Star Wars - Episode 1: Part 3 - Educating Padme (Ff)
By Fmail

A fierce desert storm was beginning to brew in the town of Mos Espa on the
planet known as Tatooine. A young slave boy named Anakin Skywalker had
brought a small group of travelers into the slave quarters he shared with
his mother, Shmi, in order to shield them from the storm. It was a strange
bunch - an older man with long hair, a strange alien from an undetermined
planet, an astromech droid, and a young girl. Unknown to Anakin, the girl
named "Padme" was actually Queen Amidala of the planet Naboo in disguise.
The small group was trying to get repair parts for the hyperdrive on their
starship, but that would have to wait until the next day when the storm
had subsided.

Amidala also had a secondary agenda. Her handmaiden Sabe had just introduced
her to the possible pleasures of her emerging womanhood. This was soon
followed by a failed attempt at further sexual discovery with Rabe, another
royal handmaiden. At Sabe's suggestion, Amidala had accompanied the others,
still in disguise of course, to see what new delights she could experience
on this world. But now she was stuck in a slave dwelling for the night. What
could she possibly experience here? The boy, Anakin, was cute and there was
something special about him that intrigued her. Even though he was but five
years younger than she, he was much to young for the kind of doings that
Amidala had in mind. The boy's mother, Shmi, was kind and sweet but quite a
bit older than Amidala. She looked to be at least forty standard years.
Amidala doubted that she would get any assistance from this woman either,
but she was here to repair her ship after all. Any sexual release would
sadly have to wait until later.

Padme had just been introduced to the protocol droid that Anakin had
constructed from old parts. He seemed eager to impress Padme with his
handiwork. Padme suspected that he might have a slight crush on her. While
the talky droid was busy communicating with her astromech droid, Padme
scanned some of the other bizarre looking contraptions in Anakin's room.
A strange looking metallic rod caught her eye. It was a black shaft about
the length of her forearm that had shallow grooves, which ran down its
length. It seemed unusual enough to her, so as to spark her curiosity.
"What's this thing here?"

Anakin enthusiastically answered, "It's something I built for my mom. She
uses it for food preparation. It's basically a modified low energy repulsor
field generator. It quickly turns the field on and off to generate a small
pulsating repulsor field around its shaft that can generate enough kinetic
energy to break down hardened foods into more something more edible. I've
never actually seen her use it, but she says it works great and saves her
a lot of time. For some reason, mom keeps it in her bedroom and not the
kitchen. When she asked me to build it she said something about it getting
lonely in the desert which I didn't really understand."

Padme had a sneaking suspicion about the device. "What's it doing it in here
then?" she asked.

"I've been improving it. It used to need a separate power supply that would
have to plug into the end. Mom said that it made it too difficult to use. So
I found this mini power supply at Watto's shop. I've attached it at the end
to make it completely portable."

Padme took note of the power supply. It was thicker than rest of the shaft
to which it was attached. "How do you turn it on?"

"There's a switch on the power supply - right here. It has different power
levels you can switch it to. The harder the food, the higher the setting
needs to be. Would you like to see what it feels like?" Anakin picked up
the device and held it out for Padme to touch.

"Is it safe?" Padme asked.

"Of course. The intensity of the repulsor field is very small. Nowhere near
that of a binary load lifter much less a swoop bike. Just as long as we
don't turn the power setting up too much because I still haven't finished
calibrating the output," Anakin replied.

Padme put her hands around the end of shaft while Anakin held onto the power
supply base. He turned on the switch. She felt the warm pulsations of the
repulsor field push against her hands. It felt very unusual, somewhat bristly
on her palms. She moved her hands along the length of the shaft and ran her
thumb over the tip, which was somewhat bigger than the rest of the shaft.
Padme moved her head closer towards the object. Her suspicions were confirmed
by the remnant scent on the device. It was reminiscent of when she had her
head buried in between Sabe's lovely legs. Padme felt the sensation in her
hands grow as Anakin gradually turned up the power. "That's about as high as
you'll want to take it until I finish the calibrations." Padme felt a bit of
disappointment as he switched off the power.

