask Ami. After all,
she was a very good, responsible girl. Who wouldn't choose her? Shingo's
cock grew hard at the thought of having two weeks alone with the girl of
his dreams. Over a month ago, when he had first gotten wind of this trip,
he had been planning how he would capture the načve girl. With lust as his
motivator, he had spent many hours planning his scheme, and soon it would
bear fruit.

A few hours later, Usagi and Ami returned from school, the latter rolling a
large suitcase with her that contained all her clothes, as well as many of
her bras and undies. Many of her unmentionables were conservative cotton
briefs, but the other girls had been buying her more raunchy ones for her
birthday, leading to utter embarrassment for her and giggles from them. Ami
had eventually relented and taken the gifts, telling them that under no
circumstances would she wear thongs. This was taken by especially Makoto
and Minako that Ami liked all the other pairs, and bought her more. In fact,
that day she wore a pair that Makoto had gotten her as a gag-gift: a silk
pair that had a leopard-skin design in black and gold. The bra had a
front-clasp, making Ami feel even more like a prostitute. She didn't know
why she was wearing them, but when she did it always gave her a secret
little thrill to know that underneath her bookworm exterior was a slutty
pair of undies. In fact, Ami had begun wearing some of the more wild
underwear that she had gotten with the other Sailor Scouts more often than
her usual conservative under-attire.

"You still sure you want to do this, Ami? Shingo's a big brat and you know
it," Usagi told her best friend.

Always one to look for the good in people, Ami replied, "I'm sure that's not
true, Usagi. He's a very nice boy to me."

"I don't know how you do it, Ami. That little brat hates to study more than
I do, but he always loves it when you tutor him. He always likes to sit close
to you and study. What's up with that?"

Ami giggled. "I'm not sure. I guess I just encourage him to study, that's

The two girls entered the house. Usagi's father approached them. "Oh, it's
so good to see you Ami. I can't thank you again for agreeing to look after
Shingo. He's very eager to see you. Usagi, you haven't even packed yet! Get
up to your room this instant!"

Usagi yipped and scooted up to go pack, having completely forgotten to the
night before. Usagi's father gave Ami a big, long hug, more so to feel her
soft body against his than a casual greeting. Her pert breasts pressed up
against his abdomen, sending a thrill down the older man's spine before he
let go. Ami, completely oblivious to any ulterior motive, hugged him back
tightly. He slapped her butt playfully, also for less-than-honorable motives.
"You had better get upstairs and help Usagi pack, Ami-dear. She certainly
could use a little organization. I don't know why we can't have a daughter
like you, bright as well as beautiful."

The schoolgirl blushed as she felt his hand slap her ass, sending another
miniature wave of pleasure through her. "Th...thank you, Mr. Tsukino. You're
too kind. I'll go do that now." Pulling her suitcase behind her, Ami walked
up the stairs to Usagi's bedroom. She'd be staying in her friend's room,
right next to Shingo's.

It didn't take long for the two teens to get Usagi packed for the trip, and
before long Shingo and his prey were alone. Ami went up to his room to go
check on him after unpacking all of her clothes in Usagi's drawers, making
sure to separate them in her usual organized manner. She knocked on the door
softly. "Shingo?"

No answer. The boy was pretending to be asleep. Ami slowly walked in and
closed the door behind her. Pulling her uniform skirt under her, she sat down
beside him on the bed. Reaching over him, she brushed some stray hair out of
his face. `He looks so peaceful,' she thought.

Shingo's eyes opened slowly. He suddenly saw the object of his desires above
him, and set his plan into action. Sitting up quickly, he locked his arms
around her in an enormous bear hug and pushed her over unto her back. His
head landed between her large breasts, leaving him with the most comfortable
of pillows. "Ami! It's so good to see you again!" he said with childish

The naive schoolgirl, stunned by this sudden action, remained still while
Shingo locked his arms around her, pining her arms to her sides and pushing
her breasts further towards him. Shingo, fully awake but still playing the
part of the sick boy, rubbed his head up and down on Ami's full breasts.
"Mmm...Ami, you're so soft...such a nice bed...sleepy."

Ami was shocked into inaction. Never had anyone felt up her breasts like
this. But still assuming Shingo's innocence, she dismissed it as anything
other than a sexual advance. Her body, meanwhile, was enjoying being held
firm by the young boy. She felt his hot breath on her breasts through the
thin material of her fuku-blouse and her silk bra, causing her small pink
nipples to become erect. Not only that, but in toppling her onto her back,
the young boy had caused her skirt to hike up a bit. The way they were
positioned, most of her silk underwear was showing. Ami blushed harder
than she ever had before.

"Shingo?" she whispered quietly. "Please...please get off me. This...this
is embarrassing."

The boy continued to pretend that he hadn't heard her, shutting his eyes
and pretending that he had fallen back asleep. Ever-being the kind and
considerate girl, Ami decided not to wake him and remained in the position
she was in, no matter how ridiculous she felt. Her legs were spread apart,
but she couldn't pull them back together because Shingo's body was in the
way. Her arms were still immobile, for even while `sleeping', Shingo still
kept his grip on her.

