Star Wars: Episode 2 - Lust Of A Jedi Part 1 (F/droid,mast,fist)
by Huge Saber ([email protected])

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.....

There is unrest in the galactic senate. Several thousand solar systems have
declared their intentions to leave the Republic. This separist movement,
under the leadership of the mysterious Count Dooku, has made it difficult
for the number of Jedi Knights to maintain order in the galaxy. Senator
Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo is returning to the galactic senate to
vote on the critical issue of creating an endless line of beautiful women to
be used as sex objects for the overwhelmed jedi....

Padme hated the cramped cockpit of the Naboo N-1 starfighter, she would much
rather have travelled in the luxury of her Royal Starship. She was beginning
to tire of her personal bodyguard's attention to detail when it came to
protection. Captain Typho insisted maximum precautions were necessary when
travelling to Coruscant. Padme considered it to be far too over protective,
nobody had attempted to assassinate her since she had given up her title as

Her thoughts drifted back into reality as her starfighter dropped out of
hyperspace and the large luminous shape of Corsucant filled her viewing
screen. She switched off the navi-comp and headed into the planets
atmosphere, closely followed by another N-1 and her Royal Starship.

They set down on a landing platform near the chancellor's office, things
seemed to be going to plan. Padme opened the cockpit and clambered down onto
the platform where she was greeted by Captain Typho. "We made it," smiled her
bodyguard as Padme's double begun her descent from the Royal Starship, "It
looks like I was wrong there was no danger at all." No sooner than the words
escaped his mouth came a rip-roaring explosion from the belly of the
starship, killing most of the occupants and sending Padme's double flying

"Corde!" Padme screamed and ran towards the fragmented ruins of the ship,
amongst a group of charred bodies lay Corde, dressed in senator's attire.

"I'm sorry m'lady....I'm not sure...I failed you Senator." A tear streamed
down Padme's face as her bodyguard fell limp in her arms.

"Senator - you're still in danger, now come," growled Captain Typho.

Later, Senator Amidala, Captain Typho and the rest of the loyalist committee
arrive at the office of supreme Chancellor Palpatine where they are greeted
by several members of the Jedi Council, including the wisest of them all,
Master Yoda.

"Padme, your tragedy at the landing platform, terrible. Seeing you alive
brings warm feelings to my heart"

"Thank you, Master Yoda. Do you have any idea who was behind this attack?"

Mace Windu steps forward, "Our intelligence points to disgruntled spice
miners on the moons of Naboo."

Padme frowns and offers her own opinion. "I believe Count Dooku was behind

The Jedi quickley leap to the defence of someone who was once one of their
own, but Yoda remains open with his thoughts. "But the fact remains for
certain Senator, in grave danger you are."

The Chancellor then takes up the opportunity to voice his own opinion.
"Master Jedi, may I suggest that the Senator be placed under the protection
of your graces, I realise all to well that additional security may be
disruptive for you - but perhaps someone you are familiar with, an old friend
like Master Kenobi?"

Up until now Padme had been adverse to the idea of more security, but having
a Jedi around her, especially a Jedi Master gave her fond memories of her
time with Qui-Gon Jinn. She would never forget the tricks Jedi can perform
with lightsabers.

"That's possible, he's just returned from a border dispute on Ansion," added
Mace. Senator Amidala nods in approval then turns to leave. Her own personal
Jedi? She wondered if it would be as easy to seduce Obi-Wan as it was his

* * *

Padme's eyes lit up when two jedi were presented before her. The sight of
Obi-Wan's lightsaber, hitched to his belt, sent shivers down her spine. "It's
a pleasure to see you again, M'lady" smiled Obi-Wan.

"Annie!? My goodness you've grown," smiled Padme, impressed with his muscular

"So have you....grown more beautiful I mean.....for a senator I mean," said
Anakin Skywalker, stumbling over his words. Padme could sense the attraction.
He would be no problem seducing.

