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For those who don't know Black Horse Comics produced a series of comics
under the title of X-Wing Rogue Squadron.

The villains in these include:

Moff Leonia Tavira - in her late teens she took the title of Moff from her
dead husband, Thavil Tavira, when he died after the Battle of Endor.

Ysanne Isard - head of Imperial Intelligence. After the fall of the Empire
she killed her rivals and became leader of one of the most powerful parts of
the Imperial Remnant.

Wookiepedia is an invaluable background source for this and other aspects of
the Star Wars Universe, but like other Wikis needs to be treated with some

* * *

Star Wars - X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Redemption's Fall (FF,FFF,anal)
by LL

The Lambda-class shuttle had barely settled on the concrete landing pad,
before it's door opened and out stepped Moff Leoia Tavira. As the
stormtrooper ‘honour' guard hurried towards her she nervously smoothed down
her black, bob-shaped hair and hoped she'd chosen the right uniform.

It was slightly too small for her, nipping at her crotch to reveal a
camel-toe, and fitting tightly over her eighteen year old breasts, so that
they bulged against the gray material. But it wasn't so close-fitting that
she'd need be unable to remove it.

An Imperial Officer stopped in front of her, "Leonia Tavira," he said,
"Madame Director Isard has been expecting you."

Leonia shivered, despite the warm air of the Coruscant evening. The title
Moff wasn't exactly hers by right, but over the last few months everyone had
used it. And it was worrying that Isard, has not instructed her guards to
call her by it. What of course made it more unnerving was that she wasn't
sure that she and Isard had been on the best of terms when they last spoke.
And that time was before Isard had murdered her superiors and taken control
of the Empire.

Leonia consoled herself with the fact that Isard shouldn't see her as threat.
Leonia wasn't ambitious - she didn't want to rule the entire Empire; five or
six decent sized sectors were her limit and what she was about to offer Isard
should be enough of a bargain to ensure that she got them.

The Imperial Officer gestured for her to follow him into the large building
to which the shuttle pad was connected. It dwarfed all but those of the
richest citizens, almost being as large as the old Senate Building. However,
as it was the villa of the most powerful woman in the Empire it's size was
far below what she could have had. Ysard's ambition was for power, not

Leonia trailed after the officer, keenly aware of two stormtroopers marching
in step behind her, their hands clasped around their deadly E-11 Blaster
Rifles. Finally after about ten minutes of fast walking down metallic
corridors the officer stopped at a metal door and politely pressed an

"Madame Director - I have Tavira," he let go of the intercom and stepped
back. He smiled at Leonia, "Let's hope Madame Director is in a better mood
than when I last saw her." Leonia wasn't sure where his smile was meant to
be a reassuring or an evil leer. In either case she felt herself going pale,
Ysard's cruelty was legendary.

The door remained close for a few minutes, and then it opened to let out a
harried looking naval officer. He turned to Leonia's escort, "You can take
her in."

The officer nodded and took Leonia by the arm and half-led, half-pulled her
into the conference room. The stormtroopers remained outside, still standing
to attention.

Ysard sat at the far end of the conference table. Her hard, cold eyes stared
at Leonia for a minute, her mouth remained still, her lips pursed tightly
together. Leonia wasn't sure, but she thought that for a disproportionate
amount of that time that Ysard's eyes remained focussed on where her uniform
was cutting into her pussy. Leonia forced herself to feel relaxed, if she
appeared strained the plan would almost certainly fail.

Finally Ysard spoke, her voice was quite, its inflections telling of a
life-time amongst the Empire's cultural as well as political and economic
elite, "I'm surprised that you have decided to present yourself to me Leonia
Tavira. I'm am not renowned either as a loyal friend or a forgiving enemy."

Leonia put on what she hoped was her most seductive smile, "Madame Director,
whilst we're not friends, I hope we're not enemies either. I haven't come to
bargain for my life, but I have come to bargain."

Ysard's only sign that she was surprised by the effrontery of the younger
woman, was a slight raise of her eyebrow. Leonia continued to speak, though
she was aware, that others had died painful and horrific deaths minutes
after they too had seen Ysard make the same expression "I come to offer you
something and in return I want control of six-medium sized sectors." She
paused and then decided to add, "under your ultimate command of course."

Ysard smiled, much as Rancor might smile at a Twilek who had fallen into it's
lair. "And what is this offer?"

"I'd prefer to show you in your chambers. I'm not sure you'd want others to
see what I am offering."