All of a sudden Ami felt an itch in her crotch. The combination of Shingo's
hot breath on her chest, his closeness, and the feeling of being totally
trapped by the younger boy was driving the young teen absolutely wild. The
soft silk of her panties rubbed up against her soft skin, and she knew that
silk stained easily. Anyone who saw her panties would be able to tell how
wet she was getting. Her short blue bangs fell onto her eyes, covering her
vision a bit. She blew them away with her small, pouting lips.

`Well, this is most embarrassing,' she thought, even as her arousal grew.
Her nipples were beginning to ache. With every breath, Shingo hardened the
pink nubs further, and he constantly readjusted his position. His hard cock,
restrained only by his sky-blue briefs, rubbed up against Ami's legs and
stomach. She could feel the need to orgasm rise, and was surprised at how
quickly it had rushed upon her. Here she was, lying down on the bed of her
best friend's brother, her legs spread wide apart, her panties exposed and
in a bear-hug grip of a boy four years younger than her. The mere thought
of being discovered was so powerfully arousing that Ami began involuntarily
rubbing up and down on the bed.

The boy who was pretending to sleep noticed Ami's arousal. He knew that a
naive girl like Ami would be extra-sensitive to touch, and the girl he had
in his clutches was no exception. Ever so slightly, he began to rub up
against her, the bulge in his briefs banging up against Ami's bare thighs
as he tightened his grip on her.

Ami felt Shingo increase his speed, but her arousal was so great that she
didn't even realize he wouldn't be moving like he did if he were truly
asleep. She abandoned subtlety as the excitement built up all over her body,
rubbing up against the bed and Shingo faster and faster, desperately trying
to climax. Her leopard-style panties stained even more deeply as her love
juices dripped out of her virgin twat.

Grinning inwardly, Shingo made a bold move. He shoved one of his knees deep
between her soft thighs to her panty-covered crotch. The rough move was
enough to send the teenage schoolgirl over the edge, causing her to spurt
her cum over the rest of her panties that had managed to escape becoming wet
before, with some leaking down to stain the sheets. Ami's beating heart
slowly steadied, and she took a deep sigh of relief as her desire subsided.

Then the guilt started setting in. A sudden thought struck her: she had just
dry-humped an eleven-year-old boy while he slept! She felt like a slut, a
whore. She had taken advantage of a sick boy for her own perverse pleasure!
Never before had Ami felt so humiliated. She felt like she was a sick groper
who took trains all day waiting for young students to come by and feel them

`I've.done something so horrible to Shingo. I have to make it up to him
somehow,' Ami thought. `Maybe.maybe if I just let him play whatever games he
wants, and if I cook for him.I'm not as good as Makoto, but I have to make
it up to him somehow. I feel so very ashamed.'

Exhausted from the orgasm, Ami quickly fell into a doze. Shingo, however,
was still far from asleep. He made sure that she was really asleep before
ever-so-carefully pulled himself off her. Reaching into a nearby drawer, he
pulled out a digital camera he got for his last birthday and began taking
photo after photo of the dozing schoolgirl, especially of her spread legs
and sopping wet panties. After taking a dozen or so and uploading them to
his computer, Shingo repositioned himself on Ami's soft body and decided to
take a quick nap on the chest of the girl who would be his property soon

* * *

Ami slowly awoke, yawning a bit. She turned her head to one side, noticing
it was half-past six in the evening. She tried to move her arms, only to
realize that she was still pinned under Shingo's weight and still captive
in his bear hug. The events of the past few hours began rushing back into
her mind, almost causing her to shout out in self-disgust at what she had

Then she remembered her promise to herself: try and make Shingo as happy as
possible, to try and make up for the way she had abused his trust.

She wiggled her body a bit. "Shingo, wake up," she whispered into his ear.
"It's dinnertime."

Mumbling slightly, Shingo awoke. The moment consciousness hit him, he knew
that his plan had successfully gotten off the ground. The most beautiful girl
he knew was in his arms, and was doing nothing to fight him. "Mmm," he said.
"That was the most wonderful sleep I've ever had. Can we do this until you
have to go, Ami?"

Ami was taken aback. " what, Shingo?" Her mind immediately flashed back
to how she had masturbated in his grip earlier.

Shingo smiled. "Why, sleep so close like this. It's so relaxing, and you're
so soft...please, Ami." He coughed heavily to accentuate the point.

The teen girl's first thought was to refuse, but then she remembered her
promise. "All.all right, Shingo.we can sleep in the same bed. I guess it
couldn't hurt."

The boy, for his part, was shocked. He didn't expect her to actually agree
to sleeping in his bed. His cock instantly got even harder than before at
the thought of his goddess agreeing to sleep in his bed! "Promise, Ami?"

She gulped. "I...I promise, Shingo." She felt that if it would make him more
comfortable, she couldn't refuse him.

An enormous grin broke out on the boy's face. "Thanks Ami, you're the best!"
Remembering that he was acting sick, he broke out into a fit of heavy
coughing. The schoolgirl, as načve as ever, completely bought the routine.

She sat down next to him on the side of the bed. "You just lie there and
rest, Shingo. I'll make you some dinner and bring it up to your room. If you
need anything, just ask." She giggled a bit. "I'll be like your maid."

That gave the conniving boy an idea. "Ami, I don't want you to get your
uniform all wet. Usagi was a maid for Halloween last year. I bet you could
use her maid outfit like a real maid! That way you wouldn't get your uniform
all messy." He didn't mention that Usagi wasn't a maid last year, but three
years ago. The outfit would barely fit Ami at all.

