This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Star Wars - Episode 2: Nasty on Naboo (MF, F-best)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Every since Zam Wesell's assassination attempt on her life Padme's movements
were tightly monitored by the Jedi council and she was put under Anakin's
watch for safekeeping. It was decided that Padme would return to Naboo with
Anakin at her side while Obi-Wan continued his investigation in search of who
was responsible in hiring Zam. Dorme would stay on Coruscant in disguise as
Padme while she was away.

As Anakin, Padme, and R2-D2 walked towards the large passenger freighter
Obi-Wan and Captain Typho watched them disappear with uneasiness.

"I do hope he doesn't try anything foolish," Obi-Wan commented.

"I'd be more concerned about her doing something than him," Captain Typho

* * *

On board the ship Padme and Anakin sat talking as they ate.

"Must be difficult, having sworn your life to the Jedi not being able to
visit the places you like or do the things you like."

"Or be with the people that I love."

"Are you allowed to love? I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi."

"Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would
define as unconditional love is central to a Jedi's life. So you might say
that we are encouraged to love."

"You've changed so much."

"Ah, you haven't changed a bit. You're exactly the way I remember you in my

As Anakin spoke those words Padme looked into his eyes with uneasiness.
Ever since their reuniting on Coruscant Padme's feelings were starting to
play with her. She couldn't explain then, but as she mulled over Anakin's
words she realized her feelings for him were more than just protector and
friend. Padme looked away as the word "love" finally entered into her
vocabulary with Anakin.

Anakin sighed to himself as Padme's eyes diverted elsewhere. He loved her
and she loved him. He could see it in Padme's eyes. Anakin was starting to
get a bit frustrated with Padme's inability or unwillingness to accept and
admit her feelings for him to herself or to him.

* * *

Anakin and Padme met with the queen and her council to discuss the
separatists and the possibility for a war. As it dragged on both became
distracted with their own feelings for each other. Nothing came of the
meeting other than a hope for a peaceful end. As the meeting broke up Queen
Jamilla inquired about Padme's plans for keeping safe.

"I was thinking--"

"Hold on a minute," Anakin interrupted.

"Excuse me," Padme replied looking at Anakin. "I was thinking I would stay
in the lake country. There are some places up there that are very isolated."

"Excuse me. I'm in charge of security here, milady."

"And this is my home. I know it very well. That is why we're here. I think
it would be wise if you took advantage of my knowledge in this instance."

"Sorry, milady." Anakin was starting to get frustrated with many things.
Padme and Anakin stared at each other for a moment as if to argue in silence
over who was right and wrong and what was to be done.

"Perfect. It's settled, then," Queen Jamilla said as they left the council

* * *

Anakin helped Padme from the boat to the dock and they walked across the
patio overlooking the lake.

"We used to come here for school retreat," Padme began, "We would swim to
that island every day. I love the water. We used to lie out on the sand and
the let the sun dry us and try to guess the names of the birds singing."

The couple stopped at the railing and Padme looked across the water while
Anakin looked down.

"I don't like the sand. It's course and rough and irritating and it gets
everywhere. Not like here." Anakin looked at Padme and their eyes met.
"Here, everything is soft and smooth."

Anakin's hand touched Padme's hand before moving to her back. He touched
the backside of his hand to her back. They stared at each other looking
deep into each other's eyes. Anakin's hands move down and grasped Padme's
hands. Anakin and Padme leaned towards each other almost drawn to the
other and their lips pressed together. As they kissed Padme felt a rush
surge through her body and it scared her. She suddenly pulled back.

"No. I shouldn't have done that."

"I'm sorry," Anakin apologized.

* * *

The nude senator and Jedi stood in front of each other in Padme's plush

"I love you Anakin Skywalker," Padme whispered in his ear licking it.

"I love you too milady," He whispered back.

"Please Ani you mustn't be so formal." Padme pressed her lips to Anakin's
kissing him. She felt him reach behind her and grope her ass.

Padme pulled her face back and lowered to her knees. She took hold of
Anakin's dick at the base and began to slowly moved her hand back and forth
jerking him off. His prick twitched and grew at each stroke and Anakin
nearly blew his load when Padme wrapped her lips around his member. Her
tongue slithered along the bottom of his shaft wrapping around it from time
to time. Anakin moaned as Padme continued to suck on his crotch. She
pulled his dick from her mouth stroking it for a moment as she tongued his
balls licking them up and down gently sucking on them in her mouth. Anakin's
cock jumped and Padme grinned as small amount of jism leapt from Anakin and
hit her cheek. Padme cleaned it off with her finger and licked her finger
clean standing up.