"You're a very clever boy. Your mother must be very proud of you, Anakin."
Padme smirked.

"Well, I suppose..."

"Anakin," said Shmi now standing in the doorway. She looked on at her son and
Padme holding the black metal shaft in their hands. "I need you to run down
to the rations supply so I will have something for your friends to eat."

"Alright, mom. I'll have to show you the rest of my inventions later." Anakin
put the device back on the shelf with the others.

* * *

After dinner, Shmi invited Padme to sleep in her room. Jar Jar slept out in
the kitchen area while Qui-Gon retired to Shmi's work area where she cleaned
technical parts. Shmi offered to sleep on the floor while Padme slept on her
usual bed. Padme tried to refuse but Shmi wouldn't hear of it.

Padme lay in the bed for a while unable to fall asleep. She found it
strangely difficult to go to sleep after such an exhausting day. Between the
incursion on her planet and her newfound interest, there was too much on her
mind. Perhaps if she could just achieve the sexual release that she had been
denied when with Rabe, then she would be able to sleep. She looked down to
where Shmi lay. She appeared to be sound asleep on the floor. Perhaps, Padme
could bring contentment to herself without needing anyone to assist.

Upon the bed, Padme moved her hands down underneath her pants and between her
legs. She quickly found her fleshy lips there and began to rub them gently.
She carefully pushed two of her fingers inside hoping to find gratification.
Until now, her opening had only been breached by Sabe's special astromech
attachment. She had never before pleasured herself in this way. With her free
hand she searched to find her special nub of skin that made its home beneath
her lips. Sabe's special spot had brought her grand pleasure from the fake
handmaiden's tongue. Padme found her own tiny protrusion. It felt soft and
smooth. She began tracing her fingers around it edges.

Propelling her fingers in and out of her warm tunnel, Padme continued to
orbit her tender protuberance. She felt the lubricating juices begin to flow.
Her submerged fingers were now slick from own sexual juices. Her digits slid
out far enough to moisten her outer lips. She felt the pleasure slowly but
surely increasing. Her eyes remained tightly closed so that she could
concentrate on the task at hand.

Padme had reached a point that she could not seem to move past. She could
not attain the culmination like she had with the vibrating droid attachment
inserted from behind. No matter how hard she concentrated, she could not
reach the same apex once more. In frustration, Padme pulled her hands out
from under pants. It looked as if she would have to go to sleep unfulfilled.

A thought had been brewing in the back of Padme's mind. If the device that
Anakin had shown her before was really meant for what she thought it was,
then it could certainly aid her right now. But could she get the piece of
equipment without anyone waking up? She looked down at the woman on the
floor, still sound asleep.

Padme got up from the bed and quietly walked out to the kitchen area. Jar
Jar was there snoring in a chair. She gently glided over to Anakin's open
bedroom door. Padme peered at the boy from the doorway. He was asleep inside.
She walked over to the device on the boy's worktable. She grabbed the shaft
in one hand and the power supply base in the other. A quick glance at Anakin
provoked a strange feeling in her gut...nervousness over taking the device
perhaps, or could it be another emotion?

Padme returned to Shmi Skywalker's room. She was still sound asleep on the
floor with her hair let down for the night. Padme thought she was quite
beautiful for a woman of her age especially given her life of slavery.
Returning to the bed, Padme intended on completing her work. She started by
pulling her pants down around her ankles, so she could insert the long
device. Her lips were beginning to lose their wetness. She pressed the tip
of the unit against her crevice. It gradually coaxed its way deep within
Padme's hole. It felt pleasurable being eased in and out of her fleshy

The astromech attachment that she had used before was capable of a vibrating
sensation. She believed this device possessed a similar effect with its
pulsating repulsor field. With the shaft halfway inserted, Padme felt around
the base for the switch to turn on the unit's repulsor field. Her fingers
found the switch and turned it on. The effect was a bit too much for her.
She felt the repulsor field pulse through her inner walls. Her buttocks
clenched together as she reflexively pulled the apparatus out of her body.
It slipped out of her fingers and onto the floor with a thud.