The Sailor Scout soon found out just how small Usagi's maid outfit was.
`Usagi must have just hit her growth spurt in the past year,' she thought as
she pulled her fuku-blouse over her head, revealing the leopard-design silk
bra. Her nipples were still hard at the thought of dressing in such an outfit
for Shingo. Her aroused state of mind made her think that she was doing this
under orders, a thought that she promptly tried to expel as she felt her
soiled panties growing wet once again. `As if they aren't wet enough,' she
lamented silently.

Putting on the outfit was a challenge in itself. It was at least two sizes
too small for her. Another problem was in the design of the top half of the
outfit. The top was sleeveless, with only some straps that fit on her arms
holding it up, along with the tightness in her bosom. In fact, her breasts
stood out so prominently that she was forced to open up the top two buttons
if she wanted to breathe, revealing even more cleavage than beforeIf she
wore it with her bra on, the design and material would be exposed to Shingo,
and she didn't want him knowing what kind of underwear she wore. Of course,
she didn't know that he already knew full well what kind of underwear she
wore. But if she doffed her bra, her breasts would jiggle. Not to mention
that it was not only extra-tight, but also made for someone much shorter than
she was. The low-cut top, which would have barely gone below the collar-bone
line on a small girl, exposed much of Ami's exquisite cleavage. She decided
to go without her bra and hope the tightness of the uniform kept her breasts
relatively stable. The sides of her sizeable breasts were plainly visible as
her breasts jiggled from side to side. Thankfully, the uniform still covered
her nipples, despite the sensitive pink nubs rubbing up against the velvet,
making them rock-hard. Much of her adorable, flat navel was exposed as well.

The next problem was the skirt portion. Also made for a short eleven-year-old
girl and not a taller fifteen-year-old, the skirt cut several inches above
her knees, leaving the embarrassed girl with little leeway if she wanted to
keep her panties from being exposed. If she bent over in the slightest, her
leopard-design panties would be exposed to Shingo. That little bit of
exhibitionism didn't stop her panties from becoming even wetter than before,
despite how much she desperately hoped for the dripping to stop. She could
reflexively tell that by now her blue pubic bush would be sticky, and she'd
have to wash her underwear as soon as she did laundry. She put on the long
white gloves that came with the black outfit, fixed the accompanying silver
hair ribbon, and walked back into Shingo's room. She felt like some kind of
sex-slut wearing a kinky maid outfit.

Unfortunately for Ami, the maid outfit did little to stop her bountiful
breasts from bouncing up and down with every step she took. She was
concentrating on hoping that her panties wouldn't saturate and result in
her love juices dripping down her thighs. That would be even more
embarrassing for the scantily-clad teen. She softly knocked on Shingo's
door. "Come in," Shingo said. He was doubtful she'd actually wear the
outfit once she discovered how small it was, but it was worth a shot.

Ami slowly opened the door and shuffled in, her head down and playing with
her hands in front of her chest. The words stammered out of her mouth,
barely above a whisper. Her cheeks were so crimson that she looked like she
was the one running the fever. "Umm...I...Shingo...what...what can I make
you for dinner?"

The boy's dick, flaccid from what he thought would be Ami's refusal to wear
the uniform, instantly sprung up the moment he saw the embarrassed schoolgirl
in the extremely small maid getup. His eyes ate her up like a wolf. Running
up her slim legs to her voluptuous, baby-skin smooth thighs, enjoying the
teasingly short skirt, drooling at her tight tummy, drinking the exposed
cleavage and the outline of her breasts through the velvet, all the way up
to her extremely cute face.

`The next two weeks are going to be the greatest of my life,' Shingo thought
as he leered, trying to hide the enormous bulge in his briefs. He still had
to appear innocent, after all. He coughed and laid on his side. "Just...just
some soup and a sandwich," he rasped out.

A thought struck him as Ami bowed slightly, unknowingly showing even more
cleavage to him. "You didn't have to wear it...but I'm glad you
did. Please keep it on."

The Sailor Scout halted in mid-bow in shock, which gave Shingo's eyes even
more of a treat. She didn't know that she didn't have to wear it...but now
that he asked her to, Ami felt trapped. She wanted to make sure he was happy.
"Well...I...I'm just glad...that you in this." she stammered out.

Shingo nodded happily. "You look so cute in that!" He paused after that,
appearing insecure again. Ami noticed the change in his disposition after
looking down shyly at his compliment. She asked, "What's wrong, Shingo?"

"Well." he started. "Seeing you in that...I know this is a really girlie
game, but do you want to play dress-up later? It'd make me really happy!"

Ami felt as if her legs were frozen to the ground. "I...I don't have any
costumes, Shingo."

"That's all right," he quickly replied. "Usagi has tons of costumes from
when she was my age." He coughed a bit to get Ami a little more compliant to
agreeing with him. "They'll fit you fine.the one you're wearing fits great!"

The maid, however, was not quite as thrilled. But she took a deep breath in
resignation, which did wonders for her chest. "If it makes you happy...okay,"
she said, smiling weakly. Turning around, she walked out of Shingo's room and
shut the door. She walked down the stairs, her tits threatening to bounce out
of her top every time she took a step, her extremely short skirt whipping
about her beautiful thighs. The neighbor nearly had a heart attack when he
saw the gorgeous teen through the window, heating up some Chicken Noodle
soup, brushing an errant lock of short blue hair behind her ear.