"Our presence will be invisible M'Lady, I can assure you" said Obi-Wan.

"I have great confidence in you Master Kenobi, perhaps with merely your
presenence the mysteries surrounding this threat will be revealed, now if
you will excuse me, I will retire."

Anakin watched in fascination as Padme left, "Anakin, you stay guard outside
Senator Amidalas quarters, I'll see what the security is like downstairs,"
ordered Obi-Wan. In other words, Obi-Wan was going to get a drink.

Anakin smiled, "Of course, Master."

Anakin found meditation one of the hardest parts of his Jedi training, it
required freedom of the mind and lots of patience. Two qualities Anakin was
lacking. He needed to learn patience, saber skills and telekinesis was one
thing, but after mastering the powers of mind control he would be able to
persuade people with merely a wave of his hand. This was no good, he was
letting his mind wonder again. But he was finding it increasingly difficult
to concentrate when his own lustful feelings for Padme were clouding his

Master Obi-Wan had ordered him to stand guard outside Padme's quarters, but
the Senator had blanked out all the cameras. She didn't want Anakin prying
on her, she was unaware of how finely attuned Anakin's skills were. She must
have been oblivious to the fact that Anakin could sense everything going on
in her room.

Anakin frowned, that was odd, Anakin could detect some sign of sexual
activity coming from inside Padme's room. Was this just Anakin's sexual
fantasies coming into play, it wouldn't be the first time his feelings had
played tricks on him. It was true he had immensely strong feelings for the
Senator - could it be those feelings that are providing him with false

Anakin stretched out with the force, he was shocked by the potency of this
emotion. Master Yoda had often spoke about how strong emotions were, fear,
anger, hate...all lead to the dark side, all were extremely powerful. But
this was different, this was stronger still.

Anakin probed around the room. This wasn't intruding was it? He was just
using the force to make sure Padme was not in any danger. Anakin smiled, why
lie to yourself? He focused on Padmes bed, he could feel her presence.

* * *

Padme hadn't masturbated for days, she had spent days arguing over this new
army for the Republic. She had had no time to tend to her sexual desires,
and now she could release all that built up sexual tension.

She relaxed her muscles and let herself sink deep into her bed, her hand
slid up and down her leg, stroking along the sexy curvations of her body.
She worked her hand into her skin, massaging her aches and pains letting her
fingers linger for a second or two longer near her pubic region. She knew
she needed release, keeping herself from this was torture in itself. Padme
let her nimble fingers trace along the edge of her cunt, occasionally
spreading the lips for a second to let a small trace of juice dribble onto
her finger. Wet already, had it really been this long? Not wishing to let
the torment continue any longer Padme indulged in herself and let her
fingers be consumed by her hungry, sex starved pussy.

"Mmmmm....oh......finally," purred the ex-Queen as she buried her finger
deep within her. She gradually increased the tempo, sliding her finger in
further each time. Occasionally she'd slide her finger from her pouring
cunt and let her juices drip onto her tongue, where she'd swish them around
inside her mouth before greedily devouring every drop. She loved the taste
of herself, and it made her even hornier. Everytime she paused to suck her
finger her pussy would throb madly, begging for attention.

* * *

If there was one thing Anakin lacked, it was self control. Master Obi-Wan
had often called him arrogant, to brash for his own good. This really wasn't
his fault though, a beautiful young women was masturbating in the next room,
how could he not be turned on. Jedi or not, he was human. Anakin slid his
trousers down and released his cock. Although it was considered a dark side
trait, Jedi's could use the force to expand the length of their manhood,
increasing length, volume and sperm count dramatically. Anakin's
midi-chlorian (sperm) count was abnormally high, even higher than Master
Yoda's. This allowed him to release bucket loads of cum on orgasm. However,
Master Obi-Wan had instructed Anakin to be careful when he masturbated, it
was not unusual for Anakin to shoot his load 10ft in any direction. A skill
unmatched by any Jedi on the council.