They embraced each other's bodies Padme kissing Anakin on the chest. They
kissed again and fell to Padme's bed still in each other's arms. With Padme
on her back the couple smiled at each other. Padme spread her legs and
Anakin could see her wet pussy. He dove down between her thighs and spread
her cuntal lips. Anakin began gently sliding his tongue up and down her
slit small moans of delight leaving Padme's mouth at each pass. Padme's
clit began to swell and tingle and she bucked her hips at every flick of
Anakin's tongue. His body began to surge with excitement as girl juice
began to flow from Padme's cunt.

Standing up Anakin grabbed Padme by the hips and slowly slid his prick into
her twat. Padme gasped as she felt her lower body get penetrated by the Jedi.
Anakin's prick was large, but he was neither rough nor hard with Padme and it
slid in with little pain. Padme's breasts began to heave up and down as her
breathing quickened. As he continued to thrust his hips towards her Anakin
leaned forward taking Padme's breasts in his hands. He rolled the mounds
over in his hands gently massaging and squeezing them. Padme gasped as Anakin
twisted her nipples between his fingers.

Anakin stood back up and placed his hands back on Padme's hips. She took her
tits into her hands and played with them. She pushed them towards her face
licking her nipples as her body jiggled with each of Anakin's thrusts. Padme
cried out her hands clenching the sheets as Anakin furiously pumped his dick
into her pussy with his balls slapping against her ass. With one last charge
Anakin drove his dick deep into Padme's wet box as he orgasmed. Anakin's cock
pulsed with energy as shot after shot of his sperm squirted into Padme's twat
splashing down inside. With his cock deflated Anakin pulled out of Padme and
fell next to her on the bed. There they cuddled falling asleep in each
other's arms, their naked bodies pressed together.

Padme awoke with a start. She looked around her room. She was alone in her
bed and still clothed. Her body was warm with sweat and reaching down between
her legs she found her panties to be soaked. Other than that everything was

"Just a dream," Padme thought as she laid in bed though she couldn't help
but think about what it meant. Anakin was the first person she had a sex
dream about, and though she might have indicated otherwise when they were
kissing on the patio she felt excited and happy inside.

Padme's mind was full and she couldn't sleep so she did the one thing that
used to help her think about things when she was a young girl growing up on
Naboo. She put on a robe over the nightgown she was wearing and snuck out
to the fields near her house with the shaaks roamed. The animals were a
peaceful creature when left alone and they always brought an inner peace
and easiness to Padme whenever she watched them.

She sat down on the same rock she always did whenever she went to the fields.
At this time of night the shaak were all sleeping, but the few Padme could
see in the moonlight she watched anyways. She sat on the rock for almost
half an hour and still nowhere near coming to terms with her feelings or the
dream she just had Padme stood up to go back to the house. Turning to walk
away she heard the loud snort of one of the shaak.

On a not too distant piece of grass she spied one that had been sleeping
alone start to rile and wake up. She started walking towards it and got to
it before it was fully awake. Padme immediately recognized the creature. It
was a shaak she fondly named Sioy when she was growing up. The eldest of the
shaak now on the field Sioy had quickly taken to Padme and would play with
her taking her for rides whenever she was in the field. Now both were much
older though they were still friends even if they hardly saw each other now.

"It's been a long time Sioy, hasn't it?" Padme asked it petting it on the
head. It snorted softly almost purring and rubbed against her body showing
it's affection. "Thanks, you've always been my favorite." Sioy snorted again.

"I really wish I could talk to you right now. Anakin loves me and I love him,
or at least I think I do. I've never truly loved anyone, and right now my
feelings confuse me."

Padme looked at Sioy in surprise as it lowered to its knees.

"What's wrong?" Padme asked.

Sioy snorted twice.

"You want me to get on?"

Sioy snorted again.

"I really don't think I'm dressed for this, but alright."

Padme carefully climbed onto the back of the shaak and held on tight as it
started to rumble around the field. Padme laughed out loud because for the
moment she forgot her problems and was a child again even if for a brief
moment. Grinning and still giggling Padme climbed from the shaak when it
came to a stop. As she lowered herself to the ground her leg swung underneath
Sioy's belly striking something fleshy. Sioy reared up grunting and Padme
fell to the ground.