Looking up, Ami saw Usagi's neighbor looking down at her chest and drooling.
His right hand wasn't visible- the window cut off below his waist- but she
had a general idea as to what it was doing. She looked away from the window
in shame, but at the same time she didn't close the blinds, allowing the
middle-aged man to leer more at the young maid. The fact that she was being
watched made Ami's panties even damper. The neighbor immediately left the
girl's mind as she focused totally on how wet she was. The first stream of
girl-cum dripped down one her inner thigh, making her bite her lip and reach
for a tissue to clean it. Wiping it up, Ami reached under her skirt and
stuffed the tissue in her sopping wet pussy, in a vain attempt to absorb
some of her wetness. But her hand strayed for a few moments near her reeking
crotch. She bent over the sink, sticking a finger up her cunt, shoving the
tissue further and further into her womb, until it shoved up against her
virgin twat. Her other gloved hand gripped one of her breasts, gripping and
twisting one of her nipples through the thin velvet.

Letting out a soft moan, she slid her chest along the countertop, using it
to rub her breasts up against as she stuck her finger further up her short
skirt. Her bent-over position caused her skirt to creep up, giving the
neighbor a perfect view of her silk panties.

Usagi's neighbor gripped his cock harder, the window giving him a perfect
side-view of the aroused girl. Not wanting to miss a second of the
masturbating Ami, he reached into a drawer with his eyes locked on her, and
pulled out a digital camcorder. With his left hand, he began recording,
making sure that Ami's face was in the shot. With his right he vigorously
stroked his hard cock, breathing heavily as he recorded the masturbating

For her part, Ami was too isolated in her own world of pleasure to notice
the blackmail. All she cared about was coming to climax. She pumped her
gloved finger in and out of her pussy faster, alternating between each of
her nipples and twisting them roughly, the pain making the pink nubs ache
with desire. She let out another soft moan. She shoved a second finger up
into her womb, countered by a rush of girl-honey as she climaxed violently.
Her legs, by now covered by streams of her juices running down them,
trembled as the lower half of her body went numb, paralyzed by pleasure.
She fell to the kitchen floor, kneeling and panting. Beads of sweat dripped
from her forehead, through the cleft of her heaving breasts, and mixed with
the other liquids streaming down her legs. After a few moments, she stood
up and took another tissue to clean herself off again. As the pleasure from
the orgasm subsided, her situation took hold. She had just masturbated in
the kitchen of her best friend's house, dressed up in a ridiculous maid
getup, wearing slutty silk underwear and no bra, when she was supposed to
be a good maid to Shingo and make him dinner.

Looking up, she noticed Usagi's neighbor staring back at her. After she
orgasmed, he had quickly hidden the camcorder and resumed stroking his cock.
The moment their eyes met, he came, spurting his sperm all over the kitchen

Ami gasped, turning away from him. How much had he seen? She could only
guess. What if he had seen her masturbate? He could tell everyone, and then
what would happen? She felt like a whore. A stupid, perpetually aroused slut
that masturbates anywhere in the house. She gulped as she imagined the
consequences. Tomorrow, she decided that she would go and talk to him and
hopefully work something out.

The stove top began to boil. Shaking her head, Ami resumed her duties as maid
and prepared the soup for Shingo. Forgetting to wash her maid gloves, the
forgetful girl didn't realize that she was really spreading a great deal of
her cum on the sandwich. Taking up the bowl of soup and the plate, she began
walking back up the stairs. As she was carrying the food, she realized that
it had been a while since she had peed. A good deal of urine had built up the
past few hours in her bladder, and she was getting desperate to go to the
bathroom. `After I drop this off with Shingo, I'll go,' she thought.

Knocking with her foot, she put the sandwich down to open the door. After
doing so, she bent over to pick it back up, giving the bedridden boy another
shot of her cleavage. Walking in carefully, she sat the plate and bowl on a
tray and placed the servings on his bedside. Shingo smiled as he saw the
luscious Ami come so close to him wearing that ridiculously tight outfit.
"You're such a great maid, Ami," he told her. "I wish you could be my maid

The girl blushed. "I try to be a good maid."

"Really?" Shingo asked. "Then you can be my maid from now on!"

That startled Ami. "W.what?"

Shingo coughed heavily, deciding that the girl could use a little motivation.
"Please, Ami," he said before coughing again. "It'd be lots of fun, and-" he
coughed heavily once more. "You said you wanted to be a good maid."

"Yes, well.I." Ami really couldn't argue coherently at this point. Her
legs were still dripping juices, especially with all this talk of becoming
Shingo's maid, and the sexual fantasies Ami's aroused mind kept popping up,
didn't help. Nor did the fact that she still had to desperately pee. She
needed to go to the bathroom, now, and agreeing with Shingo seemed to be
the quickest path. If the boy was happier if she pretended to be his maid,
Sailor Mercury would be his maid. "Okay, Shingo.I promise to be your maid."

The boy grinned brightly. The girl smiled back weakly. "Excuse me," Ami said.
"I have to go to the little girl's room. I'll be right back."