As if on cue, the escorting officer spoke, "Madame Director, scans show
Tavira is unarmed. I believe that she is deliberately wearing a tighter
uniform so that we realise this." He smiled in triumph at his deduction,
"Little did she know that she was scanned as she entered this building
and results reported to me through my earpiece."

At this statement Ysard merely nodded, "Very well Captain Mondel. You can
leave us."

Captain Mondel saluted and left the room. Ysard remained silent for a minute
and then she looked at Leonia, "I think we both know that is not the reason
you are wearing that uniform."

Leonia blushed, though she was unsure whether it was because she still had a
modicum of modesty or embarrassment that her plan was so obvious.

Ysard reached for an intercom at her desk, "Commodore Luther, arrest and
immediately execute Captain Mondel.." She switched the intercom off, "I
cannot tolerate fools, so let us hope that my previous experiences of you
were not typical."

The older woman stood up, and gestured at a door behind her, "Not many have
seen my private apartment Tavira. You should count yourself lucky."

She opened the door and gestured to Leonia to follow her in. Leonia remained
standing still, "About our deal..."

Ysard smiled, "I told you that I cannot stand fools. We may..." she paused,
"or may not decide what you get out of this later."

Leonia followed the woman into her room. The room was furnished smartly, but
not luxuriously. A few paintings were on the wall, an expensive desk was next
to a more moderate sized wardrobe and Ysard sat herself down on a red
coloured bed.

"So what do you want to show me?" she asked.

Leonia reached for her uniform. If she had misjudged Ysard, these might be
her last pain-free moments in this life. She pulled at the fastening on her
top and pulled it down. Her tits, free of the chafing material, burst free.

"This...." she said.

Ysard smiled. It was not a friendly one, "And more?"

Leonia continued to pull down her uniform, exposing her shaven pussy, "and
this" she said triumphantly.

Ysard continued to look at the teen as Leonia struggled to take of her boots,
so she could continue disrobing. Once the boots came off, she stripped the
rest of the garment off and stood naked, with her hands on her hips.

She stood their for what seemed ages at Ysard seem to dissect her naked body,
the small mole on her midriff, the tiny tattoo of the Empire's symbol at the
top of her thigh, the expensive belly-button ring. Finally Ysard smiled,
"Perhaps not a total fool after all." She patted the bed, "Come sit beside

Leonia did as she was bade. As she sat she could feel the soft satin sheets
against her skin. Her bedding was something that Ysard obviously didn't stint

Ysard slowly rub her hand against the top of Leonia's thigh. Leonia was
surprised by how soft and sensual the Director's hand was. She continued to
sit as Ysard gently massaged her. Then with her other hands Ysard began to
lightly play with one of her nipples.

Leonia smiled and looked into Ysard's eyes. Then she gave a gasp of pain as
the older woman tweaked at her nipple. Ysard hard face broke into a smile, at
the sudden look of shock and pain in the teen's face.

She continued to twist the nipple, as her other hand moved from massaging to
the thigh, to probing at the lips of Leonia's pussy. She pushed deeply at the
pussy lips, and Leonia gave a brief moan. Sounds that intensified as Ysard
moved her finger from the outside to the in.

Roughly she pushed the digit in and out, scrabbling around for Leonia's clit.
As Ysard found it Leonia cried in pleasure, a feeling which grew more intense
as the older woman started to strongly rub her finger against the clit. Juice
began to bubble from the crack and Leonia gave one more cry as she orgasmed.

Ysard withdrew her finger, "Open your mouth" she ordered.

Leonia did, as Ysard put her wet finger inside the mouth, "Now suck it like
it's your dead husband's cock".

It's bigger than that wrinkled old thing, thought Leonia, but she did as she
was told, sucking her own juice's off the Director's finger.

Ysard withdrew her finger and stood up. Soundlessly she undressed herself.
As she stripped she folded up her crimson red uniform and placed it in a
wardrobe, planting her thigh length boots beside it. Once she was down to
her underwear she paused and reached into a cupboard and pulled out a dildo,
which she passed to Leonia. "You will need this."

Leonia tightly clasped the toy to her bosom, as if it was the most important
thing to her in the Galaxy, which at this moment was probably true. Ysard
continued stripping, dropping her red bra and matching panties in a laundry

"Now, put the dildo up your ass," she told Leonia.

Leonia gently pushed the dildo into her hole, but Ysard grabbed her wrist
and forced her to push it further down, until only it's end was visible. The
sudden pain of the toy pushing inside brought a small tear to Leonia eyes.

Ysard then lay down on the bed, "Lick me out."

