This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F sex, catfight

Jade vs. Ice! Then the girls have some fun.

Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic: Tales Of The Ebon Hawk Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

It was almost time for their match. Rade' and Vina did the make-up on Jade
and Ice, both were covered with a light covering of scented exotic oil to
make their skin glisten in the light.

"How do you want to do this?" Jade asked.

"Naked, hand to hand and whips," Ice replied, "That's what the fans want to
see. We'll be what everyones thinking of when they go home tonight. When they
make love to their partner. And the holo-vid sales will make us rich."

"Sounds great," Jade smiled.

A brief moment of doubt passed through Jade's mind.

'Do I really want people still watching that when I'm 80?,' Jade thought.

That doubt passed as another replaced it. The thought that people would still
be drooling over her image when she looked like a shriveled up Hutt.

The first match was just ending. Gerlon and Duncan had teamed up, facing 2
off duty Sith troopers. Gerlon and Duncan had easily won using some teamwork.
Hoots, whistles, and even gasps could be heard as Ice and Jade entered the
arena nude.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer cried out, "We have a special feature
match for you tonight! The one you've been waiting for! Special rules are in
place, waivers have been made. The loser of this match suffers not just the
agony of defeat, ha ha. No, the loser of this match suffers public sexual
humiliation for all to see. Special rules, hand to hand and pleasure whips
only! In this corner, the up and coming rising star, the beautiful Mysterious
Stranger! And in this corner, a woman with lust in her heart and ice water in
her veins; you know her, you love her, Ice!"

Ice went right for the wall and a whip just like Jade thought she would.
Jade charged her and got to her just as Ice grabbed one. Jade threw Ice over
her shoulder hoping for a disarm, but Ice rolled with little damage and
maintained control of the whip, forcing Jade to grab one and cartwheel away
from a lash that just missed. Ice caught Jade across both tits almost making
her cum.

Pleasure whips were both a terrible and wonderful weapon. It was an energy
rather than a hide whip. It stung like a bullwhip, yet left no marks and
oddly enough, for all the pain, felt pleasurable to the females of most human
and humanoid species. Mandalorian, Enchani, human, Chiss, Twi'lek, Balosar,
Devish, Falleen, and Togruta females were especially sensitive. When taking
human form shapechanging Clawdite females also became lovers of pleasure

Jade knew she couldn't take too many hits like that without giving up and
begging for more. She rolled under the next strike by Ice and with an
accurate strike landed a score on Ice's wrist causing her to yelp in pain
dropping her whip. Jade's next strike wrapped around both of Ice's feet.
Jade yanked her down. Ice freed her feet, but Jade was on top of her. Jade
tied her wrists together and started roughly slapping and kneading Ice's
big tits.

Ice loved the cruel tit torture, but she wasn't ready to give up yet. She
managed to push Jade off of her. Jade grabbed the other whip and cracked it
cross both of Ice's tits almost making her cum. Ice tried to roll away,
taking a lash on her ass, then a second lash on her ass. Ice shuddered as
she came. The pleasure whip was truly a terrible weapon as Jade landed 5
more on her ass giving her a second orgasm.

"Give up bitch!" Jade ordered.

"Nooooooo!" Ice desperately cried out as her body betrayed her.

Jade yanked Ice up by her hair and punched her in the stomach, then a second
punch into her pussy making her cum again. Pushing her down Jade stepped on
her pussy firmly grinding her foot down. Despite herself Ice was enjoying it.
She was meeting a stronger woman and she wanted desperately to submit. Jade
lashed Ice across the tits, then twice more and Ice again orgasmed. Her legs
were rubber as Jade sat down on her stomach and again mauled her big titties.
Ice had little resistance left.

"You're beaten slut!" Jade laughed, "Let's show everyone what a dyke whore
you are!"

"No! No, please," Ice begged as Jade spread her legs wide, showing the whole
crowd how wet Ice was.

"Now, lick my asshole slave," Jade smiled, "Your rules. I think I'll spank
your pussy!"

Ice was totally beaten and eagerly licked Jade's pretty asshole. Jade
spanked her pussy, making her cum again. Ice licked all around Jade's anus,
then probed inside as deep as she could. Ice loved the tangy taste of girl
asshole. Jade moaned, she loved being rimmed an Ice was an expert. Jade
couldn't hold out long and she quickly came. Ice lapped up Jade's pussy

Because we'll have more fun later at the orgy, I'm not going to work you over
like you'd do me," Jade whispered to Ice," But I'm going to fuck you with
your own strap-on!"

"Oh no, no," Ice moaned.