Shingo quickly grabbed her hand. "Ami, you're forgetting the first rule about
being a good maid. If you want to go somewhere, you have to ask permission
first. Don't you want to be a good maid?" He gently, yet firmly, tugged her
hand and guided her back to the bed. She nodded, although reluctant.

"Umm.Shingo." she began, nervously. She had never asked to go to the bathroom
before, and doing so was highly embarrassing. "May I...please go to the

Shingo wanted to test how much control he had over her. "And do what, Ami?"

The embarrassed teen looked down, unable to meet his eyes. He gently took her
chin and lifted her back up. "Go pee," she whispered.

He was thrilled. Never did he think that his plan to dominate the naive girl
would go so well. She had agreed to be his maid, and was now asking a boy
four years younger than her if she could go to the bathroom! "See, that
wasn't so hard, Ami.go ahead. But I'm timing you," he chuckled lightly. He
smelled the scent of sex on her, and he didn't want her taking too long.

Ami mumbled a short thanks before dashing off to the bathroom. Shingo's room
had a bathroom adjoined to it. However, in her haste, she had forgotten to
close the door entirely, and Shingo had a relatively decent side view of his
new maid sit on the toilet and pull down her panties from her reflection in
the wall-mirror. Ami let out an enormous sigh of relief after finishing her
business. It took an untold amount of tissues to clean up her legs and virgin
cunt. Pulling up her drenched panties, she squirmed a bit as the wet material
stuck on her crotch and butt like a second skin. She looked at the gloves on
her hands and realized how much of her cum was sticking to them. In horror
she realized that she had made Shingo's sandwich with cum on her gloves!

She dashed out of the bathroom, only to see the boy already nearly done with
the sandwich. He licked his hips. "Ami, you make the best sandwiches! You're
the nicest maid a boy could ask for!"

The girl blushed, and stammered, unable to tell Shingo just why the
sandwiches she made were so delicious. Seeing her flustered, he decided to
make her a little more embarrassed. "Shouldn't you do one of those curtsies
when you come in and leave? I always see maids doing that on tv." Her
extremely short skirt wouldn't allow her to curtsy at all without exposing
her panties, a fact that wasn't lost on Ami.

`He must not realize how short this skirt is,' she thought, never suspecting
him of ulterior motives. `Shingo just wants me to play the part properly.
It's me who's having all these slutty thoughts.' She picked up the ends of
her tiny skirt, bowed her head, and curtsied, exposing some of her saturated
panties to Shingo, who perked up at the sight in more ways than one. "Thanks,
Ami. You're doing a great job," he said.

Shingo picked up the bowl of soup and lifted it to his mouth, `accidentally'
coughing and nearly spilling it. Ami rushed over and steadied the bowl. She
said on the bedside and took the bowl and spoon from him. Lifting it up to
his mouth, she began feeding him. He looked slightly over the rim of the bowl
and down her deep cleavage. Ami convinced herself that he really wasn't
leering, and that any thought of such was because of her perverted mind. `I
really am a pervert,' she thought. But the truth didn't go away. She felt his
eyes buried in her teats, and it caused her to become aroused once more. She
readjusted her position on Shingo's bed, very uncomfortable and hoping that
she wasn't staining the sheets as she fed him the soup.

After a few minutes, Shingo finished his soup. "Would you go downstairs and
wash the dishes, Ami?" he asked.

She nodded and stood up. Then a thought struck her. "Umm...Shingo...since
I'm playing a maid, don't have to ask could order me,"
Ami stuttered. If she was to play a maid, she thought, she might as well
play it as best she could. Shingo seemed to like her in this role, so she'd
do her best to make him happy.

The boy was shocked. He didn't expect to start ordering her around until
at the very earliest tomorrow or the day after. And here this vision of
loveliness was, asking him to order her around? The very thought was
tantalizing to the young boy. "Are you sure, Ami? I know you want to be
a good maid, and good maids are ordered around." he left that hanging
before continuing on. "But if you agree, I won't ask you again. From now
on, I'll order you around, like a real maid. Okay?"

Ami hesitated for a few seconds, and then nodded. Shingo's face lit up, ever
the picture of innocence. "Thanks so much, Ami! I'm so glad you want to do
this! From now on, you're my maid!"

The blue-haired teen curtsied again, trying vainly to hide her underwear
beneath the extremely short skirt. "Thank you, Shingo. I'll...I'll just be
getting these dishes now."

Shingo smiled. "That's a good girl. When you're done, come back up to my
room." He made a big fit of coughing before continuing on. "I'll need some
help getting downstairs so we can watch a movie together."

Never again would he ask her to do anything. Now he ordered her. And she
obeyed. Curtseying again, shamefully exposing her panties to him due to the
extremely short skirt, Ami gathered up the dishes and took them downstairs.
It wasn't long before she returned. Shingo extended his arms. "Give me a
piggy-back ride downstairs. I don't feel very well." To emphasize his point,
he coughed heavily a few times.

Ami blinked. "I can try-"

Shingo cut her off, growing slightly curt. "That's `yes, Shingo,' Ami."

Taken aback, the young teen looked down in shame. "Yes, Shingo. I'm sorry."

"That's all right. You'll get used to taking orders soon," he promised.
"Now bend down so I can get a piggy-back ride from the best maid ever." He
chuckled, knowing the poor girl would need some flattery so she didn't
become too discouraged.