Leaning over the older woman's pussy Leonia began to lick. A Twilek whore had
taught her some tricks and Leonia began to use them. From the noise emitting
from Ysard they seemed to be working. After working round the outside, then
the top of the inside Leonia pushed her tongue in as deep as she could, her
face dug deeply into Ysard's flesh. Ysard grunted loudly, and Leonia could
feel the juice leaking out. As she continued to lick she could feel the taste
of it entering her mouth. Ysard orgasmed, with a shriek, but Leonia didn't
dare pull her head away. It was important that Ysard was fully satisfied.

Eventually as her tongue began to numb, she felt Ysard tug at her hair and
pull her up.

The older woman grinned, "That's enough to save your life. But if you want
anything else..." she paused and the smile on her mouth showed no sense of

"Get on your knees," said Ysard.

Leonia did as instructed. She started to look round to see what Ysard was
doing, but the woman took her head and roughly twisted it so that Leonia's
gaze was fixed firmly on the headboard of the bed.

She could heard Ysard opening a drawer and shutting it, then the soft scrape
of some material against flesh. Then the bed moved slightly as Ysard got onto
again. She leant her head against the teen's head, "That'll do nicely."

With a pop she withdrew the dildo. Leonia felt both a sense of freedom and
comfort, but combined with a sense of disappointment. Once she had got used
to it the dildo, was enjoyable and as she had been licking energetically, the
dildo had been rubbing within her, sending out waves of pleasure.

She was just considering this, when she felt a new phallus enter her back
door. Even with the hole enlarged by the previous dildo, such was the girth
of the new one she felt her hole expand, and the toy rub harshly against her
walls. As it pushed further in, she could feel Ysard's flesh push against her

Even as she was recovering from the sudden shock Ysard grasped her hips
roughly, and Leonia could feel the rubber cock being withdrawn, before being
shoved in again with the speed of an X-wing entering hyperspace.

Leonia stayed still until she was sure she had Ysard had got into a steady
grind against her ass, and then she began to move in time. As Ysard pushed
forward she pushed back, pulling forward as Ysard withdrew. If the Director
noticed her attention, she didn't say but continued to ram the teen with

Soon Leonia was crying again, but now more as the result of the orgasms which
rushed through her, than from pain. She felt like she was at one with the
force, and her body moved automatically, allowing her to fully savour every
exquisite second.

Ysard slammed harder and faster and Leonia struggled to keep up, especially
as the strength of the orgasms was starting to sap her. But she was young,
and she managed to keep going. At least until Ysard gave a final grunt, and
pulled the cock free for the last time.

Breathing heavily, Leonia collapsed forward onto the soft bed. Behind her she
could hear the ragged gasps from Ysard as the older woman struggled to bring
her own breaths under control.

After a few minutes Ysard spoke, "I'll let you have control of one planet.
Two legions of stormtroopers, and a wing of tie-fighters, and some old
corvettes. And fifty percent of your tax revenues. I choose the planet."

"Five sectors, twenty legions of stormtroopers, six wings of ties and three
star destroyers. Twenty five percent of my tax. And I choose the sectors."
Leonia countered.

Ysard grabbed the young woman's head and tightly squeezed at her cheeks,
"This isn't a negotiation. Do you agree to my offer or...."

Leonia nodded. There was a lot you could do with a planet after all.

* * *

"He's a bastard," said Leia vehmently.

Winter nodded, "All men are."

In the dull light of the expensive cantina where the two women were
sipping at their drinks they looked almost the same, only Winter's white,
close-cropped hair could mark her apart from the darker Leia. They were the
same size, and shape and both had finely chiselled aristocratic features.
And when they spoke their accents were of the Alderaanian nobility; with a
similar pitch and tone.

They had been friends since childhood, ever since Leia's family had adopted
Winter when she was little more than a toddler. Since the destruction of
Alderaan and the events which followed, their lives had continued to
criss-cross and intertwine, Leia's as one of the leaders of the rebellion
and Winter's as one of it's top intelligence agents. When they met officially
there talks were about strategy, and logistics and the grim business of
killing as many of the enemy as they could.

But when they were alone, they talked like the sisters they almost were and
the conversations were about happier times in the past and hoped for in the
future. Well, mostly, sometimes they were also about their love lives and
this particular conversation about Leia's on-off relationship with Han Solo.

"He cares more about that rust-bucket heap of flying junk, than he does about
me," continued Leia.

Winter nodded, not because she thought Millennium Falcon was flying junk, nor
because she agreed that Han Solo cared for it more. With Winter's experience
of ships and men she felt the former was unlikely, the latter quite possibly
true. But she nodded because that was what friends were supposed to do.