Padme quickly swung her feet onto the ground to recover the device before it
woke anyone. Shmi was starting to stir. She turned over to see Padme standing
there naked from the waist down. Her pants were still down around her ankles.
Padme hastily pulled them up. The gadget was still vibrating on the ground.
"Ummmm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to waken you," tried Padme.

"It's alright, my dear. I can certainly understand what you were doing. I was
a young girl once too," spoke Shmi.

Padme tried to cover up. "No, it was all a mistake. I wasn't doing

"You don't have to hide it from me." Shmi reached over and picked up the
pulsating device and switched it off. "I know exactly what this is used for.
Besides my son Anakin, it is the only thing that can bring me any sort of
comfort in this desolate life. He built it at my request although I didn't
tell him what it would really be used for."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take something that didn't belong to me. I'll
go back to sleep now." Padme sat back down on the hard bed with a sad look
on her face.

"Now, now, Padme. I won't deny you of the joy that any young woman has a
right to. In fact, I can possibly help you in any areas you might not yet
be experienced."

"I don't need any help. Really."

Shmi stood up and sat down in front of Padme on the bed. Her face moved in
towards Padme's and whispered, "I can help you...I was meant to help you."
Shmi leaned in closer. Padme sat there motionless as her heart raced. It
seemed certain to Padme that Shmi was about to kiss her on the lips, but
instead she only spoke softly, "Do you trust me?"

Through Padme's quivering lips came a soft "yes."

"I'm guessing you've only recently discovered the joy of masturbation," Shmi

"Mastur...bation?" quizzed Padme.

"Pleasuring yourself...sexually," clarified Shmi.

"Oh, yes," replied Padme. "Quite recently actually."

"Well, probably haven't figured out how to do it to its utmost
effect. May I assist you with that? I've been doing it since I was about
your age." Shmi moved into a sitting position on the bed while straddling
Padme from behind. Shmi whispered into to the young girl's ear, "Now,
first I will show you what to do using my hands. Then I'll guide yours
and you can continue from there. First of all, why don't we pull your
pants back down like you had them before?" Shmi could tell Padme was quite
nervous but still willing. Shmi sensed somehow that this wasn't the first
time the girl had been in sexual situation with another female. Padme
complied with Shmi's request and pulled her pants back down around her
ankles little by little.

"Now, you mustn't go directly for immediate gratification. You have to work
your way up to it gradually." Shmi stretched her arms forward and placed
her hands on Padme's inner thighs. She began rubbing them over Padme's
smooth skin. In contrast, Shmi's hands felt rough upon Padme's tender flesh
yet still they felt good to her. After awhile, Shmi took hold of Padme's
wrists and guided her hands down to her inner thighs. Padme began massaging
them just as Shmi had done. It felt good but did not satisfy her the way
she wanted. She moved her fingers ever closer to her womanhood. They found
contact with her pink lips. Shmi swiftly grabbed Padme's wrists once again
and pulled them away from her disappointed labia. "It's much too soon for
that. You must learn patience," Shmi whispered. "Continue with what you were
doing." Padme continued rubbing her inner legs while trying to avoid her
true desire. She found it possible to generate a slight sensation in her
womanhood by pulling the skin on her legs taut.

Shmi's hands moved knowingly up Padme's body, grazing the surface of her
flat stomach. They snagged the bottom of her shirt and dragged it upwards
with them. Padme's compact breasts were now exposed and Shmi cupped the
undersides of them in her palms. Until this point, her blossoming mounds
had not been a conduit for sexual pleasure. Her nipples, which were larger
than one would expect for her breast size, grew hard as Shmi began to
stroke her fingers over them. Padme began to experience the untapped
pleasure her bosom could bring her. Shmi began tweaking the hardened
nipples with her fingers. She began to tug slightly at one while rubbing
the other. "Now you can try too." Shmi pulled Padme's arms up and
positioned her hands just under her bosom. Padme took the initiative and
locked onto her small breasts. She took each nipple between a pair of
fingers and imitated the motions that her teacher had demonstrated.
Somehow the stimulation of Padme's breasts was causing her juices to
flow slightly down between her legs. Was it possible for one part of the
body to affect another in such a way? Padme felt content for the moment
to play with her chest while the pleasure pulsed through the rest of her

"How does that feel, my girl?" Shmi inquired.