The maid crouched down and bent over, causing her short skirt to ride up and
show her silk panties to Shingo once more, much to Ami's embarrassment as
Shingo climbed onto her back, letting his arms drop down to her breasts as
she gripped his legs. Thankfully he wasn't too heavy, but the problem was
that she could feel his throbbing cock through the thin material of his
briefs up against her bare lower back. Again, she reprimanded herself for
thinking perverse thoughts about how hot, pulsating, and thick it was...she
shook her head, trying to dispel her thoughts. A side effect of that caused
her breasts to sway from side to side. Shingo had a perfect view of her
bountiful teats from his perch.

He told her to set him down on the couch. She did so, thankful to be relieved
of her burden, and sat down next to him, panting. Ami was not a strong girl,
and the ride took a lot out of her. Sitting back on the couch, she breathed
heavily, her chest expanding as she took in air. The maid didn't relish the
trip back upstairs. Her charge, meanwhile, enjoyed the sight of this
scantily-clad beauty perspiring and breathing heavily. But he needed to show
her that fatigue didn't mean that she could stop. "Ami," he ordered, "Get me
some popcorn."

Nodding, she closed her eyes. "Just a moment, Shingo.let me just catch my

"Maid," he replied. "Now."

Her title jarred her out of her tiredness. Sitting up quickly, she looked at
him. Ami couldn't meet his stare for more than a moment. Looking down
shamefully, she stood. "I'm.I'm sorry, Shingo. I'll go now."

He stopped her. "Ami, if you want to be a good maid, you have to be obedient.
That means obeying orders the first time they're given. You understand?" She
nodded. "Good. Because the next time you disobey me, I'll have to spank you
five times."

Ami was stupefied. She was fifteen years old! She was too old to be spanked!
A boy four years her junior wouldn't actually spank her, would he? Juices
rushed to her pussy at that thought. "'re not serious." she
stammered out.

"Ten times." He was serious.

"B...but I..."


" can't."


Ami understood protesting wouldn't do her any good. She just bowed her head.
"Yes, Shingo. Twenty." She shuffled off to get him popcorn, thankful that he
couldn't see how sweaty her thighs were as she went into the kitchen and put
a package of popcorn into the microwave.

The phone rang. Shingo's voice from the other room told her to get it. She
answered it hesitatingly. "Tsukino residence."

"Hello there, my horny little maid." Ami had never heard the voice before,
but when she looked through the window she knew exactly who was calling.

"H-h-h-hi," she replied nervously.

Usagi's neighbor continued. "You have a cute voice. How about we get together
tomorrow and chat about what a naughty little maid you've been? You can tell
me all about your little escapades. What's your name, girl?"

"A...ami...Ami Mizuno."

His tone was harsh and demanding. "Where do you live, Ami? Give me your
address and phone number, now."

She was too frightened to lie. Ami told him everything he demanded of her.
He had one last request after that, however. "Meet me here at noon tomorrow,
Ami. Don't dare be late."

The line went dead.

She slowly hung up the phone, and her fears went into overdrive. He must have
seen her entire shameful display. What could he want? What if he told Usagi's
parents when they returned, how much of a slut Ami was? What would he demand
to keep quiet? She had given him her address and phone number. He could call
her mother right now and tell her what he saw. A loud ring startled her,
causing her to jump. Thankfully, it was just the microwave, informing the
maid that the popcorn was ready. She poured it into a bowl and walked out
into the other room, where Shingo lay on the sofa. "Guess it was a wrong
number, hmm? Oh well. Thank you for the popcorn, but where's my soda? I can't
just eat popcorn dry, especially when I'm sick."

"I.I'm sorry, Shingo. I didn't think that-"

He smiled at the embarrassed girl. "That's all right, Ami. Maids aren't
supposed to think, and you're doing fine when it comes to that."

Ami blushed, never having been complimented for not thinking before. It made
her feel loved, for whatever reason. Leaving the thinking to someone else
made her feel a little better. She scurried off to get him a soda.
Unfortunately for her, it was stacked at the back of the fridge, which
required her to reach far into the back to fetch it, not to mention bending
over almost completely at the waist. That gave Shingo another great view of
her panties and cupped ass.

When Ami finally got a soda, she realized the cold atmosphere inside made her
nipples hard, causing them to become visible through the sheer velvet of her
uniform. Ami was all-too-perceptive about how the cold fridge made her aching
tits felt, sore from the extra-tight uniform pushing them up all afternoon
and evening. She felt like a blue-haired bimbo with this outfit on, but she
didn't dare complain. Ami didn't even want to think about what would happen
then. Maybe Shingo was right, and she shouldn't think. It would certainly
simplify matters.

She handed Shingo the soda. "Not my favorite, but it'll do." Setting the
popcorn and soda down, he patted the seat next to him. "Sit down, Ami. You're
very comfy."

Sitting down quickly, Ami hoped that he didn't notice her extra-hard nipples.
He certainly did, but gave no sign. Before she could protest, he laid his
head down on her lap and up against her soft, bare tummy. One of his hands
reached around her waist to lightly play with the elastic band that kept her
skirt up, the other drew idle circles on her thighs. "You're the most comfy
pillow a boy could ask for," Shingo said with a light sigh.