Leia stopped her conversation about the Han Solo's lack of merits, as a heavy
titted waitress came over and refilled their glasses. As the waitress ambled
away to the next table, Leia continued to gaze after her, noting the long
legs and firm buttocks, both hardly concealed beneath a short white dress.

As the waitress, disappeared round the corner Leia, turned back to face
Winter, who raised an eyebrow quizzically.

Leia laughed, "I know what you're thinking. But as from tonight I'm single
and if I want to stare at pretty girls, I can."

Winter spread her hands out in front of herself, as a peace offering, "I
didn't say a word... Still she was nice."

The two of them sipped their drinks in silence for a few minutes, before
Winter excused herself for a quick visit to the ladies.

She returned smirking, "You know when we wanted to cheer ourselves up when we
lived in Alderaan."

Leia grinned. "I remember how you used to cheer us up."

Winter laughed, "That's because you never were prepared to ask."

"Or pay..."

"Or pay," continued Winter, "anyway drink up - the waitress finishes her
shift in ten minutes."

* * *

It didn't take long for Winter and Leia to escort the waitress, Danni, to
Winter's high rise apartment, a few credits slipped into her hand had removed
any hang-ups she might have had about going two's up.

Giggling the two tipsy aristocrats began to help Danni out of her dress,
sliding their hands across her body as they did so. Once she was naked Winter
and Leia stripped down to the buff, handing their clothes to the cleaning
droid that had obediently trundled up to them.

Leia and Winter took Danni by the hand and led her into the main bedroom and
pushing her down on the bed. Winter pulled apart the waitresses legs and
started to kiss lightly at the hairless hole. Leia positioned herself so that
she was squatting over Danni, allowing the woman to move her head upwards so
that she could tongue at the twat.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of gentle moaning and the slurp of
tongues against flesh. Winter continued to lick at Danni until small droplets
of juice began to appear. She stood up and walked over a drawer and returned
with two strap-ons. She began to fit one to her front passing the other one
to Leia, "You'll need this."

Danni still continued to lap away at Leia, as Winter pushed in the strap-on.
Used to multi-tasking Danni wrapped her legs round Winter's midriff whilst
giving Leia's pussy the attention it deserved.

Winter began to thrust slowly into the woman's pussy, taking her time in a
relaxed and gentle fuck. It didn't take long before Danni, already aroused by
the vigorous tongue lashing she had received was alternating her licks of
Leia's clit with deep moans.

Leia stood up and began to fix the other strap-on to her own pussy. For a few
minutes she stood there and admired the taut, muscular, but slender body of
her friend as Winter continued to leisurely fuck Danni's pussy.

Then she went up behind Winter, nuzzling her neck and gently massaging her
tits, "Are you going to let me in?"

Winter nodded, "Let's just change position and we can both go into together."

Leia nodded with anticipation as Winter removed the strap-on from Danni's
twat, juice covered it's chrome exterior and a few drops fell to the floor.

Winter and Leia helped Danni up, and Winter then lay on the bed. Her chrome
toy stuck out of her crotch, looking like a skyscraper on Tatooine. Danni lay
over Winter and lowered herself down, so that the dildo penetrated her pussy.
The two of them lay together for a moment, their nipples brushing against
each other as they kissed.

Leia moved behind Danni and began to push her dildo into Danni's ass. Danni
temporarily broke her kiss, so that she could wiggle backwards allowing the
full length of the strap-on to enter her. Leia began to do all the work
thrusting violently, so that Danni's entire body jerked. With each jolt she
was pushed against Winter's toy, which thrust deeper up her pussy, with the
bottom banging against Winter's pussy lips.

The room was filled with the three women's squeals as they fucked into a

* * *

Winter nodded to the members of the councils and then stood at ease. She
showed no favouritism in her greeting to Leia, despite the fact that only
hours earlier the two of them had risen from the same bed.

It was Mom Mothma who spoke, "Have you heard of planet called Taraglon, its
it in the Commenor Sector?"

Winter shook her head. There were tens of thousands of planets and whilst any
decently educated person could name the most important, there was probably
no-one in the Galaxy who could name them all.

Mon Mothma continued, "I know you've heard of its new Governor, Moff Leonia

Winter nodded, she had run up against the spoilt teen before. Though she
doubted the self-centred Moff would remember her.

"Tavira's rule has pushed a once loyal Imperial planet to the brink of
revolt. A few pushes should bring the whole edifice crashing down. Winter,
we want you you to do that pushing."

Winter nodded. Bringing down an entire planetary Government was the type of
thing she did everyday; and twice on Sundays.


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