This is product of imagination if you are not of legal age do not read this.

Star Wars - Knights Of The Old Republic: Part 1 (MF,M+F)
by Lord Maverick ([email protected])

After Victory Party Darth Malak is defeated, Sith are scattered and Republic
enjoys in peace. After they have been awarded with highest Republic honor
Side Cross Medal, heroes of Sith War are going on vacation on Manaan. Revan
and Bastilla admited their love to each other and now they are in their cabin
at Ebon Hawk. Although Jedi are not usually involved in relations because
such emotions could lead to the dark side, Revan and Bastilla found their
love strengthening their power in Light. Anyone who met them after Malak's
defeat even if not a Jedi could sense an aura of great power.

In Revan's and Bastilla's cabin the pair are relaxing after their regular

"I'm going to take a shower, care to join me my love?" Bastilla said.

"You bet!!" Revan said and by use of force speed he was out of his clothes
and in the shower before Bastilla could hear his answer.

'I'll never get used to that, that's why I love him, he is full of
surprises,' Bastilla thought.

She was soon out of her clothes and in the shower. Revan embraced her and
gently kissed her on her full lips. She returned the kiss and entered his
mouth with her tounge. They were french kissing for a while when she got on
her knees and grabbed Revan's large 6 dick. Bastilla started to slowly jerk
him of increasing speed until Revan's dick reached maximum size of 10. She
put it in her mouth and started sucking, she used her tongue to tease him
and making him more horny. She managed to take 6 of cock in her mouth, then
slowly inch by inch she had all 10 inches down her throat.

After couple of minutes of deep throating his cock Revan came in her mouth
and Bastilla greedily swallowed his large amount of cum. With a happy
expression on her face she stood up and placed her arms around Revan's neck.

They stared each other in the eyes for a while then Revan said, "My turn, my

He went to his knees before her and she placed one leg on his shoulder.
He inserted a finger in her wet, tight pussy then slowly increased pace.
Bastilla was moaning loudly letting her self go in pleasure. Revan replaced
his finger with his tongue. After a short time of cunt licking Bastilla came.

After they both came they continued french kissing each tasting him/herself
on the others tongue.

* * *

Meanwhile in the main Ebon Hawk's chamber. Mission was playing Pazaak with
Carth while Canderous, Zaalbar, HK-47 were watching. Juhani and Jolee were
occupied with their training so they didn't notice like others Bastilla's
loud moaning.

"They are at it again," Carth said.

"Yeah, they are insatiable," Mission remarked. "You know guys all this
moaning is making me kind a horny, how about we have a party our selves?"
Mission asked.

Guys stood there dumbfounded glancing curious looks Missions way.

"Ah, meatbags." HK-47 said and he left the room.

"I was thinking about this for a long time, if you two won't I sure will
fulfill this horny Twi-Leks wish," Canderous said.

"Yes come here big boy," Mission said.

Canderous put his hands around her waist and grabbed her ass she, horny as
she was started moaning. He lift her on a desk and took her shirt off her
large breast came to the surface extracting moans of approval from Canderous,
Carth and Zaalbar. Canderous took her pants off too. They weren't too
surprised when they found out she wasn't wearing any panties. Soon Carth and
Canderous were out of their clothes. Their cocks were fully erected Carth had
8.5, Canderous 12 and Zaalbar's hairy cock was 19 large.

"Damn! I thought I was well hung but youre something else you furball,"
Canderous said.

'I can't wait to have those cocks in me,' Mission thought.

* * *

Revan and Bastilla were out of the shower. Revan had an instant hard-on while
he was watching Bastilla crossing room her fine ass without a trace of fat
moving with her every step, her large breasts bouncing while she walks. Her
dark hair falling down her back, framing her beautiful face, her beautiful,
blue eyes staring at him her full sexy lips stretched in a seductive smile.

Revan was out of a chair and on her in an instant. He grabbed her in his
strong arms and took her to bed,there he slowly entered her tight pussy with
his large cock his left hand massaging her tit and his right massaging her
great ass, all the time exploring inside of her mouth with his tongue.

Bastilla wrapped her legs around him and helped him enter her harder and
faster with every trust. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure she was
getting from the love of her life. After severeal more trusts Revan pulled
his cock out of her cunt and told Bastilla to get on all fours. He kneeled
behind her and entered her cunt from the rear enjoying the view of her ass
moving while he fucked her good and hard. After several trusts and half a
dozen Bastillas orgasms later he pulled his cock out and rubbed her cunt
juices on her asshole.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned, "Fuck my ass now!"

Revan was more than happy to oblige he slowly entered her ass and fucked her
faster with each trust. Bastilla was in heaven she never had that much
orgasms with each Revan's trust she came. After some time of pounding her ass
he returned his attention to her pussy. After only a short time he came deep
inside her followed by moans, his and hers, but mostly hers.

"That was great my love," she said.

"Yes it was, because you are great my love," Revan replied.

She was soon sleeping in his arms while Revan slowly stroked her hair and
kissed her on her forehead.

'She is so beautiful, in every way,' Revan thought he just continued watching
Bastilla's beautiful naked frame lying beside him.

* * *

Back at the center Ebon Hawk's room things were hot, very hot. Mission was
riding Zaalbar while Canderous pounded her ass and Carth face fucked her
holding her by both her head tails. Mission was already covered in cum and
she wanted more.

'This is absolutely great,' she tought while moaning on Carth's cock which
made him cum instantly filling her mouth and throat with a large amount of
cum. She swallowed it all and then started moaning loudly because there
wasn't a cock to fill her mouth now.

Soon Canderous came too filling her ass with large amounts of his Mandalorian
cum. Mission reached orgasm about two dozen times and she hated to admit it
but she couldn't take no more. But Zaalbar continued to fuck her pussy making
Mission cum with each trust. The wookie came in her pussy, he pulled his cock
out and started spraying his cum all over Mission who licked every drop she
could take her slutty little tongue on.

The four were very exhausted they just lied on Ebon Hawk's floor. Mission
broke the silence (there was silence if you don't count the moan from all for
esspecially from Mission who was never fucked like that before). "We have to
do this again boys how about tomorrow. My pussy and asshole are ready for
your big cocks."

With that said she retired to her quarters where she still covered in cum
dropped to bed. She was exhausted but she was glad and happy. Mission went to
sleep a smile of pure satis faction displayed itself on her beautiful face.

"I didnt know Mission was such a slut?" Carth said.

"Neither did I," Canderous said. "At least we wont be bored anytime soon."

"Lets go to sleep I want to be rested for our tomorrow orgy."

Each of them left to their rooms and right to sleep.

HK-47 just shook his head and said, "Meatbags!" He went to sleep also.

* * *

Revan sensed a disturbance in the force, after a short time of confusion wide
smile apeared on his face. He sensed creation of his children in Bastilla's
womb. Yes children and not a child because Bastilla carried threesomes which
will when born become the most powerful Jedis, even more powerful than their
parents. Still with smile on his face Revan has fallen to sleep with Bastilla
still in his arms.

THE ENDit will comtinue...



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