Star Wars - The Clone Wars: The Trials Of Ahsoka Tano Part 2 (f-alien, oral, exhib, ncon)
by Wonder Mike

The Pirates carried Ahsoka back to her room, she curled up into a ball and meditated to heal. Hondo came into the room 25 minutes later.

Hondo: It's time to go little one, the crowd awaits.

They walked back into the arena. Once again to the wild cheers of the crowd, Ahsoka couldn't help but to smile.

Hondo: To your seats everyone! It is time for the final test everyone grab your communicators and prepare to vote. Choice 1, The Mighty Gammorrean, choice 2, The Powerful Gungan, Choice 3, The Deadly Rancor.

The numbers flashed on the giant scoreboard each choice taking the lead then falling behind. The Gammorrean guard began to pull away, then the Rancor pulled ahead.

Ahsoka: Please not the Rancor, it will kill me.

Hondo: Yes, of course, if the Rancor is the choice I will need to collect another 100 credits from each of you.

Ahsoka: Please pick the Gungan! The Gammorrean is disgusting, I can't do it, please.

The votes started to come for the Gungan, his lead grew as every vote came in. He was the clear choice.

Hondo: The choice is made, please bring out the Gungan, Rogoe.

The Gungan warlord entered the arena and disrobed his member hung 18 inches, 7 inches in circumference and 4 inches wide, it had a flare that was 10 inches wide at the tip.

Ahsoka: Fuck, I should had begged for the Rancor.

Rogoe approached Ahsoka and began to stroke her. He took her hands and placed them on his member. It instantly became rock hard. Rogoe slapped the Togruta gently across the face with his cock. He then took aim at her mouth. He tried to force it in but there was no way it would fit.

Hondo: Now everyone, it is time to vote on the position. What do you want to see? Doggy? Missionary? Or cowgirl.

The crowd began their vote, it was a runaway with cowgirl getting 55% of the vote. Hondo was pleased. Rogoe laid on his back and waited for Ahsoka to mount her. Ahsoka straddled the Gungan and slid 3 fingers into her hole. They slid in easily after her encounter with the Wookie. She slipped a 4th finger inside and sat down. She struggled to get the flare inside her, it was softer than the shaft of the cock. She was able to squeeze and shove it in.

The crowd let out a cheer. They began a rhythmic clapping to encourage her. She was determined not to let them down.

Ahsoka: Fuuuuck!!!

She had buried 6 inches of cock inside of her, but she wasn't going any further, she wiggled and squirmed, she slid down another 2 inches.

Ahsoka: Half way there.

She strained a little more. Rogoe began to help. He pulled her down and she went another 2 inches. He pulled again harder, she barely moved.

Ahsoka: I can't do it.

The crowd began to turn. The cheers turned to jeers. Hondo couldn't lose them now he called his Lt. Turk Falco over to help. Hondo and Turk approached the fucking couple. They each grabbed a leg and yanked. Ahsoka had 18 inches of cock buried. Rogoe grabbed her around the waist, Turk and Hondo helped, they lifted her up all the way to the flare of the cock, and slammed her all the way down again. They did this over and over.

Ahsoka: I'm cuuuming!!!

The three slammed her harder and harder on the cock. Ahsoka jumped off the cock, her juices splashing all three men. Her body began to shake uncontrollably; she began to fall over, then she slammed herself back down onto the cock. This time it slid in easily. She bounced up and down taking it all the way to the balls on each move. She squatted all the way down on the cock than began to wiggle and slide back and forth.

Rogoe wrapped his arms around her and had her stand over him. Only the tip was still impaled into the Togruta. He held her still then began thrusting up into her. His balls slapped against her clit. The thrusts were so mighty each one lifted her into the air. Rogoe than began slamming her up and down as he thrust.
He slammed and bounce her harder with each thrust. The crowd was in a frenzy, they chanted "Harder! Harder!! Harder!!!" with each move.

Ahsoka: I'm cuuumming again, please no more!!!

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. The pounding was relentless and brutal, her cries only caused her to be fucked harder.

Ahsoka: I'm CUUUMMINNG!!!

Ahsoka finally fell limp. She lost consciousness. Her face had a smile that went from ear to ear. Rogoe continued his relentless fucking. Once again the crowd roared their approval. Tt had gone even better than even Hondo had expected.

Rogoe lifted the unconscious Ahsoka off his cock and dropped her on the ground. Turk and Hondo rolled her over and sat her up. They each grabbed a corner of her mouth and opened it as wide as they could. Rogoe shoved the tip of his cock into her mouth and began to stroke it. It only took seconds for him to begin shooting his load down her throat. He kept cumming and cumming. Soon his seed was spilling out of her mouth. Rogoe didn't stop cumming. Ahsoka's chin was covered with his seed. Hondo closed her mouth snd tilted her head back, forcing the cum down her throat.

Finally Rogoe stopped shooting his load, he turned and acknowledged his adoring fans. Hondo and Turk each grabbed an arm and raised them.

Hondo: Thank you, thank you! Please, don't forget to leave a generous tip for our participants. They deserve it! After my 50% cut of course.

Hondo and Turk dragged the still unconscious Ahsoka back into her room. They laid her on the bed and allowed her to sleep.

* * *

Ahsoka awoke hours later. She found Hondo sitting in the room with her. She jumped up and looked for her light saber.

Hondo: Calm down little one. I told you, you would be free to go as soon as the competition was over and I collected my credits.

Ahsoka: You are still going to pay for this. My Master and the Council will not let this go unpunished.

Hondo: Oh, my little one, you do not know what happened. There is no more Council.

Ahsoka: What do you mean?

Hondo: I am sorry. Your Master has attacked the Council. He has killed everyone including the younglings. There is no one left. The separatist have taken over the galaxy.

Ahsoka: You are lying!!!

Hondo: By yourself, of course, you will join me. I fly under the radar.

Ahsoka: Okay, maybe for a while until I figure out a plan.

Hondo: Of course, of course, and you know, the shows must go on. My protection
can't be free.

Ahsoka: I understand.

Hondo: I have plans for an even bigger arena. We can charge double the credits. You can handle a Bantha, no? How about a Taun Taun? We can discuss it.


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