Ami's face resembled a tomato. No boy had ever put his head in her lap,
especially when she wore as short of a skirt as she did. Not to mention how
close his head was from her pussy, which was especially drenched, as it had
been all day. There was no way he didn't smell the overwhelming stench of
sex all over her body, and she was too paralyzed to say a word as the movie
started. All she could focus on was the boy whose head was in her lap, making
her feel that her personal space had been completely violated, especially
given what he was doing. `His fingers are probably just wandering. Shingo
probably doesn't realize what's happening,' she tried to reassure herself.

Shingo, however, knew exactly what he was doing. One of his hands was playing
with the waistband for her skirt, and was ever so slowly inching it down.
His other was drifting in between her soft, shapely thighs, causing her to
subconsciously relax them and let them naturally spread. The further her legs
spread apart, the further down he twirled his fingers. The overpowering smell
of sex from her crotch was something that gave Shingo a whiff of heaven, and
he knew that what he was doing kept it coming.

"Ami, you smell really nice," he said, coughing a bit. "Is this perfume? You
should smell like this all the time from now on."

The girl was barely able to contain herself from fear. How could she possibly
be aroused all the time? That would be unbearable agony. She would be unable
to cum, since she couldn't masturbate in front of Shingo, and if she cleaned
herself up afterward she'd just have to get wet again. She didn't want to
disobey him, because she knew that he'd check at precisely the wrong moment,
and she didn't want to get spanked any more than she already was going to be.
Never did Ami realize that she readily accepted the fact that she was about
to be spanked, whereas only a few minutes ago she boggled at the idea.

`Well, if he keeps touching me like this, it certainly won't be a problem,'
she thought embarrassingly. Her pussy was aching for something hard to be
shoved into it, for Shingo's inexperienced but naturally skilled hands were
driving Ami wild, and she continued to convince herself that he was the
completely innocent one while she was the raging pervert. By the time the
movie was over, Ami was sure there was an enormous puddle of her cum on the
sofa cushion, and was incredibly embarrassed. She wasn't sure why, but she
felt like she was only half-wearing her already short skirt. That part was
actually true, since Shingo had slowly pulled down the waistband of her
skirt down to expose her leopard-design silk panties. If the poor girl stood
up the waistband wasn't high enough to keep the skirt on by force of elastic

"Okay, Ami. Time for a piggy-back ride upstairs." The words Ami was dreading
to hear were said. She was not a strong girl, and she wasn't sure if she
could lift Shingo up the entire flight of stairs. She was too afraid not to
try, though, and given how much he was coughing during the movie, she didn't
want him walking up himself. Again, she bent over, giving him another perfect
view of her sopping wet silk undies as she prepared to lift him back up. He
clamored onto her and she stood, wobbly. Suddenly, her skirt dropped to the
ground, fully exposing her underwear to the open air!

She moved to put him back down, but he cautioned her. "You can just come back
downstairs when you're done. Good maids don't stop to see if they look good
before following an order."

Ami stepped out of her skirt and began walking towards the stairs. "

"Twenty-five," Shingo said sternly.

The humiliated girl kept walking, biting her lip. Here she was, an honor
roll student at her junior high, carrying a boy four years younger than her,
carrying out his orders while walking in a top that showed off a remarkable
amount of cleavage and only leopard-skin panties covering up anything below
her solar plexus. Her juices ran freely down her legs from all the build-up
that Shingo had made when he subtly fondled her during the movie.

Ever so slowly, Ami made her way up the stairs with her charge. After setting
him down on his bed, she put her hands in front of her to try and cover her
exposed panties, which stuck to her body and outlined her pussy lips. "S...
Shingo...may I please be excused to get my skirt?"

He nodded. "Yes, of course. But remember Ami, it's disrespectful to hold your
hands in front of you like that. Holding your hands behind your back is more
respectful to me. Got it?"

She nodded, shamefully exposing her full front to him as she made the
motion of a curtsy and ran downstairs, tears forming behind her eyes at the
humiliation. Shingo grinned widely as he watched her go. The day had gone
better than his wildest dreams, and he intended on tomorrow going just as
well. When the embarrassed maid returned with her skirt back on, he had
another order ready for her. "Since you'll be spending your nights in here
with me, you should go and get all your clothes and put them in that drawer
over there." He nodded to an empty clothes drawer.

Ami recalled her promise from earlier that day. She had told him that she'd
sleep next to him, after all. As quickly as she could, she gathered up her
clothes and placed them in the drawer he mentioned. He had to remind her that
she had forgotten to bring in her underwear, after which she did so with an
enormous blush on her cheeks.

"Ami, it's been a long day. Why don't you be a good girl and take a shower
while I find a proper outfit for you tomorrow? When you're done, change into
this." He handed her one of her sky blue nightgowns that went down to her
knees. She wasn't too fond of him rummaging through her underwear drawer,
but she convinced herself he was just doing it so he could get her a suitable
maid outfit for tomorrow, and not because he was some kind of pervert.
Another thing that bothered her was that the door to the bathroom had no
lock, and she hoped that Shingo wouldn't step in while she was showering.
Stepping out of her extremely wet panties, Ami was glad to have them off.
They had been bothering her ever since she had first gotten wet that day.
Pulling off her maid uniform, Ami let out another sigh of relief. Her breasts
were extremely sore, as the top had pushed up her breasts constantly. Turning
on the hot water and stepping into the shower, the teen girl nearly melted
when the hot water hit her supple body. Taking the bar of soap, she began to
lovingly lather her body, wiping off all of the sweat and cum off her body,
especially between her thighs and down her legs. Then she remembered Shingo's
demand: she had to smell the same way she smelled when she was aroused.