Jade strapped on the cruel dildo. It had 2 10" long metal cocks that would
also shoot mild electricity into the pussy and ass of the victim. The user
also got electrical stimulation so as to also cum. Forcing Ice to her hands
and knees, Jade put a little lube on the anal dildo. Ice's pussy was dripping
and ready, no need for anything there. Ice gasped as Jade penetrated her. Ice
then submissively took her fucking.

"Tell everyone what a good slut you are," Jade ordered.

"I'm a slut! I'm a slut!" Ice obeyed.

"You love this don't you slut," Jade said, pumping Ice good.

"Yes! Yes!" Ice was crying in mingled pleasure and pain, "Please, fuck me!"

"Scream bitch, scream," Jade ordered as her own orgasm built and she fucked
Ice harder and faster.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Ice screamed as she came.

"Aaaahhhhhh," Jade cried as she also orgasmed.

For a couple of minutes the 2 women seemed motionless but then Jade stood,
bowed to the crowd and made Ice lick the strap-on, then kiss her feet.

"It's over, and Ice is now the slave of the Mysterious Stranger," the
announcer called out, "But how will she fare against the veteran Marl in
a real fight!"

* * *

"(Would have liked a longer fight)," Ajuur said as Jade collected her
winnings, "(But I made lots of money so I can't complain)."

Marl made quick work of the Iridorian. Jade knew she was going to have an
uphill battle if she fought him. She and Ice had dressed and left with Rade'
and Vina, leaving Carth nothing to do but return to their apartment. More
than once Carth thought about just taking off, striking out on his own. But
then reason returned and the stunning fact of the matter was, that without
Jade he wasn't getting off this planet alive.

Everything Jade did was for a reason, even going to this 'party' of hers.
Carth had seen more than his fair share of campaigns, and the fact that he
was dependant on a cadet was bruisng his ego. The simple fact was that Jade
was 3 steps ahead of him. She was 'thinking outside the box' as maverick
officers were said to do. Most failed, but some, like Reven, were known to

Jade, Ice, Rade', and Vina met Sarna and Dia outside of 'Droid's by Janice'.
Jade was surprised to learn that Dia actually had the apartment next to the
one she and Carth were using. After some polite cheek kissing they entered
the Droid shop. Janice Nall was a beautiful busty green Twi'lek. After
greeting kisses she led them back to her 'playroom'. Numeous whips and
restraints lined the walls, an oversized bed, big enough for 10 was in the

"Now, I have a surprise for all of you," Janice said, opening the opposite
door she led in a pretty young blue Twi'lek girl, "This is Mission Vao, she
also goes by Missy, she's 17, and she wants to join our group."

"Hi," Mission shyly waved.

Jade had to admit that she was quite taken by Mission. The girl was pretty,
even by Twi'lek standards which were pretty high. A little thin, and not as
busty as most Twi'lek girls her age actually enhanced her beauty.

"Now, Mission is a street girl, and we met a couple years ago when she sold
me some droid parts," Janice continued, "As most of you know I have almost
perfected the most sophisticated HRD ever developed. When finished she will
be the perfect combination of soldier, protocal, and sex droid. And, most
important of all, she will be a true A.I."

"The Sith and Republic have both tried HRD's," Sarna said, "No luck as they
have been clumsy and easy to spot."

Janice just smiled. Like most breakthroughs it had been sheer accident. She
had stumbled into a new type of liquid metal, not toxic like Mercury or
others, nor was it nearly as vulnerable to extreme tempatures of heat and
cold. By combining it with human D.N.A. and a new type of emotion chip her
creation, designated HRDT-X, looked and felt human. Skin, hair, blood, sweat,
even sexual secretions were exactly human.

HRDT-X could feel pain, enjoy sex, had independant thought. As a bonus she
was even 100% lesbian. But she wasn't quite ready. Janice needed a power
source. One she could only get inside the Sith base. Unfortunately neither
Sarna or Dia were high enough in rank to get anywhere near the device; an
'Ion Capacitor MK IV'. Janice was brought back from her musing as the other
girls were greeting Mission.

"Before we start and you get into this Mission, you need to know exactly what
you're getting into," Ice said, "Our group is not just about lesbian sex,
we're also into whipping, pain, bondage, sexual torture."

"And we will fuck you with fingers and devices in both your pussy and ass,"
Rade' said.

"You will be licking and sucking tits, toes, assholes, pussy," Vina

"If you don't think you can do any of these things this is your chance to
back out," Janice said.

"I-I want it," Mission said, nervous, but visibly excited, "I want it all.
Whipping, fucking, everything. I want to be a lesbian sex slut."
_ _ _

End of chapter 3.

Cut short due to weather/the midwest flood. Hasn't got me yet, but I have to
watch it.


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