But the young padawan could not help himself now. His command of the Force
had grown stronger, his training had evolved. His cock could grow to almost
16 inchs. He was the envy of every man alive. With his trousers around his
ankles Anakin was wildly pumping his cock, all his feelings were concentrated
on Padme. He could almost feel her pussy clenching around him.

* * *

Inside Padme was moaning relentlessly, engrossed in the pleasure she was
receiving. Her hands were soaking wet and she was literally bathing in her
own juices. Her own made lubrication was making it easy to finger herself.
But she needed something inside her, and she needed it fast.

"R2.....Oh.....god...yes.........Oh......R2, get over here!" Chirping into
response, the tiny asteromech rolled over to Padmes assistance. "R2, I need
that Stokhli Spray Stick you picked up on Manress," said Padme, taking a
brief break from her assault on her pussy.

Stokhli spray sticks are well known weapons for hunting gundarks, R2 always
kept one in a small compartment in case Padme needed a hand to hand weapon
for combat. The small droid whirred into action and a long thin metallic
cylinder extruded from a small gap just below Artoo's main sensor. Padme
spun around onto her front and supported her body, raising her perfect ass
in the air towards the droid.

Padme was unsure as to how much R2 knew about sexual advances, after all a
droid was not programmed to pleasure a senator. "Artoo - set the stick for
stun, I don't want any injuries - ok, when I say, I want you to trigger the
firing device and stun me, do you understand?" breathed Padme. R2 whirred a
response. "Good" sighed Padme, "But first I need you to fuck me with it."
Padme didn't expect the droid to understand but she was overcome by surprise
when R2 drove forward and extended the stick deep into Padmes ass. "That's
the wrong ho....mmmmmm," began Padme as R2 began to steadily thrust the metal
cylinder in and out of Padmes gaping ass hole. "Shit...I never knew you had
it in you, R2," grunted Padme. "Oh Yessss.....Yessss!!" R2 increased his
thrusts, noticing that the harder and stronger they were, the more Padme got
out of them. "Oh god....Oh god!!"

Padme was on all fours, in a totally submissive doggy-style position. She'd
hate to admit it but this was the best feeling she'd ever, she only wished
she had discovered Artoo's talent earlier. All those lonely nights on Naboo
could have been filled with endless sexual fantasies being re-inacted.
Occasionally she would get Corde or Sabe to eat out her cunt in the days
when she was Queen. But this was much better.

"Mmmmmmmm....R2....I can feel it inside me, I'm gonna cum soon...mmmmm,
R2!!!" Padme pushed her ass back against R2, the long spike forcing itself
deep into her. "Pleaseee....take me R2!!!" screamed Padme. "Harder....
Harder!!!" she yelled.

Padme's cunt sucked in Artoo's false prick. She was pounding her cunt with
her finger, then two fingers and then she threw her whole fist up her cunt,
punching her most sensitive region, feeling the orgasm in it's earliest

"I'm cummmmmmming R2!!!!!......" screamed Padme, arching her back and
spraying the droid with her juices. R2 wirred with excitement and spurted a
thick liquid ray from the Stockhli Spray Stick, that shot up Padme's anus
and forced her to collapse on the floor in a withering mess. Padme lay still
and unconscious, her suffering ass hole throbbing from the intensity of the

* * *

Meanwhile Anakin could hold on no longer, he was about to cum. He couldn't
stop it, but he couldn't cum here!! He quickly ran over to the balcony
clenching his pulsating cock and with a final grunt released his thick
creamy jism over the edge, pouring down on the people of Coruscant.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Anakin sighed after he shot three more wads 6ft in the air. He
felt Master Obi-Wan's presence returning and quickly re-dressed. He pretended
to meditate when his master arrived.

"Captain Typho has more than enough men downstairs. No assassin will try that
way. Any activity up here?"

"Quiet as a tomb," smiled Anakin.

To be continued......


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