There was a banging on the bathroom door. "Ami, don't take too long in there!
It's almost time for bed, and I've got your outfit ready for tomorrow."

"I'll be right out, Shingo," she called back. Immediately, she turned off the
shower, wanting to obey his orders promptly. Reaching for the towel rack, she
realized that she hadn't put a towel up on the rack before, and the only
substitute available was a washcloth! Thankfully, she had brought in her
nightgown with her. The only problem was that besides her nightgown, she had
nothing clean to wear underneath it! She was less fond of sleeping next to a
boy with only a thin silk nightgown between them than she was of him looking
through her underwear.

Shingo interrupted her thoughts. "I set your outfit for tomorrow on the chair
over there, Ami. I locked your other clothes in the drawer over there that
you put them in."

Ami gasped, but said nothing. The boy motioned her to him. "One more thing to
do tonight, Ami. Go to my dad's room and get one of his belts."

She knew exactly what he was going to use it for. Gulping deeply, she
curtsied with her simple nightgown. Coming back a few minutes later, she held
in her hands a dark leather belt. Her lower lip was trembling slightly as she
handed it to Shingo. In return, the boy handed her a scarf with a knot in the
middle of it. "You might want that so you don't scream out. I don't want to
wake up my neighbors."

Trembling, Ami sat down next to Shingo on the bed and put the scarf in her
mouth and pulled the two ends behind her. The boy took them and tied them
tightly behind her head. The maid was now effectively gagged. Her pert lips
spread out fully around the thick knot in the gag. Shingo smiled inwardly.
He wanted her to get used to the sensation of being gagged. Tying her up
could come over the next few days.

Slowly, Ami settled herself over Shingo's lap, bracing for the first spanking
she had gotten in a decade. The young boy shook his head as he folded the
belt in half. He petted her head. "Ami, sometimes even the best maids screw
up. It's okay. You'll get better."

Ami gripped the bedsheets, bracing herself for the belt on her ass. Shingo
brought it hard on her firm rear end, causing a large smack as leather hit
butt. She screamed into the improvised gag, arching her back and shutting
her eyes tightly. By the time he was done with her, her rump was positively
burning and tears flowed down her cheeks. Shingo called out spank
twenty-five, and Ami thought the torment was over. The boy lightly pushed
her back down onto his lap. "You forgot the five spankings that are required
for every night."

The poor maid looked up at him with real fear in her eyes. She shook her
head, but didn't make any move to get off his lap. Five more times he struck
her ass with the leather belt, and five more times the girl winced. After he
finished, he patted her butt softly with his hand. She didn't make any
gesture that she considered it offensive. She felt too exposed, too
vulnerable. "Ami, dear, I know that was hard, but if you're a maid, you have
to accept discipline. Got it?"

Mumbling incoherently through the gag, she nodded. Reluctantly, he got her
off his lap and handed her the belt. "Go put it back where you found it and
then come to bed."

She replied unintelligibly, for she was still wearing her gag as she
curtsied. There was an extremely visible stain on the front of her nightgown,
near her crotch. He grinned, knowing that she nearly came while he spanked
her. He could feel and smell how aroused she was, being gagged and spanked.
When she returned, she was clearly still embarrassed about the dark wet stain
on her nightgown, and visibly wanted to hide it, but kept her arms firmly
behind her back. He had admonished her on respect before. She knew it was
there, and she knew that the only thing keeping her juices from dripping onto
her nightgown and down her legs was her bushy pubic hair, and that did little
if anything. She felt too humiliated to ask him if she could wear panties,
and she still wore her gag. Ami didn't want to risk Shingo's displeasure if
she took it off without his permission.

Shingo walked up and untied Ami's gag. "That's a good girl.I laid out your
outfit over there," he said, gesturing at the chair. "Take a look at it
before you come to bed."

"Yes, Shingo," she replied, too exhausted and obedient to even consider
arguing with him. She picked up the white camisole and a black sports bra.
The bra would be tight against her breasts, but at least they wouldn't
jiggle as much. But the black sports bra would easily stand out against
the white spaghetti-strap tank top.

The bottoms were another matter. The violet spandex shorts were fine, if a
little small. Ami didn't know what to think about the white lace panties:
the panty line would be easily visible through the shorts, and if she had
to smell like she was aroused all day, the lace panties would do little to
hold in her juices.

But Ami couldn't think about that right now. She didn't want to think,
period. All that she wanted to do was crawl into bed and fall asleep. Walking
back to the bed, she raised the covers and lay down, blushing a bit as Shingo
scooted up next to her and hugged her tight around her slim waist. "I'm so
glad you became my maid, Ami. It's been a wonderful day."

Ami didn't respond, but only hoped that tomorrow would be less embarrassing
than today was. What she didn't know was that Shingo had plenty planned for
the new maid, as did Usagi's neighbor, who at that moment was masturbating
at the thought of a certain maid in his clutches.

It was only the start of a humiliating series of events for Ami, the new
Sailor Maid.


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