Here goes my new Sailor Moon story, this time contains Sailor Mercury only. That's first part, of course, next parts are on their way. Thanks a lot for JD for proofreading and some ideas.

Sailor Mercury belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.

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Codes: MF, reluc, blackmail

Sailor Moon: Ami-chan First Fuck Part 1
by Sethite Set

Geography lesson in Juban school was over and most of the students left the class. Ami Mizuno, 16 years old, blue haired schoolgirl, best student in her school and Sailor Mercury in private life, just packed her books and copybooks to her blue bookpack when she heard voice of her geography teacher, Ryo Mutsufumi. He was 45 years old, bit chubby and bald man with big glasses. Definitely, not someone that young schoolgirl might find attractive.

"Mizuno, could you stay in the class for a while? I'd like to talk with you."

"Yes, sensei" Ami answered with a smile. She always wanted to be a good girl and good student, so she always did what teachers asked her for. When all her books were in the bag and all the students left the class, she walked to the teacher's desk, curious what Mutsufumi sensei wants from her.

"Well Ami, I have a little cease you may find interesting" said Ryo, while closing the class door.

"Yes, sensei?" she asked with curiosity.

Without a word, Ryo went to his desk and took an envelope from it. He gave the envelope to Ami, suggesting that the blue haired girl should open it. She opened the envelope and looked inside. There were many photos of Sailor Mercury, some taken from newspapers, some originally done. Ami looked at them with confusion, not understanding why he showing them to her. Was he a fan of Sailor Mercury? But why...?

"Don't you think she looks familiar, Ami?" asked her teacher, looking straight into her big eyes.

"No sensei, I never saw her" said Ami, trying to cover her confusion "I mean not in real life, I saw her on the TV and in newspapers, but..."

"Don't lie to me" said Ryo harshly and his gaze become more serious "This girl and you are the same person, am I correct?"

Red blush crossed Ami's face and made her cheeks scarlet from shame. She wanted to say something, but she knew how bad a liar she is. Her shame and confusion were proof enough for Ryo.

"I knew it" he smiled "This little panty flashing bitch and my little Mizuno... I wonder what will happen when all the world hear about it?"

"No, please" begged Ami, "Please, don't do this. I didn't anything bad to you, sensei. I need to protect people and..." Tears shone in her eyes.

"You're good a girl, Mizuno" he said, stroking her blue hair, "So maybe I'll keep this knowledge only for myself, but under few conditions..."

"Whatever you want, sensei!"

"All right..." Ryo carried a plastic bag from out of his desk and gave it to her.

"Here is your homework for today. You'll find instruction inside. Next, you'll come to my house tomorrow, just after school. Do you understand?"

"Sensei?" Ami wasn't sure about his intentions but something was wrong here, for sure, "Is there no other way...?"

"If you're refusing, I'll take it back then" Ryo reached for the bag "And tomorrow you'll be most famous schoolgirl in Japan. You have your choice."

With silence and desperation, with half closed eyes Ami took the bag and left the class. Ryo watched her go with a wide smile. It went easier than he thought. Now he just needed to wait till tomorrow. He grinned, wondering how Ami's face will look like when she'll see the content of the bag.

Ami wasn't as eager to smile as him. Sad and frustrated she walked home as fast as she could. She closed the door to her room and locked it. Sitting on her bed, she looked into the plastic bag Ryo gave her. There were couple of CDs and something soft packed into a smaller bag. She also found a letter written on a piece of pink paper. She read it with growing fear:

"Dear Ami,
If you're reading this, it means you're a good girl. Here is your reward. On the CDs you'll find many movies. Enjoy watching them and learn everything you see because tomorrow I'm going to check your knowledge and exam you thoroughly. You'll also find new garments that you'll surly like. Enjoy wearing them while watching movies.
Till tomorrow."

Ami quickly hid the letter in the drawer of her desk. Then she took the CDs and put them near her computer. After that she reached for the last package. She opened it and saw small red panties and bra in the same, provocative, bitchy style. There were also handcuffs. She looked at the garments with disgust. It wasn't something that good girl like her would like to wear.

After eating her supper she told her mother that she had to learn more this evening and asked to disturb her. It was quite normal in Mizuno's house, so her mother agreed without any doubts. Ami was a bookworm and learning was her hobby, after all.