"Mmmmm...superb," moaned Padme.

"Good, then you're doing it right. I'll continue." Shmi reached her hands
back down to Padme's legs. This time they didn't remain on her thighs but
moved inward to her bounty. Her digits were soon caressing the young girl's
sweet pink lips. Padme continued to tweak her nipples as Shmi dipped her
forefinger into the wet cavity. Her finger was immediately drenched in the
girl's sweet nectar. Using her left hand to spread the soft lips enabled
the fingers on Shmi's right hand to further explore the sweet insides. Her
fingers ran up and down the pink walls eventually allowing one of the
fingers to fall deeper into Padme's chasm. A moment later it was joined by
one of its neighbors. Padme felt Shmi's fingers moving from within. With
the help of Padme's fluids, they effortlessly slid in and out. She curled
her fingers up inside of Padme to massage the most sensitive of area of
the girl's cavern. Shmi also began rubbing the adjacent clitoris with her
free thumb. Shmi knew that if she continued for too long that she would
get Padme off herself. She wanted Padme to do it to herself though.

"Now, it's your turn." Shmi pulled her fingers out of Padme, and moved her
hand to guide Padme's right hand. A stream of juices made a line from her
crotch to her breast. Shmi directed Padme's open hand down to her crotch.
Padme began to simulate the motions of Shmi. She inserted two fingers while
playing with her clit with her thumb. She eased her fingers in an out
causing the slickness to coat them. After a few minutes of playing with
her snatch, Shmi asked, "Will you be able to reach your plateau? Or do you
need some more help?"

"I think...I may need some more help," the girl admitted.

Shmi reached to grab the repulsor device with her left hand. "Here, let me."
Padme removed her fingers and allowed Shmi to slip the device into her slit.
She began to pull it in and out. The lubrication soon allowed it to glide
back and forth. Shmi reached for the switch on the base and gradually began
to increase the power. The repulsor array began to dance against Padme's
inner walls. Padme's free hand joined Shmi's on the shaft of the unit. She
helped guide the instrument in and out. Shmi's right hand went back to work
on Padme's right nipple as she moved her lips to Padme's neck, just below
her ear. "Is that doing it for you? I know just how badly you want to come.
Is this enough to get you off, my dear?" Shmi whispered as she turned the
repulsor stick up a few notches. She got her answer as she felt Padme's
body push back against hers. Padme felt the full effect of her lesson. The
pleasure engulfed her whole body as her hips bucked back and forward in the
opposite direction of the device. She eased up on the repulsor unit until
it stopped moving. Shmi switched it off and pulled the now sticky unit out.
She allowed Padme a few minutes to recover from the experience.

"That was amazing," Padme spoke softly. "You are truly a wonderful teacher."

"Thank you, my sweet girl. I've had many years to learn my craft. Too many
without the presence of a man unfortunately." Shmi gazed sadly into the wall.

"May I ask what happened to Anakin's father?"

The question shook Shmi. "There was no least, that's the way I
prefer to think of it. I've promised myself never to speak of him. To me, he
doesn't even exist."

"I'm sorry...he must have hurt you really bad."

"Yes, and I haven't been with a man since then. There are so few honorable
ones in this unpleasant existance. I only hope that I've raised Anakin so
that he'll be different than all the rest."

"That's not entirely true. Take Qui-Gon for instance. I know from first-hand
experience that he is quite honorable. And I'm sure you've raised Anakin just
fine. There's no way such a sweet boy could ever do harm to anyone. Besides
anyone who could create a device such as this repulsor unit will no doubt
bring great pleasure to any women in his future. His wife will be a truly
blessed woman."

"Perhaps you are right." A smile crept onto Shmi's face. "And your friend
Qui-Gon does give off a certain aura. He may be the type of man to help me
forget about the past."



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