Sitting up she saw what happened. The shaak's cock was hanging out of its
sheath and she had accidentally kicked it climbing off its back. Sioy calmed
down after a few minutes and Padme apologized rubbing its belly.

"I'm so sorry Sioy that was an accident. You know that right?" Sioy snorted
calmly and stood in place quietly.

Convinced the shaak was ok Padme started walking back towards her house. She
didn't get far before the creature started running after her. Padme turned
and looked it and started walking again. The shaak started following her
again. Padme turned back around looking at Sioy.

"What's wrong boy?" She whispered patting it on the head. The creature
whinnied a bit, but did nothing else. Padme started to walk again looking
back as she did and saw the creature take a few steps to follow her. She
looked down and saw the shaak's fully extended penis.

"That was one time long ago Sioy. We can't do that now," Padme sighed.

Sioy fell to the ground on its side and started crying. The sound was very
high and traveled through the air with ease. Padme gave in and got on the
ground next to the creature.

"You're bad you know that?" Padme rhetorically asked the creature. "I'm only
doing this because you were always around for me."

Padme took the shaak cock in her hands wiping the few blades of grass the
got on it when it touched ground. When she finished cleaning it Padme took
the massive nine inches in both hands and began to stroke it back and forth.
She could feel it almost vibrate with each stroke and she watched as the head
of the prick grew larger and rounder with each pass on the shaft.

Padme leaned over licking her tongue across the bulging cockhead of the
shaak. With the shaft pulsing in her hand Padme wrapped her lips around
Sioy's prick. Slowly pushing her head forward inching the massive member
into her mouth Padme took in all nine inches of the creature deep-throating
it. She pulled her head back wrapping her tongue along the massive stick
slickening it with her slobber.

Padme stood up removing her robe and nightgown and set them off to the side.
She pet Sioy on the head asking him to stand up and he did. Then she climbed
back up the shaak holding the base of it's dick one hand and sliding her
other hand down between her legs. Padme took the creature back into her mouth
sucking wildly as her fingers slid down between her legs pushing her cuntal
lips apart. The shaak began to slowly rock back and forth pushing its prick
down Padme's throat.

As the shaak pressed against the back of her mouth Padme pushed two fingers
into her pussy. Still wet from her dream Padme's fingers were quickly
slickened by her girl cum. Padme began to dig her fingers deeper and harder
into her cunt as Sioy's cock started to slide easily in and out of her mouth
and down her throat. With one last push into her mouth by the shaak Padme
pulled it's dick out and licked her drenched fingers clean.

She turned over onto her hands and knees and raised her ass into the air.
Guiding the large sex organ with one hand Padme pushed Sioy's tip between her
cuntal lips. She bit her lip and gritted her teeth as the nine inches of the
shaak slowly squirmed inside her. Padme was hurting as the creature bottomed
out in her and felt some relief as it started to pull out. She couldn't
remember how she managed fuck the Sioy the first time and get through it.

Padme's body started to split again as the shaak engorged itself back into
her cunt. As the creature bottomed out again she felt something spit out of
its cock. It was too small a load to be semen, but it was just as sticky and
warm. The shaak continued to pound Padme's cunt and with each thrust Padme's
box seemed to get a little more flexible and stretch a little easier. With
it's mating partner more relaxed and at ease Sioy began to furiously drive
it's dick hard into Padme's twat. It let off snorts and grunts as it drove
deep into the senator and Padme started to moan excitedly driving her hips
towards the shaak.

The massive thrusting of the shaak dick in her became too much for Padme.
She screamed loudly as her cunt closed around the beefy stick inside of her.
Padme's body heaved and shook and her floodgates open spilling her sweet
pussy juices all over the place. As Padme's orgasm was ending Sioy's was
just beginning. The shaak lunged deep into Padme's pussy pushing her to
the ground. There it pinned her until it's dick had exhausted itself and
deposited all of it's cum into her pussy.

Slowly the shaak rose and Padme slid off of it rolling out of the way.
She sat up for a moment with her arms around her knees and watched as Sioy
circled around a bit before lowering to the ground and sleeping. Moving her
hands to push herself up Padme noticed the shaak cum starting to spill from
her cuntal lips. She picked up her robe and nightgown and made her way to
the lake right outside the house. Dipping into the clear clean water she
cleaned herself waiting a bit to let the wind dry her body. She redressed
and headed back inside the house finding her sleeping Jedi guardian.

"Anakin," Padme whispered shaking him. "Anakin wake up."


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