When she returned to her room, she closed and locked the door, then turned her computer on. While it was starting, she disrobed herself of all her clothes, and neatly piled her school uniform and white lingerie on the bed. Then she took the new panties and dressed in them. They were tight, barely covering her crotch and showed some of her blue pussy hair outside. Her cleavage wasn't hidden either. She noticed letters made from sequins in front of them, saying "Hot pussy". She dressed the new bra, which cupped her firm breasts but just like her panties didn't cover them enough. Her small nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

"I look like a whore," she thought, looking at herself with mixed feelings. She never wore such sexy underwear before and it wasn't her fashion. Ami was rather conservative when it comes to clothes. She preferred plain, normal, functionable and elegant outfits. "If the other girls could see me now... what would they think?"

The computer had just finished starting up so she sat in front of it and began watching the CDs her geography teacher gave her. They were full of porn, mostly hardcore, including bondage and rape. Titles were saying it all "Gang bang in the train", "Four girls and twenty men", "School of Pain", "Fun in the Zoo", "Pain in the ass", "Punishment of the Policewoman" and so. Ami didn't want to watch them, but something inside her wouldn't let her turn the computer off. It was a teacher's request anyway and Ami would always do what teachers wanted from her.

She picked the first one. It was titled "Bungle in the jungle". Story was about group of female botanists that went to the jungle. They were caught by some natives that raped them in all possible ways. Ami fell sorry for those girls first, but in the half of the movie she noticed that her breath become faster. She was feeling strange. Her nipples become stiff.

While watching another movie, where girl almost Ami's age was raped by a couple of men at an empty bus stop, Ami felt her pussy starting to become wet and her once soft nipples become harder. She suddenly realized that her right hand is inside her panties, touching places that shouldn't be touched and the fingers of her left hand are rubbing her nipples through the material of her bra. She stopped it instantly, looking with disgust at wet stains on her new panties. Wave of shame filled her head. Her body trembled.

"That's bad" she said to herself, "I shouldn't do this."

She guarded herself for the next few minutes, but watching such movies aroused her even more. Finally, Ami couldn't stop herself from sliding her hand inside her panties and rubbing her moist pussy, at first slowly, and then faster and faster.

"Ooooh" she moaned softly, while her index finger was probing her womanhood. It slid in and out. Again her left hand began to play with her breasts, stroking and caressing them. Her blue painted fingernails began pinching her nipples. The last part of her consciousness was trying to stop her, but passion ruled over Mercury's body and mind totally. Her hands were working faster, doubling the pleasure and driving her further, into the lands of joy she never explored before.

"Ooooooohhhh!!!!"" she moaned loudly and in unison with the girl on the computer screen when she came. Her juices flowed down onto the chair she was sitting on. On the screen the young girl was cumming and Ami was cumming too, for the first time in her life. A flood of love juice soaked the chair's material and Ami's panties. She looked at her hand covered with her love juices and without any thought she licked it clean. Suddenly, she stopped. She looked at herself and at her chair soaked with her cum.

"How perverted I have become" she said quietly with sadness and resignation in her big, blue eyes. On the computer's screen two girls were dildo fucking themselves, not caring about the panting Sailor Mercury, whose hand again reached to her crotch...

She finished her porn movies watching session in the middle of the night with her body covered with sweat and somewhat with cum. When the last movie was over, she cleared her juices from the chair and went to bathroom, to wash herself in the shower. She paid great attention to her holes, filling them with soap, trying to wash every little sign of passion and delight from her body.

This night she had discovered pleasures that she had never experienced before. But she was aware that she found them thanks to an adult man who had some dirty plans for her. The awareness tempered her lust a little. All of her thoughts gathered around tomorrow's visit. "What's gonna happen tomorrow?" she thought and quickly correct herself, "Not tomorrow. Today."

She washed herself and her new, now cum stained, red panties. She knew that he wanted her to wear it tomorrow. When she went back to her room, she remembered about the handcuffs. They were metal but covered with soft stuff, so as to not hurt skin. She took them in hand and thought that it's a funny idea to sleep with cuffed hands. So she did it, cuffed her wrists with them and went to sleep, letting her mind sink into the realm of her dark, newfound desires.


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